Saturday, June 30, 2012

you have a life

You have a life
You shouldn't throw it away
Learn to live and forgive
Why carry the baggages along?

You must understand
Life isn't always smooth sailing
You will encounter troubled waves
You may get wet and so be it

For a while you feel carrying away
The angry waves splashing hard on your face
When you hold on to your fort
It will go away and leave you alone

You have a life
You don't have to wait and waste
Go and get and make yourself a name
Not in obituary; it is a shame!

when love turn bad

When love turn bad
Don't act stupid and swallow in pity
If it has to happen, there is a reason
It is better now than later

You may get the pain
You may feel the world has gone
Leaving you alone to pick up the pieces
There is no side glance to see how you are

You don't have to behave that way
You have your life go on and get on living
The past has gone why should you cry
Take the step to move ahead

When love turn bad
It isn't the end of the world
If it has to happen, there is a reason
You can feel sad but don't let it takes you away

For a while you will feel the pain
You hate yourself every time you see
You don't have to swallow in pity
Move on with your life the colours are bright

if the walls can speak

Bee Anne the last breath
The Devil waits with his entourage
He comes to claim the body
The plague ravishing its inner core

It doesn't see the dark light
The journey it has to travel
It still speaks with double toned
It never realizes it is the fall

Each of its members
Amongst the pack wanting to be heard
The pecking order to hit the score
If only the walls can speak

The Devil doesn't give a hoot
He comes to claim the disease body
In his mind it is time to recover his losses
He has enough of its unprincipled ways

crazy of power

Crazy of power
It never brings you joy
For a while you will feel the adulation
Then the downward spiral

It becomes heavy on the head
The crown sucks your life forces away
The Devil wings himself into it
You become a slave of the unseen hand

You may not realize it
Slowly you become a tool yourself
You may think you can bark your command
It never brings you fame

Crazy of power
The jealousy rules the time
Every step you watch your back
You are afraid of the Brutus kind

The Devil feeds for others to come
The bickering and back stabbing relay
It constantly wades into your consciousness
Crazy of power is best to remain free

there are many fishes to catch

Death at her door step
A woman was burned to death
By her spurned lover and his friends
Put her in a burning fire

When she spurned his advances
She didn't want to do with him
She got engaged with another man
The furious spurned suitor turned killer

Within weeks of her engagement
She was gone in her prime of life
She was 27 years old........
A life she would have enjoyed

What is with the lover?
When you can't have your way
Don't go take it out with murder
Know the boundary learn how to accept defeat

The old man says
In my time in the village
There are many fishes to catch
One gets away try another”

when you have nothing to do

When you have nothing to do
You see the time go slowly by
You try to hurry it up
You find it never seems to pass

You look out the window
The slow movement on the field
The dogs and cats have siesta
This is what the animals will do

For the working adults
Maybe in the canteen
Talk about football and dates
When you have nothing to do

The time seems to forget
You wish it hurries along
The haze and sleepy head
You wish it moves along

Friday, June 29, 2012

when you retire

When you retire
Don't feel the world will go
It will be there
Only you have to take it slow

Don't let the time scare you
You shouldn't feel afraid of the time
You should have positive values
Think of it as a second wind

No doubt for the daily wage earners
Time will be hard if they can't save
The years ahead may look bleak
When you don't have enough to live

Don't feel the world will go
You have to survive to meet your needs
You will struggle for what you have
Don't lose hope when time fly you by

Stay calm and look beyond
The years you had and now you walk
The passage of time the moment of truth
Don't let it fool you; you are here for a while

the class divides

The class divides
It is the way of life
Not every one will agree
Charity and wealth and greed

Men of the Words
The scriptures which tell
The reasoning of the good life
If only they hold true

Money as made victims
Of many men and women
The call of easy life
The aroma in the mind

Once you fall
It is hard to get up
Until you hit bottom
Then you realize why

The darkness will dwell
The redemption will take a while
If you haven't experienced it
You can float your mind and imagine

Thursday, June 28, 2012

give me the money

Give me the money
I will sing your praises
Of the things you do
But I can't vote for you

The truth it isn't your money
It belongs to the people and nation
Give me the money
I will gladly accept it

I tell you the truth
I don't vote for you
I will take what is mine
I don't have to feel obligated

Give me the money
I will sing your praises
I tell you the truth
I don't vote for you

the sugar daddy

The sugar daddy
The city folks wait
The rural folks hope
When he comes

He brings his bag
What's in the bag he doesn't tell?
He just smile carrying by his lackeys
As he steps out of his car

The supporters line the road
The banners saying how good he is
The hot sun shining on their heads
The haze make it a sign

The sugar daddy
He steps up to deliver
He wants to make you believe
He has the money...

If the people know the truth
He is just a trickster to make you believe
What he wants is the real money in the vault
It's calling him but he can't get the key...

it's time the line breaks away

This year the season of giving
Look at the Bee Anne leaders
They go out and to give money
With speeches to say they help the people

Those who are there
They will get the help
Why not it isn't the Bee Anne's money
It belongs to the people

The Bee Anne leaders will claim
How good they are to take care of the people
All those years ago they just close their minds
Now they know this is their final journey

The Putrajaya sings its last song
The old guards have to go
She wants a new man to walk the corridor
It's time the line breaks away

do you have an umbrella?

Ah Jib Kor
The rain will come soon
Have you got prepared?
When the water get into you?

Maybe you haven't
You have your boat
You have your people
They just stand there

Ah Jib Kor
You think you will
The water will get you
When the boat leaks

You can travel in style
You don't see the shortfall
What you say it never remembers
The slogan just dies

Ah Jib Kor
The rain will come
Do you have an umbrella?
Maybe you have forgotten..

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

why pick and choose?

Why pick and choose?
To hound a person right through?
Putting him in jail on a made believe charge
Yet it isn't enough to put him away

He comes back charging
The change he wants to pursue
Now the Bee Anne leaders are afraid
They are looking at the backdoor to escape

The old story floated again
The former assistant bank negara governor said
$3billion in a master account....
Let's hear him say of other leaders in Ameeno

Why pick on Anwar?
Let's roll out the others assets and funds
Let's us know previous finance ministers and prime ministers
What have they got we didn't know through honest means?

Now the black dogs barking
They positioned themselves to be used
In their own backdoors they surely forget
The dog catchers wait patiently

We hear we want the change
It isn't so much about Anwar Ibrahim
He could be the man who could make history
Right now we want change before nation turns bankruptcy


You make it or lose out
It never comes naturally
It needs to practise

You can watch
The eloquent speakers
They practise their crafts
For hours to get it right

You have to build confidence
You must know how to twist around
Learn it from watching others performing
You may pick up tips for your own

You can start within the family members
It is a good start to build your armour
You may get feedback to drown you away
You know you have to practise to get it going


The dawn of the morning
The sign of the rising sun
The stars just blinking in the sky
A small baby boy cries

In the land of Oz
The joy to be borned
In the land of paradise
The opportunities abound

The baby boy's sister so happy
She goes around telling..
I have a baby brother
His name is Sebastian”

Mother and son
The glow of the time
Father smiling at the door
The first picture of his joy

The grandparents arrived
In time to get the celebration
The phones ringing in Malaysia
A baby boy called Sebastian

the cars burst into flames

Cars on fire
On the road or parked in the porch
It just burst into flames
What causes it no report to find

The insurance companies just paid
Closed the files forgot the whole issue
The car owners got new cars and life moved on
About the cars- the luxurious ones – nothing was said

The authorities didn't investigate properly
There were no concrete evidence to play
How did these expensive cars catch fire?
The Fire Chief only said leaked tank or cables

But why did it happen?
Nobody knew so were the car manufacturers
The last 8 months 8 cars burst into flames
One died a few seriously injured

Why cars burst into flames?
The authority should investigate
It shouldn't swept under the carpet
The manufacturers must be held accountable

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the backyard

The backyard full of rubbish
The running dogs never go to lick
It is beneath their station of lives
They are the thorough breeds

When they bark
The lopsided venom it causes
The backyard of its own
They forget how it looks

The running dogs of many sizes
They have their own agenda and profiles
They don't collect their bad habits
They expect others to do it

They sing the same song
They say the same thing all over again
When ask have they opened their backdoors?
They can't give a straight answer

the moment of time

The moment like this

You feel it in your bones

You know you will never forget

The passing blink then she is gone

In the day and time

You think of the moment

You can't get her out of the mind

The smile as if waving to you

The moment like this

You will hope it is true

It gives you hope

There is still somebody out there

As the sun goes down

You look to the moment

The moment like this

You remember she looks at you

you can forget me

You can forget me
You roll the ball and have your day
You don't even turn around to say
You start your car and drive away

I know it makes no sense
Holding on to something borrowed
It can never turn around in time
There is too much emotion and it shouldn't stay

The neon sign blinking at the entrance
The bar and the crowd in there........
I know you can forget me
I walk in sit at the far corner

What's up lover's fight?
I seen it all the times
What you need honey
Go and get a life!”

She gives me a beer
I drink it to forget
Lovers of the time
Something borrowed something to forget

Then she walks in
Smiling at my face
You think I want to go
The night is too young to forget”

the neighbour forgets

You look at the sky
The misty clouds glossing over the sun
You hear the stories of talk no action done
Across the Malacca Straits

It has been 15 years running
It never seems to go away
The local companies owing the land
The clearing and burning rampant

The irresponsible actions
Choking the neighbouring countries
Indonesia keeps prolonging the agony
Of neighbours Indonesia forgets

The loss of prductivity
The sickness and breathing problems
The old and senior citizens suffer
No more exercising in the open

The haze the daze
The political climate takes ages
Too many teabreaks and handshakes
When all are done close the book and forget

Monday, June 25, 2012

let there be a change

Let there be a change

The country needs it badly

For decades the same hair cut

It doesn't go well with the current trends

It's the young and bouncy feeling

The opportunities available for those who are daring

The old and matured leaders out of touch

The younger leaders need a new direction

What we hear are the racial sentiments

Every word it is spelled it is for a race

The way of lies shoring up on their faces

The decades of greed and corruption

The country wants to move ahead

Together with her people as one nation

The old guards and running mates

They think they are the favoured ones

The GE13 the way of light

It has to come to free the nation's plight

Of her resources and wealth in decades of plunder

We have to get it done free ourselves free the nation

be alert when alone

The parking malls

The independent women beware

The kidnappers and robbers

They pretend to look for cars

The malls security

These bad hats know it well

They have studied it

They know the time

There are many cases

Of lonely women got mugged and robbed

Some escaped with minor injuries

It shouldn't happened but it has

And the Bee Anne says

Crimes has gone down

The truth seems so difficult to admit

The crime bosses never run

The parking malls

The security is still lax

Some aren't light up brightly

Some no security patrolling

santa comes early

The buying of votes

Through programmes

Subsidizing costs and living

With monies from taxes

Though it is people's rights

The motives are clearly seen

The eroding support for Bee Anne

This is the way the leaders do

Through the decades

Funding come easily

The cost of National debt

Each one of us will carry

Now for the taxi drivers

They are running a business

Bee Anne gives $520/- for each

Instead of teaching them how to fish?

This isn't the way

The ruling elites good at spoon feeding

Ask them to scout for businesses

You can tweet don't expect a reply

It's the season

The Santa comes early

The bag of goodies

Entice your mind forget a while

gay lovers

Gay lovers

Where will the sins lie?

In the religious scriptures

Written by men through their lens

Men and women

They are born into it

They don't have a choice

With bodies and minds

Gay lovers

The angels are sleeping

The production factory

The errors in humans production

The errors of one part

The gay lovers suffer in silence

Through the lens of the scriptures

They are condemned for their lives

But God is compasionate and loving

There is a way for these people redemption

We shouldn't judged them for what they are

We should judge ourselves trying to be sinless

Gay lovers

Men and women of our lives

The angels make mistakes

Let God decide their redemption

Sunday, June 24, 2012

yesterday was easy to play

Yesterday was an easy game to play

The villagers and small towns lived and stayed

The way of easy life and goodwill amongst the races

There was no graded to city status then

Life was easy sharing jokes and playing games

There was no race or colour of the skin..........

We shared the same destiny improving the lot

Every one lived in harmony sharing jokes and silly escapades

May 13 shattered the cohesiveness of society

The politicians made it to empower themselves

The racial clashes with the opposing camps

The sorrows the nation got into history

In time the changing of policies

It became the divide and rule episodes

The imbalances of the society

The people feel the sorrow crying in pain

The way forward is to change

Before it is too late for the country

The people must decide quickly

They know the drill don't repeat the mistake!