Monday, August 31, 2015

the food business

The food business
Many open many disappear
These enterprising businessmen
They forget about patience

They think to make quick profits
On the day they open for business
They forget to conduct market survey
They jump in blindly

They must have the capital
To sustain the business operations
The minimum period is about 3 years
For the God of prosperity will observe

What patience they have?
What they can do to bring upwards?
They can't think of profits
When the people haven't gotten used to it

The God of prosperity has to smell it
If he doesn't smell good why must he help?
He may as well let the business collapse
Saving them further losses and blushes

there is hope yet

There is hope yet
Bersih 4.0 crowd surged
Of the faces of many colours
Crowded in the city

They came for a common aim
Let Malaysia flourish and grow
Take out the corrupted leaders
Let freedom be our way of life

Never let crooks hold the nation
Never let liars run free
Never let boot lickers shine
They bring shame to the nation

There is hope yet
The nation needs to grow
Without the shackles on our minds
Let us sweep away all the corrupted leaders

There is hope yet
The young generations come to the fore
They tell the authorities to listen
The people decide who come who go!

back to the roots

Back to the roots
Of how this nation was born
How our forefathers got our independence
How the races came together to make it a reality

As the nation ages
We see many changes
Our pages of lives
It keeps changing

Until we see the weaknesses
A party rules too long
The pages of history turning a blind eye
Speaking of a race and religion

There the ills carrying through
The ages of the nation growth
We hear the lies, cheat, greed and corruption
Blending the nation and her people

Now we turn the pages
We have to return to our roots
Learn how this nation was built
How the races live in harmony

If we try to forget our roots
We will fail in the years ahead
As it is now we have seen
The headaches and pockets empty

the nation cry

The nation cry
Of the wealth disappears
The buffering zone slides
The debts go high

Unity isn't at its best
The race card still blinks
Dividing the people
On projects and benefits

The nation cry
Slogans don't mean a thing
When it is done
The old way comes

Honesty is still a long way
The holes of lies grow big
The nation cry
The leaders forget to try

Power corrupts the mind
Greed pollutes the air
The nation cry
The people will not stay quiet

The slogan doesn't ring
When it is over it is the same thing
The nation cry
The unity is long walk from home

Sunday, August 30, 2015

the shadow in the moonlight

The shadow in the moonlight
Alone he stays to watch
Thinking he can have it all
He still thinks the rural folks
He can count on them to deliver
When the crunch comes to his life
Will he stay on or he take flight?

The many shamans sit around
Chanting the magic potion in the air
The smoke floating in the moonlit night
The shadow in the moonlight
Alone he stays to watch
Will he stay on or he take flight?

The numbers he can't count
He can't see it of where he hides
Alone in the moonlit night
He watches of the rising tide
The yellow waves on the streets

The shadow in the moonlight
Alone he stays to watch
The stirring of awareness
Of what he did and he couldn't hide
He could bribe his way to stay
But the yellow waves will tell him to go
The sooner the better for the night

the yellow wave

The Old Man at Bersih 4.0
He was there to give moral support
The huge crowd in yellow
The Old Man must be please

The assembly of liked minded people
No religion no colour no status
The yellow wanted to make their voices heard
Good governance with principles

The mouth piece of Amno baru
The editors will pen the negative perception
The Malays disagree on Dr Mahather in Bersih 4.0
As usual the newspaper just spin its piece

Basically the people have rejected it
The newspaper has no value to the people
It is there to do the Amno baru political work
Nothing else matters to the editors

The Old Man wants a new prime minister
He makes his vocal stand very clear
The 1MDB and $2.6 billion and $42 million
And the borrowing of $42 billion

Until today nothing has really resolved the issues
Bersih 4.0 came to make the issues in the open
We need to know and what purpose
Why still no relevant information but spinning wheels?

Bersih 4.0 is to save Malaysia
The current political issues make us weak
Our currency slides badly our pockets empty
And GST makes us poorer

don't play that song

Don't play that song
It never brings back memory
It only gives the angry faces
Once it was so free
The nation of many races
They could sit together talk nonsense
There was no religious issues
Every race could share freely

Now it is gone
The feeling for each other
It is always boil down to race
And religion stirs the shadow

Don't play that song
It never brings back memory
The shared of unity seems to fail
Shouldering together seems lost long ago

Don't play that song
It never brings back memory
It only gives angry faces
Once it was so free


borrowed saaduddin

The island of Mahsuri
She springs a surprise
Of one Anina of Amno baru
She has the warrior spirit
She sued Najib on the $2.6 billion
For the party he said it was

All divisions chief stay quiet
Maybe they got what they wished
On the gravy train to their doors
They stay quiet with the crumbs
But the billions took flight
It never reflected in the party's accounts
Don't they realize it at all?
One woman from Mahsuri Island took the fight

Though she may face uphill tasks
The court should look into public interest
This $2.6 billion must be resolved
The country needs the healing
It has been said for many months
The main actor still walking
Police report done but still no calling?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

the brooms on the streets

Yellow is bad
The new kid joined the band
The police will poke in
On the roads and vehicles

Will they stop the people?
The concerned crowd will soar
Into the height of the sky
Nothing will deter them

Some bring brooms
Telling us to clean up the government
The lies and bad reports
The cheats, greed and corrupted

People come together
For a common cause to free the nation
Of the corrupted leaders refusing to step down
They are the ones making the nation cry

Bersih 4.0 will hit the streets
Road blocks, laws and police
It is the future they are making
Nothing will deter them

the people movements will rise

The fall of the mighty
It is already written
The day the nation was born
It has been said

Now the mighty at the cross road
They just feel the heat coming down
They act without decorum
They think they are the powerful ones

Even color and words
They banned it under law and gazette
Once it was black tee shirt
Now it is the yellow

It is democracy at work
They preached about it
Yet they can't take the heat
Demonstrations or protest marches

They can't wake up
The light will slowly dim
Though they may put a fight
All will be in vain

The prophecy has come
It is the end of the game
No need to be so arrogant
No need to show the teeth

The people movements will rise
No forces will stop it from happening
The country needs a new face
The old has tainted her identity!

the lovers' game

The affairs of the heart
Sometimes it last in the run
Sometimes it just disappears
Leaving a trail of tears and sorrow

Sometimes it is like heaven
Tasting the forbidden fruit
It never wants to go away
It lingers for a while

Sometimes it haunts the lovers
Once the break-up is done
Leaving a bad page why it begun
The affairs of the heart

It's like a comet passing through
The passionate glow now fizzles out
Leaving behind the ashes of time
Of a page full of intimate fire and coldness

Sometimes it haunts the lovers
When period of memories slip through
Of a time in the page of a history
The affairs of the heart stirs

the fear in his eyes

The fear in his eyes
He looks everywhere
But what does he see?
So many shadows

They dance a different tune
Singing out the wrong lyrics
They don't get it right
They want the news

So many holes
On the street of flame
The wind keep blowing
The rain struggle to get in

The leader's face
The mark of a failure
If only he sees in the mirror
Let it go the shadows will disappear

But greed holds him
Power will eat into his soul
He sees the shadows
Dancing in different waves

Black or yellow
He hides his face
He can't see
He makes mark on it

Friday, August 28, 2015

in the dark of night

In the dark of night
With the crescent moon light
Spreading shadows of buildings and trees
Reaching out to grab anyone

The lonely people walk
In alleys or alone in carpark
The silence brings imagination
Of lurking shadows in the mind

Many don't believe
About ghosts walking
Looking for victims
Make the living hell out of them

The evil ghosts will make the fall
The victims fall sick no doctor can cure
It is through temple to seek treatment
Chase the evil ghosts away

Vampires fiction or real?
An author fantasy of immortality?
Documentary said of its existence
On the physical evidence

Maybe it is the fallen angels
Changing forms to create fear
On the people who are God's children
Scared them out of their wits

In the dark of night
Don't walk alone or be in a romantic mood
The shadows blend into the physical appearances
Stay focus don't think of second chances

we have been lied many times

The best for the country
Where it is now?
Nearly 58 years
Where are we heading?

Is it race and religion?
About one race forget the others?
Are we famous for greed and corruption?
Are we famous for the lowest we go?

We have been lied many times
In 2014 Najib's speech to Press Club
I promise there is no internet controls”
Now he seems to forget his words

Do we trust our leaders?
Our government leaders now?
We have been lied many times
It is hard for us to believe

The best for the country
Is to change the present party
Let GE14 be the Waterloo
We can't be listening to lies anymore

no party should stay forever

The change has to come
No party should stay forever
It isn't the norm in any democracy
Why Ambo baru so afraid?

Are they afraid to be called outcasts?
Who make the call not the people here
It tells of its leaders mentality
We are Malaysians for crying out loud!

Amno baru leaders playing race and religion
Thinking they should rule the nation forever
They just want the wealth and the power game
They can't take it when it is gone

Let us play fair
In the game of politics
Tell the truth and be game for it
Is that so difficult to perfom in life?

let the people march

The walk on the park
It can be any place to hang out
Let the people have a place
Don't try to intimidate

Demonstrations in public places
Peacefully in a like carnival atmosphere
Violence isn't the way forward
It is one of the pillars in the Constitution

But the authorities are doing the opposite
They will say it is illegal without permits
The Court of Appeal ruling stands today
PAA shouldn't be used on peaceful assembly

The ruling elites are afraid
The shaky chairs they sit on it
The police will do their calls
Section 124 under the penal code

This is political intimidation
It is against the Constitution
Why be afraid of fair and equal?
Why be afraid of transparency and accountability?

It affects every one
Every structure of the society
We should nip in the bud
The greed and corruption

Else Isis is waiting
To create havoc in the nation
We mustn't be weak and incompetent
The predators will zoom in gladly

Let the people march
In a peaceful manner
The police is to safeguard all interests
It is its job to make sure of it

Thursday, August 27, 2015

the two faces

The two faces
Displaying on the stage
Overseas and domestic
The weaving of deceit

Once he fooled
Twice or thrice
People would get it
The substance wasn't there

Dishonesty will not go far
Along the way the game is over
The holes are laid bare in the sun
Even in moonlight it will be there

The two faces
No leader should cultivate
In the end of schemes
The losing face in eternity

the sun will break the dawn

He has his guard dogs
Manning his mansion
Every day every night
He feels he is secured

On the ground
It seems so
With every wall secured
With grilled fences and doors

In his back room
He has his inner circle
Watching out for him
The dark lord can sleep

But sleep never knocks in
He dreams of the raids in the air
The open hole wide as his eyes can see
There is no protection for him

He has to do himself a favour
Look in the mirror and admit his errors
There shouldn't be anymore lies
His face is full of holes

Now he can scream
When sleep doesn't come in
How long will he stay on?
The sun will break the dawn

the haze pokes fun at us

I wake up in the morning
The lights still on the streets
The sky still in darkness
The fresh air never hit

It smells of smoke
When the light slowly appears
The mountain range can't be seen
It all covers in thick white sheet of haze

The haze smiles on us
Hey guys do you all miss me?
I know I shouldn't return every year
But the guys burn me in the forest

I know I shouldn't return
I have to escape the burning
You never know how hot it is
I have to escape to neighbours”

Will we still love our neighbour?
Many meetings and suggestions
Blaming here blaming there
Many coffees and teas and cakes

And yet we still see
The haze pokes fun at us
I wake up in the morning
Will it ever end since 1997?

shuffling his cards

The dark lord sits worrying
He tries to shift his knights around
Afraid some may play Brutus
Now he seems on his low

Though perception tell
The dark lord rules
With his inner circle of advisors
Playing a tune of power

The committee games
One after another to buy time
The real problem is the leader
He plays he doesn't know

He thinks the people support him
He should look inwards to himself
He has no right to stay on
The dark lord is afraid of the light

The huge protests will begin
He may still think he can hang on
But he can't escape in the years ahead
He has still to face it

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

there is the light

There is the light
Even darkness will not hide
The people of darkness
They will run underground

Lies will not live long
In time of events it will be told
Nothing can hide from the truth
If only the leaders understood

Now we see the darkness
The leaders telling lies
Maybe we are in the police state
The divide and rule tactics

It is the intimidation
Using anti-terrorist law on the opponents
Using the wrong law to charge the people
Something is really wrong in the nation

the shadows of misdeeds

The shadows of misdeeds
They dare not see it in the mirrors
They will say it is others fault
Nothing to do with them

This is the war cry
Amno baru leaders try
Pin it on the opposition
Even Anwar isn't forgot

They try to show
They are the angels on the flow
Hiding behind masks
They make the nation cry

The ills of the nation
Amno baru leaders screwed it up
They don't admit their mistakes
They dig up more holes to hold their fort

every one has problem

Every one has problem
Tell me who doesn't have it?
As long as we live in this world
Our problems will not go away

Learn to accept it
Learn to put it away
Some problems can't be solved
In the life we take along

Like cancer
Drugs help for a while
But the deadly disease stays
Waiting for the slide

So it is with dengue
So it is with Ebola virus
There is still no cure
It is still a problem

But taking lives
Running away from life problems
It is just a waste to be born
The wasted energy, time and effort

Why the young take own lives?
Look in the mirror say it yourself
We live we have problems
We die we have our setbacks

But living is the best
Everyday problem never disappears
Just learn to accept it
Share it or pocket it somewhere

the face off

The Red Shirt
Sowing fear and hatred
Showing disrespect
For a peaceful assembly

They show what they can do
Demonstrating their power of martial arts
In the nation we seek peace and harmony
Here we have Red Shirt thinking differently

The Red Shirt
They think they have powerful groups
Backing them up to face Yellow Shirt
They are allegedly the agents of Amno baru

The Yellow Shirt
Demanding back to rule of law
Back to transparency and accountability
The dignity of separation of powers

The Yellow Shirt
They want true leaders for the nation
They want leaders for the people
Not for their own and their own cronies

The face off
We will see during the Merdeka preparations
The Red Shirt and Yellow Shirt
The truth will always win

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

the dark angels

The dark angels
They hold the grip firmly
They don't want to let go
They want to stay

They make the people cry
Of the economic woes ride
Our currency slides
Our pockets feel the heat

Yet we hear
The dark angels sing
Party in their paradise
They laugh on their lies

The dark angels
They make their pit stops
Of the greedy and corrupted leaders
Branded them take their souls

And here we are
The junction of good and bad
The lies we hear so often
What will it be?


Azizah wanted to spread her wings
Thinking she could have it her way
Letting others come to enjoy her company
In the abundance of smile, thoughts and insights

But she never banked on a jealous man
She thought this was a progressive way
We had come a long way from the cave
Now our thoughts could be liberal...

Azizah had a shock of her life
She couldn't get out of her mind
The jealousy of her man
It would make her cry in silence

She lived in a country of many races
She knew she wasn't the only race
She had to reach the others to make her presence
Lived the way of tolerance and be free

But Azizah didn't have her way
She was controlled by her jealous man
A man who wasn't her husband yet
It was the nature of the beast..

If I can't have you
Nobody should have”
The story of Azizah
It's still in the nation

talking in public places

A woman sat on the bench
In the air-conditioned building
Talking loudly without a care
At KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital

Along the corridor
Not many would come by
She had the time of her life
Stretching her legs leaning her head

Talking with her friend
I was looking at her
I couldn't understand what she said
But the body language told me

The gossip of something
She rubbed her neck and fingered hair
Leaning lower as if she was going to fall
But the power of conversation make no distraction

Until 3 of her friends came
Then she went away with them
Sometime people forget about manners
Talking in public places

isis mustn't take root

isis on the soil
The Muslim militants landed
The weakness of the government
The perception of a corrupted leader

They knew they could
Running the evil way
Pushing it to get a foot hold
If only they make it

The latest Isis batch in the country
The police managed to catch them
10 of the Isis militants
They were planning to bomb places

Now we must stay focus
Don't let the Muslim militants grow
Isis ideology has taken roots
In the army and civil servants

Base on those arrested
The police confirmed the existence
The police mustn't slack down
They should concentrate on Isis than the opposition

Monday, August 24, 2015

life will be as good as we make it

Under the coconut trees
Listening to the wind
Carrying of freedom
Flowing like caresses

The long shadows
Stretching with the sun rays
Telling us we aren't alone
Dreaming of the beautiful life

The heat from the white sandy sand
Glistering under the heat of the sun
The soft waves touching the shore
Exchanging messenges flowing back

Into ripples to the open sea
The magic circles spreading wide
Under the coconut trees
The imagination shines in the mind

Under the shady coconut trees
Of rocks, sandy beach and sea
Life will be as good as we make it
Playing our games but where will it end?

when a leader tell lies

When a leader tell lies
The nation will fall
Into tiny pieces
It's like sparks of broken dreams

When a leader speaks only on his own race
The nation is better without him
He isn't thinking of other people
He just wants to make his race supreme

Why are the other people sleeping?
Why are they not listening to the lies?
They have their leaders who are part of the decay
The walls of the nation crumbling down they don't see

They think of their own positions and wealth
The people of many races will suffer in the years
They have seen what are coming their ways
It is time to make the changes to take the chains away

The chains of many decades
It makes the few rich and powerful
Feeding on the lies to cover their tracks
If only the people wake up to see

The nation of natural resources
We don't get our full potential of our wealth
Somewhere on the chain we are fooled
Short-changed and we don't believe others saying