Tuesday, January 31, 2017

hell at sea

Hell on the sea
When a ship sinks
When a boat capsizes
When a catamaran overturns

The crew and passengers
They will shout, cry and pray
Hoping for rescuers sailing in quickly
Else the sea will claim its stake

The bodies will float in cold sea
Splashing for awhile before tiredness call
The lifeless bodies losing all the hope
The survivors will cling together to survive

The silent prayers in their minds
Calling for help hope to arrive
The cold sea will make its claim
When weaknesses of souls fade

The life jackets must be put on
Don't think you are safe on the sea
Once tragedy happens the mind turns blank
You only stare at the cold sea

The cold tongue kissing your body
Taking its time to taste it over
You will shiver in the cold sea
Knowing it will be the long cold days

Don't forget life jackets
It will help you to stay alive
Put it on while on the boat
It will make a difference

don't hide your sins

When there is a black spot on your face
You don't see it but you will tell others on it
You can quote scriptures as if you know its meaning
Telling others they are sinful in their actions
You try to show you are above the other mortals
Everyone has committed a sin in his life
The day they were born till the day they die

You make yourself confusing
Maybe it is God's Ways to punish you
Yet you don't see it in your eyes
You still talk as if you are an angel
But the truth is you aren't sinless
You have your sins like everyone else

Don't call others to repent
For the sins they carry inside their minds
You have to openly declare yourself
You can't hide your sins while others you seek to ridicule
God will write down your misdeeds
God will answer for you when the time you return
The judgement God will tell you
Isn't it time to tell the truth before it is too late?

Don't swear on the Holy Books
Don't swear in the presence of praying halls
When your heart isn't pure
Your mind full of bad shadows
It will tell for the lights will bathe the shadows
Letting the sins glare in the open
Though you will walk out feeling compose
But black shadows tailing you behind
The righteous ones will see it clearly
You can't hide in a straight face

You forget God knows everything
Every inch of the brain, cells, nerves, thoughts
You just can't hide away from the poking eyes of God
He will make you pay for the sins you try to hide
Though you call others to repent
You walk out feeling compose

life is fragile

The butterfly falls
When its wings are clipped
On the carpet of green grass
In the heat of the sun

It tells us a tragedy...
Nothing is ever staying permanent
Outside factors may derail it
Leaving the unfulfilled dreams

The butterfly may have hit by the wind
Crushed against the branches of the palm tree
Leaving its life in broken wings
Waiting for the final verdict

There is no way to save the butterfly
It is waiting for its day to arrive
Even put it on the bamboo trees
Without food and water its life will be gone

It tells us a story...
Life is fragile we mustn't forget
We must enjoy it while we are at it
Once it is gone there is nothing to say or write

sex makes money

Sex makes money
We can't pretend it isn't
It is a few hundred billions business
We live in it in our lives

Sex market is huge
We see it in ourselves
In books, in videos, in movies and in plays
From gossips to the real thing

Sex never gets bored in our minds
We will dream of it every time
Even in work; in social gathering
We hope to get somebody to be laid

Then we hear of sex experts
They hold out to give advice
Sex isn't stripped naked
and dive into the pool
There are many zones to learn and play

We hear of sex problems
We read it in medical books and articles
Soft penises, low sex drives, low interest
On the men and women of unfulfilled needs

The lone rangers can find the market
In the cities and towns to engage in it
The nights of the angels for a fee
The gigolos plying their trade

The plays and the playboys
A full pocket the playgirls arrive
They say the sweetest words
Nothing else matters but the sex

But sex can kill
When a person needs aren't fulfilled
Sex can make a person go mad
When a need isn't met terrible things happened

Sex makes money
It is the real thing on the move
We read of sex slaves
A lucrative market to push

The gangs and black markets
They will roundup women and men
For the purpose to perform sex
A pocket full of money everything goes

Sex can be a crime
When force is used to play
Though money will be exchanged
The criminal acts aren't free

The child sex is a crime
No country will tolerate it
Though money seems to talk
The supply chain will be knocked

Sex makes money
The angels of night flourish
Full time or part time women or men
It is the need of demand and supply

Though police will stage raids
The rings will not be broken easily
One brothel closes a few spring over night
For sex is money

Sex is a gift from God
But the pimps know how to squeeze
The lonely people on the planet
Charging a fee for service

So we can't escape
Sex makes money
Like it or hate it
Sex is here to stay

let it go

Let it go
Show us what you can do
You don't need to beg
You will save your pride

You don't have to worry
The future you can't see
You can speak everywhere
The rules will stay

You want to change
Convince the people you can
Show us your plan
You don't have to beg

Let it go
When Trojan horses run
You should realize by now
The backstabbers mustn't welcome

The time is
When the walls have cracked
The signs are there
You don't have to beg

You need to act together
Formulate a good plan to succeed
You don't have to beg
You will save your pride

Monday, January 30, 2017

the eco-warriors

The eco-warriors
They want to make their stand
On Nature crying of losing her shine
On the destruction for the sake of development

The eco-warriors may ruffle some hairs
The political connected companies never like it
The political leaders will shout at the lap dogs
The eco-warriors will be punished or pushed

Though there are laws
The enforcement officers aren't pro-active
They wait for reports or complaints before they act
It is up to the eco-warriors to shout and crow

Sometimes the eco-warriors are arrested
For fighting a cause for Mother Nature
Destroying the environment isn't a laughing matter
It will cause irreparable damage to the environment

The authorities should walk the rounds
Let the laws apply equally across the board
Do not let greed and corruption destroy Nature
It will cause headaches for our future generations

The current political ruling landscape
The leaders have never reversed gears
The promises have all forgotten
When wealth of the nations they take away

Nature is crying
Too much destructions without proper control
We see the effects on our times
The floods; the landslides; the polluted rivers
And the air-borne diseases stalking lives

The eco-warriors have a role to play
They want to fight for the injustice on Nature
Let the people recognize the ill-effects in their lives
We can't stay neutral; it is our fight keep Nature
Else we will suffer the side effects of our silence

give them plenty..they will sit in one place

The porn sites in the web
It brings sex in the net
It may bring good cheers or bad vibes
In this country the sinful authorities will clamp down
Its officials will say it is bad to watch

Rapes and sexual crimes aren't related to porn sites
It is related to our minds and our discipline
It has nothing to do with religions
Let the people choose what to see and enjoy

Look at the Western countries too much porn
Do we think they have high sexual crimes?
Look at the Middle Eastern countries
Hide the sex but sexual crimes run high

We live in a sinful world
No matter how we want to control and hide
Lucifer will not let it happen
God has promise He will not interfere

We will enjoy the thrill of penetrations
We think of sex every moment
Every date; every kiss; every touch
Sex isn't far from our minds
It isn't about watching porn sites

Why the West has low sexual crimes?
The sex teachers will tell...
Too much watching porn will reduce our libidos
Yes..too much porn the weakness of the hanging sticks

The desire for sex will go down hill
The men can't make their members go hard
Too much watching porn causing the organs to hide
The sex instructors have warned it many times

When the authorities block porn sites
The men and women will be highly sexually charged
They need to find an escape route
Without the porn sites they think of a different approach

Give them plenty...they will sit in one place
They can knock off their needs
Until they are too tired to think
Sex will stay cool for a day or two

When the mind is left to imagine
Traveling far and wide in the imagination
It makes the men and women eager to go
Hit the road right into the sexual glow
It isn't hard to believe with the raging hormones

Sexual crimes don't link to porn sites too much
It links to our minds, our lusts, our desires
Even without the porn sites sexual crimes still go up
When there is no outlet to knock it off

Bearing in mind we think of sex
Every waking hour in our minds
It doesn't have to link to porn sites
It is the gift God has given us to enjoy
Porn sites just show how sex is done
In many ways in different positions

But there are others who will claim
Porn sites causing the young to engage in it
Here comes the sex education to teach
Let the young know the joy of sex
Let the young know the responsibility
In engaging sex there will be consequences

When porn sites are blocked or books on sex banned
It will trigger the mind to find out why
Why want to be good when the mind is bad on sex?
It makes no sense when sexual acts happening every second
Let us be honest we all want sex all the times
When we get married it is about sex
You think it is about love and all that we say?
It is sex Mr Sherlock Holmes!
Porn sites may encourage it
But too much porn will make the organ soft
The mind is dull the imagination drained away
It will take a while for the member to come alive!

forget pas

Let Pas play its trojan horse
The party thinks of nothing
But hudud law in its game
The nation of secular
Pas will not understand
It is in its DNA
Marching for an Islamic nation

Its leaders can swear
On the Constitution
But sincerity falls behind
When it comes to protect the nation
Pas will play its game of division
Its leaders think they are holy than most
But they commit the most sins
By the way they speak
Branding others sinful but not them

DAP, PKR and Bersatu
You have enough vote banks to make the grade
Seriously you don't need Pas
It is better you make your own
Don't let Pas strike you from behind
Its leaders will not hesitate to do
With their game of hudud and Islamic nation

Go and make the change
The nation needs it badly
There is enough division
It is high time it is stopped
Bring the people together
As a nation of colourful souls
Of cultures, habits and religions

Sunday, January 29, 2017

the dark clouds over the mountain

The dark clouds over the mountain range
The gathering wind silently breezing along
The trees leaves rustling with the silent protest
Though it likes the caressing touches

The light thunder in the sky
There is no rain to fall
It's only the rumbling of the dustbin man
Running his dustbin with his motorbike

The wind stop for a while
Maybe taking a break
In the distance the light thunder rolls
The roosters never cock-a-doodle doo

Now the soft wind blowing
The leaves dancing with it
The dark clouds spreading in the sky
Thinking of rain but it is work in progress

The roosters by now will crow
Maybe the owner woks it in slow fire
There is no roosters at the back-lane
There are cats walking by looking for food

The dark clouds gather over the mountain range
Thinking of rain but it hasn't from the sky
The gathering wind silently breezing along
The roosters never cock-a-doodle doo

falling in love from a distance

Falling in love from a distance
The words never have spoken
It is left in the mind in a compact disc
Afraid to say; afraid to hear the laughter

The triangle of love
It happens in many relationships
A man or a woman falls in love with another soul
When they are in current bonding glue

It is hard to say
The words are floating in the mind
The frustrations in love from a distance
There is no way to light the fire

Falling in love from a distance
The words get bottled in the mind
When a man or a woman falls in the predicament
It is like crying with the wind like whispering

There is nothing much could be done
Hold your tongue; hold your words; hold your mind
The less spoken the less hurt it becomes
The friendship stays strong the current flow on even speed

Falling in love from a distance
The words never have spoken
It is left in the mind in a compact disc
It is like crying with the wind like whispering

bend like rubber

Bend like rubber
You never want to do
You dropped your way
Leaving the moment to the wind

The sound on the chopping board
It rings the sound in the air
The devil rises from his slumber
Dripping wet to get the score

Driving a hard bargain to get the ore
The drumming in the mind to score
The sorry state of affairs to read
The unfulfilled dream sleeping in the mind

The wind blowing the palm leaves
Bending it slowly brushing it carelessly
Pushing it to the ground telling the need for it
Then the wind stop the unfulfilled need arises

You can't do it to me!
I need to touch the ground”
The wind laugh blowing it hard
Is it really? You should be hung high and dry!”

run gst

Run GST it's time to go
You don't have to feed
The elites to stay alive
It makes no sense

You are part of the feeding
On the spread of the tentacles of corruption
It makes the people angry of the rising tides
You collect tens of billions but where are the goods?

Run GST it's time to go
The pro-government economists will say
You have come to save the elites
They too get a share of the bargain

Run GST you know the history
You don't need to be a peg in a wheel
You need to run away from the corrupted tentacles
It is here you feed the tentacles of corruption

Run GST it's time to go
You don't have to feed
The elites to stay alive
It is better to stop corruption

let the positive vibrations flow

The ashes of life
Don't let it go to waste
Once it has the full potential
Until the black angel pays a visit

When he comes
The time is lost
Nothing will say or do
It will make any difference

So go get it done
The life's full riches
It lays out in the eyes
You don't need to be rich

The gifts are everywhere
Train your eyes and mind to see
The abundance wealth in your life
If only you stop and breath for a while

You will see the difference
It springs out alive in your eyes
You don't have to be rich or poor
The gifts are everywhere

The way life brings
Enrich it by taking it boldly
Let the positive vibrations flow
As life turns into ashes you don't feel regret

Saturday, January 28, 2017

this is a gift

On the nights of heat
The men and women will ride
Up to the North or down to the South
On the cascading rides full of screams
Splashing it down the slippery slope
Going deep into the pits

The night watchers will pimp
They hope to catch the waywards on heat
They don't believe they do it wrong
They think they are the saints
Without the screaming organs and hollows
It will be a sad, sad, crushing blow

The drumbeats of the bridges
The water flow deep sweeping in anticipation
The broken sticks; the shortest poles, the thundercats
The wind of whisper the brushing of ecstacy flow
The echo of the bridges reaping its rewards
Spoil by the nightwatchers cracking its whip

Yet the nights of heat
It will filter through codes and means
The games of hide and seek flourish
Even angels fall for the passion
Who can fault creations?
It is meant to live it up

It is only the night watchers
Stick it in by Lucifer to thwart a plan
Going all out to punish those involved
The dating games and its benefits
Cascading down from the nights of passion
And they say it is wrong!

On the nights of heat
You can see God's paradise
Nothing will beat its creation
This is a gift

It makes our mundane life comes alive!

the speeding drivers

The speeding drivers
They never learn at all
Follow the traffic rules
Many fail to do

The police say
The traffic offences high
Issuing 16,500 summons
The drivers wrong attitude

The speeding devils
The highway is the toy
Pumping adrenalin in the go
Lives flowing out to the wind

The police busy writing
The summons flying high
Will the drivers stop and think?
Only death will make them regret!

he may dream to make it big

With his guitar on his shoulder
He will go out and sing his songs
He braves the crowd of sea faces
He has to earn his days in the challenging times

He may dream to make it big
He knows it in his heart and mind
Now he has to earn his living
With his guitar strumming away

He sings his songs
In the crowded boardwalk
People may stop and listen
He is on his flow

Some may throw him money
For the joy he brings to the air
The dreary lives they all live in
With songs singing live on the street

With his guitar on his shoulder
He will go out and sing his songs
He may dream to make it big
Now he has to earn his living

the malaysians going abroad

The Malaysians going abroad
Living their roots to settle overseas
They will say many reasons
One of those will be opportunities

Many will not return home
They will get married settled down
They always think they make a good choice
Leaving the land of their birth

The discrimination happens in all countries
On the white skin, black skin, yellow skin
It is how much a person could take it
Some just can't make the connection

Going abroad and live
It seems the easy way to go
Convert themselves without fear
Living the life in the eyes

With rising tide of Islam phobia
The Isis militants making the bad
Many too have flocked home
Maybe they miss the “teh tarik!”

If we want a change here
We have to band together to make it
We can vote out Bee Anne
We have given enough time already

It ripe time to change
Bee Anne has enjoyed over 6 decades of rule
Thanks to EC and its one sided track
We need to make the move

soo many shop-lots

So many shop-lots
The housing developers built
It is left empty unoccupied
Some for years

And yet with every new housing project
More shop-lots are built
Don't the developers see it?
There is no demand already?

Even with the new bus terminal
There will be more shoplots built
A short distance from it
Tiara shoplots too going up

While the old shop-lots are left empty
Why must the town council approve it?
On the structure plan shop-lots will be built
The previous lots are left to decay?

One Impiana Plaza is left empty
It is now rundown and eye sore
Nobody wants it there
Still many shop-lots are coming up

Maybe I miss something?
Maybe the town council wants taxes
Without studying the demand and supply
Look at the old shoplots are left empty

Friday, January 27, 2017

the city once i stayed

The city once I stayed
Though traffic jams was usual
The minibuses catching business
The hell drivers zooming in

The impatient drivers
The pedestrians better walked faster
The drivers couldn't wait for the green
They were eager to press and fly

In the night
The night clubs and mamas
The girls under their charge
The dancing partners and side income

Until the wee hours of the morning
The way these girls operate their living
It was the money dreaming of a better life
Under the syndicate gangs hard to come by

The drug addicts and their smoking habits
The wasted lives losing all hope in their lives
Begging for money to get the next fix
I knew a chicken seller lost it all for drugs

I left the city
I didn't want to see the ills
I left my footprints and memories
Floating around with the wind

don't issue warning

Don't issue warning
Enough time for you to act
The years falling deep
The snow has melted

Look into the ministers
The party chief and deputy chief
There will have skeletons
They can't escape if you probe in

So Macc wake up and go
Don't show us the small fishes
They just follow the white sharks
Some white sharks probe for years

But what is the result?
It is as quiet as the silence
There is nothing to hold them?
Not even a hair of bad faith?!

Macc, saying donation isn't corruption?
Go and bite the white sharks
It is time to get the act together
This isn't the time to issue warning!

The big white sharks are free
Dipping in the clear blue sea
Enjoying the sun and fishes
While Macc showing placards

Come on be a man!
Catch the white sharks
Drag it to shore for us to see
Cut into pieces serve it in prison