Saturday, April 30, 2022

the dogs on the streets


The dogs on the streets

Like vagabonds without homes

The animals sit around 5 foot-way

Looking with sadly eyes

As if appealing for help

Looking at the people

Coming out or going in to cars

Carrying bags of groceries

Hoping to get some fresh meat

But nothing will appear

The dogs only stare

Watching their areas of hope

Blaming it on the previous owners

Who don't keep their pet dogs for life

They throw them out to the streets

Maybe the dogs grow old

The owners don't want to keep anymore

Maybe cost of medical bills will be high

The owners may as well let them go

Closing one eye and let them roam the streets

The dogs in public areas

Blame the owners for the dogs misery

Like vagabonds without homes to stay

the heat


Walk away

When you can't take

The heat in the kitchen

As you can't contribute

The heat will make you

Feeling the headaches

Your eyes will look tired

You will feel so sorry

You will try to cut through

The sad eyes will plead

The heat in the kitchen

Isn't your cup of tea

You will try

When the going get tough

You mustn't give up

You want to cut in

Walk away

Many will say

But you want to give a try

You want to see how tough you can be

The heat

You will bear with your soul

You can't let your dream die

You can't walk away as you like

the wolves feel the insecurity


The wolves feel the insecurity

GE15 may initiate the fall further

The leaders know it in their minds

The GE15 will nail them bad

Look at them in Selangor

The wolves want to pair up with the crocodiles

Breaking away from the central leadership control

They want to take Selangor

Too long on the side

The eyes see red of the treasures

Hungry to get into the loop

Without power they can't

Even in Kelantan

Ku Li formed a coalition to wrestle it with crocodiles

The report says he wants to atone for his blunder

Way back in his Semangat 46 years

The court cluster will go to jail

It will be the outcome though they will try

Every excuse to delay wearing the orange suits

The inevitable will happen so the fall will begin

PH should embiggen its influence

Stop talking about big tent concept

Work within the coalition to pursue a win

Pursue a same road and vision

The wolves of all the talk

Showing no fangs but hungry eyes

GE15 they harp on it every waking hour

They are afraid they will fall from the poachers

get your house in top flight PH


PH leaders stop talking

How to pull in the opposition parties

Get your own house in top flight

On the steady flow of lights

You have the strength to pull it

Make a concentrated effort to stay on course

Do not waste time talking of other parties

You get your seats sorted out now

PH leaders should be confident

You don't have to worry about winning or losing

You have no say on the election result

It is the power of the voters

PH leaders must show a united front

They must talk on the same page

Do not divert into the alley ways

The voters do not like strays

don't lose focus on GE15


The blue eye busy in party campaigns

The election of its office bearers

To build and garner support for GE15

Do the leaders have their lists ready?

What happen if the turtle man spring a surprise?

He may announce GE15 suddenly to catch his opponents

What will happen to blue eye party elections?

The leaders may get themselves kicked into goal!

Don't of the MOU

The wolves aren't going to stick it in

They have shouted for all to hear

They want GE15 to come to score

They have the winning streak

The over confident of their old way

Now they don't have a majority

They needed others to prop them up

Will blue eye see it?

They are busy campaigning

They better get their lists ready

If the turtle man springs a surprise!

Friday, April 29, 2022

the refugees


The refugees

The untapped labour

Our industries needed it

Why recruit over 32,000 here?

Let the employers tap these refugees

They are already here looking for jobs

Though illegally yet they can contribute

Why must back door importing 32,000?

The country may have over a few millions

They are spread all over the country

The untapped labour

The authorities have to give the green light

Maybe it is always money for the cronies

By bringing in 32,000 to work here

It can run into a few hundred millions to be made

Let the employers tap these refugees to work

the attack on the judiciary


The attack on the Judiciary

It is up to the judges to decide

They shouldn't be cowed by force

They should stand on their ground

The attack on the Judiciary

It isn't something new today

It happened during the Old Man's tenure

The Tun Abbas Salleh case came to light

During those years and now

The Judiciary has to uplift its ground

Though the politicians will try to roll in

By using state apparatus to intimidate

The judges should keep their roles

Under the Constitution they are the last defenders

On the rule of law and independence

They shouldn't be afraid to mete out punishment

the wrong move on minimum wage


The pandemic causing bad business

Many shops or companies closed

In the last 2 years fighting Covid19

The battered internal economy

Though export markets gaining points

But the people are suffering economically

As EPF will tell us of our funds withdrawal

To tide over our predicament

The shops and companies need to survive

But does the back door care to improve it?

It came out with a minimum wage of $1,500

How can businesses stay to fight?

Our FDI has left our shores

Possibly to other neighouring countries

Offering better ways and cheap labour

Here our economy still struggling to get free

Of course the union leaders will welcome it

In all negotiations every year wages must increase

It is their jobs to milk the companies for their members

I had my share of arguments during collective agreements

Now people want jobs to survive

They aren't thinking of minimum wage

The back door just wants to push away problems

By increasing it companies may have to think again

Close shop or migrate

Our neighbours will welcome them

Because they too need to feed their people

Here we seem to push them away

the old songs


Listening to the old songs

It brings me back to the olden years

Where time has passed it by

It is only the memories stay

The youth gone to ashes

The world moved on as always

Nothing I could do

Listening to the old songs

Soldiers of fortune”

Like the drug mules

Dreaming of the riches

But get paid peanuts

Imagine” what I want

Floating high in the sky

Some say building castles in the air

No action no gain as a result

I don't want to talk about it”

The story of sad Romeo plunging head on

Got cheated out of life

Like the 'House of rising sun”

Be a “Rocket Man”

It makes some cry “as tears go by”

Looking back in memories

Listening to the old songs

Love hurts” in life

When it didn't go into paradise

Knocking on heaven's door”

Jamming into the black hole of sin

Listening to the old songs

The photographs” living in memories

Something to remind me of the good old days

Where life was “Amazing” for a while

Thursday, April 28, 2022

who is lying?


Macc should investigate its top dog

Why keep silence on his trading account?

How did he get that much money to play in shares?

Doesn't it violate the rules set by the government?

You say you have to investigate all

You have to understand the separation of powers

You can't cross the line in the Constitution

You are still answerable to the prime minister

Now who gave the order?

You are so quick to investigate a judge

All because of Raja Petra article?

The man is still hiding in Manchester in UK

Because the judge sentence Najib to jail?

It looks like it to evade his jail sentence

Macc should investigate its top dog

It will bring a semblance of fairness

So Macc why the silence?

The top dog said a different tale

Now who is lying through his teeth?

The people want to know the truth

you gamble it and you lost


Living in poverty has no excuse

Growing up poor has no reason

Looking for a short cut to riches

Knowing the consequences in life

You make your choice

Willing to carry on an illegal task

Knowing the law is cruel

Yet you forget to remember

You are willing to be a drug mule

Thinking of jump starting your life

You don't want to work hard for it

You want an easy way out

Now you can't see the sunset

Your life will belong to the rope

Of a city which has cold souls

Everything seems perfect but isn't

The last walk of your life

A wrong decision make

A life will be taken away

You gamble it and you lost

You can say your short prayer

Let God save your soul where you will go

You can't blame anybody in your life

Forgive them and walk to God with His grace

the galloping horses


The galloping horses

Let them gallop free

In the area of many directions

Let them find their own pastures

The cowboys will only watch

They know where the horses are galloping

The green fields and river flows of water

There the horses will rest

These horses will attract others

Sharing the same ideology

The galloping of freedom

In the wide field

But is it?

The cowboys will wait and see

Sitting down smoking their pipes

Drinking beers shouting of joy

As the sun going to sunset

The galloping of horses and mists of dust

Smoking out hot in the air

The cowboys will smile smoke their pipes

suing is easy


Suing is easy

Trying to score a political news

Letting his members aware

He isn't telling a lie

He has to show his proof

In court he has to tell no lies

Else he will be accountable

Because he took a long while to sue

The chief wolf is challenging the Old Man

At one time he was the party chief

He will have his own little black book

On his party state leaders

The Old Man will face him in court

The chief wolf mustn't chicken out

He has his cases running on corruption

Some under Amla law

The chief wolf is trying to salvage his pride

Maybe he tries to say he didn't do it

Yet he has his days in court of law

He can't wriggle it away

Suing is easy

Showing evidence will be the hard sell

The chief wolf may want to tell his version

Sprinkle with his own spins of reasons

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

the last sun light he can't see


The last sun light

Blooming up in the sky

The glory days N can't see*

This is his last day to breathe

The legalized murder

A life will be lost by law

On the severe death penalty

Drugs kill to the addicts and drug mules

The drug lords always escape

The authorities will not hunt them

Who are the drug lords?

Why so easy to escape from the drag net?

Where is the compassion?

N gone through the court

Fighting till his last battle

Yet he didn't receive his final appeal

Today he smells the rope around his neck

The last stand before he takes his last breathe

Within seconds he will be gone

Leaving his footprints where laws will be amended

Goodbye N

May God grant your reprieve

As you walk to make amends

On the road every one will walk one day

*Nagaenthran executed earlier this morning, says family Nagaenthran executed earlier this morning, says family 27/4/2022 in Changi prison Singapore

still walking like a tortoise


The Anti-hopping Bill

Still walking like a tortoise

There is no urgency to get it done

It takes way too long

The back door leaders

They will find ways to delay

They don't want it to happen

They are the frogs croaking freely

PH leaders should see it now

There will be excuses

Next it needs a committee to study it

Why not just pass the law now?

Let the members debate and define its roles

It has taken too long to get it done

When the Bill is finally passed

Then look into the amendments in the Constitution

Do not amend the Constitution yet

When the Anti-hopping Bill is still walking

Taking its own time to get to the finishing line

PH leaders should realize they have been licked

The Anti-hopping Bill

Does the back door want it?

Finding ways to delay

PH leaders should have seen the ruse

don't tell too many lies


Don't tell too many lies

You think you can get away all the times

When the day will come in life

The payback will bring you down

The hackers will retrieve away

All the memories store in your brain

Once you lose your memory

The way down to shame and depress

Many will say it is old age

The causes started way back in the beginning

Where a person can think and evaluate

Where a person can see right and wrong

Where a person can tell lies

Yet he still can get away with it

Every one will say he is a smart guy

Until the day he has to pay big time

Don't tell too many lies

When the hackers take you down

Through your brain way to nothingness

You will not remember the history of your time

the cartoons in our lives


They run a good life

Thrill our lives

As we grew up

Watching their antics

But time doesn't stand still

It keeps moving; it keeps clicking

As the years moving on

We too feel the ache

The cartoons in our minds

Those were the years we had our laugh

Growing up thinking life could be a blast

But reality turned up differently

We may watch for reruns

Throw back of their lives

But for ourselves

It is still photographs of our time

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

the death penalty shouldn't be imposed


The drug mules

They know the consequences

They shouldn't plead innocence

The law shows no preference

Once the law gets in

No drug mule can escape

The hanging rope will not show mercy

It has to complete its job

The drug mules

They will face their days in court

They can put in their cases

Why they carry it through

They may be blinded by money

They are the mules they don't ask question

They will pocket the cash

They don't realize the consequences

The drug mules

Educated or not or poor in mental capacity

The law doesn't differentiate

Once the net catches the life will be in cage

The death penalty will be the sentence

We can only hope politicians will appeal the law

Let all capital crimes be punished in life consequences

Because we never give life; we shouldn't take it away

the light has broken for him


A man going to jail

There is no way out for him

Whom will he blame for his predicament?

He will blame the judges

He never says he is at fault

He wants to paint he is sinless

Every white in his mind and soul

He can't do wrong in his way

The way of desperation to escape

The walk to the steps of forgiveness

He should have said “he is sorry”

But he is arrogant as before he fell from grace

God's grace will want him in jail

So he can learn and be humble

The light has broken for him

He has no way to escape but to prison

the last fishing expedition


94 grounds of appeal

There is nothing much to consider

He knows he has to go to Bamboo River

He is afraid to go there

The last fishing expedition

The fishing rod will not bait the fishes

No fish will want it

He should plead his guilt

Wear the orange suit

There is no shame

Since it is his tag line

Why feel the heat?

The last walk of freedom

The gate will be closed

He has to pay for his sins

He can't play with his lies

94 grounds of appeal

He should just say

Let me out of jail

I know I am wrong”

the winning way


The winning way

Every one must have it

It is what made us going

We want to win

Though there will be hard work

It shouldn't come by way of law

It will defeat its purpose

We will become addicted

In the fight for survival

There will be no leeway

There will be no second chances

We have to fight on our own merits

The winning way

It isn't by dreaming it

It needs actions

To see the results

the echo rings so loudly


The frogs croaking

In the heavy rain

The echo rings so loudly

Hardly people want to listen

The frogs will face a bleak future

When the heat returns to the ground

They have to hide in cooler places

Afraid to get burned on their skins

The thunder rolls

The frogs don't bother

It has nothing to do with them

They only look at the glittering gold

They will sparkle their eyes

Even their minds will tap dance on it

In the heavy rain

The echo rings so loudly

Monday, April 25, 2022

high profile cases


The high profile cases

The apex court shouldn't allow

Anymore leeway to file appeal

The cases must be dealt with quickly

Roger Ng case in USA

He was found guilty in 8 weeks

On our own judges the dragging on

Allowing time to appeal!

One high profile case

His bail should be cancelled

He should go to Bamboo River

In it he will not file his excuses

Because he needs it

Else he will think he isn't guilty

Though the courts found him in the wrong

Yet he isn't in jail to file his appeal

The apex court judges

Don't allow extension on flimsy excuses

The high profile cases have dragged on too long

We need judgement delivered and cases closed

make your stand PH


Make your stand PH

Say it loud now and go

You don't the need

The big tent concept

You don't need

Bersatu or Pas or Warisan

Let them form their own coalition

You should make your stand

You got betrayed before

You don't need to have fallen for it

Get your act together now

Because GE15 can happen any time

Because the wolves can't stand sharing power

They want a full control to bring back the old way

They won the last 4 state elections

So they thought they could win again

Make your stand PH

Don't think of losing

As some of your leaders saying it

You may as well don't contest

GE15 a game of economy

We get it bad for the last 2 years

PH must have the plans to bring it forward

Plan your game well and you will win