Saturday, April 30, 2011

the sinful baggages


The sinful baggages
On the shoulders and in the mind
It hides in the closets dare not show itself
It always whispers along the corridor of the dark

The greed and corruption
It serves only to enrich oneself
Everything gears towards self satisfaction
Taking others for the rides

The deceptions buttered with half truths
The gullible people falling into its pit
Believing there is something good...
It is the long track of darkness

The sinful baggages
In power one can hide
Lay out the crumbs for others to pick
They sit on the throne eating the fine cuisine

The sinful baggages
The lies and deceptions
The money grease on palms
The corruption to get it done

Even religion is used
To butter it in a wok
It smells so good..
It makes one hungry

Just hold it a minute
Think of the ill effects
The sinful baggages
Clear it out then it is free!

the dark castle on the hill 11

dark forest

The young man sees the hut
Along the many big fat trees
He knows it is just a facade
A way to let tired travelers wait

He touches the big fat trees
He tries to feel the moments
As he hears the drumbeats
Ever glowing louder in the quiet night

As he passes through the hut
The woman presses a lever
It opens its side doors
Steps leading him downstairs

Then the doors close
The young man looks back
The woman nods her head
The family members stay clear

“What's this place?”
“It's our hiding place in the day
We still can't go out under the sun
We will burn to death”

We are the renegades
We fight for the humans
We want to live in peace
So we have to fight the evil ones”

The young man knows
In this cave he can't escape
The faces of the vampires
They try to make him afraid

Outside Morning Glory curses
As she searches for the guys
She listens to the sound of the wind
She can't figure it out correctly

Doris flies down
“You better join us M Glory
You are my friend before
Now we are the same creatures”

“I can't Doris
The evil lord will not let me go
I need to stay on the other side
Maybe it is my fate”

we mustn't be afraid to change

Brain drain
The talents gone to other countries
Our very own talented people migrate
Others seeking job prospects and advancements

Here in this country
What ills are the policies makers
The ruling elites can't reason
Elitism amongst their own harvests

Leaving the smart ones
Taking it across borders
The vibrancy for the future
It will be feeding to the dogs

The education system
Drawing away from global captaincy
Learning languages the elites argue
For themselves the divide and rule

The talents migration
The smart graduates disappear
The benefits to the adopted countries
Yet here the elites refuse to listen

Instead of achieving our potential
Be the global captaincy we fall
On the unfairly talents distribution
Then we will be colonized again!

The change through government
It's the only to avoid the void in the country
As it stands now we will lose it all
We mustn't be afraid to change!

the dark castle on the hill 10

dark castle

“The cry in the dark castle
For years it has been quiet
Now the ringing cry of the night
Morning Glory came to the valley

The old Chief confronted her
Though you knew she was once his daughter
Lost long ago to the dark castle
Now she is back!

We are sent to run errands
Telling the other villages to prepare
The attacks of the evil lord.....
We can't live in peace any more!”

The night seems long
As the man tells his story
The others listen attentively
Lives are at stake who doesn't?

“You have to come with us
We live in the caves for years
We have ways to deal with this evil
We have our crystal ball to see”

So the errand man goes with her
The people too disappeared quickly
He is surprise how they disperse
Into the dark night in silence

“You are wondering....
What we are living in the caves?”
“I have thought about it
I heard about this group of people..”

“You heard it right
Maybe you heard we were once vampires
Now we fight against this evil lord
Rising up to feed the humans

I tell you
The humans are stupid
They still believe they are free
The evil reaches to the greedy ones”

The distance echo
The drumbeats still hitting in the night
The laughing and cheering ringing in the sky
“It's like a tornado coming here soon!”

don't swear on deception

“I swear
On this day and time
I tell you the truth
It's the whole I say!”

The purveyors of gutter politics
It is for your own self greedy interests
What you say and what actions you take
You can't fool the people.....

Look inwards to your own
The skeletons rocking in the closets
Now one of you swear in the Holy Book
You think you want to tell us the truth?

Somewhere you will know
The dragnet you spin
One for all; all for one
It never happens

You have been tricked
You have no face to run
You go on with “I swear”
And the Lord will you give a earful

It's sad coming to this way
Swearing for something hasn't proven
Taking the Lord's name to win
You will pay for the disobedience

Friday, April 29, 2011

it's just a matter of time

The cauldron boiling
Bubbling water waiting
The fall from grace
When it finally flames

It's just a matter of time
To the future the empire will fall
So many inner worms squeezing it
The demons have a shadowy glee

The road of self destruction
It has already set into place
The agencies losing its roles
Playing its games instead of standing fair

The cauldron boiling
Be prepared for the huge fall
The years of humans decay
One splash a new beginning

the dark castle on the hill 9

The 3 guys run
Into the moonlit night
They never stop
They know the score

The light breezes on their skins
As they puff and sweat on the run
Stepping on dry twigs and leaves
The pounding feet hitting the road

In the middle of the road
They stop suddenly as a shadow appears
The misty clouds appear and a woman
“Hi fellas why in a hurry?”

“Move away!
Else we will take you
We have no time to be charitable”
“Young men you shouldn't be so rude!”

One guy takes a mirror
On the reflection of the moon
A beam of bright light on her face
“Come on I am not the vampire!”

“My hut is over there
You are welcome to share drinks
Before you begin your journey”
“We are in a hurry maybe next time”

“One of you must stay here
There is no choice else I will shoot”
The 3 guys stare at her
“You must be dreaming?”

She whistles in the still night
Her people walk out in the open
“I think you want to tell us something
So one of you must stay here”

One young guys stays back
As his friends continue their journey
Slowly their forms disappear
“Now tell us your story”

the dark castle on the hill 8


The dark castle on the hill
The crying of hungry souls
All glued into its walls
The sinners all sold..

The drumbeats shattering
The sound send shiver to the valley
The old chief and his supporters
Raise their heads and ears to listen

The face of a skull
Hollowness with deepen eye sockets
Glowing brightly in the dark sky
The evil gathering its strength

The empty skull shines
Directly to the humans
Marking them for the hindrance
Of his match to his freedom

The old chief raises his spear
“You can't challenge me
I have made you run before
I will do the same again!”

The old chief still hears
The long drumbeats in the silent night
His followers feel the unpleasant sight
In the dark sky the bright skull

The old chief gathers his followers
“We must inform the people in the valley
We can't stay quiet and hope he will go away
It never happens with evil set to rule..”

“Now you three go
Tell the villages around here
The rest we camp here and wait
For the night will be long and lonely”

The empty skull in the sky
It roars again with its cry
The old chief watches with his spear
As they lay down to offer prayers

the barking dogs

borrowed http://

The empire falls
The barking dogs desperate efforts
Initiating make believe charges
Even promising economic transformations

Maybe it is milking the cow
The last drop before it is gone
The gravy train stopping at stages
The ding dong red light...

The empire falls
The destination stops
The running dogs going crazy
Hungry in their souls

The marching of change
The way life should flow
United for a common range
No class discrimination

The empire falls
The structures of greed and corruption
It finally sinks into the pit
Of its own script

Thursday, April 28, 2011

the dark castle on the hill 7


Living in darkness
It will not bring you glory
You have to hunt for your food
You think the humans are stupid?”

“We have been in this business
For centuries our ancestors did
Yet you are saying we should change
What are humans to us?”

“They aren't for us to feed
When they are dead and gone
What will happen to you and your kind?
Most likely die of hunger”

“Doris you live out of our circle
No wonder you have lost touch with your kind”
“I can live both worlds Morning Glory
Only you are living in your dreams”

“Nay Doris
You should let me pass
I have humans to catch”
“Do you recognize this blade?”

Morning Glory eyes retreated a second
She knows what the blade is............
The blade every vampire is afraid
The sound can turn them crazy!

“How do you get that sword?”
“I can't tell you how I obtain it
Only to tell you to change and be with me
We can make a good team”

Morning Glory stands around
She can't decide what to do
As she looks up she sees
The 2 guards coming down

“You are cornered Morning Glory
Doris offers you a chance to live
We aren't guards as you know our insignias
We are the vampire assassins”

the dark castle on the hill 6


Morning Glory flies
Over the old man
“You fool I let you live
Tomorrow I will eat you alive!”

The guards keep running
They run so fast.........
Even Morning Glory is surprise
“What are those guys?”

At the corner of the road
They quickly transform into the vampire assassins
They are trained to slay the beasts of the night
Morning Glory chases after them

She stops to search
“Hell where are they now?”
She listens to the whirring sound
The slashes of leaves behind her

As she turns she sees
The woman blade slayer
She knows her well
She was once like her

Now she becomes the blade slayer
She goes after her kind.........
Though she is like her a vampire
Walking in the night sometimes in the day

Morning Glory stops at her track
She turns slowly to face her friend
“It's long time we haven't met Doris
Way back when we were young and foolish”

“You don't have to live like this
You can join me and save the human race
I mean it Morning Glory
You have so much to live for”

“I don't know Doris
There are those waiting for me
To make a way for them to come
I guess I will find opposition”

how long can they hide?

Teoh Beng Hock
Teoh Beng Hock

The ghosts never sleep
When they were robbed, murdered and killed
Somewhere on their existence they wait
The opportunity to seek a revenge

The window of opportunity
It comes once a year
Yet there is larger crowd
Each waiting to get a return

The culprits can hide
For how long they can do it?
When one takes a life
Without absolute reason..

The ghosts never sleep
The vengeance they seek to find
Time is always on their lives
Only the alleged living and worrying

Robbed, murdered and killed victims
They will not let the culprits go away
They will wait for their revenge
On the line they know they will get there

the scripted story

aNwaR iBrahiM

aNwaR iBrahiM

The opposition leader
Ameeno just can't forget
The leaders will stoop so low
Just to put him away

We heard of sodomy 1
The way the leaders brought
The laughing stock to our shore
Every alleged agency was infected

The bug just spreads
Until today we still see the ruins
Of the minds of the alleged agencies
The ghosts refuse to die

Then the sequel came
Sodomy 2 hit our faces
The same old script was written
It fell on the scripted story

The ameeno felt it no where
The laughing stock ringing into the shore
So planned the sexual tape released
The gutter politics came to stay

The 3 Musketeers on the loose
They thought they wanted to save our blushes
Instead it was a plan out character assassination
On the opposition leader

The opposition leader isn't a saint
The way he conducted his routines
He should be aware of the hidden ghosts
They want him to fall into its hollow

The agenda of change
The barking to distract his plan
He is facing another scheme
To put him away in prison

It is good if he goes
This will be the battle cry
On the streets on the ballot boxes
The twin strokes Ameeno frays

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

do the right way

Money can do wonders
In one's station of life
Earn it to flourish the moments
You feel it in your mind

You earn by legal means
The fruits of your labor
Nothing bad will come
You earn it by your rights

For the quick rich schemes
Deception, greed and corruption
The anchor of drowning swirling in silence
Until the day you are weak......

When you sell your soul
For the pittance in this life
You think you got the millions
In the next life you cry

Money can do wonders
In this life we live and die
Do the legal way with mind and soul
The path is clear light guide your way

The backdoor way is true
You sell your soul and mind
With it you lose your claim
To the gate of paradise

the dark castle on the hill 5


Up on the hill
The castle seems to sing
Joyous songs of death
Amongst the human beings

The red moon lit night
The silence hold
The evils hungry
They are coming down hill

Yet in the police station
The officers fail to hear
The line of division
Of bad and good

The guards reach out to them
Panting with deep breath
The officers only laugh
“You are seeing ghosts!”

“You watch what you say
Your wish may come true
The Morning Glory is coming
You don't want to meet her!”

The chief blocks her way
“You can't go after them
Your day stops right here!”
“Old man you can't stop me!”

Morning Glory screamed
As she came after the old man
He just stared ahead
“My daughter..........”

She couldn't stop
She flew right on him
She got speared by his sword
She screamed loudly...

“You fools!
You think you can kill me?
You are just nothing in my eyes
You are just mortals live for my kind”

the dark castle on the hill 4


The guards listen
Eyes watching the walking beauty
The moon red light shining
Then she changes....

“I tell you now
You better run
Don't look into her eyes
You will kiss goodbye!”

“What did the chief say?
Tell me what did you hear?”
“We better run
The chief said so now!”

“Guys don't run away!
I will not eat you silly nitwits
I can make you immortals
When the night is out!”

The guards turned to look
“Man she is trapping us
Look at her the beauty of nakedness
In the red moon rising!”

The chief and his men
By the many dark trees
They observe the creature
“It is she chief!”

“Your daughter lives
She has returned again
This time we have to finish her
Chief do you hear us?”

“She is evil
And you know it
You can't postpone the inevitable
Many lives will be lost”

The guards run
Panting with their efforts
“Guys you can't escape!
I am coming to catch you!”

the frogs

Frogs - Jumping

Frogs - Jumping

The frogs
The money
And the lazy life

The words whispering
The words in print
The worst of a life

The principle
Way down the scale
The bad name

Who cares?
You, me or you?
The money's eyes

The backdoor
The swinging hiss
The nest of eggs

The frogs
Croaking in pond
The way of lazy life

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the dark castle on the hill 3


She walks nearer
In the glory of her light

The guards see her
Suddenly change into innocent woman

She carries with her a ball of light
They can't know what's all about

They shine the big torch light
Right on her face she smile

“Don't you remember me?
I was born and bred here”

The guards exchange glances
“You better stop there?”

“Why young men?
I don't do anything wrong do I?”

“We never see your face”
“Of course you don't”

“The older generation will know me
I am called Morning Glory”

The guards hesitated
Then they make a call

The lighted ball sparkles
The guards watch and stay alert

“Hello chief?”
“What can I do in this late night?”

“Do you remember Morning Glory?”
“What the hell you are talking about?”

“Do you know Morning Glory?”
“Young man she died 50 years ago!”

“She's standing right here
She says she is Morning Glory”

“You never heard the story?
A long time ago she disappeared”

"She has changed
Into the creature of the night"

"The changing
We couldn't put her down"

the dark castle on the hill 2


In the glory red of light
A pretty woman comes out night

She wears her trade marks
The way to entrap the guys

Along the path she walks
The others stay behind

They hope she will be lucky
On her journey to make

The colony they hope to establish
Slowly stealing the warm blooded people

They wave and whisper
Bring us hope sweetie

Our generations depend on you
Build the colony for us

When the night of our times
We will bring forth our regime

So the woman takes off
Into the valley of the night

The houses all quiet
Maybe a few guards watching

She lands on the field
In the red moon light

The guards see a pretty woman
They know something isn't right

The light of red glow
They say the words of the Lord

In the night
They hold fast to their faith

the dark castle on the hill 1


In the red moon rising
Of the night on the valley
The still wind silence
The echo of heavy breathing

On the hill of red light
The skeletons turning alive
The night of the dark creatures
They awake to hit the valley

The black bats flying
Whistling sound of deadly bites
The valley of the warm blooded people
They sleep through the night

The hungry creatures walk
Grumbling all along the tracks
Of smelling of warm blooded people
They push on in the red moon rising

a call to pray

A call to pray
The Muslim man slept through
His wife nagged at him
He whacked her

She didn't go away
She tried again
“It's time for praying
The dawn before light”

The man of the house
He got annoyed with her
He took a knife stabbed her many times
Then he escaped; wife screams neighbors came

A call to pray
A noble act to God
A man got insane
The wife in critical mode

What was the man thinking?
His own wife he knifed like crazy
He could have take a walk
Sleep in his praying

Now he has to pay
A criminal crime he had done
There shouldn't be any mercy
He should be in prison to learn forgiveness

Monday, April 25, 2011

erotic whirring

The women of our times
What will it be without them?
In the balancing act of nature
The way of intimacy and comforts

The men use to have their ways
Blaming them for their fallen egos
The entrapment of their lusts
They don't say they blame the women

The men instead of praising women
They try to use them for their needs
In the ancient world of kings and concubines
The current century men still try

The women of our times
They are nature best balancing act
If only the men stay a moment to praise
The women will fly high

boat under the moonlit night

On a boat sailing on the sea
Floating along the calm water
Passing around rocks of night lights
Beaming with brightness carefree glow

The ripples on the water
Bouncy feeling the energetic flow
It attracts the eyes of captain and passengers
The night brightness capturing their minds

Anchor on nearby shore
Bordering on the rocky slopes
Hidden by its shadows
The moonlit night coloring the scene

The night breezes calling
The whispering of names
The whistling pitches of wind
The crew lay out fishing gears

The night under the moon
The water calm the ripples flow
The windy wind rustling along
Brushing the bodies and the sea

it's about unity

The end is near
The water level reaches to its top
The mark level at number 13
It's the final countdown to change

The panicky leaders
The whole scenes tumbling down
The decades of deceptions
Only for its own race and benefits

But who pay the most?
The public funding for them to get
Yet they don't show the appreciation
They still harp on the racial tone

They still live under the coconut shell
They feel they are protected from the evil rays
Of the world without borders they forget
It's time they think in a wider scope

The world isn't on race
It is to help each other to progress
Sharing the common goals for prosperity
It isn't about parasite; it's about unity

on internet censorship really?

No internet censorship
The Bee Anne government says
World without borders
It forgets about the little napoleons

The front page news
It is just to make you glow
On a click you guide it away
To the world without borders

The backdoor tricks
The little napoleon clicks
Barring you to go
Sites your mind wants to explore

Learn the rope
Learn the tactics
Learn what the schools don't teach
About things in this world

No internet censorship
Take it as a publicity
Only don't believe the whole grain
It's best we changed the government

Sunday, April 24, 2011

angel in the moon light


Angel coming in the night
As you watch the moonlit bright
You seem to float it away
Catching the sight of paradise

By the lake in the moon night
The ripples spread right in your eyes
You try to catch the angel
She laughs at you in the moon light

You try to tag along
She turns around showing you
“This is your way home
My world you can't come yet”

So you float back
Into the world you live in
The angel dancing on the ripples
As she slowly disappears

the full moon

moonlit madness

Beware of the full moon
In the dark night corner
A werewolf will transform
Chasing the hell out of the night

The moon light glow
Beautifying the night
The many shadows dancing
The night of preys

The hungry howling
In the quiet night of the moon
The empty alleys the passages free
The shadows walk with immunity

Beware of the full moon
The charms and beautiful rays
The casting of forgetfulness
There lies the dark shadows

There is no escape
Face to face with the eyes of red
Glowing snarling with hunger
It's lives the night will spread

the moonlit night



The moonlit night
The darkness disappears
The soft breezes flow
You breathe in the magic

Alone on the park
You sit watch the merriment
Of twinkling stars playing tricks
On the eyes and mind

You think you see angels
Flying flapping wings
In circles in your eyes
You try to catch

They disappear in your eyes
The moonlit night in the park
It makes objects come alive
In circles in your eyes

The moonlit night
The soft breezes flow
You touch the shadows
You breathe in the magic

be true to yourself

Be true to yourself
On the road to make a name
You can't live in illusions
You will find out some day

Every day you have to remember
The person you make it yourself
It is a hard job to pretend
Of something you are not

So be true to yourself
On the road to make a name
When you fake it out
You will lose yourself

Don't try to be something
You make an illusion you think you can escape
On the road to make a name
You will find out some day

Saturday, April 23, 2011

the deceptions



The sun the moon
The two never will meet
In the bright sunshine
In the bright moon light

The hot in the sun
The sweat and humid
Sometimes cold and rain
It never wants to change

In the breezy night
The clear night sky
The moon radiant rays
She casts her magic

The many shadows
Thieves, robbers and meadows
Eyes lurking hearts of deception
The moonlit night

the country folks

By citran
oil painting of a local Malaysian village

The age of innocence
The country folks live
Every morning they see
The sun light beating in

The planting and farming
Back bending jobs with land
They say government gives
They have a life an economy

The world just moves
In circles all they care
In their minds the ruling elites
The age of innocence in their minds

They don't ask
How the ruling elites get the funding
From the public taxes using it to shore up power
The villagers working on their back bending jobs

The age of innocence
The country folks live
It's here the ruling elites control
With deceptions and racial sentiments

The fixed deposits
In the villages will be gone
When the children IT savvy
Mixing with the crowd in the city

In time the age of innocence
They realize the deceptions
Slowly the way of changes shall rule
In the land of God's gifts

mca - time to change

In the mirror
MCA dares not see
The sins it has done
The decades swallowing it up

The leadership can't get it going
The community doesn't owe you a living
They have found out long ago
MCA just barks loud and clear

The master whips it up
The runners print the messages
MCA just picks and says its own
The community knows years ago

MCA time to change
The evolving image to suit the century
Racist party should be buried
It has no place in this history

The ship has served its purposes
The decades floating on the sea
Now it's time to go home
Let a new ship take the journey

the need of power

The fair price; the fair game
In a condition nobody knows
The backdoor boys offering candies
The gullible souls sink it in

The rules and laws
Back in the seat
Man made rules can be twisted
The need of power the honesty gone

On the windows display
The faces of distinguished services
Holding up to the high moral standards
Yet in the backdoor the police found

The unsavory activities
The breaking of laws
But in high society the rubbing shoulders
As if nothing has happened

The tainted characters
Running loose to take the harvests
The bulldozers and cronies' dogs
They dig and bark all day long

The fair price; the fair game
On the facade it looks so great
You listen to the slogan chattering
Yet in the backdoor the police found

The unsavory activities
The breaking of laws
But in high society the rubbing shoulders
As if nothing has happened

Friday, April 22, 2011

gebeng folks think!

The folks in Gebeng
Don't you know what hell in store?
On your door step you don't care?
The burning souls in years to come?

You want to earn a living
It is well understood
Feeding the family's needs
At what expense if you know?

The hell on the ground
The radiation in the air
What you earned just peanuts
The ruling elites sweep the millions

You live to suffer
Don't forget Bukit Merah
The company shut it down
It needed $100 millions to clean it up

Deformity is only part of the tragedy
Cancer and other life threatening growth
You want to earn a living
Not with little demons hovering on your soul!

rainy day

rainy flower

rainy flower

Rainy day makes you sleep
You can't get out to play
The ancient story about lightning
It will strike on the unlucky few

The falling tears hitting the ground
On the roof top, rivers and seas
The cycle of growth enrichment
The nature ways to establish equilibrium

Rainy day makes you run
With umbrella shielding it
You see the pouring fun
The tears of heaven so you think

The sound of drumbeats
You don't fail to hear
The counting of our sins
The angels cry for our mistakes