Monday, August 31, 2009

we think we know everything

Creative people
They are very sensitive lot
Slight critics turning them tears
They want appreciation
They can't stand criticism

They try hard on their crafts
Stitching them into magical objects
Spending hours to perfect it
Then critics take it apart

Then they have personal tastes
Grouping together sharing relationships
Asians may want to hide it
Afraid on the splash backs

Once I had a tailor friend
Saved enough gone to UK
He took up a hair styling course
Graduated become a gay
When he came back he totally change
He wasn't the guy I knew running a tailor shop
Back in the days of KL city

I said to him what got into him?
He never contacted me ever since
He got wounded in his pride
A man he can't be; a woman he isn't born into it

Be nice to these group of people
They are wonderful and helpful lot
They are also good cooks.........
Want to criticise give them praises
Then slowly tell them the bad

Creative people
The personal tastes talk amongst the straight
Has God slept on His job?
Leaving the angels stirring the pot?
What can we say?
They are us let them enjoy their tastes
They are part of our diversity
We think we know everything

police mafia

Police mafia
Law protect them
In the name of law
Jail birds die in prisons

SDs by police officers
On their top cops under the alleged influence
Of local mafia reaching its tentacles
Running its errands breakdowns of law and order

The political leaders in government
They close one eye though they may know
With them they can ignore
“You scratch my back I make it easy for you”

The skeletons and police reports
The political leaders in government know
No police investigation files
The police put it aside

They are honest police officers
They can't change much as they are a few
Bringing dignity to the uniform and badge
It is spoken loud and clear
Change government everything will fall in place
The path of greatness will be found
For the nation and her people

berlin walls malaysia

“Berlin Walls” Malaysia
History the people forget
Erecting walls of race
And call it “Malaysia truly Asia”

The founding fathers
Knocked down the walls
The painstakingly laid the path
Of one unity one people one nation

As new leaders jumping into the wagon
The fabric of diversity slowly erodes
History these leaders forget
The decisive walls exist
Erecting barriers to promote race

“Berlin Walls” Malaysia
You find the superficial inter-racial relationships
Barely moving into the concept of Malaysians
The political race base parties decisive appropriations

We must go back to history
Walk the paths of our founding fathers
They built the nation of one people beating hearts of one
They established real unity and racial harmony

Now in the country's 52 years of Independence
We should discard racial baggage
Our hearts should beat as one people one nation
Marching ahead to face our challenges in the world

Harness our strenght in diversity
Live in the spirit of tolerancy
Establish our unity and our harmony
Amongst us “Malaysia truly Asia”

Sunday, August 30, 2009

the devil's works

The devil's works
It tricks the minds
Playing into fire
Let the spins begin

Subtle messages
Drumming support
Of race and religion
The race of 1 unity
Conveniently sideline

The white lines on the road
The free flow and equality
The devil's works changing
A red line imposes on it

The people must know
Don't fall for the silly slogans
Go back to the roots
Why slogans neve work?

The 3Ps the passwords
Inequality wealth mismanagement
Centred only on the elites and cronies
We have been taken for rides

The devil's works
The spinning to change plan
Giving false hope
Stealing it right in your eyes

The slogans don't listen
It makes you weak
It makes you be the victim
Whispering you for the fall

the whispers in my life

The roads I have travelled
The places I have seen
The faces I have known and forgotten
There are just many milestones of resume

Faces of Malaysians
The joy and the ugly
The greed and humility
It is a joy passing through

I have seen what I wanted to do
Passing my footprints leaving it behind
Others who come will whisper of the past
The people I have known
The whispers in my life

I watch the sunset
Beautiful magic in the sky
I wish it will be for a long time
The whispers in my life

pakatan selangor charge the bull

Pakatan Selangor
Albino can't leave you alone
The black knight wants her
He can't sleep in the night

The small hot fires
The running dogs go
Light it to make smoke
He can't say no more

Pakatan Selangor
The black knight makes you run
Wasting time and energy fighting small fires
He has his own agenda
He can't sleep without her

Pakatan Selangor
Sack the moles in your group
They make statements
Running the wishes of Albino

Take the bull by its horn
You declare a snap state election
The people are angry
They will teach them a lesson

The recent fire will burn
The black knight will run
By his own fire
Seeking shelter to treat his wounds
And you can lay to pasture
The moles in your group

swine fever mutates

Swine fever
You don't let us free
Is it a message you wanted to convey?
We have sins countless times in history

Homeward bound
We must go
Into the religions
Whatever it tells us

Swine fever
Mutation spreads
As with other diseases
There are the subtle messages
Yet we haven't learned

Homeward bound
Back to the roots
The beginning of our existence
God and His children

Saturday, August 29, 2009

hungry in the hinterland

The bridge to the hinterland
A steel bridge for the natives
One day corporation dismantled it
The natives of the hinterland
Cut off supplies when crops are bad

Here we find peopleWasting food unnecessary
Table manners are poor
How they learn I dont know!

Parents table skills bad
Leaving bones scattered everywhere
The tables become a mess
They think they pay
They can do what they like

So like the corporation
They forget about the natives
They did the steel bridge
So they dismantled it

Poor natives hungry
The last 3 weeks
Here we have people
Hoarding and wasting food

A tragedy of greed
A tragedy forgetting love your neighbours
Praying every time
Asking God for help and favours
Right in our door steps
We don't even know
Natives are hungry
In the hinterland of Sarawak

have we learned all these years?

poor cow

Dead cow's head
The Muslims demonstrate
What got into their minds?
Intolerance of our multi-religions?

Friday prayers done
They went done the stupid thing
Religious faith they forget
Protesting on others' faith

Fasting month this group forget
Marching on the road thinking they were great
The shadows players are involved
Trying to bring down Pakatan Selangor

Have we learned all these years?
This country isn't for a race
It is the cauldron stirring many races
Blending into one calling Malaysian

The police officers on duty
They didn't stop them; they didnt arrest any
Illegal procession touting religious conflicts
What were they doing watching the show?

Now black knight got angry
The P.I.G must go after the culprits
Enough photographs to identify
No more excuses not to know

People of Malaysia
Goodwill and harmony must prevail
Politicians must know the walls
Religion can't mix with politics
Even if it is done tolerance of different faith
Everyone must accept

IMalaysia is just won't work
When one race tries to dominate
Brewing religious undertones and race
They forget Malaysia
The nation of many colours

selangor pakatan wakes up!

Selangor hot bed
Burning with religious fever
Doesn't Albino have enough of swine fever?
Now they want to engineer Pakatan falling

Swine fever death 71
Albino should find ways to fight the virus
Yet the black knight doesn't think of it
He wants Selangor SOOOO Bad
He can't sleep properly

Religious tolerance
The multi-racial people should accept
We respect other religions
So what is wrong building one?

If the logic these idiots gave
Our country will go to the dogs sooner than we think
What we learn in our religions?
Compassion and tolerance
Don't we all get it?

This is politics
Pakatan should seriously clean up its members
Some of them are working for Umno
The way it is said and done

In my area predominantly Non-Muslims
Surau is built blasting speakers rule
These Non-Muslims never complain publicly
They know on certain times and day
They let their Muslim friends pray
As Malaysians we are one family

Religion shouldn't enter politics
Leave it all in the mosque, church or temple
Let it stays there enriching souls
When in politics don't incite it
It is hitting under the belt

we are our own slaves

Technology makes it easy
Money too going to pay
Stressing you out too
Emotionally drained when it happens
Red flags flaring up

Calling the service providers
Ringing tones no human soul listening
Recording messages to guide you
We think of new modern gadgets
We become slaves to it

When it goes on strikes
We scream silently
We feel we are lost
The gadgets get into our lives
Living without it
We can't move our lives
Even working slowing down
Go to a bank
When the machines break down
No work put up a sign
“Out of line!”

We are the modern slaves
Of the modern gadgets on display
Taking it home using it
We are hooked

The good part
Every one is connected
Though no human touches
We think we can fly

Friday, August 28, 2009

the sins in our lives

Vengence is God
Punishments His alone
No human can decide
He asks you to be compassionate
Know your own limitations

The ills of this World
The religious elders think they are God servants
God doesn't need them
He sends his own to this World

Have we never learned it yet?
The prophets came and gone
Leaving behind footprints and sayings
Each one would bring new frontiers
The old one is buried serving its purpose

God is kind, compassionate, full of wisdom
Loving, caring and forgiving of sins we done
Yet in human forms of punishments
The evil ways they do and say
Branding you traitors of God
If you question them of their physical abuses

Don't they learn in Holy Books?
“Vengence is Mine” says the Lord God
You are put here to learn and know
The ways you should be learning

But we forget our mission
We pile sins after sins
Showing others we are so holy
Uttering scriptures brewing knowledge
Yet we can't understand
It is God's way; it is Him who decide
We just have to pray
Sowing good deeds and favours
Make our journey fun and loving
For God is one
We are His children
Learning and living in His Garden
Until such time He calls us Home

the sign board


The sign boards
Any one will do
As long as it stands
No to draconian laws

We have enough
Of the way Bee Anne rules
Chief amongst them Umno
Stroking its own benefits
Not for its leader slogan
“A Is Malay 1”

We have enough of the fools
We shouldn't shrink to its low ebb
The future beacons for People Supremacy
They ruling elites know it..........
So the strings of stupidity actions flowing

I had stayed in Penang Island for years
Knowing about money politics
Paid money to demonstrate
My former employees came back smiling
“Easy work easy money for half an hour shouting”

The sign board
Let the people see and know
Some young generation feeling nothing
They haven't gone into its law
Until they get thrown into it
These new faces of young adults
I am sure they will regret

The way for Malaysia
Overhaul the anchorage
Let the harmony flow
Merit and equality
Let us not put up bar
Leg up to any race
We are Malaysians
So let us all be one

the future a new ball game

Resume the post of life gone
Stayed worked learned
The sum of each achievement
To the future only the backbone

The standing posts
In the mind staying on in memory
How it will help you into the future
It is only a guide new rules arrived

The future hard to predict
The ball games always revolving
At any point there you will be
Resume just a story to narrate

It doesn't say you will be the best
In the future you will want to find
The guide posts may just guide you
The way you want is up to your skills

Resume a story
The sum total of what you had done
A mental picture can be changed
To the future a new ball game

it is just a resume

What you learn
In life and experience
It is just a resume
Tomorrow is a different ball game

Experience guides you
Knowledge only makes you realize
On the life reality circle
New things and believe needs to learn
Again as you challenge ahead

Yesterday is history
A moment to stand by and listen
The echoes of what have gone
As one faces to the future
You will not know until you walk on it

Just look at photography
Every day moments to capture in shots
Put into folders there it sleeps
Tomorrow a new session you aim for it
Yesterday will be gone.....into memory
Visiting it when there is nothing to do

There are guide posts
Telling you what it is all about
Like the age of IT
Everything you learn
It becomes irrelevant
You start all over again
This is life; and it begins again

Thursday, August 27, 2009

forget about celebration

There is no reason
Celebrating National Day
When swine fever is rising
Death toll is 71

Does the government heed advice?
National parade can be postponed
It doesn't mean the people forget
Lives important history will not get away

The masses on parade
The airborne swine fever
Going for the kill
Even putting masks don't help
It isn't 100% protection

Forget about mass parade
Even going to public transport
People are worried........
Hypermarkets and hotels
The swine fever lurks...

Who will be next?
Don't let Death walks into your doors
You know the reasons don't play indifferent
Lives can't be replaced as you like
Once it is bitten, you can't even turn into “Trueblood”

dr chua soi lek expelled

Chua Soi Lek
Sex video got him again
Paid once with his position and government post
Now MCA expelled him
After over 19 months

A deputy MCA president
He got elected in the last election
Now the cracks will hit MCA
The way it should be

Beat it down
National Day looming ahead
Internal bickerings will nail it in
Like Umno, MIC and PPP
Self centred leaderships
The death nail hammering in

What is new?
When the ship going to sink
Captains can't make proper decision
Afraid to lose deny the rift
What now Dr Chua Soi Lek?
You were a gentleman took the crap
Yet your sacrifice isn't enough

MCA wants you out
The racial party self destruction
The captain will disagree totally
You are there not because of you alone
It is the people and they have changed

when love is free

When love is free
The lovers don't think
Going for each other
Knowing there is nothing to pay

The economics putting aside
Only today counts tomorrow a try
Why lose it when it can be shared?
The reasoning falling as the heat rising

When love is free
People don't worry
Live and leave as they like
No obligation to pay

The sins “Ah what sin?”
When love is free
Hardly lovers think
Only the natural instinct rules
Naked in nature monkeying around
When love is free
life never a standstill

traffic jams

Traffic jams
On the roads
Back alleys
In and around the city

Early morning drive
Even before the sun rises
Many drivers on the roads
Working bees loan sharks
In the day work

Traffic jams
The city clogged with fumes
When the sun rising bursting bright
The line of colourful cars and makes

All kinds of people
All kinds of working endeavours
in the city crawling with traffic jams
On the roads and back alleys

Traffic jams
Nobody wants to give way
Each wants to be the leader
No second to reach destination

The life of the city
Loneliness is searching money
Relationships flirting glow
Money always the go

The traffic jams
Absently stroking wishing it goes away
But it never
The street noises
Neon lights naked money
The hustlers prowling
The clients waiting
All in a day work

stabbing back

Some Perak MCA divisions
They wanted action taken on its president
For disclosing details of PKFZ fiasco
They should look into their mirrors
Honestly facing the truth

The$10 million donation
Nothing was found or receipt issued
MCA treasurer general reported so
Now the court will decide
On OTK's libel case

The MCA divisions in Perak
Is this how unity works in MCA?
Your president is being hounded
Thugs threatened him on his life
Yet you guys painted the wrong approach
This must be a hidden agenda
It is taxpayers'monies got siphoned off
The crooks must be brought to book

The previous transport ministers
They didn't dare to let it known
OKT should be applauded for keeping to his promises
PKFZ shouldn't be left to sleep quietly
$12.5 billion isn't a cup of coffee or tea

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

thanks for the memories

The news travel
What you guys did
In Permatang Pasir
And other by elections

Feeding news on the ground
Telling us what it was like
For majority of us
We need your feedback every time

You don't ask for any
You just want to make this country best
For the generations to come
In this multi-racial home

Thank you for the coverage
The news travel in cyberspace
Direct from the ground
Wishing you and gang
The pleasant journey home


Umno blames its candidate
Carrying too much baggage to lose
In the Permatang Pasir by election
Before Umno went all out
Promoting its candidate calibre

Umno doesn't say
It picks the wrong candidate
When the destruction is on the way
We tend to make many silly mistakes

The rural Malaysians
They know what they want
Promising golden child and many
Umno leaders still selling the old games
Race, religion and projects
Who benefits Umno leaders don't tell?

When Bee Anne ruled Penang
For over 50 years what they had done?
Permatang Pasir as rural as it is.....
Suddenly before the by election
Wanted to give it a tag name “Golden Child”

One MSM paper says
The Malay sentiments shift to Umno
Coming out from this mouthpiece
It is hard to believe

The Malays have shifted to Pakatan
Going forward they want it happen
Umno and partners are the dying breed
It is time to give way to a new dawn
A party for all and country

dont go hiding

Don't go hiding
Why so afraid to show?
Entertainers of many kinds
You are always in the spot light

Hiding away
Paparazzi makes you famous
Fans make you rich
Why go hiding?

Yet you want name and fame
Wealth and recognition
When come to paying homage
You go hiding covering face

So don't go hiding
People already know
Sins many done
Atonement come come

So why go hiding?
Do the right thing
Get on with repentance
Get the light be free

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

millions for frogs

PI Bala disappeared
With his family out of the country
He allegedly got his millions
Staying put in India
Nobody there knows a thing

One SD against Bee Anne leader
The next day police interrogation
Looking haggard and drawn
He withdrew with another SD
Later he and family shipped out
On location people think is India

Perak frogs too
Jumped ship of greed
Hammered them with corruption cases
PKR representatives run
Singing praises for Albino
Some allegedly say they got millions too

Pepper Hee
Turning her over of family debts it seems
Finding hard to meet its obligations
Giving excuse of a car Camry
20 years with DAP
Now singing praises for Albino
It was allegedly reported she got $25 million
She didnt deny or say it was true
Paid by a gambling company tycoon
On allegedly special draws as vehicle to run the frogs

Now Yusri in Permatang Pasir
Calling press conference telling his side of story
A few days later when he was shipped to the city
He announced his different tune to say
Imagine a lawyer could be turned over
Saying quarters used his previous press conference
To seriously attacking his friend Rock Hai Zat
Disbarred from practise by the Bar Council
For CBT of client's money.....
And Mock-u-din says it is just parking ticket
How low can one lie so undignified?

There are many wanting to go
Take the millions living in luxuries
Touting allegedly
$100-$200 millions
Fishing for frogs by a gambling tycoon
On allegedly special draws

d-day permatang pasir

D-Day in Permatang Pasir
Today the voters vote
Pick the honest and hardworking candidate
Let your vote be counted
Send a strong message
To any party vying your attention

The campaigns hard
On issues of religion and personality
Tainted resume and willing to lie
Race issues running lap dogs

Today the votes are kings
They are the ones who decide
Who will walk to the stage?
And bring cheers of their voting

Today too will bury a candidate for good
Let it be known you don't choose side
You are the king maker
The decision rests on your own picking

how much do you worth?

How much do you worth?
Is it assets and cash in kind?
Is this the value under your name?
Is this how your worth measured?

The life you have
In your soul in your body
The worth then is unmeasurable
But it can be a zero
Tell those who were kidnapped sold as slaves
Around the world on slavery trade

The future works
You can produce and save
The value you attached to your fame
The sum total of your existence

How much do you worth?
Putting numbers taking it to court
Is political standing worth millions?
Is the wealth creation theme to profit?

Political games
Generally a short term tenure
Success and failure part of its stage
Are these how politicians feel they are worth?
Millions when they are suppose to serve
With service above self?

no legal ownership

You have no legal ownership
At best only a T.O.L
When the chips are down
Time to pack your bags
Go live elsewhere start a new beginning

Compensation rejected
Wrong advice heeding to get zero
Is this the way to go?
Crying foul when you have no legal rights

The wolf took it all
Yet you encouraged it so
No protests no demands
You kept quiet
Even voted for the party
All those years ago
Until promises unfulfilled
You decided too late
To get your bearing flow

Now you gone
To the wolf for help
Is this the way to go?
When the wolf skinned out your life

Wrong advice wrong turning
Blame yourself for the losing end
Double storey house you reject
The land is over you lost the game

What more do you want?
You have no legal rights on the land
Years of living doesn't mean you own it
You have lost your case in courts
Now pack your bags
Say goodbye start a new

The villagers of High Chaparral
Houses in prime location
You rejected it
You shouldn't cry foul

You should have taken it
Get the facts fight again
Find documents to say
Else you get nothing to lose
Not when you get nothing!

clean up your house pakatan

Clean up your house Pakatan
The demons are watching every move
Branding millions in carrots to entice
The weak souls will succumb and fall
Into their evil ways cheating the voters

Clean up your house Pakatan
Perak gone for now by 3 frogs
Warning signs were told months before
Only the leaders didnt listen
Pakatan may win all the seats
They failed to implement

Clean up your house Pakatan
Selangor is next on the hit list
One representative is hiding
Rumour says he will be eloping
Two gone to Singapore
You know the drill
Some fishy business going on

Yes Pakatan
Time to clean up the house
Call for snap election to thwart the demons' plans
Whack them through the voters
Win all the seats let the demons cry in vain
Burning in golden flame listening to their screams

Don't make mistakes
Warning signs given on the board
Be prepared for the likelihood of a snap poll
So be it get it done quick
Else backdoor sneaking in will happen

Monday, August 24, 2009

some agree disagree

More news channels
Best for the people
We must need all the information
To make our decisions

Currently it is one street way
The newspapers dishing out on its menu
The balancing act the thin line can't be seen
Only in blogs and cybernews
People get to feel the news worth

In our society
Some agree disagree
They want harmony
They want economic stability

Some want it for themselves
Sharing it isnt in their vocabulary
Harvesting it all into their storage
“You go find your own don't knocking at my doors”

The feeding cycles
The many the better to differentiate
The methods use to rule and divide
When it matters most
In general elections

the political games

The political games
The twists and turns
Leaving a sour taste
The day just moving on

The baggages full
They don't tell
They carry themselves
Dragging it along
The loads of wealth

The shimmering fire
Into it they say is gold
Flickering golden shaft rays
The electric magic
They say they can go

The two sides story
A person repeats
Dulling senses
He thinks he is marketing savvy

The political games
The twists and turns
Stirring up debates
Leaving a sour taste

the wrong way

The sky is dark
The clouds frowning away
The reason the dark shadows walk
On the lives greedy of wealth

Don't we all are?
Money to grease an easy life
No sweat no effort only sell it
The position to make an enemy delight

The cocktail missions
The twists and turns
Hiding out the ingredients
Buzzing on the wrong tall glasses
The images telling otherwise

The fall of peoples' mandate
Spilling excuses telling lies
It is money ringing the bell
Say no more the truth only God know

Sunday, August 23, 2009

lunas adun walks out

Lunas Adun walks out
From PKR and Exco position
People talk about Selangor
A little on Kedah Pakatan

So out of nowhere
He knows his time is up
He hasn't done much in his constituency
So he may get his inducements and quit

Normally a person will not resign his party post
Unless he allegedly gets gratification to go
As in Perak and maybe in Selangor
Cash inducement the way corruptions reign

Now it is better these Aduns in Pakatan go
Thinking of wealth creation forsaking voters
Lose now wait for the bigger picture
This is the objective to clean up Bee Anne

Don't frown with sadness
Learn lesson well pick right candidates
For GE 13 the final fight to the finish line
The voters will decide

the frog

The frog on the grass
Staring up quietly sits
Bulging eyes staring
On the surrounding

Late at night
Alone catching insects
No other predators to chase away
The frog in the garden

The soft breeze
It hops as it pleases
Catching insects for its meals
No mate to discourage

Some mysteriously died
Near a shade as if it was time
Dried up by the sun
The end of the road

bite the bullet

Defection rumours
In Selangor Pakatan
Gunning them hard
Charting its demise

As in Perak
Millions will be spent
Fixed up cases to win
The turncoats will run

It is better to let go
The unprincipled Aduns
Call them in
Ask them direct question

Then call for snap election
Get the disciplined leaders
To represent the people
Serving above self
Not for wealth creation

Enough rumours going
Gangsters and corruptions
Now hold a close door meeting
Find out the truth
It is better to bite bullet
Then finding out
“You lose a government”

goodbye high chaparral

The end finally arrives
High Chaparral residents facing the gloom
The devil of yesteryears
They gave them power
The years down the route
They took away wealth
Saying it was for developments
The general good of the State

Change hands of titles
In secret without telling why
Now they found out the hard truth
They are squatters asking for rights

Now at the weakest point to negotiate
High Chaparral residents no standing to gain
Federal Court had ruled effectively shut them out
Only tears and emotional distresses ring in the air

Years ago the land was alienated
They didn't fight hard; they kept postponing
Voting for the devil until it is finally lost
Now they turned to the devil..........
They smile “Welcome and you will be gone”

The flock turning into the desperate mode
Blaming others not themselves
Don't point finger at LGE
He tried his ways to ease your burden
But greed forced you folks to turn away

It is better to get something now
Fight for another day unearth new evidence
Now they get nothing running desperately to the devil
It is the devil who turned it upside down

The footprints will be in memory
How complacency makes one loses
Living on the land never want to protect
Believing it is belonging to you
TOL can be taken away....

pictures shy

Pictures shy
Entertainers and criminals
Paparazzi giving them exposure
Suddenly they want to hide

Law enforcement officers
Criminals of any types
When they face the music
They want to hide

Pictures shy
Afraid to publicize
Now they are on the wrong side
They want to hide

Entertainers too
Publicity for careers growth
When fame is found
Suddenly they want to hide

Pictures shy
Maybe to get talking circles
Amongst fans, critics and friends
Just like allegedly Andy Lau
Covered in umbrellas
Everybody asking who is that man?
In his girlfriend Chu's father funeral procession

Saturday, August 22, 2009

oh Malaysia!

Oh Malaysia!
You were free once
When Tunku was around
Leading you like gentle lady
You saw the glory
Peaceful cohesion
Every one living helping enjoying
When the Prince was gone
Others came to knock you away
Inch by inch these leaders put you away
Into home sitting docile alone

Corruptions and greed
Rear its ugly head
You see it through your beads
Counting it every day

The greedy leaders
Take what they want
Through cronies giving them leeways
Using draconian laws to silence critics
Some disappeared into Kamunting
Wasted their lives wasting resources

Oh Malaysia!
Sweetened slogans
It didn't mean a thing
Only for the ruling elites
And its partners' coffers
The majority only take the crumbs
Fight for another day in the ballot box

Oh Malaysia!
Let the people wake up soon
Find the faults learn the lessons
Change it for the better
And you can smile once more
The lady once a Prince took you along

angels and demons

Angels and demons
Crossing the borders
Living amongst equals
There you will find
The problems arise

Macc unleashed
Attacking the Pakatan
Cowing its members
Change colours or else

It is daylight intimidation
Forcing Aduns to defect
Piling pressures and investigations
On Pakatan in Selangor

The Bee Anne leaders
Macc doesn't see at all
Waiting by the door
For orders to go

Perception is what we seen
The double standard crossing line
The others wealth remain intact
No investigation no hard interviewing
It is no file even reports filed

Angels and demons
The political games ding dong
On the table tennis table
Hitting me hitting you
And the economy reels
Swine fever infections flow

the jaw balloon

The jaw balloon
The insiders got no cream
Battling it in the darkness
It found no place to hit

The tingling pain
It travels up to the ear
Hitting the brain
The intruder doesn't go away

The rheumatism on the jaw
It will come and go as it pleases
The time and day it never says
When it arrives quietly
It sings song of tingling pain

Antibiotics and swollen tablets
Go in to clean up the pain
Slowly as the days progress
The jaw balloon subsides

3Ps for comfort zones

The concerted efforts
3Ps for comfort zones
Rallying it calculating mantra
See you stand to gain

The lure of wealth
The easy life it seems
Short term gains
A long term tragedy

You can't short changed
The mandate of the voters
Electing you on your platform
When you turn into greed
You may gain something
It will be headache and misery
For you and your family

When you pledge to serve
The community above self
This honour shouldn't be put aside
It will a wayward downhill
A foot note into history
Of the dishonouring pledge

Friday, August 21, 2009

the deja vu returns

Selangor nightmare
It is beginning to rise
One Adun hiding
The deja vu returns

The plot by black knight
Using lap dogs to do his work
Establish secret committee
Bring down the Selangor Pakatan

Is Selangor Pakatan sleeping?
Don't be complacent
You will face the same music
Don't forget Perak
Millions allegedly spent to lure the frogs
They finally jumped for greed and favours

DAP members hitting hard
Finding ways to break them up
One had died in Macc building
So many hours finally found
Don't Macc officers ask?

Now the talk
Luring PKR and Pas
Some had voice displeasures
On their own colleagues in public

Selangor Pakatan
The 3Ps luring your members
Don't all asleep now
Learn Perak lesson
Get your plans work it out
You know how to play games don't you?

the heat on Selangor

The heat on Selangor
Molotov bomb on Macc's car
The taxi blames the thugs
Under Pakatan

So quick he could find
Naming the culprits
About alleged links to the underworld
By DAP Exco

On the other hand
It could be planted game
To take the heat off Macc
On Teoh Beng Hock death in its building

The mysterious letter emerged
By Macc officers complaint
It is best taxi investigates
Just don't throw it into the dustbin

Properties and secret committee
Tasked to bring down Pakatan Selangor
It isn't a wishful thinking
It is happening
running down the elected representatives

Now one is missing
Nobody can say right now
The black knight not in the news
Silence seems to drag it along

Selangor Pakatan
The sharks swimming on your shore
Hungry for blood angry to lose power
Now do your hunt blast the sharks away
You can't show mercy
They will take you alive!

swine fever

In one day
569 infections
Swine fever
You never let up

The high rate
People aren't listening
Wake up before it is too late
Practise safe hygiene

The government indecisive
Waiting for more deaths to hit the ceiling?
Else MOH will issue statistics
“We are the lowest amongst countries”
The Bee Anne government has a habit of quoting

Now so many quarantine
The death toll may increase
Currently it stands at 68
And many more in ICU

Take your own precaution
Wash hands eat fruits and vegetables
Go for mangosteen, soursup, grapes
Papaya and banana awak.........

Stay away from congested enclose public places
Only go when it is necessary
Even in public transportations
Be aware of sickness.....

Swine fever
Catching you as you run
Until you are exhausted
Taking a breather
It comes
When you are weak
It is much easier to do damages
To your body system

Thursday, August 20, 2009

pakatan selangor is your game

Selangor the dark clouds
Port Klang Adun uncontactable
The groundworks are set
The black knight clapping hands
Listening to his echo
He will satisfy

Pakatan Selangor
Be wary of your members
The lap dogs on the loose
The money machines rolling
Wooing and trapping the greedy

The repeat of Perak
Backdoor trapping
Spinning stories again
Selangor put CCTV
Observe and plan
The fight in your hands

Macc and police
Persecutions and intimidations
Even death in Macc and police
The black knight walks his shadow

Corruption probes
Flimsy excuses
Running hard to get charges
Knowing it is all wrong

Selangor Pakatan
The black knight wants by December
Now it is time to put your traps
Get them study art of war
Lure them lose a few
Get them back
Let them taste the sour grapes
In so doing
Bring the backdoor down

permatang pasir your turn


The early morning sun
Bursting out into the sky
The glorious shafting rays
The good sign

Albino spins
Prepaid omelette
Promising token goods
Painted red to show effect
Sizzling in your eyes
“Only you sign for me”

And the Albino leaders say
“Don't worry about sunny side up Rohaizat
He can do many with his eggs
Poached eggs his speciality
Go to him let him whipped up his cream'

You wish he goes away
Then comes Hamidi easy over
Claiming his poached eggs tasting good
“Come give it a try
No harm you know
Just give a go”

Then Muhiddy scrambles
Knowing the idiots they are
Belittling the voters intelligence
They will surely cook in simmering fire

Permatang Pasir voters
Frying it in open round woks
Wokking it until Albino crumbles
Only waiting for implosion
Then it is history.............

dont sign it away

Parents want the best
The children know that
In the years down the road
Children grow properties too

Some parents have nothing
Children will behave diffferently
Siphoning what they can get
It is money and properties

Some children make it
Lucky for them parents no worry
They can live through their golden years
Knowing they have done their best

Some parents aren't lucky
They are sent out of their homes
Money gone no where to go
When they signed off whatever they owned

Leaving them homeless
Of the homes they don't owned any more
Crying and emotional stress on the streets
Becoming homeless after years of hard work

The parenting values disappear
When wealth is the main drawing magnet
Parents shouldn't sign off what they have
Only doing it when they are going to die

Homeless parents
Disowned discarded on the streets
Begging for help
Tears dripping from their sad eyes
“Help me help us
We are homeless
No money no shelter
Our mistake we regret it”

dreams are made in the mind

Nightmare in the night
The dark edges of the mind
The dreams floating into the universe
But it is only out of body kind

Some say it is too much food
Intake close to bed time
You need about 4 hours to digest it
Else some may get nightmares

The worst ones make you scream
Sweating on body fear etches in the mind
When you wake up you may remember part of it
It will make you worry until light shines in the sky

Sometimes it can be something said
Things or words you hear as you socialize
Living it out trying to beat the time
It is here while you sleep nightmare arrives

Sometimes it is about horror movies
Watching it at night and alone......
The effects playing out in your mind
Unsettling mind dreams are made
The nightmares come a calling

If the same dream keeps occuring
It is time to remember it
It may want to convey a message
What you do right or wrong....

doing business isnt easy as abc

You want to make quick money
Going out to do own business
Set up flowing with the crowd
With experience surely it will happen

Doing business
It isn't easy as ABC
You need funding
You need patience
You need your market
You need to find your location

Draw up a business plan
List out what you need
The budget for 1-5 years plan
Review it quarterly
Change direction
When the focus is wrong

Know the market
You want to establish
Know the trends
Establish in right location
This is where many fail to see

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

no choice

Tainted candidate for the by election
Now Albino going to defend its choice
By hook and by crook the leaders will spin
So are the coalition partners running along

The candidate has no business to contest
Found guilty by his own Bar Council
Appealed to High Court he lost his case
Now what spinning Albino wants to say?

Permatang Pasir voters
Now it is your time to hit back
Don't be greedy spoiling your generation
Tainted candidate Albino has no choice

Albino says it has 3 million members
Yet amongst the lot the leaders found this candidate
Disbarred by the Bar Council for CBT
The candidate should resign lick his wounds
And disappear from public eyes

Permatang Pasir voters
Don't fail your duty to elect clean candidate
Make it loud and clear
You are marching for change

sin begets sin

dont play play with women's will never know
Sin begets sin
One way wrong deserves another
One will serve time
When the court rules

The man will go free
Admission going upstairs with girlfriend
No khalwat case he wasn't caught
Though he said what was reported

The ex wife was caught on her act
Throwing acid on her former husband and girlfriend
She will serve her time the way she will know
The rule of law shall take her to prison
Unless her lawyer can say she is insane at the time
The former husband has admitted in his report
She needs medical help on her mental problem

I remembered a case long ago
A Muslim man admitted in court
He slept with his girlfriend suing him
Under oath yet Islamic officials never caught him
He wasn't caught in the act.............

Man should answer on his actions
Let go gracefully and amicably
When he has satisfied his lusts
Don't go making enemies
Out of ex-wive and girlfriends
Sin will come
Sin will take its place

albino albino

Albino Albino
God has come
The excesses you done
Making silly mistakes
Death knocks the door

Swine fever rising
Deaths come a calling
The fear in public perception
Brewing advice dare not do the right thing
Close all schools and institutions
Just bring the holidays forward
Let them stay at home
avoiding public closed environment
Yet you never dare to do
All about losing wealth and businesses

Peninsula by elections
You got zero rating
Now with Permatang Pasir
You fielded a tainted candidate
Yet spinning tales
Guilty of an offence
He shouldn't run away

Albino Albino
God is striking you out
For corrupted and tainted footprints
Opending folders many dare not jump
Into the cauldron of fire
It is paradise for the truth
Only you seeing otherwise

The streets noises
You tell the people it isn't our cultures
In your history you forget to open pages
You know you are telling lies

Albino Albino
God has changed plan
You have grown too corrupted
You don't see the light and dark

guilty just admit it

Once you are guilty
Found in the court of law
No matter how many spins
You can't escape it

Any profession in the professional bodies
Any member who is found guilty and strike off roll
You are guilty of the offences charged and filed
So no matter how it spins
It is still guilty

The Albino spins
Showing proof its candidate had paid back
Two months late when charge was filed
An offence was committed
Even one had paid retribution
The wrong was done

The voters in Permatang Pasir
Better wiser up know the truth
Don't vote for tainted character
And the party he represents

Mock-u-din stronghold will fall
It is better he answers himself
His party will suffer defeat
When GE13 flying in

As for all of us
Time for a new party
To challenge the world
Run our country in order
Kick out the incompetents

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ah sugar 2!

Ah sugar!
You are my love
You are my life
Hiding you make me rich

Cut the supply
Let the demand rises
The money will be profited
Peoples' sweet tooth
Craving plenty

Smuggling every day
Across borders profiteering
All of you sugar
You make people go crazy

Food crying shame
Nobody wants to taste
Ah sugar!
You better walk the streets

The authorities sniffing it
The hound dogs catching
Ah sugar!
You are smiling in the shadow

the chart rising 2

Swine fever
3 more bite the dust
Chart is rising
Digging holes plenty

Tears flow
The familiar faces gone
Into memories each goes
Living the loved ones
Holding the fort

Swine fever
It is colour blind
The hit song will climb
The death rows waiting

Maybe go eat mangosteen
Maybe go eat soursup
Maybe go eat grapes
These natural fruits
The gift from nature

Pharmacy companies
Money is menu
Riding on the misery
The humans inflicted

Swine fever
The biological warfares
We never know
We think is a disease
Made by man of his stupidity

ah sugar!

You never run away
The sweet tooth
The humans addiction

Now the supply
Hiding your face
Let the demand soars

Ah sugar!
The addicts will cry
When supply drying up
The withdrawal symptoms rise

Ah sugar!
Money begets money
On the humans addiction
Let the demand soars
And the humans cry

in the votes

Permatang Pasir
Deal a blow
Let Albino suffer
The painful trauma
In the emergency ward

Daylight bribery
Now its says
The golden child
The bearer of gold
The devil glows

Don't get fooled
What is glittering
It is you selling soul
When Albino takes you
You will lose your shine

Watch out for the running lap dogs
Barking incessantly empty tongs
Louder and louder telling how good the owner is
Enriching their wealth maintaining tolls

Permatang Pasir
Let freedom decides
Let Albino buries
In the votes
Let the lap dogs whimper
Then they disappear
p/s why voters must reject Umno candidate
A commentator has drawn my attention to a report in The Edge which quotes Bar Council President Ragunath as saying that “the offence committed by Rohaizat involved stakeholders’ money from Koperasi Pekebun Getah and there was no account for it. When the board looked into this matter and the order was made, there was no reimbursement to the stakeholders involving the sum of RM140,000. Even if you pay, the offence has been committed and it is a serious offence as this involves dealing with client’s money. If you are an innocent party, you would not be found guilty by the disciplinary committee and the charge leveled under Section 103D is tantamount to criminal misconduct”.

Monday, August 17, 2009

the drum beat of fear

Swine fever fear spread
Amongst the crowd
Lining up daily in their lives
You watch them
Bus stops, taxi stands
Mamak stalls and kopitiam

The drumbeat of fear
Is it death stalking?
It spares nobody
Swine fever makes us cry
Silently in our times

Go to open fields
Botanic Gardens
Breathe the fresh air
The nature cures abundance

Yet many are afraid
They go hiding under shades
This is where the demons hide
Playing tricks of deathly games

Swine fever
As others came before
Telling the people
Don't go showing no neighbourliness
This is a lesson we always forget

the chart rising

No masks for sale
Prices gone up short of supply
The business people will make money
On people fear and paranoia

Swine fever roams
Every hit a chart tumbles
Hurry seeking cure
Stay at home
What will it be?

The death toll is 62
It isn't over until it is seriously done
No half baked measures
Lives aren't roulette

Yet the slow measures
Still mouthing slogans
Stay healthy eat fruits and vegetables
Wash hands thoroughly avoiding crowded places

The chart keeps rising
The rolling pins hit the sack
When will schools be closed?
Universities and colleges too?

Swine fever flowing
Air borne finding preys easily done
One sneeze spreading all around
The weak will get the spoils

The chart keeps rising
When will action be done?
Swine fever flowing
Catching the weak
Keeping them for company

izzy muffin

Muffin on her hand
She glows with joy
Biting it she enjoys
As her expressions flow

Standing up to tell
The way she thinks is right
Showing her muffin
Half way to paradise

Looking straight at the camera
Mommy wants to capture
Daddy smiles shining eyes
Izzy swiftly posing
Click, click it will be in folders

Distributing in Facebook
Izzy will be known
As the years will come
A story will be told

opening folders

The long cool journey
It sure took a long time
Flying across oceans
Sleeping through the night

Now the dreams
On the land one seeks
Let no distractions
Beat it as you take

On the walk of future
It beacons when fulfillment seeks
Whispering it don't you forget
As the weather playing different colours
As you step out to your dreams

The future looking bright
The cool sun shafting rays
With it you walk your dreams
Opening folders stitching it away

Sunday, August 16, 2009

swine fever rising

Swine fever
The toll is rising
Make your life clean
The diseases will go away

Don't go to crowded places
Don't jam in hypermarkets
Don't go for window shoppings
Don't go to parties
Unless you have a reason
Because swine fever is rising
Capturing young and old
The sick and pregnant
It stitches them with it

When you are weak
Swine fever will stop by
You can't fight it
Your body system fails

Eat a lot of fruits and greens
Build up your immune system
Wash hands with soap
You can nail it.........
Follow the simple rules

Now the government wait and see
As the years we have seen
Reactive measures when death toll rising
Pro-active methods they drag their feet

Swine fever
On the rise in the country
Do it your own way
It is your life
Make it works for you

it is R Malaysia

Oh the fools jumping with joy!
Never find out its true meaning
The sloganic magic bewitching souls

The facade of its light
The shadows hide the easy preys
Believing it wholeheartedly
When the truth is
“A is Malay 1”

The leaders never flow
Each has its own idea
Umno youth leader opposite direction
DPM harping the old regime
PM the truth and honesty
Other leaders race and race

The leopard can't change its spot
The charade going on in full supplies
Forms, quotas, discounts, benefits
They still say it isn't enough
The greedy people only change will make them realize
This country isn't for a race and a religion
It is meant for all to enjoy our diversity and cultures
Religions and belief earning our rights on fair deals

The ground is too hard
Changing will be a giant effort
The spider web entangles every notch
It is time to bury it all

The stitches of life
In our hands we better decide
Let GE13 be the Waterloo
Where we will stand
For us and the generation after

izzy on fraser island

On the blue crystal water
Dancing with beautiful ripples flow
With sandy beach on Fraser Island
Izzy holding court

The circles of water
Branding on her feet
Teaching her come to swim
“Don't worry
Mommy and Daddy ready”

The sun is hot
Shadowing hats to block
The breezy hot rays
Izzy holding her own

The day of outing
Building sand castles
Walking freely enjoying the sun
Izzy smiles getting some suntan

the groundwork has changed

Albino has changed?
A white wash lie
Look at its youth leader
Attacking race and religion

Listen to a minister
Gunning opposite of 1Malaysia
Chastising a reporter asking him in English
We are multi-lingual multi-cultural
Has the minister forgotten it?

They say a leopard can't change its skin
No matter how much detergent is used
It still smells the familiar rhetorics
Albino hasn't changed

The coalition partners should really wake up
Why keep silence when you must hit back?
There must be one voice one ideal......
There shouldn't be any loose cannon
Blasting it off knowing its consequences

Albino has not changed
Imalaysia its leaders running opposite direction
The public relation team showing a straight face
On the ground the people know the truth

1 August peaceful street demonstration
On the abolishment of ISA as a yardstick
Here you see the true meaning of 1Malaysia
They came together for a common cause
The youth of tomorrow.......
Not the old in the government

The groundwork has set in March 08
It will evolve into a bigger vision
Bee Anne get ready to ride into sunset
Write your history we will learn about it

Saturday, August 15, 2009

it keeps coming....

Permatang Pasir by election
It never ends the moment flow
The political journey for change
It keeps coming.........

The Albino speaks
Nailing it to the its doors
Trapping the party members
Saying stupid things to the masses
It keeps coming........

The people open minds
Marching forward no turning back
The wishes of generation now and tomorrow
Build Malaysia a rightful place shining bright
For all living in harmony sharing our diversity

The Albino speaks
Racial undertones and race mentality
The party leaders never learn
March 08 the great walls riddled with holes
The coalition members plastering with cement
Crumbling till it falls off again
And it keeps coming......

The path of change
It has risen; it will not go away
The hidden of 1Malaysia
In reverse “A is Malay 1”

So we mustn't be fooled
Race base party shouldn't allow to grow
On slogan hiding its true meaning
They say action speaks loudly
Though it keeps coming.....

go out look inside

The rich and well to do
“Overseas my children”
Learn to think not by rote

Only the can't afford
Stuck it up in the country's education
Learning by rote thinking suppressed
The living robots walking squeaking along

The way it is
The generations will lose
Thinking on their feet
It will be hard to do

Emphasize on examinations
Scoring “A” is a must
The pressures on the students
Scoring it high worth the money spend
And the time delaying other pursuits

Now the truth be told
RTM reporter doesn't know Anwar Ibrahim
If she doesn't know Karpal Singh
I don't blame her
But Anwar Ibrahim?
The “reformasi' icon
And the black eye man
Where is she?
Hiding in her closet?

The education system
Like Proton package and repackaging
See today's advertisement
How to improve with this mentality?

no reason watson!

There is no reason
He wants to die
Marriage and unborn child
He wants to set with his footprints
Carrying the torch of life

Mental torturing
Threats and death
Marriage and unborn child
The strong factors to stay alive

There are no imprints
On the windows panes
On the windows ledge
He seems to fly through

Many loopholes
Finger prints waiting for orders
“I thought you take
You thought I get”

On the stage
The developments flow
The lopsided investigations
Drawing flaks from the concerned gallery

There is no reason
He wants to die
Marriage and unborn child
He will want to see and hold
Now TBH is 6 feet underground
Flying through the window
Macc building he is dead

when love is free 12

When love is free
Sinners glow responsibility zero
Catching the romantic breeze
Living it carelessly blowing away

The emotion in the back seat
The glow of romance
Nothing will take it away
Sinners come joining the party

The dark shadows
Dancing with the breezes
Silhouettes glow pulling punches
Satisfactions no guarantee

Casanovas and bitches
Summer bliss joyously mix
Winter tears falling grace
Spring and Autumn new hope new desires
Capturing the spirits the adventures begin

When love is free
Capturing and enslaving
The blinded fools walking the streets
No use telling them
They don't listen; they don't care

When love is free
No holding back
It goes all the way
Sinners and believers
They stare the touch of life

Friday, August 14, 2009

when love is free 11

When love is free
Many don't listen to advice
They think they know best
Fresh out from confinement
They see they want they go

Nothing about precautions
Nothing for them to think
Marching out into the open
They breath the air freely

When love is free
Cohabitation trying out new ways
Living it through future can wait
Only it isn't the contact is weak

The weak drumbeats
The fraying wills to gel
Unless they stop and think
It will be going down hill

When love is free
Obligation offers nothing
Don't be a fool
A future still has to be made

macc should act professionally!

A 50 years old political aide
Got injured by Macc officers
They wanted to interview
Then they changed wanted to arrest him

The selective persecution
In Selangor heating up air waves
People are watching
Macc must be professional
As it is Macc acting like samseng

You are paid by the people
You aren't paid by Umno or Bee Anne
It is the peoples' money you received
So act professionally in your job

Teoh Beng Hock died
In your custody and building
Now an inquest is held
To find the truth of his affair

Yet Macc officers never learn
They want to show their authority
On the lesser ones they want to boss
The big political fishes they simply keep quiet
The people watching
GE13 will tell the story

you work for the people

Macc now springs into action
Forming a 30 men task force to investigate
On the 327 pages report
They should call those involved
Why waste time?

PKFZ in the news long ago
Reports launched kept it low
Now there are elements of fraud
Police too will step in

Long ago the agencies should have done so
They think it can go away
The problem becomes a headache
Aspirin can't solve it
The trails.......go after it

Let the greedy pays
Stop the banking accounts
Protect the money
Before it is all gone

Get those involved
Show no mercy show no favours
The peoples' money must be used wisely
For the nation and her people benefits

Get back your creditability
You need a lot of doses of it
Change your mindset
You work for the people
You aren't working for the government
and any political party leader

change the garage

Macc catches the small flies
Physical and mental torturing
Non stop interviewing
Harping on the same methods
Asking the familiar questions

Asking them to be transparent
Macc doesn't understand
It isn't in its vocabulary
Only know the good and bad techniques

Bullying the small flies
Throwing its weight around
These officers pay by tax payers
They forget us take our pride

The heavy weight in Bee Anne
Macc dares not touch them
Connection with cable
Running right to the hill top

Macc can't make it right
We don't have high hope
We have to change the garage
Let a new coat paint shines
In pursuit of equality
Showing no fear granting no favours
Let the laws decidel

Thursday, August 13, 2009

we better make it

1Malaysia song
Who will sing when nobody knows?
Pick it out National Day
It is going out of tune

This is running out
Bee Anne leaders ending count down
Giving advice they dont follow
They hide it behind laws
Using it to glorify pursuits

IMalaysia song
The crying of the marginalized
The economy needs plucking holes
Swine fever takes its toll

The famous flip-flopping
It never disappears
It haunts Bee Anne
Now internet censorship
Back to the drawing board

IMalaysia song
Somebody crying loudly
No money to be made
No lyric for a melody

1Malaysia song
A gimmick to stake a claim
When economy is in pain
We better make it
GE 13 our rights
To vote for change

5 eggs gone

5 eggs bought in the market place
Many women thronged bargaining
Voices high and low gossipping
They never change

And she dropped 5 eggs
In the market place
Calamity Jane dreaming away
Eyes see double gripping out of focus

She dropped 5 eggs
A new gossip in the market place
An old man came to her rescue
She mumbles "thank you aunty"
She quickly walks away

The rain today
She will not get hot
She coolly stays
Forget about eggs
Come back early

who will take fall?

The fraudulent dealings
Billion(s) gone
Heads must roll
There is no 2 ways about it

Report came
327 pages
Police report lodged
Macc too

For years it is talking
Macc doesn't go cracking
Letting the fiasco ballooning high
Now it is slowly bursting

The hiding no slapping handshakes
The people want to know
Will the culprits get charged?
Will the money be recovered?

It is no used sending them to jail
The money must be recovered too
Installing politcal confidence
Bee Anne has a long way to go
This will be the Waterloo in GE13

say it close door forums

Religions are sensitive issues
The followers of any faith will take offence
It can get out of control if handle it badly
The cross fires will be deadly

Religions history
People tortured; people ridiculed
People died for it
For heavens wait

No outburts by any leader
No condemnation of any religion
No saying “mine is truth yours a fake”
Tolerance of each other faith
The hallmark to live in harmony

Let God decide
When His people meet Him
We have no standing to say otherwise
It is Him we all must return...

If you want to share
Do it in close door forums
Hear each other out
With a view to accept differences
For every cook will dish out diferently in taste
On the same dish with same ingredients and fire

We are living in this crowded world
The population of over 6.4 billion people
We don't need hot heads to prevail
On religious matters......
We have enough on our plate

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

oh draconian laws!

Any draconian law
It has no place in the nation
The governing politicians will harp on it
We need it to protect the country

When we look back of the years
These government politicians only want their power
To suppress dissents in unethical pursuits
They just can't take it to answer allegations

ISA and others related laws
It is high time the government abolished
Don't give the excuse of terrorism threats
We have other laws to reign them in

ISA has served its time
Our Bapa Malaysia promised it so
Yet the government politicians will not let go
We know the reasons why they can't divorce

Rekindle the economy
When the economy is bursting
Every one will have a chance to enrich
The legality ways of sweat and efforts
A country's prosperity enriching of one people
In a multi-racial nation

when love is free 10

When love is free
You see them in kopitiam and cafes
Drinking out life sorrows and conquests
Telling stories the piracy endeavours

On the roads motorists passing by
Some eager to get to destination
Some hurriedly trying to hide
When love is free
They don't think

As the night falling
Bar and lounges music blasting
Carrying the undertones
Of the current needs surfacing

When love is free
Blind souls forgetting advice
Leave the white sticks behind
Believing about miracles
Only falling hurting egos

When love is free
The falling leaves floating away
Never know where it will land
Only the silent whispering
Of the windy breeze.....

swine fever

Swine fever
Catching the weak
Stitches the arrogant fools
It doesn't follow rules

It is airborne virus
Symptoms like common cold
Yet it is deadly disease
Slow treatment black angel smiles
Waiting with his black bag

It's hygiene
Personal and public places
We breed on our attitude
“Love thy neighbour”
Hardly in the world of materialistic needs

Pregnancy stirring up paranoia
Rightly so since the virus clicks
So avoid close enclosures
Take mask along...........

It jolts every one of us
Knowing it can spread quickly
By contacting an infected person
The current status 38
Infected persons 2,253

Don't worry
Death is plan
On the ways God decide
It is His card

the drain on 1Malaysia

The Albino playing
Race and religion
Drumming it up
The calling card

Older generation
They can't change mindset
Believing it is so
The drain to 1Malaysia

As I view it
1Malaysia is a flop
Others in support
Now they should review

Newspapers spinning
The perceived threats of a race
We stayed together for the past 52 years
Yet the racial bashing never ceases

The stitches of political life
For its own survival not for the nation
The extremists will ruin the country
The common grounds they forget

Our roots tie up in history
The roads of the past
It is this country we must be
Stay as one nation one people
Nothing else matters

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the stitches of life

The stitches of life
Diverging journeys dreams change
Tears fall drying up in sorrow
Yet when it is done
Life has to move on

Watch the rolling waves
Rushing earnestly to the shore
Hitting it splashing on sand and rocks
Then it flows back debris and twigs
Never ask it is just got..........

Swinging life back and forth
Capturing the essence seems lost
Back to the roots where it all started
Touch bases feel the patches of remembrance
The joy, tears and sorrows......
As the windy breeze soothes the soul

The stitches of life
It doesn't come in full package
It patches as one rises and falls
The joy, tears and sorrows.

pakatan sails into stormy seas

Pakatan sails into stormy seas
Braving heavy wind onslaught of sea water
Shouting matches calling direction
Sails put down steering course hijack

The leaders stand on deck
Eyes glue to the rising waves
Rolling furiously reaching out to them
The wind fiercely supporting its call
Carrying the waves dangerously high

“Change direction! Charge course!
Alert danger on the sea..........”
The leaders look no sound giving command
The high rolling waves splash its weight
Pushing them backwards some grabbing ropes
Others tumbling down to the steps

They dream of the plateau
Beautiful sky sparkling diamonds
Free flow of association
All draconian laws throwing away

Yet the leaders forget
Perak got hit through backdoor
With money appeasement and projects
No jail sentence dragging in court
Pakatan runners just jumped in the net

Now the colours changing
Some runners drawing out swords
Challenging the leaders
“Dare to catch me
On beer and personality clashes
And religious issues”

Pakatan get the direction on float
Bring the ship to sail to its objectives
Lay out the ground rules
Get the bigger picture
Sail it to Putrajaya

when love is free 9

When love is free
It isnt meant you can do anything
There are guide lines
For you to live and enjoy

Good spirits the joy of dreams
Embrace the closeness
Feel the beat of life
Don't for one minute you forget

The joy of light
Under the banner of love is free
The endless searches the hungry desires
Don't get it fooled
You will be down in misery
When the guide lines or rules are broken
You will know the dark hour

Changing partners riding out free
Forgetting the rules of the game
When love is free
You better think

Life can be lost in misery
Dreaded diseases torturing soul
The day will not be joyous
The dark light rules

So when love is free
Burst of moonlight shining bright in the sky
Beautifully painted colourful stars
Do it right you will live with joy
And the life of sweet coated honey

Monday, August 10, 2009

imalaysia in reverse?

Commando training
For Umno youths to defend
Of what people?
Going to Taliban administration?

Breeding would be terrorists?
The Jihad thing promising heavens?
We must be alert.....
The rats hide out rising water
They want to surface to breathe
They can't go naked without training

Fighting the perceived communists?
In the urban areas in the cities?
Damned they are turning
Into band of Talibanites

Umno youth
Better go learn Islam
Understand it well
Peace of the soul
Peace amongst friends

Why commando training?
It should be human resources training
And social bonding amongsts multi-racial people
This is the way to go
See they don't believe in 1Malaysia
Neither is the originator of the slogan
They just hide it

Drumbeating like the street medicine man
“Mari mari kawan kawan
Ubat murah pasti kena
Jangan risau sijil pun ada”

Niamah Utusan spills the beans
Now we know what Umno wants to do
It is the protection of its race
Nothing to do with 1Malaysia

the black knight pr works

Batu Caves
Over 30 years no PM visits
Yesterday it was done
The black knight came

The sea of black
Thinking of the good fortunes
Allocations will come
The taxpayers' money
Gone to waste
It should be a volunteer works
And devotees donations

There are better things to do
For helping the unfortunates in our society
Yet many ignore the suffering of the poor
Batu Caves the devotees should do
Ask the hundred thousands to do charity
It can be done why delivery slowly?

High Chaparral crying for help
Living in decades land got lost
Through the government of Bee Anne
Doing through the back door
Finally the end result the maginalised protests
There was no offer for them to buy back...

The black knight should go
Give a hand to the residents of High Chaparral
They need it more than Batu Caves
Our tax money spend it wisely

To me it is publicity
To win votes from the Indian congregation
To hide all his trademarks refusing to answer
He thinks he can work to his advantage
He will be wrong
Perak is the calling card
People will not forget easily

when love is free 8

When love is free
Don't be angels and demons
Think of family planning
Do it right all the way

The fall out hurt many
The unthinkable happens
The stitches of life
It will fray.......

When love is free
The peaks and valleys oozing scents
Blinding the minds fooling the eyes
Into the deepest holes sinking values
Then you see the eyes of painful distress

When love is free
The endless stretches of seeking flame
Simmering in the minds roaming the contours
Only don't be angels and demons
Think of family planning

the black and white bird

The daze the haze
The maze surrounding
The black and white bird
The dizzy world it sees

Hopping on its two claws
Running nowhere to free
Hiding under the car
Seeking for a way out
It has no success

It flies aimlessly
Into the ginger plant to hide
Then it disappears out of sight
Around the garden there is no sign

A while later it appears
Amongst the potted plants
The black and white bird
The daze the haze

Lucky for the bird
There is no stray cat taking a short cut
It can be a breakfast satisfying catch
Finally it is caught put in cage

In a daze it is
It doesn't know its bearing
A while release it
It flies a short distance
Knock on the window panes
In a daze once more
Put it back in the cage

Now sitting quietly
No whistling song to hear
Drinking water bearing appears
Then it will be released
With a photograph for memory
A day a black and white bird caught
The daze the maze