Friday, November 30, 2007


MIC set up hotlines to deal with the Indian problems in the country. This shows the party has not done enough to help the poor Indians in the nation. When Hindraf demonstrated on the streets in KL, MIC did not help. The party did not want to get involved. The core issues are the marginalised Indians in the country which in a way MIC or PPP has failed to help. These parties are in the BN coalition yet the leaders can't get help to minimise the impact on the hardship of the poor Indians. Now MIC set up hotline centres because the leaders are afraid they may lose in the next general election. "Turun padang" when election is near after that the elected reps disappear..........I hope the voters should play smart and vote wisely otherwise dont cry when you are put in cold storage for another 4-5 years...Likewise MCA too must set up its own hot lines to tackle the issues of the Chinese..................not every Chinese is rich. Gerakan too. UMNO is so cocky I doubt its leaders will do what is right. The oppositon parties must agree on their platforms otherwise it is just that an opposition party..................Maybe the caring people should put up own candidates to fight in the election................then there is something to talk about

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Why can't the leaders speak the truth? Why beating round the bush? Maybe these leaders in BN want to follow George Bush. Say spending nearly $100 million to space is worth the expense but leaving the poor seeking to survive isnt worth the cost. Or bidding the exorbitant number plates is worth the money spent on it. Glorifying ego this is what I thought! Increasing toll charges because one of those reasons is low traffic volume so the people must pay higher toll for the company to survive. In business one has to know; one can't play ignorant of economic factors. If that is so, one has to pay for one's own folly. Here the people are robbed in daylight on contracts signed by the BN government. (Here Dr M has to explain why contracts signed benefitted the companies not the people or government) Announcing corridors north, south , east and west................without thorough studying on plans and eco systems impact on the natural systems, traffic dispersion, density of population of waste management, floods and climatic change in the country. Shock for the person who delivered it but efforts of the drawbacks of not studying plans properly will fall on the people and wealth for the companies linked to BN government. Allah is sounding warning to the country......floods in towns and cities, flash floods in the cities and volcanoes eruptions in Indonesia....dont think it won't affect the country maybe God wants to push it nearer here so that the BN government can finally think properly before destroying the natural gifts of God/Allah. The people must realize now that the BN government isnt going to help the people. Every statement issued it is to glorifying the BN party and government. The people are stupid......these are the messages the leaders conveyed

Now you know so dont be a FOOL ; vote wisely in the next GE. We can change the government so make it happens soon!


MPs and state assemblymen/women are elected by the people yet in Parliament or in State assemblies these elected representatives can't put forward views affecting the people though it may go against the government. If that is so, the party whip will come in hard on these reps. Are the reps stood for the party or the people? The voters elected the candidates to represent them in that constituency (MP and state assemblyman/woman) but in the end the people are short changed because the elected reps only beholden to the party. The country takes a leaf from UK yet UK MPs can go against the government and the leaders. The UK MPs too can ask the PM to resign without fear of reprimanded by the party whip. This is democracy in working not democracy in theory. Will it happen in Malaysia? Unless the voters change the BN government. If the voters dont do it, there will a long list of ills inflicted on the people. By next year toll increases again. SaMee cited low traffic volume for the increase. This is the contract signed by the government which has no benefit to the people but the crony and companies linked to these leaders. Dr M has to answer. It was during his administration then. Now the people suffer on higher tolls. The government should bite the bullet and buy up the companies once and for all. Get into the controlling interests in shares then stop all those toll increases once for all. Work out how much to pay to the banks for the outstanding loans then divide it for number of years and work out how much to charge on toll with % on road maintenance and remuneration costs added into it. Then you have it. The amount of toll for the rest of the loan tenure..........Yet our MPs and state assemblymen/women have nothing else to say. Like lambs gathered in the pent by the shepherds feeding them well in contented. Do we want this to happen to our reps in Parliament?



What’s in Malaysia?
Until a certain part of society protest
Of the cake unduly distributes
Only to the connected people

The country leaders never care
If they do, the people won’t protest
The poor and underprivileged
There is no sunshine for them

The prime minister says
“I am the prime minister for all races”
Is he really?
When policies only linked to one race
The NEP to his nationality
Hardly for the others in the nation

What’s in Malaysia?
The protestors march ignoring government threats
ISA, tear gas, chemical lazed water, beating and prison
Certain part of society protest
Yet the government ignore
Calling them hoodlums and gangsters

What’s in Malaysia?
Every race has problem with the government
Elected by the people for the people
But it never happens when the leaders sit on power
“Everything is mine nothing is yours
Go and fly kite!”

The streets protest will march
Threats of ISA and prison nobody cares
When the future is at stake
Every one wants it makes

What’s in Malaysia?
The government sleeping
So are the leaders
Until streets protest rocking them
Waking them from their slumber
“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”


The Education Ministry is considering canning for unruly girls in schools. Have the officials involved thought through the dilemma inflicted on these unruly girls? Education is to bring discipline, learn and think of what's right and wrong, gaining knowledge to pursue one's aim in life, inter-act with others to foster friendship and harmony in one's relationship in cultures and religions and so forth. Now if girls turn unruly in schools, what have gone wrong in the education systems in schools? The educators must study what aren't right in their teaching until girls become unruly in schools. You think canning is effective to control disciplinary problems amongst the students in schools? I dont think so. When I was in school, I saw my schoolmates canned in the general assembly. The school shamed these students and I doubt it had any impact on the students. The most effective way is to ask these unruly students to clean public toilets for a week. Repeat offences 2 weeks. In time they will learn how hard to keep toilets clean. By then I am sure these unruly students will think twice before trying to break the rules in schools. The other method is to ask these unruly students to hang cardboards with words written on it on their bodies and parade around school compound. You can imagine the impact on other students...............walking along corridors, car parks, field etc In time I think they get the messages that breaking rules have to pay. There is no free passage. The best is the teachers relationship with the students. It is there where disciplinary problem could be controlled.....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007



Dora Goh aged 25 years old kidnapped in Shah Alam

3 persons in gold Toyota Camry
Bearing registration number 7641
Cruising in Shah Alam kidnapped a young woman
Dora Goh aged 25 years old today

This is happening so regularly
What’s happening in the country?
Nurin death is still hot in the news
Amongst the people who care

Now this kidnapping
On a young woman of aged 25 years old
I pray the police will act in speed
Don’t wait for days then go out looking
Not like Nurin case please!

I pray for her
Nothing of harm befalls
Let the message goes out
Leaving her alone safely by the road

p/s on 29/11/07 at about 9.30am Dora Goh was released. She is currently in hospital for check ups.


The flag waves
The people march
For a cause they believe is right
Nothing else matters
Under the bright hot sunlight

Who want ISA?
The sleeping beauty telling lies
Tell me who are these people?
Put them first under ISA
Then tell me

Woe to the liars
Telling lies and more lies
What will become of this beautiful nation?
Crowded by cronyism digging wealth

I say Sir!
Take a vote count
You will know the reason why
Nobody wants ISA
This is the truth
Unless these people want wealth
And they tell lies
You fall for it


"I will use ISA" says the sleeping beauty. The elitist law shouldnt be used in today's context. This piece of law was passed during the colonial times. With amendments the government of the day will use it on any pretence on national security. The street demonstrators want to air their views and grievances affecting them. The government should listen to these street demonstrators not replying to use this piece of law to curtail the frustrations of the people. I personally feel the sleeping beauty should wake up and see for himself what is wrong with his administration and his cabinet ministers. You dont have the pulse of the people woes, Sir. The recent street demonstrations had shown that people aren't happy with you and your people. You are elected to bridge the gaps for the people not the other way around. You let yourself blind by listening to what your people telling you. You are there because the people vote for you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The sleeping beauty says " I continue with my style....because Malaysians are happy with me and my administration..." I am a sad person today. He has eyes he never sees; he has ears he never listens; he has brain he never uses; he has a new wife he always think under the silky sheet...................Doesnt he know about BERSIH AND HINDRAF street rallies in November 2007? There were about 130,000 people who felt he didnt do his job well on the streets on 10/11/07 and 25/11/07. There are many who felt the same sentiments sitting on the fence and blogging in the cyber world. He is 100% sleeping on his job. He thinks he is secured in his job as PM of the country. He must be dreaming in his sleep........................the underground digging has begun. Hussein Onn quit after one term......................he thinks it won't happen to him? The hidden roads have been laid out; it is matter of time when the green light shines; he will become the man who sleeps on his job; knowing not what is happening, thinking everybody loves him and his administration. Hello wake up from your sleep......get up and go go man! You better take a hard and honest look in the mirror and tell yourself what is happening in the country and your poor administration. You dont have control over your little napoleons....


"Government ready to face challenges" There are many challenges the government of the day should have handled yet it fails. The BN leaders fail miserably. Corruption still rears its ugly head in all aspects of businesses and dealings with the government agencies and or runners for certain leaders. Even as Dr M said before that a person could sell his vote for $200, it tells how bad the situation right now is. Transparency is another issue the government has not done though it claims by its leaders they are going all out to make it work. Before one can wink its eyes, the leaders will say differently in other functions to suit the ears of different audiences. Go to kampong promising goodies; go to the towns promising good government; go to Parliament every representative must toe the party's line.............though the MPs are people's reps.............There is a reading in Parliament to extend the tenure of EC head to 66 years instead of 65 years. The currrent EC head will retire by end of this year, 2007 but Nazi taxi proposed in Parliament to amend the Constitution to extend EC head tenures to 66 years. The grounds have hinted of election manipulation and so with this subtle plan it confirms what most people know all along. The election is not fought on even ground. It is lopsided manipulated to serve the ruling BN. One can't get one's rep to open up because this MP isnt beholden to the voters; he or she is beholden to the party. Wakil rakyat..................a ruse to fool the people and in the end the people have no representative. Look your representative can't help you or tell you what's happening. Even today I dont hear the rep here holding dialogue with the constituents. I dont really. I had moved into many states yet I didn't hear any rep held dialogues with the people either on monthly basis or yearly basis. Zero. Accountability is only to the leaders and party. Voters aren't the priviledge lot. After the election, you and I (our votes) are forgotten. The government is for all walks of life. Yet the minority interests are sidelined and compressed it into a shell and leaves in the cupboard to gather dust. Only when election is near then the leaders or party takes it out to polish and display telling all and sundry how they had helped these groups of people in the country. When one looks at the economic cake, one realises that it is the cronyism raked in the wealth. Challenges for the leaders to pocket wealth not to help the minority or sometimes the leaders say the insignificant people....................yet at the same breath they say they practise democracy with road blocks, tear gas, armed personnel and chemical laced water cannons...............challenges for the government is for the leaders themselves

Monday, November 26, 2007





Police acted without compassion
On the Indians gated in Batu Caves Temple
Then the police let fly the water laced chemical
On the Indians locked in on temple ground

The sleeping beauty asked to respect laws
When the police aren’t following orders
There must be an investigation
According to the penal code that is

Thousands obediently walked into the Indian temple
Seeking refuge following orders
Then like circumcision time
These poor Indians water cannoned by the police

What did the Indians do?
They never run riot near the temple
The pictures tell a story
IGP has a lot to explain
But will he?

The Indians went for peaceful march
In the early morning before dawn
Police came to round them up
Locked them in the temple
Then the water cannon came

The peaceful disobedience
I guess it can be a feature in future rallies
The PM must listen and do his duty
Just don’t say it without knowing its meaning


pictures courtesy of Reuters

Talk about history
Indians, Chinese, Malays
In whatever programs then
By the Portuguese, Dutch and British

They had toiled the land
Made it through rich and poor
Hundreds of years down the roads
The cries and sorrows
The inequality and disparity
The sacrifices made in progress
Oh sure the suffering too

Now the claim
The march of compensation
Will it be right?
On this I shouldn’t agree

Why pick on the colonial masters of yesteryears?
If that it was so, when would be the ending?
The focus must be right
Don’t just go marching blindly

The marchers for Hindraf rally
It isn’t about the country
The focus on the wrong tree
Who to blame my friends?
It isn’t the BN government

Use the energy
To shape things in the country
Vote for change
History is a story
Now for the real thing
Change the government
Through the ballot boxes

Australians do it
So we can too
United we make history
For the country

Sunday, November 25, 2007


History has recorded that rallies will make and break a government. This is the discontent breaking into the fabric of the society. The bridging of rich and poor is now wide open. The initial concept of NEP is noble but in the hands of the greedy politicians and or leaders, the concept has turned into the making rich machine. It only gears towards the families, cronies and friends on the wealth train leaving the have-nots and no connecting people far behind to fend for themselves. History too has recorded why government failed because of the greed and power crazy of the people. Lies and slogans trying to bewitch the voters, in the beginning it did but it can't happen the second time around; because the first place it never fulfills the first bridge and so the second bridge will not happen. People will read the trends and the ways thing have been done. So now we see in Australia the government changes to Labour. People get fed up of lies and promises never fulfilled. Australians make their choices felt in the ballot boxes. So I hope it will happen here big time. The BN government has ruled the nation for 50 years enriching these leaders and ploughing the country's wealth without consideration for the future generations. The leaders statements are always for themselves -vote for stability guarantees future generations but in reality it is to cover for their excesses in digging the wealth for themselves, friends and cronies. The Kuomintang party failed after 50 years ruling Taiwan. History has recorded so I believe here another party should be given the chance to rule the country. Likewise never help the country and her people, change again. Dont be afraid to change

Friday, November 23, 2007



The transformers of good and evil
It transgresses the thin line of sanity
It makes the poor souls believing the magic
It casts an illusion tempting the eyes........

The banners of the hooked up people
Parading the grandeur the stillness in the hall
The shining keris of the long lost dynasty
Yet the myopic leaders want to capture its past glory

The words of witch craft
The gangs of hidden agenda
Waving clenched fists in the air
Shouting words play minds thinking of wealth
On the streets lining up to PJ hill

The transformers of good and evil
Depending on audience place to mint words
Yet it is lie full of evil worms
Looking like sparkling jewels
Hooked the eyes then the minds
The poor souls eagerly kissing the hands

When everything seems lost
Across the beyond the yellow sea of waves
Marching in to squeeze out the evil doers
The royals have finally arrived


ACA steps up its investigation. Besides the controversy of the Lingam video clip, ACA moves in to tackle other issues of corruption. In Terengganu ACA investigates one top politician involving in the millions ringgit project there. The big fishes ACA never wants to do. I always believe ACA doesnt need reports to investigate. There are laws in which ACA officers can issue legal requests under certain section of the law compelling the hunted persons to declare their assets. I still wonder why ACA never uses it on these big fishes in the country. The point is ACA used it on Ramli's lawyer. So ACA used it before. If I recall about ACA antics in the country, the officers always go after the small or medium size fishes. They hardly go after the sharks and whales. Perhaps the officers are afraid of their periok nasi eh? They can use the legal law compelling these VVIP to declare their assets say for the last 30 years, total income, how did they acquire it, a list of records, families assets, etc. Of course if ACA is really serious to get rid of corruption in the country. IS ACA REALLY SERIOUS IN GETTING RID OF CORRUPTION?

Thursday, November 22, 2007



Nurin gone for nearly 2 months. The killer(s) free in the country. Initially CID director said he had several leads..................then silence in the police force. So far nothing has come forward on Nurin latest development. The motorbike number can't be seen so no trace no suspect. The several leads turned into cold storage. Will Nurin death be just a passing facade in our mind? With other children gone, the crimes remain unsolved. Hottest subject now turns a passing glance. The police will not dig up further; the officers have no leads now. It is on the wall nothing really coming out to stick on it. But there is hope yet for other children.........the Nurin Alert is beginning to take off by concerned parents and like minded people to assist the authority in case of similar kidnapping occurs.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


In the early 60s my eldest brother used to say that he joined MCA for the money. Look around today many who are leaders of the community from MCA will be richly rewarded. I remembered once in my village this guy joined MCA and within 3 years he got rich. People talked in the village. I was in secondary school then. Today I saw his shop burned. It could be for years now. The burned shop still stands there when I went back to my village. Around this neighbourhood there is my senior in school......when he left school he started his small house business. Eventually he got it rich through MCA. He left the place. But he becomes a wakil rakyat for his village and he gets a datukship too. I believe he is going to list his company on the second board. Currently he is a well known politician in Klang division for MCA. So when I read reports about businessmen complained about losses in businesses, I wonder did they really lose in business for the rally on November 10, 2007? This was the work of the BN parties to discredit BERSIH initiative for electoral reforms and other changes in the country administration. These people of money not the welfare of the people and the nation. We must put a change to all these now. We have been duped and played out and discredited for so long that it is time we as voters turn the tables on these selfished leaders in BN. I read somewhere history of MCA is history of businessmen; country comes later. So on the ground I hear and listen that the people call MCA leaders the running dogs for UMNO. I think I should agree way back in the early 60s MCA was called the running dog for UMNO. I also remembered I saw one prominent MCA MP with a titled Tan Sri was discussing with his business friends when budget was tabled in Parliament.He didnt attend Parliament but he was conducting his own business!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


He goes out to work
Covering for news at any place
With ears and eyes to scoop up news
Then the unexpected happened

Looked at the picture
The poor Chinese reporter got punched
By an UMNO member in the city
And his head of the division said it was an accident!

Why spin the untruth?
A punch is a punch
It wasn’t an accident
The UMNO guy knew what he wanted to do

MCA vice president never protested
He said something else that would make the party loses
In the next general election
Be a man Sir and tell the truth!

When fish head is rotten
The rest of it will smell of death
Time to change the smell
For the Garden of Paradise


Datuk V.K.LingaLingam breaks his silence

Lawyer Datuk V.K. Lingam, who was implicated in a videoclip purportedly showing the brokering of judges' appointments, has broken his silence and says he is willing to appear anytime before the Royal Commission of Inquiry, which will be set up soon. Courtesy from The Star

VK Lingam replies to the video clip and his brother's police report on him and implicating other retired judges and top government officials. He waited for two months to say his piece after Wee came out with Thirunama Karasu or Balan police report. Lingam says his brother has health problems (meaning Balan police report can't be trusted?) and used by other people's vested interested by using Balan. I just can't understand......why giving excuses? Tell the truth once and for all. And it is said the truth will set you free...............If there is NO Royal Commission of Inquiry, Lingam won't come out to reply. Of course the allegations are serious in the police report so Lingam must make police report too. Now if he is serious about clearing his name and reputation, he should make a police report. Or he can sue his brother in court. The stage has been set. Time for the truth.

Monday, November 19, 2007


S.Subashini aged 12 years old...courtesy The Star

UPSR result out. One young girl took her life! Young girl S. Subashini, aged 12 years old, hanged herself in her family home on Saturday afternoon. The education is to teach the positive values to cherish. It is the placing of importance of examination as the barometer of one's achievement that pressured many young adults to commit suicide. Too much placing on achievement on examination shouldnt be allowed to be used as a measurement of one's achievement. It is better to overhaul the education system to place say 50% on assignment 50% on examination. In this way many will know how they fare on their assignment work before they sit for the other 50%. The young minds shouldnt be corrupted that success in life should pass examinations. Success in life is through one own achievements. Passing flying colors in examinations doesnt proof one will be a successful person in life. No Sir!

May The Good Lord guides her journey to her next life. Amen


The Broom Award
Selangor MB gave away
To the department hasn’t performed to the mark
This is the way to pull them up

Ah the hue and cry
Showing no dignity showing no compassion
What these people know?
Enough meetings had yet targets failed
So one should be punished
As the head of one’s own agency

When one feels ashamed
So go improve your performance
From the cleaners right up to the head
Otherwise you are wasting time

Now the PM echoes his displeasure
What does he know about failure?
He himself doesn’t perform to his mark
When people told him he cried out loud
What he says he never implements
When he wants people to tell him he shows his tantrum
So what does he really know?
I wonder sipping my cup of tea

It is high time the government employees perform
It is enough being said and reprimanded
If they still can’t perform, ship them out
Don’t waste tax payers’ monies
Dishing out “I don’t careless” stunt

And about the two medical doctors in government hospitals
I suggest they throw away their medical degrees
Servicing the patients their calling in life
Not the way they did counting time
Or you know somebody higher up than they tried

The Broom Award
The person receiving it should learn the lesson
Buck up or ship out there is no two way about it
Take it as a lesson sweep the floor on your way down
You may learn some new things you never know

Sunday, November 18, 2007


The King and the Rulers
Disclaiming any support of November 10
Issuing public statements
Denying their involvement

In the first place the organizers never asked
The King and the Rulers
To support the people’s march
For they believe reforms must be done

The people had spoken
On the rally on November 10
The government will say
This is demonstration

The sleeping beauty and the dwarves
Hiding happily in the small hut
Never dream about the future
Feeling so contented within
Until a witch knocks on the doors
Then all hell breaking loose

The witching craft boiling in the cauldron
The recipes of evolution begin
Bubbling colorful lights in the air
In time there will be

The King and the Rulers
They should keep abreast of people’s wants
Never in a moment of forgetting their roles
The balancing act they have to do

November 10 will be in history
The people had spoken
Nothing else matter for the moment
The sleeping beauty can say any which way
The people will march
This is the beginning

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Now Ah Longs have gone to the students to do the running of their activities. Reported in the Star newspaper about students recruited to lend out money to those students who needed it. Mind you not for their studies but to buy on line games or maybe some of those modern gadgets where students like to show off. Apparently some couldnt pay and the debts mushroomed to over $7,000/- for borrowing something like $136.00! It happened in Penang. I remembered Datuk Michael Chong talked about a secondary student in the city who also runs the racket of loan sharking business. First we have the bullies in schools, then gangsters in schools, now loan sharking business in schools. What will the education minister doing now? He has unsheath his keris so now he better uses it on these scoundrels of society. What will the parents and school authorities going to do? There is something really wrong in our education system. We are not producing people of sound mind and capabilities. We are producing weaklings! One thing for god's sake stop writing about the achievements of passing the examinations in public examinations. It is nothing to shout about. Life is just blossoming and these so called top students haven't even tasted it yet. Life is not about marking good grade in examination; life is about how one plans ahead, mix with others, know the boundary of one's limits and know one's values etc..Look around we have groups not knowing the values of humanity and living in civil society.


So finally The Royal Commission of Inquiry on the Lingam video clip! The sleeping beauty finally woke up and announced it today. When a decision needs to be made, it has to be quick and effective. He has the experts with him yet he kept hanging on for so long. Was he thinking the storm would blown over? He himself said we have first class facilities but 3rd world mentality.....after over 4 years in his leadership he never knows what he is talking about and he never knows how management works. He relies heavily on his sil and the so called 4th floor boys..(hey guys in the 4th floor, if you have a heart of loving this country, you should quit before you do more damage to the nation) I use to lecture to my former dept managers that one must make decision fast. One shouldnt procrastinate for such a long time. If one needs to work extra hours to finish the project or work one has to do it. Managing a country has no different in basic procedures. Nazri said there are 32 heads better than one; it is precisely of this attitude the work never gets it done. He forgets too many cooks spoil the soup! The "marching lawyers" had done the work. The yellow waves on November 10, 2007 too had done the job though Nazri and Zam and Khairy tried to pooh pooh it off; bragging one thing to another while trying to put on their so called 'classy' act. And the opposition parties too tiredlessly hitting for the Royal Commission of Inquiry. So now we watch when will the game begin..........

Friday, November 16, 2007


50 years down the road
The glimpse of the future
It is every one fighting for it
Yet the barriers put it up
By the powers to enrich its rule

The systems work for them
For the simple reason the wealth to be had
Hiding under OSA and ISA
And many punitive laws to make it hidden

When the people go to the streets
They say they are uncivilized citizens
These leaders living so grand and comfortable
They totally forget the history of the nation

It was formed on street demonstrations
Sending petitions and grouses of many
Opposing the methods in-placed
The British relented knowing too well
When people are united
No leader can hide
Of the injustices through any punitive laws
They have to go; the government too

The current leaders aren’t listening
The way they act; the way they behave
Arrogance to the fullest degree
Knowing not the grounds swelling

In time like Taiwan
The people will change the government
This time they will follow
Changing style of the US people
Or the UK
So these leaders in power
They shall not make silly
Of the people’s votes
They put them there in the first place

Time to change
Bite the bullet makes it happen
This is Malaysia
The multi-cultural multi-racial people of a nation
It isn’t about one race one religion
It is about fairness and opportunity
For each people


The DYMM Tuanku issued a public statement that he and the palace didnt take side with Bersih on the recent November 10 public rally asking for changes and reforms in the country. The Supreme Ruler wants to be neutral and polite in saying that. Actually I view that he should listen to his people. He shouldn't be listening on the government leaders report. It is his people he should take an intimate rapport with his subjects. The monarchy institution must play its proper roles to safeguard the interests of the country and people against wolves running in the woods. At least for now he had issued a statement. The public rally must continue to effect changes. The BN leaders won't change. Just vote them out people. Vote for change remember that.....for your future if not your generations to come


So the BN leaders won't change. It is like the dinosaur refusing to change inspite of the planet changes. Eventually the dinosaur died when changes finally came. Nazri and Khairy confirmed in the dialogue yesterday in Aljazeera 101 programme. I expected them to say that the Police used chemicals in the water cannon but they didnt. Before they came on board the programmes, they would have study their homework. Now photographs and video clips had shown that the police FRU used water cannon mixed with chemicals. I also noted that the newspapers can't publish what the reporters saw and wrote unless gave the greenlight to do so by the government leaders. Khairy too doesnt want the present system to change. I understand his view because he wants to profit from it. If he has an honest truth to make the country progress, he should agree to change for the country's system. But I doubt that very much. This is from a man who wanted to become PM when he hits his forties..If he wants the coveted role, he has to change the system. Over 50 years ago, that systems have not changed. For the next 50 years onwards, the systems have to evolved into a better system for the people and country. If he harbours his ambition, he has to start from himself and the ruling UMNO. I think Imtiaz, the human rights lawyer, is polite but he nails his talk well. He just said what the ground has known all along. But Nazri still sticks to his guts that the systems no need to change. If one doesnt change for the better, one will be left behind eventually. This is one of the basic principles of management.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

$4.5 million gone so quick!

Only rubble: All that’s left of the Perak State Park Corporation’s two-storey administrative
building near Tasik Banding after it collapsed on Tuesday. It was completed in 2004 but had yet to be occupiedRM4.5mil administrative building near lake collapses

BELUM SHOCKER: About RM4.5mil was spent to build the Perak State Park Corporation’s two-storey administrative building on a hillslope on the edge of Tasik Banding in Gerik

courtesy from the star

Samiwayloot says he is shock on the collapse of $4.5 million building of Perak State Park Corporation's 2 storey administrative building on the edge of Tasik Banding in Gerik. Is that all he could say? Nothing new to shock about Sir! Overhead bridge collapsed costing ten of millions to repair. What is this small kacang putih building? Do the government leaders learn their lessons? With this latest building collapse, I doubt they have. ACA moving in. Why so quick suddenly? When the flyover collapsed in Kepong, ACA didnt move in. Now the building totally gone claimed by soil erosion and water seepage. The leaders will play ignorant because it isn't their monies to worry about. The building was completed in 2004 but left empty until it collapsed yesterday. Nobody was injured or lives lost. Highway Tower collapsed the leaders never learned from there. So this government has lost its grip. Of course now they will come out all kinds of excuses to justify the building collapse.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


A broom for Selangor agencies under performance. Selangor MB gave away 2 brooms for those agencies under-performed in its duties during a function held in Kuala Selangor. Some may disagree on the method use but I should agree with him this time. Department Heads or Directors won't listen to silently reprimanded because these people feel nobody will know about it. Giving them warning letters to back up will serve it for a time but it will revert back to its old tricks again. You see state top officers think they will be there for say 3 years or less and they move on. In between they just do what is necessary. Dont rock the boat kind of mentality. Basing on my experience in the running a company, I can feel the MB frustrations when performance never achieved inspite of telling them months ahead. I used to give warning letters to employees for various kind of offences; some more than 3 warning letters, yet these employees will revert back to their old self again after a month or two. Unless I took drastic action to terminate their services then they realize what they had gone through would not be tolerated anymore. Shaming them publicly should do the honourable trick. The officers concerned will try his best to do his work and so are the downline in his department. We have read so many complaints about government agencies missing from work, long meeting (of what nature nobody knows?), outstation (sometimes playing golf for PR sake?), attending courses leaving work piling up and dare not delegate job to secretaries or assistants, dont care less attitude, et cetera..........mind you with most departments computerized yet one can hear about missing files like the case of PR applications.........under consideration for so X times then files not found anymore have to reapply with fresh application forms and the process will continue. Shame them or ship them out. These civil servants must realize they have jobs to do without fear or favour to anybody. Go by the book. You won't get it wrong. So a broom to sweep out........

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Adnan as reported in The Star "Use ISA to stop those who promote ill will" ISA is a draconian law to suit the ruling government. I just wish the table can be turned in my life time then see what the UMNO leaders would say when it is used against them. In democratic country, the government must allow dissent in every structure of its policies. The leaders shouldn't ignore the grouses of the people. Not every law or policies shared the same sentiments as the government ministers. ISA should be repealed and canned it long ago. It is used during the time of the British rule here. The country has sufficient laws to punish those who try to destabilise the country through overt action or other military means. For using ISA against the people who demonstrate displeasure over events of unfairness in terms of election rules and using government machineries to achieve its hold on is the wrong law to use it. I just hope the 80% in the country comes to maturity otherwise "kiss it goodbye, win or lose it ; you choose it"


I dont know what BN has achieved in the country. The PM should list out the projects he has achieved. One thing I am certain is the corruption in his administration. He hasnt done anything concrete to eradicate corruption in the country. Apparently in his administration it reportedly shot up its index. Accountability is another field he hasnt got it done. Walk with him........he doesnt listen either though he could publicly say he doesnt mind the sweet and sour of it. But like the recent November 10, 2007 yellow waves......he didnt like it all! SAYA PANTANG MENCABAR.....I am still right he doesnt know what he is talking about. He reads management books but he can't understand how to apply and execute it. Well....I have achieved my milestone of 1000 articles in my blog. I never imagine I can write so much.......It is good for the brain, Mister Watson. If you dont use it often, you become useless in your waking day. And science and mathematics revert back to BM................Sad for the people. The leaders want to compete in the global economy but goes backwards 3 steps. The education system hasnt changed.....Every subsequent education minister tries to put his mark on it. In the end the majority will lose out. As it is now, many graduates and secondary school leavers can't speak proper English language. I know.

So BN has fulfilled its promises..........................Malaysia wakes up and go go before it is too late!

Monday, November 12, 2007


courtesy from
Listen to the whisper
In the mamak stalls
In posh restaurants
About the yellow tee shirts
Waving high in the air

Defying convention
The people wanted to say
What they felt the wrongs in the country
As always with the government
They think they have 5 million members
Ruling the 21 million people

When people change
When whisper spreads far and wide
Something will be done

Effectively take out their arrogance

The 20:80 rule
It can change
When things are gone overboard
When country’s wealth is at stake

The future lies with this 80%
Will they change their perception?
Are they feeling so comfortable they don’t change?
We will see when the ballot boxes rolling in

Time for change
The whispering has begun
One person to another
Group to group
Eventually something will get it done


Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad BadawOpposition trying to drag King into politics

Royal 'trap': Saturday’s street protest in Kuala Lumpur was an attempt to drag the royalty into opposition politics, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said. He described the illegal gathering, that also saw the involvement of five opposition parties, as a political gimmick.

courtesy The Star

Opposition wants to trap the King
In the history making of November 10
So said the sleeping beauty
In Sabah to rally for his support

Why can’t he admit something is wrong with him?
Why can’t he admit he has poor management skills?
Why blame the people trying to tell their King?
There much the King should know

UMNO and its partners
They won’t let go the cow
It is there where milking in abundance
The voters should say it soon

The sleeping beauty never sees in the mirror
Listening to his advisors thinking he is popular
Like his deputy says he can organize many times more
To show support for the leader

I wonder the police will issue permit?
Will there be FRU, rough handling, tear gas and water cannon?
Else everything close one eye because it is by UMNO?

The leaders must study in the positive light
Apparently they don’t do it
They want to milk the cow
Let the people say what they want

Wake up people
It is time for the change
Taiwan could do it
So will Malaysia

Allah bless us all

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Sex is important in any relationship. If it is not, God wouldn't have made for His children to participate. But what gone wrong in that sexual relationship? After so many decades in this modern world, there are still many unsatisfied couples in the relationship. Hear what the survey narrated into the Malaysian sex life. The findings of the Pfizer Global Better Sex Survey indicated that 83% of Malaysian women believe sex is important to a fulfilling relationship, another local study indicates 69.6% of Malaysian women experience some form of female sexual dysfunction(FSD) Can you see why the divorce rate is high nowadays? Or why you read of sexual affairs or office romance on the rise? Because somebody isnt satisfied in his/her sex drive. When women have low sex drive, their partners will go looking for sex outside marriage. The bedrooms are the breakeven point in any relationship - ship in or ship out. When men have ED, they dont seek treatment. They blame it on their partners. It is simple really. Exercise and eat proper foods then the libido will stay strong and it can do wonders. In the pharmacy there are vitamins supplements good for men and women marketed under Mega men/Mega women. For the guys they should also take 500mg L-Arginine daily and 1000mg one hour before performing sexual act. Caution though L-Argnine isnt for those suffering from heart attacks. It is for guys who are strong and healthy only. These mega vitamins and L-Arginine help to boost the sexual drive of the guys. Exercises must conduct on a daily basis so that one stays healthy all the time. One more thing which is important in any relationship - communication and foreplay. Sometimes giving a hug to your partner helps to maintain a loving relationship. Yet you read in columns in newspapers and magazines about couples not getting well together. Some of which are boredom, no trust with the partner, jealousy, paying less attention to each other, less sex drives...............................Imagine in this world there is the man and there is the woman


The way I look at it....................the government should designate a public place for the people to vent their views and frustrations. Designate a day where people of all walks of life can come and listen to the views and frustrations of the govenment actions. Democracy must work without imposing conditions for something that the people want to say and do. No doubt laws are set to control certain unhealthy elements cracking the civilized society, it must not be draconian laws impeding the freedom of people's choices of association. Fear shouldnt be in a democratic country; and it shouldnt be to sustain one grips of power by imposing police rule. The leaders are there because of the people. Nothing else. The King should know what is happening in the country. He should be in the forefront of his subjects. He can't be staying put in the palace.......the rakyat will honor him more if he should come out to meet the people and address them. Right now there is no legitimate area for the people to voice their frustrations. Sending memorandum just won't work. Will it be read by these people? Like Mr Clean setting up so many committees and sub-committees doing what? To me it is like managing a company with many department managers and supervisors. There are rules and regulations. Meetings.......and memos. Every month meeting with all employees to hear support and grievances as well as criticisms. The top management must open minds to listen and dialogue with the employees. In managing a country there must be a place to meet the rakyat to listen and dialogue with the people. There are so many chief ministers.................organize it properly and I believe people's reps and delegates to the dialogue will represent a cross section of the society. Once a year organize a meeting and dialogue session in Parliament House attended by the PM and his advisors. In this way many fruitful discussions can be achieved. It is meeting the ordinary people's reps not the MPs who are beholden to the party and its leaders.

Laws restricting the people's rights must be changed. A government shouldnt be afraid to bite the bullet for change. The government is put there by the people. The leaders entrusted with the jobs must serve the people and country not to grip power for their own personal benefits, families, friends and cronies. The current leadership has grown up fat and bloated I am afraid to think this way. The illnesses have flown into the system. If there is no remedy to arrest its flow, I see there will be people's power to stop the rot infringing into the country.

Malaysia make the changes before the volcanoes erupt it all

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Picture courtesy
The marooned trucks rolling
Shields and batons rise
Marching into a uniform formation
Charging into the sea of yellow

There shouldn’t be this way
The Mr Clean now isn’t
Saying Malayisa is for all
As I say before I say it again
He doesn’t know what he is talking about

The water cannon spraying
Chemicals to hurt the eyes
What are the police doing?
This is a peaceful afternoon walking
They charge without provocation
Don’t they know?
They may have their own relatives on the streets

The condoned off areas
Sea of yellow waves along
The afternoon marching
It turns into water splashing ceremony
Spraying the streets
The yellow waves

Mr Clean is afraid
Leaving in his tower seeing nothing
The people voices ring out true
You are talking crap Sir!

The sea of yellow
It will be in history
As people marching
To save their rights and democracy


All the best guys
Painting the city in sea of yellow
Marching through people’s concerned
About events in the country

I pray the BN leaders listen
What the people have to say
All the times they believe what they make
All the craps only pocketing in their minds

Wave the sea of yellow
My spirit goes with you
Like an eagle flying in the blue sky
Spreading words of encouragement
One fall many to take the call

10 eleven it is
The day the city turns yellow
The King should come out in support
His subjects he must see

The marching of yellow
On the streets of the city
The blue gangs playing with their music
The yellow marchers dance the joget
All the way to the palace

Wave the sea of yellow
The people must get back their rights
The King should come to support
The people He represents too

10 eleven
The sea of yellow waves
Marching on the streets of the city
Let the world know
We want to make it right


It is time to go
Life unfolds in your eyes
You know it
You will accept

The best time in school
It is high school
Time to pack bags
The last hurray
At the examination hall

Don’t worry about result
Out in the open market
It is you have to find out
Learn the solid foundation
The life riches and miseries
Lie in your own hands

Everything you do
Give your best
Even if you fail your attempt
You don’t lose hope
There are many around

All the best
Just another dreamer
It will bring you
To the level you wish to be


Languages what a name!
Shame or pride nonetheless
The people speak the people write
What is the name got to do with it?

Pride of a nation
Love for the country
It is what you could do
Speak the language
If you think you rekindle a belonging

Languages alone
It isn’t the sum of a nation
It is the people in it
They make the country flourishes

The people who send overseas
Learn and think
Don’t waste taxpayers’ money
Involving politics

These people study in foreign lands
Learning English language
Communicating with it every day
Do they think of their own language?

Languages what a name!
Let it be
It is just a language
It doesn’t make you less a nation

Friday, November 09, 2007


I dont like long winding public speeches. I dont know why leaders and bosses like to read their long speeches. Is it to tell the audience how good they are? The political leaders speeches long and hollow.....sometimes I feel there is no spirit and enthusiasm in the speeches. Granted these leaders speak monotone which make listening a boring to the ears. I wonder why they dont KISS it. If these leaders want to read from their prepared text, they may as well print it and distribute to the audience. Why can't they do it I wonder? I enjoy listening to public speeches without text involved. Here I can see the speakers in can learn a trick or two from these established speakers. I once attended a public rallying speech by Anwar Ibrahim. He could arouse your feeling when he didnt speak from prepared text. Of course I couldnt say much on him using English language. He is in his element in Bahasa Malaysia. When I was the president of a rotary club I made my public speech within 5 minutes. Every member just couldnt believe it. Why waste other people's time for a long speech? Tell them the essence of it and get to work.


Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badaw

courtesy from The Star

Malaysia is for says the pm. A powerful statement yet I feel he is taking us for a ride. He has to go back to the beginning in time of Tunku Abdul Rahman. It is that spirit enshrined in the Merdeka spirit that brought the ring "Malaysia is for all" This time I feel a sense of loss. I see the 'keris' showing off in the assembly and umno president supported it. Is it the way "Malaysia for all" when action itself belies the statements made? Ah.....politics a damn business of polishing hearts and souls. Look at the laws itself. Look at the policies lopsided enriching to one race. The fair distribution of the country's wealth is gunned down to one race. And the pm still says the Malays are still far behind in the economic fields. Hello we are 50 years as a nation and yet pm says there is still disparity for his race. The country's richest people are non-Malays........and he doesnt like it. These people work hard on their wealth. Nobody should be lazy and waiting for hands out. He doesnt think about poor other races in the country. They are struggling hands to mouths to live and feed their young. Economic wealth enrichment should be free flow..........every one must learn to fight for it. One mustnt be lazy and waiting for hands out. One has to move forward to fight for every piece of the cake. In this way one will be strong and independent to go after the country's wealth. As the saying goes "spare the rod spoil the child" How true with umno politics and the government of BN..

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Malaysia I am beginning to feel cheese off
Oh show these leaders their way to the pit
Let them stay together feeling the heat
For greed and power let them fight it out

The country wants upright leaders
Fighting for the nation spread the wealth
Nothing for themselves, cronies and families
It is for the services to the people and nation

Let the story spreading far and wide
Into the villages, towns and cities
Open up the peoples’ minds
Don’t get fooled by a few
To control the majority

They say they have the money to give
For projects and developments
Mind you it is not their money
It is your money taken out to give back to you

Don’t get trapped by the sleazy leaders
Smile of cunning ways of enrichments
Give a little peanut in the bottle
What they take you don’t even know

Any party in power
Can do what BN does
It is the caring leaders we need
To push forward for the people and nation


courtesy from

The light shine

For the people rights

On this day

The march shall be heard

The Deepavali will sing

On the road for many

Happy Deepavali to all and sundry


Treats or has to read between the lines. When leaders speak, they dont mean what they say. There are hidden secrets only they and their cronies know about. The best to judge is to view all statements made in the past and months before and determine how true when they make statements....."I am pm for all, umno and country" If you think about it, all is still umno and country. It is not about the other races making up Malaysia of many races many colors many cultures and religions. If you think further on it, policies are made to benefit one race. The other thing is when people sent protest notes, the leaders scolded the people. Bearing in mind the people are the ones put them on the high twin towers.................otherwise they are the ordinary folks like you and me walking on the streets and the only 'boss' they can hear when workers call them yet they too have to serve other clients. The favourite statement is instigated by the opposition to march for rights.................The ills of the BN government is the leaders themselves and the lopsided policies made to fool the masses. The BN leaders must change their mindset otherwise they will become their own pawn of digrace. The people must not be fooled again.........................time for change it must be the people. May the grace of the Lord bless us all. Amen.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


The marching on the streets
100,000 strong arm in arm
The colorful races join the congregation
For an afternoon walk to the palace

It starts at 3 in the hot sun
Maybe it will rain before
Then the sky will by cloudy
The people can march peacefully

The government leaders trying to derail
The marching of 100,000 beats
Rocketing on the streets
The echo in the cloudy sky

The monkey says arrest them
Who is he for heaven sake?
Now we know who is running the nation
No portfolio no job yet calling the shot

The hypocrites in the leadership
When will they ever learn?
I guess Allah has said it before
If you forget Me and My way
You won’t know what I do
Unless you repent and be good

On 10 November 2007
A peaceful walk of 100,000 people
Vibrating the streets every part of it
The BN leaders and the police say
There is no permit to march
Do we?
When we go for an afternoon walk
To the palace let the Agong knows


Hit the road Man
Chase the paid pipers out of our land
Blowing their horns captivating the innocents
The villagers out of the main stream politics

Hit the road Man
Let the diseases open up the people’s eyes
Nobody can fool the people all the times
Unless you want to be conned in your life

Hit the road Man
Sing your songs let it be known
In the land far and wide
Of course the uniform guys will come chasing
In the name of the law and powerful lords
They want their chairs; they don’t give up easily

But hit the road Man
You have to make it happens
For the generations of the future
Don’t let it go to waste


The ‘truth’ finally comes home
For a man in hurry to become prime minister
He starts off in his wrong directions

A leader of men and women
One has to start one own journey
Without strings and protection
This is where one showing the ability
To run a country

The groundwork must be strong
It is so much important in any empire building
When one loses the grip of basic growth
There is no way one would climb the ladder

Money politics isn’t the way
Every society recognizes it
Pushing envelops to get favors
The truth finally comes home

A leader in a hurry
Many pitfalls he will make
His eyes on the top ladder
He doesn’t care how he does his way

The monkey will climb tree to tree
Smell the bananas and groundnuts
People come to feed
The monkey stays cool
Monkey around for favors relish

Anything is new in humans?
In a hurry like a monkey
Finally get caught
Export to African countries
To learn lessons
Don’t be in a hurry


courtesy from

The keris Hishamuddin is back! He is learning the tricks of the those movies in 60s and 21st century. I guess it never ends until the day UMNO collapses in the pits. What are these youth leaders telling the nation? At least MCA used the FC book to show up in their battle cries. Here it is act of arrogant from the education minister telling the students in schools they can cow their teachers too? Political parties should be respectful to others in the country. Dont always think you are in a majority, you can do what you like and say. Nowadays numbers dont is the weapon of mass destruction which could be engineered by a person or group of persons to penetrate heavy losses to a country or a group of people. I hope I dont live to see this happen here in the world. As it is now, the world leaders are pulling towards it. So I dont feel good what these umno delegates said in their own assembly...bearing in mind they aren't the sons and daughters of this land. It belongs to orang asli who are the first to make home here.

DONT BUILD HOUSE ON SAND...................

Last year when Dr M lost his bid to be a delegate to the UMNO General Assembly, it was widely rumoured it was engineered by the leaders of UMNO itself. Kerana dapat $200/- orang Melayu sanggup mengadai princip2nya..................something what Dr M said when he got wind of the fixed him up thing. Now Johari Ismail made a police report about the missing pages of the UMNO Supreme Council Meeting on 28 August 2006 chaired by the president of UMNO. These are the self servicing leaders who just wanted to enrich themselves to stay onto power. It is always said what goes round would be back again. It is important to be respectful to people whatever their ranks and station in life because you will meet them on the other side of the fence when you pass through your life. I always believe education will not be a man. It can only give you to read, to feel, to see and read but it cannot make you a good have to learn, relearn and restructured your core values to make it work. It is already been said "dont build your house on the sand.............." We have read of sink holes.............See around yourself. The so called educated people in our midst listen to what they say and do. And listen to how they talk to coworkers who are lowly paid than them and listen to how they treat and instruct the maids at home........and listen to what they say. Respect elders no way; respect money with open arms. Now will there be an investigation by the police on leaders in UMNO? A report has been lodged so there must be an investigation......Police should start it so as to redeem its battered pride in uniform.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Malaysian National News Agency
Umno Members Stand To Win Prizes Totalling RM5.25 Mln GeneralNovember 04, 2007 22:49 PM
This is an inducement. Learning from the Ah Longs already these UMNO leaders. Why only to UMNO members but not the rest of the people. The UMNO leaders and EC should say it is meant for all those people in the country who have not registered as voters to do so now. You know Ah Longs nowadays offer to advance cash on cheques charging 1% interest for say 3 days. The owner of the cheque must redeem it after the expiry notice. It is for those people or small time business men who can't get credits from the banks or finance companies......too much paperwork and administrative red tape. Is this money politic covered as prizes to give to the UMNO members to register as voters?
Next time I will observe MCA, MIC, Gerakan or PPP to start the ball rolling to ask their members to register as voters so that these people will get prizes and then beholden to the party concerned. In my mind it is a subtle way of money politic to induce members to register as voters for the primary purpose to stay on to power and harvest their streets of wealth
Malaysia I am beginning to feel cheese off
Oh show these leaders their way to the pit
let them stay together feeling the heat
For greed and power let them fight it out


Mamak Zam only wants the newspapers to write about UMNO and BN. No opposition parties view or whatever relating to them. When main stream newspapers carry news about opposition he says something else. What is the use of harping on Anwar Ibrahim when UMNO claimed he is irrelevant? UMNO still afraid of Anwar Ibrahim after all these years. UMNO leaders tried to put in in cold storage but they know they can't. The Malays must show these leaders that they are out of time. Tell these leaders they aren't there to take potshots at people and enrich their lives. They are put there to help the country and the people. And he says about Zakaria Deros that ACA cleared him.........Did ACA ask him to declare his assets? Did ACA ask him how he accumulate his wealth from say 40 years ago till today? (ACA asked Commissioner Ramli Yusoff to declare his assets from 37 years ago till to date) Where is the accountability and fairness in discharging one's duty? When enrichment only for UMNO leaders and friends and families, nothing can be done about these people. ACA cleared them. The Malays have to decide their own destiny. Will they allow themselves to be ruled by their own kind forever beholding to these hypocrite leaders? They must think out of the box of situations and statements made by these leaders. UMNO and BN government growing too fat and arrogant in whatever they do and say. Even now they can do it openly say like Zakaria Deros of his palatial home. Dont listen what they say. They dont listen to you so why must you listen to them? They are the servants to run your errands since you put them there. So could these leaders bite your hand that vote them in?
You can make the changes for the future of our people. It is better we change the government so that there shall not be corruption and plundering the country's wealth. Look at USA the people change government. The country is still doing fine. BN government has many things to hide in 50 years. It is time the can should be opened and sent these leaders to face the music. You make them so now you must unmake them. Where will you be Malaysia when your wealth is plundered and the people crying on the streets?

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Walk the streets
Look everywhere
Of shadows real or imagine
It is be safe than sorry

Police is nailed
The gang lords run freely
Setting up legitimate businesses
Running it according to the law

Behind the back
The gangs rule the streets
This is the fencing horde
The police can’t see

Internal turf wars
Amongst officers in camp
Where do the ordinary people seek justice?
When the Court of law seems compromised?

The chain of money
It is so hard to forget
Who wants to let go?
When life feeling so good

So walk the streets
Don’t fall prey to over-confident
Just be aware about surrounding
It will help you not to be a statistic


There is no light for her
Chin Kha Mun found floating in Kampar River
By two river guides cruising along
She was reported lost in Gopeng

The young girl died
She didn’t know what she would become
Life was too short for her
Lying with the floating river

The school breaks beginning to start
She was gone before she could begin
The young girl of many dreams
She never knows what she will be

Was it a suicide?
Many young people tried
What has become of the education system?
Breeding suicides in the young minds?

There must be reasons
The society should rethink its core values
Administering parental guidance
It shouldn’t be left to the school alone

Now Kha Mau gone
Let the God guide her spirit
Along the light to her new home
Of laughter, jokes and smile
Freedom in many harmonious flows
In the Garden of God’s graces

Saturday, November 03, 2007


CHIN KHA MUN 12 years old missing in Gopeng

A 12 years old from Gopeng Miss Chin Kha Mun is reported missing. The parents are searching and friends are helping to find Kha Mun. Anybody who finds her please contact the nearest police station. For updates go to

p/s please contact Ms Chew 012-5268862 or Mr Chin 012-6607722.

Friday, November 02, 2007


Election is coming. Samy gets his moving. He now talks about his sadness seeing temples demolished. He talks alot just to let the Indians know he is there to help them. But the 100 years old temple was gone. The Shah Alam Municipal Council officers came brought it down. That is power sharing in the country. PM talked about it; it is just lip service. When temple of 100 years old was demolished last Oct 07, it tells the general public how this country is managed. The government doesnt care for sentiments. The officers just bulldozed it and flattened it to the ground. Suddenly Samy came to say his piece. He wants his party workers to be elected again. The Indians should vote the opposite. Let a new government rules the country. Why didnt he stop it? He could call up the MB of Selangor and plead with him or ask PM to stop the order. He didnt do anything. Maybe he would say he didnt know about it.......................Before all these happened about demolishing temples, it had been done in other states too. In Langkawi for example the Hindus temple was demolished. The tension was high then. In the past years many illegal temples were demolished very swiftly. But Zakaria Deros 'istana' isnt demolished then. He didnt have the approval plans yet it was allowed to remain on the land. Now he said he got his building plan approved. This is power sharing my friend. See with your eyes and vote wisely this time around. If you dont value your vote, Allah saves us all.


Family backing : Comm Datuk Ramli Yusoff arriving in court yesterday accompanied by his wife Datin Anita Harun, who is a Sessions Court judge, and his daughter. Ramli was charged with not disclosing information about his assets and for unlawfully engaging in business. – KAMARUL ARIFFIN Courtesy from The Star

The CCID director faces 3 charges today. He was arrested by the ACA on non-disclosure of his assets. He is represented by 4 lawyers in his case. The trial will begin next year 2008 Jan 15. The charges as reported in The Star newspaper as follows:-

Comm Ramli was alleged to have failed to comply with the terms of a notice dated July 17 issued by the Public Prosecutor to give a written statement under oath on all his assets under Section 32(1)(a) of the Anti-Corruption Act 1997.

Ramli was accused of not revealing information on two office units in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng which belong to his elder sister Rohmah @ Hasmah and younger sister Roslina. The two units are worth RM1mil.
The two sisters were directors of an investment holding company, Bonus Circle Sdn Bhd.

He was accused of unlawfully engaging in business in Kinsajaya Sdn Bhd on April 25 last year.

Is this for show? I always view when a case like this hurriedly framed and charged is done in bad taste. The Police never comes to his support while he is under ACA investigation. He is a director in charge of CCID. The IGP Musa Hassan was at one time worked under him. Now of course Musa Hassan is his boss in the Police force. Commissioner Ramli Yusoff has to do his own filing to prepare for his defence. The public perception is the division in the Police force though the IGP refuted the statement. Now the CCID director is on his own facing charges that could put him behind bar or heavy fines. He is due to retire next month. In a way I will follow the trial next Jan 2008. Perhaps they are more to collect or people involved in it. Let Allah/God works His beautiful magic and let the ball begins............


KJ says he feels protected because his father in law is the current pm. In this context itself, I can see how the administration is run. When a leader is weak and could be used by others to achieve their own agendas, nothing is left to the imagination. I see where the roads are leading. Instead of developing into one of the world's developed status, the country will plunge into the depths of African countries or South American countries. These close inner circle people, those cabled people, those connected to inner circle people and cabled people, are untouchables. The laws can't touch them. In Israel the AG can investigate the prime minister when he receives report about the activities of the pm. Here the pm seems untouchable by the laws of the land. In public perception there are two sets of law - one for establishment, one for the public. But the leaders are fond to tell the audience nobody is above the law. Reality is the establishment and its cronies are seemed to be above the law. Look at Zakaria Deros. ACA never questions him how he gets his wealth. Transparency and accountability must apply to all leaders. First check their beginning assets declaration then ask them to declare again say every two years; any difference involving huge amount must be explained thoroughly. The leaders and cabinet ministers must do the same. One step further it should be published in public. They must set a good example. They mustnt be afraid to let the public know. After all they want to serve the public and they must have the transparency to let the people know what they have now and after they are in positions of power. Because of the abuses in the administration, every leader and close confidente can reap rewards for his/her personal wealth. KJ is reported not working but he seems to own expensive cars. ACA should compile evidence of where he gets his funding. Dont wait for people to file complaints. There are laws and rules in the ACA act which can enforce the person to disclose how he gets his wealth. ACA doesnt need public to file complaints. On its own ACA can investigate. The truth is ACA officers dont do it. AG can't direct them to do but apparently AG is pulling the strings. ACA is reporting direct to the pm. The public wants this branch to be on its own answerable to Parliament. If needs be, the appointment of officers and promotions should be handled in Parliament. These officers must go through the process with the MP committee. In this way I think ACA can be independant from the leaders in the government or cronies or cabled guys. In America there is the Grand Jury where the powerful can be summoned to attend inquiry and can be sentenced to jail. In this country the leaders just want the ways it is now. They always blame the British government then but the leaders used it to their advantage. So the leaders say the British system good. The leaders change the system to benefit themselves. Most of the people living in the urban areas blame the former pm for eroding it to suit his style of administration. Now he is recuperating. I believe when he is fully recovered he will try to speak out of what he thinks ills the country. He feels sad what his own party leaders are doing to the country. The people in the country must wake up to the truths of where the country is heading. We can't be living poor or describe as a long time ago Malaysia is a rich country but now she is living below poverty level because of her past leaders actions

Thursday, November 01, 2007


The monkeys dance from tree to tree
Getting free food people come to give
The mischievous ones grab the baby bottles
Showing how it could be done

The people run
The people chase
In the garden or in the woods
The monkeys reign supreme

Across the poles
Cables connect binding it
The monkeys climb up there
Sit watching the people
The snatchers on the unwary humans
Picnicking forgetting about monkeys
By the time they realize
Every item nearly disappears

The monkeys poking fun
The antics on the run
Tails high in the air
“Catch me if you dare”

On the roads
Sitting admiring the crazies drive
Then the monkeys too learn
Running across before the green light

The heroes amongst the band
Cheating death lying through
The drum beats keeping hitting the high note
Until the screeching tires stop them good

The monkeys when on their own
Things will keep disappearing
Humans just keep feeding
Never know what the monkeys do

The monkeys dance from tree to tree
Cracking jokes on their antics
Playing it out on the people
Chasing feeding them
Saying they are so good


Life a bird
Flying high in the sky
The clouds touching the lines
There is the goodness
When freedom comes

Up in the clouds
The wide ranges to see
Out of the box feeling
There lie the goods

The greed of power
Uncaring attitude
Corruption in the mind
Hands eager to compromise

Life a bird
Sharp eye sees it all
Amongst the crowd
Money takes it

The souls endangered
In the hands of corrupted leaders
Brewing words to entrap the people

Ah life a bird
Feeling the breeze
Rustling on the feathers
The goodness to be free


The time bomb in the judiciary.................The BN government wants it to happen. The taxi nasi could say what he wants that the Federal Constitution allows one to be appointed. He should in all fairness look at the other judges too. Dont they have feelings too? Mind you these judges aren't allowed to socialize; they are to themselves. Every judge wants to be a CJ. The engagement from outsider to get the plum job will destroy whatever truths in the judiciary. The considered guy is helping the ruling elite for years. He doesnt need to join the party; he needs to show his patronage to the party and leaders. Will there be fairness to the judges? Will he be impartial when deciding cases under his purview? The separation of powers is going downwards. In my view there must something needed to plug in the holes. After 50 years as a nation, there must many cobwebs to clean in the closet. Of course here I am dreaming. The ruling elite will protect by all means on the spider queen................and I am standing near a burger stall queuing to buy my burger