Monday, July 31, 2006


11 pilgrims killed11 pilgrims killed

BADLY DAMAGED: Eleven pilgrims to the annual St Anne’s Feast were killed when the chartered bus they were in rolled over twice at the 160.8 kilometre of the North-South Expressway near Nibong Tebal before landing upside down in a ditch.

Time and again the bus companies are reminded to check on the vehicles. Puspakom & JPJ too have to play a part to control accidents on the roads. I should say the bus MD or GM should be held liable on accidents arising from using the buses. We had a few incidents in Genting Highlands. Now we had one on the highway. People died because of the poor maintenance of the vehicles. The company can't plead innocence. The person in charge should be fine and imprisoned. In this way the buses will be in tip top conditioned on the roads...I pray for those died on their to pay homage to a saint...Ironically we should pray to God not to saint!!!

PM didnt allow debate on Article 11 of The Federal Constitution. In his order he had sided the protestors in Penang and in Johore Baru. In democracy one should be allowed to debate and discuss sensibly any sensitive issues affecting the communities. He talks about Islam Hadhari but he doesnt know how to preach on it. Islam is the way to peace...what these protestors do is a disgrace to the religion. PM shouldnt have sided with them. He should tell these protestors they are wrong. They should be charged in court for illegal assembly but I doubt PM will order their arrest...Tunku, Razak and Hussein Onn said our country is not a Islamic Country. The Federal Constitution is supreme in all aspects of the law of the country. Only Dr M said Malaysia is an Islamic Country but he isnt a lawyer so he might interpret wrongly. Or he wanted to up one against PAS...

Lately in the north many sudden deaths rumoured to occur in Taiping then spread down to Ipoh relating to black witch craft. In the north the bomohs there are famous for 'santau'. Apparently some evil bomoh wants to kill about 140 guys to gain his power. I heard a woman wants to kill 140 men to have her power. This woman frequents restaurants and mix with the men then tragedy strikes on the guys. In Ipoh it was on the restaurant selling nasi campur. Apparently some had died on the spot..My regular cendol stall told me too about the incident when I went to have my cendol...Long time ago I was advice not to stop at any stall selling nasi campur because of someone trying to practise his black magic. It affects mostly the malay stalls along the roads....I heard about 'santau' in the North. I stayed there for so many is difficult to cure and no modern medicine can detect have to see the bomoh immediately otherwise fatal loss of life can occur. Meantime I was told to drink lime water to effectively block the evil from taking its hold.....

Sunday, July 30, 2006

women fall for sweet words

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Today the house painter told me about his life story. We were talking about girlfriends while he was relaxing in my house. One topic led to another so he told me that he went out with his ex-girlfriend for 7 years before they married. Within a year of his marriage he had a son. A few months later his wife asked for divorce out of the blue. He was shocked. His ex told him she found someone in Singapore. He let go his wife. What to do? His wife had asked for her divorce and he agreed. Now he has many girlfriends. He said each girlfriend knows of the time one could entertain him. He told them the he has his hands full. He said he wont settle down of the lesson he had learned. So he is enjoying his time. I think women always fall for the rugged ones or the gangster type character. I know but I can't pinpoint what these guys have in common. These guys seem to attract these pretty women.....All the conversations I had of guys who have many girlfriends - sweet words. My mother told me so. Women fall for guys who know how to use words to play on their emotions. Maybe it is greed of beauty..throw some cash tell some lies show some guts presto! The women come knocking at his doors....Well...I am dreaming for a change....But I am enjoying my life so I guess I only dream. It is very interesting to dream....try it you never know how it helps to break your tension or depression

Saturday, July 29, 2006

protest on israel aggression

I think Malaysians have nothing else to do. Others problem we make it our own. Condemning others of aggression (which is wrong I know) but make sure we have our plan B. I dont want Israeli jets bombs our country or US sends her mighty warships on our shores. If this happens, who will help us or protest for us? Nobody!! We have own problems in the country. These protesters should go and help and not wasting energy to shout and use placards to condemn others while in our own backyards we have our own issues to tackle. Issues such as :-

corruption/poor folks/mental deficiency/braindrain/scholars never come home to serve/class divide/unfairness in economic distribution/poor racial integration/never talk of Malaysian but of race/are we Malaysians or not?/majority cannot impose its will on the minority/article 11 of the Federal Constitution/drugs abuse/AIDS/HIV/illegal immigrants/citizenship/PR.....

These issues will keep us busy for a long time. Yet it isnt dissolved because we never play it right. We waste our times for someone's problem forgetting our own. Do we learn our lessons? I think not.

Malaysia clean our backyards first before we go international......

when the mind goes blank

picture courtesy of nst
When the mind goes blank
In the early morning rise
A woman in her early 20s
She plunged her car in the ravine
What she was thinking?
A love affair or after glow
It was hard to say
Only position, position and position
The womang got her shock
Realizing what a silly drove
Hit in the river
She got all soaked up good
Blinking her eyes
She got trembling cried
A tow truck operator came
Rescued her car
Pushing it hard to the surface
After playing in the river mud
The woman got her blanks
It cost her a bundle and sorrow
Dreaming while driving
The road became a blurry divide
Never knew the river or the road
The eyes saw the mind couldnt react
The car got mud and water
She got her taste of regrets

go walking go

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5 Reasons to Walk

Posted by Debbie Rocker
on Mon, Jul 10, 2006, 10:12 am PDT
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Start walking now. Here are the 5 most important reasons why:

Walking is a cardiovascular exercise - it is good for your heart. Which is enough of a reason to walk in and of itself, but walking is good for your head too. Walking is great for clearing your mind and rejuvenating. Because it is aerobic, it helps condition your heart - you already know this, but it can condition your mind as well since you are releasing endorphins, enjoying nature, and doing something good for yourself. Walk alone one day and just "feel" the experience. Maybe I should have called this reason number 1 and 2 - oh well.

Walking is weight bearing - we build bone strength by carrying weight. Since your body is weight (lest I remind you), walking helps build lower body bone density which helps prevent osteoporosis. Check out my weighted WALKVEST ( to really build bone strength and bone density. And guess what - you need to pay attention to doing exercises that build bone density and prevent osteoporosis sooner than you think. We all begin losing bone density (it's a natural occurrence in us all) in our late 20s or early 30s. Read the stats. The bone loss process begins early - people recognize it (unaware that it has been happening for years) when it is in the later stages and our bones are already brittle. But osteoporosis is preventable - so start walk and do other weight bearing exercises (for your upper and lower body) now.

Walking is cardiovascular - did I say that before? I believe I did. But there are even more aerobic benefits to walking, like the fact that walking helps burn excess calories so you can lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight. Should I have mad this one number 1?

Walking is free. We like that!

Walking is beneficial to everyone. At any age or any fitness level, walking is safe, effective and enjoyable exercise! OK, so this is 5, 6, and 7...just do it, you'll feel better and you'll look better!
Happy trails everyone,Debbie Rocker

Walking costs no money. How true! You get the benefits and reap the rewards of healthy body sound mind. Along the way you may make friends and see beautiful scenery. It makes you feel alive after a hectic day at work or parenting. It is good to bring along family and friends to cultivate the habit of walking in the woods or in the parks. You can walk around night markets too. Malaysia has this culture in major towns/cities. You walk, you smell, you taste, you eat and drink in the night markets. For the serious walkers it is the jungle trekking, walking on hill slopes or paths or along the roads in the early morning or late evening. It is really refreshing looking at scenes on a leisure pace and admiring the cultivating scenes for the eyes to see. It helps to ease the tension in the mind and let it flow freely. Walking makes you free.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Dr M got pepper spray

Mahathir attacked, mayhem in KB
Jul 28, 06 11:53am
breaking news The former premier landed in Kota Bharu and found an unexpected welcome awaiting him. More

picture courtesy of malaysiakini

What happen to our adat? No matter what Dr M said or did, one shouldnt have hit him with a pepper spray. Write to him or engage him in debate. I dont think this should be the way the people treated a former PM of the country. It shows how shallow some idiots are. One can have different opinion, say your piece and let the day continues to roll. Dr M may have done wrongs in his time. Maybe he thought he was right then. Eventually time proved he was wrong. But then he had done great jobs too. I personally believe he got his action wrong on Anwar Ibrahim. And I still do albeit with some satisfaction that Anwar was found not guilty as charged in The Federal Court. But Anwar lost his chance to become the PM of the country. Now Dr M was belted by one angry person or one who was paid to do a job. Either way it is not the way to treat a former PM. UMNO youth is busy organizing protests on Israel invasion of Lebanon but I view they shouldnt go on the placards protest. Because one is a Muslim the other is a Jew or Christian but these people forget they have the same prophets telling them to do good....what happen to the religious texts? Everything different...???? So one can see the different roads....why not these UMNO youth go to Isreal and protests and see what happens? And now Dr M got a pepper spray....will UMNO Youth go and protest or find out why such a person did it to Dr M? What have we become really? Living in peace but still want to make noise in protesting on someone's problem....Do we benefit it in the end? We have poor people in Malaysia but no...UMNO youth thinks helping the Muslim brothers in countries is better not in our own backyard. Shame. I feel sad.

Malaysia adatnya nak hilang...

go with precision

It was an easy first day at the Malaysian Open women’s squash meet for reigning world champion Nicol David, who sank Shelley Kitchen in 31 minutes. (the star 28/7/06)
This is precision attacking which AAB should learn. The country needs one who walks the talk and not saying without doing it. Go for the kill when the groundwork has been done. All engines should be fully blasted off to hit the targets. Those ministers or ministry can't perform the job must go. The rakyat wants positive action all the time every time. I think I have enough of words spreading in the newspapers. I need to see positive results for the country. Every one is a Malaysian and so there shouldnt be any preferences in awarding contracts or rewards. It should be base on merits. The government always faults the British government by the rule and divide. Yet the government follows the same pattern - rule and divide by race!!!
It will never end this rule and divide. Until one realizes it then one should change the government and let other party(ies) rule the country and see what the difference is. Currently the present government has taken 100% for granted that the people will vote the party to power every 4 or 5 years. The way they say or do things tend to benefit one race forgetting the other races which make this country stand tall in the global arena. When one reads the statements published, it is better to flip it over and read again...
Politicians always tell lies....that's the truth.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

pursue wants dont forget human values

fs-new-sky.jpg (68795 bytes)

max2-mooning.jpg (72337 bytes)

rose-brightpink.jpg (92218 bytes)

ba-attitude7-elephanta.gif (20850 bytes)

When you work so hard, you forget the little things in life. Every one wants to get an easy life; which along the way, one forgets the basic touch of neighbourliness. One pursues it with total focus forgetting everything behind or in front. One forgets about one own shadow...leaving a trail of stress related problems in work or in life. Yet one never stops to ask why. Seeking a material delights will cost the life and friendship. In the end one will live alone staring at the sunset. It is then so hard to make it happen again. Always remember money and material wants arent the saviour of one's soul. It can enhance a living style; it isnt a permanent feature in one's life.

Do what one can; satisfy what one has; use it to one's limit and know when to stop. One shouldnt compare with others. Each has different plate and desire. No two persons are the same in taste and belief. So understand your own capability and wants.

Malaysia...banyak bolih dicari hanya berhati2 dimana nak pergi

may bank - services


May Bank, the country largest bank, has grown too big now. When it is a small bank, customer services is excellent. When it grows, the foundation of customer services disappears. You can write many letter of complaints, you can't get an answer. You can wait for a long time. Maybank is under the control of MoF under the Finance Minister. Even the customer service officers are not briefed of its products. When you ask, you have to wait. May bank introduced many products and at times these customer service officers are not well versed to tell you how the products work. So they keep calling back to those people handling these products. So in the first place Maybank should make sure its officers are really trained to handle products inquiries. Because it is the larget bank in the country, the bank can escape the scrutiny of the government. As I said it is under the Finance Minister...There are reports Maybank has grown inhuman and insensitive of human needs. Will the bank wake up? My guess Maybank will stand up proud and strong until a hurricane destroys it.....

Malaysia...cakap saja datang lagi esok ya!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

sex lure

Sex lure at salons and eateries20 Jul 2006

TUMPAT: A number of beauty salons and restaurants here are enjoying brisk business.However, it has nothing to do with the latest David Beckham hairdo or an exceptionally innovative menu.Instead, customers are being offered call-girls who meet them at nearby budget hotels or at their homes. It is believed the sex trade moved here early this year from the border town of Rantau Panjang in Pasir Mas following raids by religious and law enforcement authorities. "Most of the people involved are Thais who moved their operations to Tumpat after the authorities disrupted their activities in Rantau Panjang. So we are now concentrating enforcement activities on the Tumpat district," State Local Government, Housing and Health Committee chairman Takiyuddin Hassan said.Residents in the district became aware of the activities in at least 10 beauty salons and restaurants in a number of villages, including Kampung Jubakar and Kampung Bunuhan, when they spotted customers leaving the establishments with female workers. A police source said the migration of sex workers began last year after the unrest in southern Thailand drastically reduced the number of Malaysians crossing the border for illicit sex.District police chief Superintendent Nor Azizan Anan said police are monitoring the areas that are suspected of b

Image Preview

eing fronts for the sex trade. (reported in nst 20/7/06)

This is nothing new. The sex trade is considered the oldest profession in the world. It is easy money to be made for those men or women who needed it. Maybe sex variance which the homely partner can't give. Or perhaps (mostly guys) need some sparks in their love lives but can't find it at home. Look at the married women....growing fat and nagging alot...and the guys growing bald headed and in need of some boost in their lives but can't find it at home. So they pay for young women to entertain them. They claim these young women boost their sex lives. I think both parties should work it out 24/7. They can't claim they are old, no energy to participate, headaches, backaches, bone aches, broken tooth, wringle faces or brittle bones..holding hands, embrace each other, smile and is much easy than trying to tap the energy for something that can't be had for long. In Penang there was this joint which allowed men to touch female breasts and private parts for $15 for 10 minutes. I was told then it was popular with the old men..In Johore Baru somewhere around JB Merlin there was this joint too offering similar treats to the old guys. As they say ada duit macam macam bolih dapat....Lastly I heard about the "toll girls" offering I think the same kind of treatment or sometimes more intimate to the lorry drivers or any car driver who needed company on the lonely stretch of roads..One time long ago in Mersing there was a den off the main road of Mersing where the lorry drivers paid $50 for one hour session in the deep bushes.( Of course the police smashed it up after a few months of investigations )

I personally feel no one can make this sex trade disappear. It is a good money making machine. As long as the money is the motivation, the women will go all out to make it from the men.

Malaysia....struggling with the traffic systems!

article 11 Federal Constitution

Stop the forumsStop the forums

Article 11 forums to discuss inter-faith issues must stop immediately because they are deemed to cause tension in our multi-religious society, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said. He also called on the media to carry out its responsibility not to stir up anger and tension among the masses.

the front page report from The Star

In a civilised society which practises democracy all closed door meetings/forums should be allowed. The people of the country should be open minded and not protest without understanding the issues involved. The majority race shouldnt feel threatened. It is best that they too participate in the forums. A religion shouldnt be a closed affair. You want to spread the wings of a religion you should be brave enough to withstand the discussions. Apparently in Malaysia this discussion can't be carried out because the majority race feels it is the right enshrined in the Constitution. History has shown it is with the agreement of the previous leaders of each race that this Constitution came about. I believe the forums are used to discuss intelligently bearing in mind the sensitivity of the other races in the country. As long as it remains closed doors, it should be allowed. I think nobody should protest about it. I can't understand why the Malays so against it. Have they forgotten the input of the other races of the country? Independence achieved on the strength of unity of all the races in the country. This is what it would be. But I am afraid the majority race is trying to impose its own ways and values to other races which I think it shouldnt be. We are not a race. We are Malaysians. I guess I am one of those who think this way....

Malaysia....where are the values for Malaysians?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Parents should be held accountable on their children behaviour outside their homes. They can't allow the police to monitor their children activities. As parents they should pay close attention of their children activities in schools and outside schools. The police is correct in pointing out the responsibilities of parents managing their children. All students in secondary schools should be held responsible by their parents for misbehaving in classes or outside homes. Police claimed many crimes were committed by these young adults. I have read reports and seen some pictures of these young adults behaving in their groups. I think the current hot pictures could be Dato K's eldest son. His pictures seemed to be floating in the internet...There could be something to tell the public about the behaviour of the young adults. Monitor them. Dont let tragedy strikes in the family (like the royal tragedy where the son killed his mother purposely high on drug) So I think parents or guardians should pay heed to the police advice before tragedy befalls on them

Malaysia.....too many laws but have no bites. Why? Tak cukup pegawai2....

royal tragedy in pahang

Royal tragedyRoyal tragedy

Sultan in grief: Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang weeping for his half-sister Tengku Datuk Puteri Kamariah Sultan Abu Bakar (inset) who was stabbed to death in her house in Kuantan on Monday.

Sultan of Pahang cried when he got news that his sister was murdered by her own son. It was reported he was high on drugs. I am sure the parents knew about their son habits. They didnt want it to be known that they had failed in their parenting to mould their son to be upright and responsible person. Drugs took care of him. He went for something that makes every one feeling miserable and sorrowful eventually. This is the dilemma of parents. When a child is grown and released to mix with the crowd, it is hope he made his right choices in life. Drugs shouldnt be in his vocabulary. But in the bad crowd, nobody is safe.

My view have changed in my years. Drugs at one time I thought it was associated with the poor guys who wanted to make a quick buck in the rich world. Now it never holds true anymore. It crosses the borderless world of the rich and the poor. It makes no difference in its crawling kill.

It can happen to anybody - educated or uneducated. The evil walks with a smile and a gold bar to say 'Hi!'

May God bless their souls!

drive safely

This is the message I got it in the Star. It may help those crazy drivers to note the fine and points deducted; and hopefully in this way there will be less accidents on the roads

Drive safely as for this consequences
Posted by: haagenwong Post(s) by this blogger
Speeding: Exceeding 1 - 20km/h = $130 + 4 demerit points. Exceeding 21 - 30km/h = $150 + 6 demerit points. Exceeding 31 - 40km/h = $180 + 8 demerit points. Exceeding 41 - 50km/h = $200 + 12 demerit points + Court. Exceeding 51 - 60km/h = $200 + 18 demerit points + Court. Exceeding 61km/h = $200 + 24 demerit points + Court. If you want to be a hero and fight the court case yourself, and you lose, you pay the court charges yourself, which will add up to your fine. I guess the court charges is at least $200 and above. Careless driving = $150 + 6 demerit Points. Inconsiderate Driving = $170 + 9 Demerit Points + Court. Dangerous Driving = $200 + 24 Demerit Points +! Court + Vehicle Compounded. Illegal Racing = $200 + Vehicle Confiscate + Court. Fail to put Seat Belt = $120 + 3 demerit points. Crossing Double White lines = $130 + 4 points. Phone and Drive = $200 + 12 demerit point + Phone Confiscate. Do not hold your handphone in your hand when you drive even with loud speaker or ear piece. Drink Driving (first offence.) = Up to $5000 Fine and, or Jail Term + License Suspended + Court. 2nd time offence = Jail term + Fine + Court. Making an illegal U Turn when there's no U-Turn sign = $70 . Fail to Signal when changing lanes = $70 . Driving at night without headlights or taillights switch on after 7pm = $30 . No Number Plate = $70. Obstructed Number Plate = $70. Obscured Number Plate = $70. Number Plate Of Unapproved Type = $70 .< /FONT>
Demerit Point system : Let's say you have 0 point on 1st January 2005, and you committed the offence of Failing to Put on Seat Belt. So now, you will have 3 demerit points and this will last for 1 Year. If during this 1 year you have no demerit points offence at all, your 3 demerit points will be gone on 1/1/2006. But, if during this one year, From 1/1/2005- 1/1/2006, you committed another offence with demerit points, your very first offence will be extended for another year until 1/1/2007.

hani mohsin dies

KUALA LUMPUR: Actor Hani Mohsin Hanafi (pic), 43, collapsed and died at the low-cost carrier terminal in Sepang at 9.30am while waiting to board a flight to Alor Setar on Tuesday.

Mohsin was traveling with his nine-year-old daughter Hani Karmila -- from his previous marriage to Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina -- when he complained of chest pains before collapsing.

Hani Karmila immediately called her mother, who rushed to the airport with husband Datuk Seri Effendi Norwawi.

Mohsin's remains have been brought to hospital for an autopsy.

Mohsin was the host of popular TV game show Roda Impian before his death.

newspaper report from The STar

Death walks every where

No one knows when is the time

Dont think you are young

You could dance all night

Do what you can

Play what you know

Enjoy the minutes

Death walks the door

come walk with me


courtesy of jeffooi

The silence
Listening intently
The call from nowhere

The carefree days
In the mood to listen
Of call he knows
A reporter asks
‘How are you?’

The work boils him down
He has no time to indulge
His favorite game
He loses it all
‘I am now the Prime Minister
I can’t do what I do before’

“Come walk with me” he says
“Share your whisper I do what I can”
The people got hook
Now dangling up in the air

The Pied Piper is he?
People gone blindly
“Give him time to settle”
“He knows what he is doing”

The years had gone
Endon too gone away
How long he has to settle down?
Before the light shines in the sky

He has to make a quick decision
Staying cool all the time
He makes it look worst than before
Indecisiveness boils the soup
It becomes too hot to handle
See what he is doing?
He tries to listen
The soft approach that he is

“Come share with me
The fears, dreams and fantasy”
The PM listens intently
Forgetting where he is

Monday, July 24, 2006

maid contract 2

If deductions are done without the approval of the department, employers can be fined up to RM10,000 as provided for under Section 99A of the Employment Act 1955,” he said.
With the contract, Indonesian maids can now take grievances against employers to the Labour Court, where employers are liable to a fine and jail if they do not abide by the contract
Even if deductions were allowed, they should not be over 50% of the monthly salary and the necessary receipts must be presented to the department,'' he told The Star.
It is best to get a savings account without an ATM card and for the employer to keep the savings book in a safe place to prevent maids from running away,” he said, adding that the account would give the maids some privilege to withdraw their money anytime but with the employer’s approval.

“Employers need not engage third parties, including lawyers, to draft the contract,” he said, adding that sample contract of employment forms were available.
Ismail said the forms plus additional information on the new ruling could be obtained at the Labour Department here and at all the 38 district-level departments in the peninsula.

courtesy from The Star 23/7/06

maid contract


Now the government relaxes its ruling on Mycard You can photostat a copy and keep it with you. You need to tell/inform your relatives where you keep the original Mycard But as always something will crop up. The classic rule 'Saya tak menerima arahan.....' so you decide when youwalk out of the house. Original or pirate? I dont want to go to any hassle with the government officers - especially the Police officers - I think they book you first and put you in the lock up until your relative(s) produce your original copy of your Mycard. What happen you are out station? My guess you have to spend a day or two in lock up. The lock up is a filty place with many people crowded together. The PM should visit these lock ups regularly. It is under his portfolio. I dont think he steps in to see. He is currently so busy promoting his 9th Malaysia Plan forgetting what happen to the 8th Malaysia Plan...As the opposition party uses to say 'sweep underneath the carpet'

Government relaxes ruling on MyKadGovernment relaxes ruling on MyKad

Photocopies OK: Malaysians can now carry a photocopy of their MyKad for initial identification purposes. Deputy Home Affairs Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho said this was an option for those who feared losing the document or being stolen, especially by snatch thieves.

Malaysia....when you are a nobody, every one doesnt know you. When you are poor, you can't get recognition. But you have a chance to fight for your respect and position..

one in a million

I saw the programme One In A Million last Friday. All the contestants in my humble view shouldnt be in that programme. One million to give away....we have contestants who couldnt claim to hit the jackpot. In fact it shouldnt be held at all. They arent deserving ones to compete. Why pick the first place at all? To me there must be something unique amongst the contestants to vie for the prize. Voice ordinary, dressing terrible, showmanship nothing to shout about, diction average....I should think the bench mark will be on Jac Victor - the 1st Malaysian Idol. One has to measure up on this bench mark and from there I will see the improvements in the music industry. As it is now I think it will be an average one....It doesnt really excite me...maybe it is the whole package...the show music should draw the crowd at home...No it doesnt ring

Malaysia....where are the real singers gone?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

OSA on the bridge - nothing new

Dr M returns. About 1000 supporters came to welcome him in Subang Airport. I feel Dr M still has something to contribute. Yet the current administration is trying to black him out in the main stream media. For a former prime minister he should be given allowances to speak what he knows for the country. I know Dr M has his own good and bad points so are many people. No one is ever perfect; no one shouldnt try to be one. You can't be no matter how hard you try. I pity those who try to be a perfectionist; it destroys the fabric of one existence. Most people who read the news in the internet had known what the government declassified documents on the aborted bridge project was old news. Singapore had released it. Dr M during his tenure too had done it. So what Abdullah Ahmad Badawi doing? He couldn't reply to his former boss because he just couldnt stomach the indept questions from Dr M. Long time ago I told friends AAB isnt the right choice to lead the country. I couldnt understand Dr M choice then. Perhaps the trade off wasnt in fruition which resulted in friction between the leaders. Will Dr M remains in the shadow? I am afraid Dr M will continue to blast his appointed successor......and those surrounding the current pm.

Malaysia...always many shows to see

Saturday, July 22, 2006

the prime minister

Dr M controlled the country with his policies and laws. He did it 'My Way' I subscribe to the view that no country should have 100% democracy. It wouldnt work to develop the country. A country can achieve something like 90:10. The people still have the right to exercise it every 4 0r 5 years to elect their party of choice to form the government. This the people should take cognizance of and make full use to say what they want. Currently we gave the mandate to the ruling BN helmed by UMNO and its president. Now UMNO(Baru) becomes cocky and the leaders dont consult the other coalition partners. These UMNO leaders make their own choices without thinking straight of the other coalition partners. Like the case of "Ethnic Relation Textbook" for the undergraduates. The Higher Education Minister should have read it and consulted his coalition partners before he allowed it to the university to teach. The university concerned said that the guidelines would remain to the lecturers. He has to make concrete efforts that the VCs should not allowed to subscribe their views on the lecturers to teach what these VCs desired or the group of committee established to foster racial disharmony(read racial harmony) for the purpose to endorse the Malay agenda on the other races. Nazri said it is seditious. I think he is right....but will the police investigate why it happens? I dont think so. Now the controversial textbook had been withdrawn.....It has become clear that the majority race wants to impose their wills on the minority. They forget that our forebears fought for independence with one solid voice and strength not on race but as "Malayans" Now we should say ourselves as "Malaysians" but we haven't come to that. We still hear the race tag branding in our media, talk shows, textbooks, speeches......We are MALAYSIANS!!!! We are not a race!!!
It has become more aggressive on the political beliefs that a race should conquer other races...I am afraid this will cause the downfall for any party or its leaders thinking on racial lines. Every cake must be distributed fairly on merits. Right now we dont see it. Dr M controlled and implemented it then. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the current PM, continues the same direction with a soft approach. But he misses his point in his Islam Hadhari. Islam is Islam say what variation you wanted. It is still on the Holy Quran and the prominent views of followers/scholars. Now the laws passed in Dr M administration come to haunt him. He can't reach the rakyat because of OSA...and the media blackout on him by PM cronies. Even Star doesnt publish his comments alot. Only pick and choose what to publish. Dr M realizes that his laws has become disadvantage to him as an ordinary citizen. "What's go up must come down"
AAB hasnt done what he sat out to do. He doesnt have the people to push for him on projects because the 'yes men' only think he is warming up the seat for Najib. AAB took too long to comment on his son-in-law Khairy. He couldnt mend the damages done. The perception in KL and Dr M hold true. Khairy is one of those people running behind the government. They have something to gain here which they wanted it. Same way with Dr M cronies but Dr M controlled these people. In the end Dr M could implement projects for the people but when the rakyat looked around we have to pay more for most of our living expenses...toll charges, water bills, wastage funding on projects, lack of freedom of speech....Likewise with AAB no grand mega projects yet but we have to pay on petrol hike, toll charges, electricity hike, water bill hike...Now AAB rolled out part of his 9th Malaysia Plan projects. He announced it after he returned from Australia with his family 0f 880 projects worth $15 billion.

When he touched down in the airport, no UMNO leaders including his deputy were there to greet him. It was reported only MCA leaders with other UMNO grassroot supporters. People talked about the absent UMNO leaders....Something is brewing and he has to act fast now. I think Khairy will bring his downfall. He has to make his own damage control. He may issue it too late "Khairy is not my advisor" What both have in common beside Khairy marrying his daughter? Politics. Khairy is the deputy president of UMNO Youth. The future leaders for the country......

Malaysia many things can happen...macam macam bolih jadi

Friday, July 21, 2006


Passport in 2 hours! This is great! So people dont have to wait like crazy as what was happening before. Now there is a good flow in the immigration department. The pilot project in Langkawi proved successful. Now it will be implemented in Malacca as one stop agency. People can now visit Malacca and get their documents done as well. The foreign missions are in London, New York and Singapore which incidentally was the first foreign mission to issue passport within 2 hours. Of course the government must install the latest computerised gadgets to give this type of services. Currently I think they are half past six punya. Machines ada orang mahir tak in Langkawi hospital where the expensive medical equipments are left to rot in the store kerana tak ada orang mahir menggunanya. Jadi on paper beautifully written for it. Sad really! Likewise I hope the government won't simply spend just because it is in X plan.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

ideal world just a dream

Nobody can live in an ideal world. It is just impossible to make it happen. Even when you live alone, you can't get it. So I think it is just a dream. Like reading story books. One can play the game and know how it will end. No hurting; no loneliness; no frustrations; no disappointments; no quarelling; no see is just in the mind which one can use it to play around...Reality itself works differently. Co-existence. It is very difficult to make it work. Different perception, many views and even religion nobody can agree....every one says his/her is the best..In the end majority will hinder progress of the minority. The superpowers will make the rules of engagement. The big man will tell the small man what to do or behave. See the irony of the our problems. Nobody wants peace and solitude. In wars money to make; in death more money to make, in destroying ourselves again more money to harvest, and I think it is a cycle kept going by itself. God is playing His enrich His mind...We are the soldiers battling out on the field....sacrifice in the name of Lord and we will be free! We are hooked in our minds our souls our bodies.... many races but not one race called Malaysian...pity really!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

government development plans

$15 billion for 880 projects. Tenders will be called soon. Now the 9th Malaysia Plan is gearing to go. Why so slow? When one plans for developments, everything must be in place. Every detail which place which state what costs will be identified. In this case they took a year to wrap up the plans but the projects must wait from the other ministries to submit. Why plan half way at all? Now the country planned developments are in the region of $200 billion for the next 5 years. As I see it, the developments won't be completed. PM says he will monitor it. I think he should go and beef up the delivery systems in the government departments. The groundwork must be on firm ground. I think he won't get it done. Though the IRB says it can collect taxes up to $60 billion for this year which will be enough to defray the costs of 880 projects, the government should plan ahead now. The internal funding will be sufficient for the next 5 years. But I think PM can complete 50% of it before his term expires and he will use it as the election gimmick for his next election.

Malaysia...good in planning bad in execution

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

problems everyday you can't run away

Problems at work; problems at home and problems on relationships, you cant run away. Even doing nothing too has its own problems. Like boredom. Like no friends. Like no contact - a hermit. Like social grading zero. So the problems are every where. You breath it. You smell it. You cry over it. You act on it. Today's problems let it stays. Dont bring into tomorrow unless it is absolutely important to do so. One like relationship. It can't solve in a day. It may go on for months yet the answer seems so faraway....The problems we see or hear every day running into these headings - man, woman, relationships, money, work, children, socialization, family, friends..Most of the times these are the problems made the scenes. It makes alot of miseries and heartaches and headaches too. Yet people survive to breathe and share their experiences but people still never want to learn. The same story keeps repeating with different people and background. The gist of the problems are the same melting pot of soup - tasty, hot and burning.
When problems come to your door, you make it known to close friends and relatives. Write it down and stare at it. You dont have to do anything yet. Just digest it in your mind. Play it or act it in your mind. See what reactions you have or what you can do. This exercise will help you stay focus for any eventuality. When it really happens, you know where to look. You have been there in your mind. So you aren't alone. You know your way. Of course if you want to cry, let it out. It is no use hiding in a gloomy mind. Let the tears flow man or woman. It makes good feeling. So dont try to hide your emotions; let it out with tears or a scream. You will feel alright after awhile.
When your mind is clear then you can focus your problem(s) at hand. You will find an answer or solution which will ease your mind. Nothing is impossible. Everything can be broken down to pieces and pick one that needs attention immediately and go for it. In this way, you get it done faster and you will find progress in your life.

Malaysia.....past decisions will come to haunt the administration


The HIV on the rise. Don't the young adults know the consequences of their actions? Every effort has been made to educate the public.Yet the HIV scorn keeps up the rating. The wives or girlfriends are mostly the victims on the their men indiscretions. This is a slow death which nobody wants to get into it. Medicines to cure is virtually nil but there are signs of finding a cure for HIV patients. This is still far off the target. Currently in Malaysia there about 9,000 addictions every day. The latest report came that the tertiary students got it too. Mostly on one night stand business without using the safety precaution(condom) I thought when one is highly educated the consequences will be understood and practised safe sex. Now I know it never holds true at all. When sex rules the mind, nothing will help. It is full steam ahead my man!
So sex education in schools is important. It is better the government plans now then waiting for the disease goes out of control. Passsing laws without education has no purpose at all. When is contracted to HIV, it is for life. Laws serve nothing at all in situation of life and death of one's own choosing. Now God never brings it along in His creation. We bring it upon ourselves by killing all the natural environment. The protection is gone and now we harvest our own follies by destroying the natural blanket designed to protect us..
The call of lusts
In it the black death
Killing softly with tears
Flowing down in our eyes
Once you are in
You never get out free
You see yourself
Disappearing in the mirror
It isnt curry mee
It tastes delicious
It brings you to your knees
When you get up
The dark moon rising
The black death comes a calling
Dont go without protection
You leave your own trails
The humming tendrils of softly death hole
Claiming yet another soul
Once contracted
You legally binding
Until the dark clouds cry
The misty vapor of last breath
flowing with the wind

Monday, July 17, 2006


What do you use handphone for? Look around our surrounding. We see many people - young and old chatting away with their handphones or SMSes especially the young people. And some keep changing handphones to the latest gadgets in the market. Really what do you use handphone for? The trendy wants to show the latest model in his/her possession. Arent we use handphone to talk/communicate? Is it for status? Hey...Ah Kow I got a new one in the market! What's so new Pak Long? I got mine just arrived in the market. Now look at the features! Aru got cheesed off. He couldnt change a new one so he becomes 'backward' in handphone status..It has become a 'must' have mentality. Once I saw in TV ads about a new handphone then. It cost $5,000 to own one. It had the symbol of class in it. Now this handphone became history. It had no value at all...It makes you think why flow with the trend...I am still using my old handphone...the one used in 007 show. I dont want to change because I hardly use it. Once awhile I top up my prepaid but I hardly call anybody....maybe once a while....but I hardly use up my prepaid amount. So I can't change number because I will lose my credit so I keep it as it is...
So now the school children too have handphones. Just listen to them or see what they do...Man they are good at sending SMSes to all their friends.....

Handphone I keep my old one for now...

government of the day

A sports complex in UK? Najib said it would go on inspite of rakyat complaints. It was estimated at $490 million to build. He hasnt come out with his reasons and the costs involved. It is more like a holiday gateway for the officials and minister than actually training the sportsmen/women. What are the games we are planning to excel in it? We can't compete physically with our built. We can only compete on games playing by individuals..table tennis, tennis, squash, badminton, sepak takraw, golf, bowling....Do we need to train in a complex in UK?
We have so many complexes built during the Sukma games in each state and see what happen to these buildings? Commonwealth Games complexes? Most I think are left unused or left to rot. Why do the government hide behind the OSA? It is tax payer's money and the rakyat has a right to know where the money goes to. They are there for the people through election but they forget when they are at the top. These elected MPs and Cabinet ministers forget about their responsibilities and they treat the voters/rakyat as no consequences....only when election times come the rakyat are important to them otherwise the rakyat like you and me have no say at all...
The PM could say it in words (first class facilities 3rd world mentality) but he doesnt do anything really concrete to change the rules of managing....He just knows how to say but doesnt know how to act on it. The way I see it every cabinet minister acts on his own, the government officials drag their own feets, take time to reply or never walk the talk in areas of their responsibilities, the chief ministers busy digging into their positions of power forgetting the state they lead - say one thing does another PJ signages....the CEO of the state doesnt know about it....just to show how the coordination works from the chief minister down to the ground zero...Every official does what he wants without coordination between other departments. Oh...yes building hospitals to serve the rakyat....Millions spend to build and acquire first class equipments...Know something else? Nobody really knows how to operate these sophisticated machines. They are left idle in the store rooms.....and they always say not enough manpower to cater for the people. It is always the same excuse ringing every year in and out. I wonder when they will stop and do something really concrete to serve -multi-tasking. Maybe they havent heard of the word Perhaps it is new word....

Vote for me! Smile here and there! I promise you this and that! Just vote for me!!!!

It is coming! The election will be arriving to every town and district.....Just vote for me!

Malaysia.....night dreams all the times

Sunday, July 16, 2006

redefine rape

Now the advantages for the women. I am thinking on the marriage life. What do the lawmakers think to protect the women only? What makes them think that the Act will not disadvantage the husbands? Will not the wives cry wolf many times? I think the husbands will get all tense up in the marriage beds. Will their wives report marital rapes of something they couldnt get from their husbands? Even the wives can't prove it in court of law, the husbands reputation and creditability have gone to pieces. Will the husbands stay married to the wives after these incidents? My safe bet is paid for sex services if the situation on the marriage bed is really bad. I dont want to face the judge in the court of law of what I conduct my affairs behind close doors with my wife(wives) or has become too stressful even in sexual plays not with the laws hanging over the guys heads. It is suppose to free flow to enjoy the sexual union and now nobody can really says the wives won't report something different....especially if one can't get it from her husband(car or house or watch or holiday or dinner) To me wives have the solid advantage over the husbands. I must be careful now of how I conduct my affairs. So the sexual scenes will be stressful too. In a way I wont know what the women will be thinking. Not good performance in sex file complaint to the police.NO? Force sex..create fear...empty promises...just to receive consent but it can turn the other way round to say.....'my husband makes me do this without my consent or he makes me do this because I fear him' is no fun anymore......with sex. I better trade carefully with the opposite sex....maybe I should write it in black and white eh? So that everything is covered in context of the sexual exploits....Then where is the freedom of fun? is making good for everybody

Thursday, July 13, 2006

traffic summons

Lately the newspapers reported on the traffic summonses of the PM and his Cabinet Ministers. Some dated over 7 years ago! I say walk the talk PM and his Cabinet. On one hand advicing the people to drive carefully and on the other hand they become the speed kings on the road! People want to know why they are not arrested for failing to settle their traffic summonses. Because they are the PM, Deputy PM and Cabinet Ministers. Nobody is above the country's laws and these people shouldnt grant any exception. Walk the talk IGP! Of course I check for my traffic offences but I dont get any. This year I never check again. Perhaps I should go to check. In case somebody uses my name to commit. I never know. Bank loans have been granted to people who are not genuine as claim in their ID cards. Pay extra time I better hop in to the balai and see what is in store for me...Here is the article I picked up on traffic summons committed by the Cabinet members.

VIP traffic summonses: Why no arrest warrants?Sulaiman RejabJul 13, 06 4:02pm

I refer to your exclusive report 18 more ministers among 'elite' speedsters. If one says that selected prosecution does not take place in Malaysia, please laugh. Ministers are getting away with unpaid traffic summonses while the ordinary man is being dragged to the lock-up in the wee hours of the morning. Inspector-General of Police Mohd Bakri Omar must explain the police's failure to arrest the prime minister, the deputy prime minister and other cabinet ministers for not paying their traffic summonses, some dating back to late 1990s. Why the double standard? When the ordinary man, who surely earns much less than these ministers, fails to pay his or her summonses, the police take great pains to go to court and obtain warrants of arrest. If the IGP cannot give a satisfactory answer as to why there are no warrants of arrest against these ministers, who in their hypocritical political speeches and Hari Raya messages advice motorists to drive slowly and carefully, then he should obviously resign for failing in his duties. No doubt that in most cases, it is the ministers' drivers who commit the traffic offence, but while ferrying whom? The deputy prime minister has collected summonses dating back to 1999 and owes the government about RM8,000. And guess what? No warrant of arrest. Works Minister S Samy Vellu, with 143 unpaid summonses, still owes the government RM17,460. He is followed by Foreign Affairs Minister Syed Hamid Albar, who has racked up 121 unpaid summonses totaling RM15,200 over the past seven years. Close on his heels is Human Resources Minister Dr Fong Chan Onn, with a debt of RM15,230 from 115 summonses issued from May 21, 2001 up to April this year.
Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development Minister Mohamed Khaled Nordin is said to owe RM12,190 from 93 summonses over a period of seven years. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had 11 summons, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Sharizat Abdul Jalil had 23 and International Trade and Industry Minister Rafidah Aziz had 10. Youth and Sports Minister Azalina Othman had 28 recorded against her name.
Do you have a viewpoint you want to share? Speak up! Send your 'Letters to the Editor' to Your letter may be published in Malaysiakini, and do let us know if you wish to remain anonymous.


Rape is unlawful sexual intercourse by force with a minor or adult woman. This is the legal view but now there will be amendment or addition rules to define rape in the country. It is for the protection of women in general in exercising their rules in relationships be them as girlfriends or wives or mistresses or concubines. In the civil laws this what would give the women rights to say or defend on the aggressors. On religion of the various races here it can be a torny issue for the husband and wife. Wives should submit to their husbands demands; the husbands should take care of their wives of her needs, desires and shelters and love them as they love themselves.
Yet through the ages evolution of demands changes. Career women have no time for sexual needs or desires. All the energy gear towards work related issues leaving the husbands or boyfriends living in dreams until they take their own actions....forceful sexual intercourse. Now this is a brake for the guys to think before running like crazy dogs in heat.....What about women raping the guys? So far it is always for the women rights and no law for the guys?

Here is the reported quoted in the Star in Parliament:-

Thursday July 13, 2006
Redefining the term rape
A BILL to amend the Penal Code to make it an offence for a husband to hurt his wife or put her in fear of death or injury with a view of having sex was tabled in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday.
Although it stopped short of using the term “marital rape,” the new offence under section 375A was to enable a husband to be jailed a maximum of five years upon conviction.
“We are mindful that the term “marital rape” is against the Syariah law and laws of other religions,” said Home Minister Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad when tabling Penal Code (Amendment) 2004 and Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Bill 2004.
Another amendment seeks to change the definition of rape by defining it via six descriptions, namely:
A man has sex with a woman by force,
A man has sex with a woman without consent,
A man has sex with a woman with consent but the consent was obtained by placing her in fear of death or injury or through misconception,
A man has sex with a woman with consent whereby the consent was only given because she believed she was legally married to him but the man knew that he was not married to her,
A man has sex with a woman with consent but she did not understand its nature and consequences, or
A man has sex with a woman with or without consent when she is under 16 years old.
The Bill also seeks to introduce the offence of aggravated rape – rape which causes injury to the victim or others, rape of a pregnant woman or rape of a woman when the consent is given by using his position of authority – where the offence would be a maximum of 30 years and whipping.
Where rape leads to the death of the victim, the offender could be jailed up to 30 years and be given up to 10 strokes of the rotan.
“This is in consideration of the possibility of the accused not having the intention to cause the death of the raped victim,” Radzi said.

Malaysia moving to plug the holes of the crazy dogs

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The Home Affairs Minister said there is no minimum fine for not bringing Mycard along daily. The maximum fine is still $20,000/- or 3 years in jail or both. In this case the Court will decide the amount to be paid when you are caught without the Mycard in your possession. We elect our government to help and protect us. We dont get that kind of services with our government. We are charged for our follies for electing this present government. The government should check the illegals in the country. Majority are Indonesians and mind you some have PRs and citizenships too. So damn easy to get compared to other races marrying to the locals. This the minister should go and check but no he wants to penalise the rakyat for electing them to office. I will not going to vote BN to power again. I have enough of what they did to Anwar Ibrahim. I did remember during the saga in the court I told my staff then that Anwar wasnt guilty at all. It was a predetermined set up to destroy his political career....Now I could be happy that I was right. Now I hear the penalty on the rakyat for losing or forget to bring their "Mycards" with them. I think we have elected a group of self centred politicians to power. Pity me for being so blind then.....all the BN MPs are 'yes men'

Malaysia......the yes mentality for no argument progress will be good

Saturday, July 08, 2006


"It's harsh" claimed the headline of the Star newspaper on Mycard. You have to bring your Mycard with you everywhere. You can't keep at home either. The penalty is 3 years in jail and a whopping fine of $20,000/-It is becoming ridiculous in Malaysia (though I still love my country) The authoritites should spend time and efforts to control the influx of illegals into the country and stop the corruption in the ranks whereby the illegals can obtain 'Mycard' so easily. This is important than crucify the citizen of not bringing along 'Mycard' Things that are important should be handled fast and nipped at the bud. I think this is the mentality of the little napoleans running the public administrations. You always hear 'tak cukup orang nak buat kerja' then you hear 'anda salah undang2 olih itu kena bayar' I still like the old plastic ID than Mycard. My own Mycard I had to glue it myself. It frayed! It is not a good workmanship. The company hasnt improved on its delivery system. The Registration Dept will charge me for the simple reason I do not take care of my "Mycard" I keep in the wallet all the times. What to take care? It is the material use that caused it to happen. Don't these people know about it? (Like Najib says "Oh it is news to me" when reporters asked him about Tajuddin suing the government on MAS )

Malaysia...macam2 nak jadi.....saya masuk bilik internet sajalah!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

north korea

North Korea fired her missiles in defiance of the World Body. The communist country doesnt kowtow to any super power. They are, I called, the evil Lord - something like Lord Vader. They hide behind the masks to pursue their single pursuit to dominate the world. If you read the scriptures, they are there all the times. Time is waiting for the Beast to unleash his power to the world. US of A has lost her power base in the early 60s. She doesnt recovered her dominance till today. US is a super power but North Korea is a small communist state yet she doesn't flinch she goes ahead to test her missiles. Now the world countries condemned her action. As always the displeasure will disappear by a week. Then everything seems to be the same only the monitoring group of people keep going. These people want to protect Mother Earth's destruction. Will there be a nuclear war? Our time here is running low and time we dont have the luxury to sit and evaluate the consequences of someone's actions. It is time a divine intervention is absolute necessary. There is no other way. The World is coming to an end on 23/12/2012 according to the Maya calculation.

Malaysia....the leaders seem indifference to their own shortfalls.

Monday, July 03, 2006

killing dogs without compassion

The Seremban town council officers shot dead 13 dogs in a terrace house in Seremban. I dont agree the officers carry out their duties. They should advice the owner, cajole him to hand over the dogs but the dogs owner refuse. Prior to the shooting incident, the neighbors had complained about the dogs barking every day. The dogs owner too is at fault. How could he rear over 25 dogs in his terrace house? If he wants to rear dogs or catch stray dogs, he should understand the neighbors' feeling. He can't just do it for the sake that he wanted to help these poor dogs running loose without an owner to take care. First rule of rearing animals (dogs & cats) know your neighbors' feeling. Second the peace in the neighborhood. Third proper hygience and maintenance. Fourth a proper place to rear animals. He failed all the rules. I dont feel sad for him. I feel pity the dogs had to die brutally. The Seremban officers should have compassion for animals but I dont think these people have it. It is no use going praying many times but never practised what one prays for it. It becomes a sinful act to shoot a defenceless animal.Pity. Sad.

Malaysia....a long way to find compassion in people

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dr M bising2

Our PM hiding facts. On the crooked/scenic bridge. Singapore wants sand and air space. So what? We sell we make tons of money. Air space we can control. We dont sell our souls anyway.
This time we shouldnt be so stupid to sell cheap. It should beyond the economic benefits. Now the bridge project was awarded then 3 months later cancelled, it showed how the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi administration runs. It has no focus. Concentrate on agriculture? First ask the graduates..yet we are willing to spend millions to retrain these graduates. Aren't we are stupid here wasting money again? If the government knows that the universitites are ditching out useless papers, why allow it to go on? Because of race! The policy should think of Malaysians not on race! This is the worst social injustice bestowed on the people. Like Hishamuddin welding the KERIS to tell the other races to beware (?) He has become insensitive of other races feeling. Now the bridge should allow to continue. What has Singapore got to lose? Plenty!!! Tourism and port facilities. Economic boom for Johore and the country. It is in this sense that Singapore is building casinoes and theme parks to retain her collection of revenues. It is billions dollars businesses. Here we have our PM cancelled the scenic project. I can visualize it. First every cabinet minister agreed the project is viable and awarded the contract. Then a few months later, they decided it is not good to go on so cancelled the contract. The silly question -Do they know they have to pay millions in compensation? Maybe they dont feel it. After all it is tax payer's money man! Then excuses branded around - it is better to save billions now then paying a paltry sum of millions which was reported something like $100 millions! PM kept quiet allowing his ministers to do the walk..Syed Albar talked on political correctness but not on economic sense. Now Singapore is smiling. They dont worry about the port and tourism facilities. They look at Malaysia read Malays stupid! When are we going to learn? The British bullied us. Japanese slaughtered us. The Communist made holes in our souls. Dont we learn at all? Now we are bullied by Singapore a small city state of over 4 million people. And our PM cakap saja tak tahu nak bikin. Dia harus cerita yang sebenarnya..Dr M memang gila betul! Beliau tidak mahu maruah negara dijatuhkan..sebab itulah Dr M buat bising2 So now I see all the 'yes men/women' defending the PM. I am sure some of these cabinet ministers and chief ministers disagreed with PM silence or the way he handled things in the country. NO....saying yes we get our benefits and positions!

Malaysia......agriculture wont take you to the global economy. You can't survive on it alone. It has to combine with developments - tourism, health care tourism, financial hub....Now it seems silence on the roads

Saturday, July 01, 2006

house alarm

My house alarm triggered off somewhere between 8.30am to 12.30pm. I left the house before 8.00am. Everything was fine then. I drove away to stay at the other house. I wasnt aware after that. I only realized the alarm was on when I went to the house after lunch at around 1.00pm. I was surprise and I quickly opened the main door at peeped inside. Everything was there. So I guessed it could be triggered off by the strong wind vibrations or knocking at the neighour house which is currently doing his renovation works. I went around the house. NOthing. It was a false alarm. I will check again around 5.30 pm. I use to park my car inside the car and go for my evening jog or walk. Only at night I switch on the porch light then I go off for my dinner. I only come back around 11.00pm.

Malaysia......too many house break-ins