Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the graffiti in our minds 2

Along the routes
The colourful races stand together
All eager to get to work
Somewhere the bus travels

The clock chimes
The day will be hive of activities
All working for a common good
What's 1Malaysia?

They have been doing it
Shopping the grids for the country to prosper
They earn their keeps some go to the nation
Along the way somebody takes

The greed and corruption
The faces on the buses read
They don't want to make troubles
They think they have enough in the work place

The bus moves on
More passengers get up to go
Some standing for the short haul
They need to get there on time

And the words keep dancing
“Malaysia...People first”
They know they don't get
The situation still sucks

The bus stops
The traffic light of red
On the street ahead
The police block causing jams

The passengers in the bus
They curse under their breath
“What the hell?”
“We are late again!”

The police divert on going traffic
Away from the demonstrators
The bus load of people watch
They know what's ills the country

Every one in the bus
They share the same sentiments
The country needs to change
There is no doubt about ti

The bus driver revs it up
As the road has less traffic
It moves on before something happens
The people watch as the scene fades away

Then the calm restores
The people go back to their daily routines
Eyes looking far away
Some may think of how to make money

Some drop near hotels and restaurants
Others have to wait a long while......
The bus moves on weaving out of traffic
Some older people too slow to reach the bus stop

The bus never stops for them
The driver just ignores the waving hands
He drives along eyes on the traffic flow
When you grow old don't think of an excuse

One by one
The bus stops
Every passenger walks away
Feeling the soft breezes flow

The graffiti in our minds
The spins of public officials
The bus driver horns
He knows what to do

He passes the same police check
He waves at them thinking he will allow through
The police whistle at him to stop
He curses as he drives to park at the side road

the graffiti in our minds

At the bus stop
The graffiti on the walls
The words and the guys
The canned of colours spray

The passengers arrive
They don't look at it
Maybe it is there too long
They get used to the words

“1Malaysia...People first”
They know it never really happens
The political slogan just to feel good
Reality the spoon feeding bloom

The colours of the races
The religions they practice
One is so afraid of the other
Though it comes from the same family tree

“No Sir” they say their piece
“We are born to it and nobody should sway”
They want the numbers forgetting the quality
The journey to find salvation..

The religion and race
The buttering trade for a cause
The politicians and religious affairs
They forget we are Malaysians

The country of many strings
All tie to the same family tree
The Constitution which binds the nation
The leaders forget rushing to do their own thing

The bus passengers look
The faces they know so well
They don't have to put a tag
They know they are Malaysians

It's the half baked fools
They call themselves politicians
Running the length and breadth of the country
Branding their 3Rs forgetting the other colours


The bus move on
The passengers settle on their seats
Sharing the common goal
Nothing to feel superior or inferior

Some sit quietly letting minds roam
Some open books to read to gain knowledge
Some just stare into the empty spaces
Some just doze away letting the minds dream

They may have political differences
They may not share the same fortunes
In the bus as they group together
They have a common denominator

The bus moves on
The sound whirring in their ears
“1Malaysia....People first”
They don't dream on it

Here the common base
They can travel together in peace
In the common close up space
They know they have to live together

It's the politicians
They don't travel by bus
They don't sit with the commuters
They go with their grand luxurious cars

The bus moves on
Other passengers get up and go
Along the route many arrive and depart
The same faces every day affair

the faces of love

The faces of love
It isn't easy to see
You may think you have it
Then you are left alone

The faces of love
You want to see the good
The painted faces you push away
You don't want to see it

How wrong when it comes to you!
The faces of love making you a fool
Once you thought you could climb hills
Then it leaves you whimpering the loss

The faces of love
You can't ignore the good and the bad
It's part of the colours
You have to live with it

the stork and the bee

Sex Education

The stork and the bee
When will it be told as it should be?
The journey of a life
It can't hide away

Life is pornography
Every of it breathing space
It's how it makes its living
Thinking of it every day

If not how is the population increase?
The billions now sitting on the planet
It's the creation for the human race
Live with it learn the rope play the game

Yet there is a group can't face it
The stork and the bee
The graphic details so what's wrong
The children has to learn

slogans throw into the bin

Lynas pack up and go
The people who know
They just don't want you
Don't you understand at all?

The man made safety measures
Nobody can guarantee it
The underground safety pipes
Nature will make her day

The ills that rise
It never good for any one
Lynas home base you run
Why not put your print there?

We have our tragedy
Back in Bukit Merah area
Till today the radioactive components
It sits there like a time bomb

People you know what to do
We shouldn't elect this government any more
Our interests they forget...
Slogans throw in the bin

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

you may not know me

You may not know me
I am singing on the street
I tell you what I dream
In a way it is part of my life

The years that were
It was sweet to remember
The memories we had shared
Nobody could take it away

I try to make it home
Drugs hit me when I am down
I didn't know what consumed me
I was down into the dark shadow

God is kind to me
I got it out before it was too late
You may not know me
I am singing on the street

you broke your promise

“I wait for you
Along the beach years ago
You never come to me
You broke your promise

I try to understand
Alone on the beach
Why you never show up?
You never hint to me

Tears begin to fall
As I know I am stood up
I never should have believed you
You were good on the bed

I wait for you
Until the dawn appears
I never see you again
As I walk back alone”

life bring me the blues

Life bring me the blues
I know I will face it
When I can't get what I want
I live in the seconds

I try to make it works
I give your best shot
Sometimes it isn't enough
Life bring me the blues

You want to give me
Yet I am left in the cold
You never look at my way
Life bring me the blues

I turn around
In the cold dark night
You leave me alone
I live life alone

Life bring me the blues
You give me the high
I get nothing in my soul
You leave me alone

the ugly side


The paid thugs in numbers
The ugly side that breed in our lives
The political games of destabilizing a cause
The ruling regime afraid to fall

The police playing hide and seek
They issue statements of denial
They have the special branch officers
Don't tell they don't know at all?

The country crying for change
The good governance the spirit of equality
Share her wealth for her people
No creed no race no religion no favoritism

The ugly side that breed in our lives
The political masters enrich the soil of the land
The good name of the country going to the rabid dogs
Tarnishing her name wasting her wealth and resources

down by the river bank


Down by the river bank
The clogging at the source
The debris floating an eye sore
Where is the caring for Nature?

Talking is so cheap
Yeah it is true in our society
Where money ringing in our minds
We forget where we came

The fishes in the river
The spotted ones suffering by toxic wastes
The dark shadow smiling at our sins
Where is the caring for Nature?

The massive developments
No caring for Nature
The clogging at the source
The debris floating an eye sore

On lookers passing by on the bridge
Some look others stay for a while
The debris of our poor attitude
It is there painting for us to see

Talking is cheap
Yeah it is true in our society
The dark shadow smiling at our sins
Encouraging us to flow with our greed

Monday, February 27, 2012

don't get fooled again

The departed souls suffered in agony
On the land of the radioactive curse
For years they had to endure and suffer
For the short changed of wealth creation

It was over decades ago
The crying pain still can be remembered
For the departed souls couldn't rest in peace
The regime will have to suffer and pay

Now the same regime is committed to play
The history of the past will come again
The easy promises to soothe the town folks
The regime wants the wealth the curse forgets

The town folks must know what to do
You can't go and vote blindly
You have seen what they intend to do the town
Vote the regime out for heaven's sake!

don't repeat history

The Pied Piper sings
On the road to his cave
Under the mountain he lives
High up to the sky

He can play his melodies
He can dull the audience minds
The Pied Piper sings
“You don't have to worry”

The audience listening
Eyes and minds floating to his words
“You have the money in your hands
You don't have to follow the silly fools”

“What will they know?
They don't bring food to you
They only shout in large numbers
They never bring jobs around”

People you have a choice
History has recorded its devastation
On human lives and lost causes
The radiation still haunts the town

Do you want to repeat it all over again?
For a few silver dollars you sacrifice your life
The children that comes and their children
Just because they call you are the fool?

the country need our help

We have to change
Man we can't wait for it
We have to make through
The country needs our help

For decades we make the wrong choice
We suffered for our dignity and values
We thought we could have equal rights
For the country's wealth and progress

Boy we are dead wrong
The policies lopsided to a race
We aren't where we suppose to be
Man we can't wait for it

We have to change
The greedy and corrupted leaders
We can't let them rule again
The country needs our help

The drumbeats echo in the corridor
Man we can't wait for it
We have to make through
We have to change

the green beret

Danger Sign

The Green Beret
They protest for a cause
The diseases and losing lives
The future of the town

The black knight promises
The truth the people should know
It's about political survival
It's nothing to do uplifting society

The lives shackle with incurable diseases
It is not happening now
In time through leakages storage
Underground seeping and spreading

The history on our shore
The dreaded nightmare we had seen
The clean up isn't complete
We have the death trap waiting

The Green Beret
The marching for a change
No Lynas no welcoming deadly diseases
No damaging to the natural flow

Sunday, February 26, 2012

the day will come

The luxurious ship is sinking
On the ocean battling with the waves
The captain can't help her now
Too many nails hammering into it

He stands to watch
He can't understand how it happens
In his watch he sees it happens
What now dear God?

The parasites huddle together
From the open deck they watch in horror
Nature has come to exact her revenge
The tidal waves rising high

The small boats quickly lowered
They want to escape but where to go?
In the ocean of rising waves
Nobody can escape

The rats running out
They have no place to shout
Hiding under the skirts
The women jump and scream

The chaos in the luxurious ship
The yelling and screaming to live
Nature only smile with huge gaping hole
“Welcome home creatures of greed”

old money change for new

Old money change for new
Along the way others make millions
This is how it is worked
It looks so legal binding contract

At a time we are suppose to save
As much as possible to prepare for the worst
The tightening economy yet we see
The old money change for new

It will cost over hundred millions
Some how there is a party waiting
Make the call everything is cozy
Old money change for new

Don't let Greece spook the country
The way she is heading we will share
The headaches and sorrows in our times
Old money change for new

some say it can sing in an hour

Even the strings rusty
Even there is no melody
It is the strumming away
An exercise isn't in no gain

The mind stays alert
The fingers do the exercises
Strumming the sound away
On a quiet day....

Learn a few chords
Maybe still running short
But what the heck!
It's to let the mind be active

The guitar never sweeps a good song
The learning curve will take a long while
Some say it can sing in an hour
Learn the major chords many songs in line

the guitar sings

The guitars stand near the wall
It never weeps for any one
It stays there with itself
Listening to the tales

Of years gone by
The strumming sound feel the air
The melodies of honey coated songs
Now it stands by the wall

The guitar strings maybe rusty
In the open under the shade
Life once was good
The music it played to entertain people

Now it opens its eyes
The strings coming back to live
The strumming can be heard
The guitars sweep the lonely days away

road bullies

Road bullies
They don't get away
They hog the roads
You follow my tail

Some drive very fast
Flashing lights as they chase
The expensive cars on speeding
They don't care they endanger lives

Road bullies
They are men and women
On the wheel they forget
They are human beings

They think they are Supermen
They can fly floating in the air
When the cars crush into metal heap
They realize it too late!

when you worry

When you worry
Many things will happen
Then you will say
“I told you so!”

Worrying is a traffic red light
It stops you to perform silly tasks
You should take a walk around any place
Clear your mind and refocus your issues

Sometimes you think you are alone
Look around you and you will find
You aren't the exceptional one
They others like you

You don't have to worry
The natural progression will come
Within the air tight natural laws
Life is meant to enjoy so go the flow!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

it is high time we take a new

The spin of promises
It isn't made to the people
Why only one sided affair?
What about the opposition camp?

Don't these people have a say?
The main TV stations playing the game
The black knight and his black knights
Galloping around to gather votes

They will with black magic
The wizardry of the dark ages
They know they are going to lose
The way of luxuries will be gone

The reach of propaganda televisions
The black knight controls through the cronies
They spin the tales of what they can do
With public funding as if belonging to them

The spin of promises
They go around telling the people
The opposition can't do it
The city folks know the truth of the game

We have to change
It is high time we take a new
The way forward for the country
It's the grouping of new leaders

the spin of tales

Fishing for votes
It has begun
It's the money
On the programmes

The young and old
They get the benefits
The spins from the party
The coalition partners busy

Let they drink the toddy
They are happy gathering
The smiling faces showing the money
The main newspapers spin the tales

Out through the good mess
The awarding of contracts
It runs into billions...
Do the young and old know?

They get the peanuts
With the monkeys scratching their backs
The coalition cronies run with the projects
Now who are laughing to the banks?

the lame excuses

The river clogged
When the rain fell

The people cried
It wasn't fair

They wrote to complaint
The usual lame excuses

No funds to help
Bear with it for a while

Equipments fixed
Poor maintenance the disease

The government officials
They sat in offices....

Writing lengthy reports
On the field they forgot

Did they have a log book?
Covering the areas they had to inspect?

The river clogged
Flash floods rising

The people complained
They took a long time coming

Now over $610 million paid out
The $500/- for eligible person

If only the priority is right
The suffering of housing estates solved

With a 10% allocation
The councils can do wonders

Now the complaints
Change the government

It is the time
For our better future

Friday, February 24, 2012

the cow gates come to our lives

The cow gates come to our lives
As we get up in the morning to share the light
The open fields of green green grass
Where are the cows we heard so much about?

The public funds going to waste
The sky write it out for us to see
The dark clouds floating in different direction
We only see the shadows hiding behind trees

We read the main newspapers
The front pages it never appears
It is somewhere in a few pages behind
Telling the readers nothing important to highlight

The cow gates come to our lives
The country will suffer for the poor decisions
The pack of wolves running wild in the mind
The spins we hear now ringing so shallow

she rants like a fool

She rants like a fool
Every body shakes head
A woman with an education
What comes out degrade herself

She rants like a fool
Putting question she can't string it civil
She just wants to behave aggressive
Believing power equals bullish behaviour

She can't hide away
Even in years the video clip will stay
Learning to be humble and civil
She forgets her roots sad she never learns

She rants like a fool
Saying sorry is so hard for her
A leader she can't in our society
Of respect to elders she rubs the wrong way

help the country to smile

The many cow gates
One has jumped over the fence
Alone mooing in the wild
The comrades pretend to help

Issuing statements thinking we are fools
We never forget the people's money.....
It has been used so many times in mega projects
Along the way the costs over-run

We don't have to dig up the past
There are many covered in the published book or internet
There the facts and figures laid out to remind us
We mustn't be fools to vote the party again

Now the next cow gate
A $2.2 billion highway project
Awarded to party lawyer and former top judge
For alleged works rendered in back door politics

These people have no experience
How to get the award you guess it right
“I help you, you help me” philosophy
So we are the losers again

Are we going to keep quiet?
We have to decide in our next course of action
The country needs our help
We can't ignore our common plight

Thursday, February 23, 2012

donate to Unicef education drive



At Ipoh City Council
In the warm morning day
The cars park full
The city dwellers in the paying office

The 2 slim Malay women standing
With a big board asking people to pledge and sign
They work for Unicef helping to get funds for education
The heat is warming up the entrance

Some ignored as they walk
Others stop by to sign
Some want to donate
No cash shall be entertained

So they smile and walk away
No donation as they think it is one payment
Maybe the women will get a few donors
Funds for the poor students

why waste life

The man walked unsteady
Without shirt holding his packet of cigarettes
Climbing the short steps he suddenly fell
Hitting the concrete floor full on his body

I saw him he was walking wobbly
As usual around this time at night
The shopping complex of Target and ticketing booths
The night of the cheap beer the unkempt guys came

I guessed he was high on his drugs or cheap beer
He fell as I was watching him walking
He got up immediately he had no physical injuries
He walked into the dim lit area....

I looked around the steps
They were other guys sitting around
Some stared into nothingness
Some slept on the shops corridor

Don't do get involved in drugs
Don't get drunk trying to forget
It never happens it will get worst
Why waste a life there is much to live for?

sometime you know

Sometime you know
You can't get what you want
You can only look
Outside the window

The mannequins smile
The tempting eyes look
You touch the material
And the price you decline

You know you don't
Pay something to wear
A few washes the texture go away
You rather buy something worthy

In time it may appreciate in value
You don't have to throw away
You don't have to worry
You just keep it

Sometime you know
You can't get what you want
You watch it on window display
You can dream as you get along

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

don't let comfort zone pull you down

We enjoy living in our comfort zones
Every day in all our routines
Wake up in the early morning
Rushing into the familiar traffic crawl

We know the routes
We know the time by our minds
Yet we go in to make the jam
“It's the only way to go home or to office”

We are afraid to take unfamiliar short cuts
We think we will get lost and can't be found
We have that stomach yearning knots
We feel uncomfortable when it is late at night

Now if we stop and think about it
The police officers doing us a favor
We know there's another road to reach our spots
Though it may take longer but it takes less time

We never realize it
Until somebody shows us the way
Sometimes it is good to take a different approach
Like when we were young so much adventures

We shouldn't forget our adventurous spirit
It is a part we grow and nurture our souls
We should realize comfort zones spoil us
We will get backward losing our potential

she digs her own down fall

The years of schooling
Growing up to be matured and cultured
In the glare of public especially in national tv
She lays it bare her own uncultured manners

She forgets how to ask question
Nobody provokes her into uncouth mind
She forgets where she is in national tv
So let lose her loose tongue

Now she feels the heat
She never apologizes but trying to justify her stand
She forgets again apology serves a purpose
She is never learned the finer point of humbleness

She wants to be a politician
She better stays working in an office
Earning her keep and stay out of public life
She isn't cut out to serve the people

Now voters
You have seen
It's time to change for the better
Don't listen to the ruling elite

Teach them to learn
The basic rule of humbleness
Say sorry when a mistake is done
And never repeat it again

many religions many coloured people

We have so many kind of people
in the world where cultures and belief reign
Every one wants to be a superior race
It's this problem we never find total peace

It's like the chess board
The layered functions each has to perform
On the move intimidating the opponents
Each wants to win at all costs..

God knows the pitfalls
One religion one race isn't happening
God change the colors in the whole process
Then God send the prophets to tell the good news

Somewhere along the journey
The story was changed........
Each color wanted to be a superior race
God never say God never sanction it

It's our own we made
God allow us to do our journey
As free as God want us to be
Only our race putting shackles in our minds

the sleeping cat

The sleeping cat

Rain or shine
The multicolored cat hides
Not under the shady trees
It's under the car

The morning and afternoon nap
The worries of the day disappear
The freedom of being alone
Taking a sleep on the quiet

Even the neighborhood dogs
They let the cat stays alone
As they run in pack looking for food
Along the roads scavenging in dustbins

The multicolored cat
Eyes close body straight out
It never smells the predator
The cat catcher on the prowl

Rain or shine
The multicolored cat hides
When the day is quiet
It snoozes in its delight

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

nature can play games

Over the mountain range
The dark clouds gathered to sing
The thunder ran along the dark sky
“Don't you dare forget me!”

The town folks got no worry
They carried on their usual activities
They knew of the raining season
It came at night or in the middle of the night

The thunder rolling the lightning flashes bright
For a while every one thought it could be heavy fall
When it came it was the usual rain....
A relief at least didn't have to worry about flash floods

It was the complacency causing headaches
A trick of nature caught many by surprise
The strong wind came splashing branches and leaves
Uprooting trees causing damages to cars and homes

The whistling wind came
The people finally knew
There was no flood but the wind fury
Nature can play games

who's to blame?

long road to happiness

You can cry
Of the pain you suffer
When you go and make the wrong choice
Who is to blame?

Tell me who is to wipe your tears?
You have make your choice
The years seem unfair to you
Now you want to cry

Who is to blame?
Tell me why you make the choice?
Now you can cry
Nobody can share with you

You look at the birds
They tweet in melodies
They flock together in harmony
You wish you make the right choice

Who is to blame?
The years you live in pain
The choice you make
Now you want to cry

there is hope yet

In the villages
The people just go about
They just want to get on with their lives
They don't want to change course

They allow the misfortunes to fall
They say it is their lot to suffer
Toiling the land back breaking routines
They never want to know

Once a while they get aids
They are happy they forget their pains
The simple folks minds are free
They don't want to change course

Now most of gone
Leaving behind the generations to toil
They aren't happy they aren't satisfied
The wealth of the nation only to selected groups

They want a share
The villages of the current generations
They aren't toiling the land for nothing
They know they should get it better

There is hope yet
The regime will fall
The wealth of the nation
The road of recovery will be shared

the indifferent attitude

6 hours rain
The people some parts of Ipoh
They didn't look out
It was the snoozing night

A woman said she heard
The cats whining to escape
She didn't come down to look
The rising water submerged the cats

The neighbouring houses too
When they found out about rising water
The losses haven't been assessed
When animals cry for help look out the window

The river overflowed
Many complaints had been sent
About the shallow river bed
The city council drags its feet

Now the residents suffered
The reactive measures put in place
It will be forgotten when event turns normal
Wait for another hiccup then starts again

Monday, February 20, 2012

the rule of the game

The rule of the game
You are in power you can escape
With the help from big brother
You just do your lip running

Are we giving the tacit approval?
Something is wrong in religion and morality
Yet we don't seem to realize it
It's because of money flowing into your hands?

It's just peanut in the whole scheme
These current leaders should be sacked and be in history
They can't manage the economy well
Our debts have shot up and we are sleeping

We better don't believe the spin
The day when we wake up
We may find ourselves like Greece
We are approaching there...

It's better we change
The present government for a new kid to fight
They have the hunger for justice and fair play
Let them get the choice and we may sleep well

Forget the debate Chua owes Chinese an apology

Forget the debate, Chua owes Chinese an apology
1:43PM Feb 18, 2012

An open letter to Chua Soi Lek:

Chua Soi Lek, you always claim that the MCA is the defender of ‘Chinese rights’ and that the party has done a great deal for the community. Your party’s record shows otherwise.

The MCA has been in the Alliance/BN since independence, but politically and economically the position of Chinese Malaysians has nose-dived because the MCA representatives in the cabinet and state governments have behaved like political eunuchs.

Their behaviour shows how successfully emasculated the MCA is.

After independence, Umno has successfully colonised the country and MCA has aided and abetted in this by sticking with Umno in spite of this.

Currently, the MCA is helping Umno in oppressing people, creating fear among the people and destroying national unity. We are worse off now than under the British.

The British allowed Umno to demonstrate against the Malayan Union. They did not fire tear gas or chemical-laced water through cannons at the demonstrators. Under the British, we had local council elections. Now Umno, aided by MCA, is denying us this basic right.

What were the cabinet positions MCA held in the Tunku government and what are the cabinet positions MCA holds now? You often talk about the social contract.

The Reid Commission is the social contract and some unwritten gentlemen’s agreements. The MCA aided and abetted Umno in shredding that constitution, thus destroying the social contract.

As to the gentlemen’s agreements, one example was the governorship/chief minister arrangement for Malacca – if the governor was non-Malay, the CM’s post was to be held by a Malay and vice versa.

Tunku appointed an ethnic Chinese as governor and he was the first and last. Now Umno cronies hold both positions.

The MCA supported every amendment to the constitution, thus nullifying the most sacrosanct provision to keep Malaysia a democratic, progressive secular state.

The ISA, the OSA, the Sedition Act, the Printing Presses and Publications Act, and the Universities and University Colleges Act took away civil rights and liberties and violated human rights.

The MCA supported Umno when the constitutional provision of 1:2 rural/urban weightage in delineating constituencies was amended, thus creating a lop-sided electoral system in which Barisan could win less than 50 percent of the popular vote but still grab 80 percent of the seats at state and federal levels.

Most Chinese Malaysians are urban dwellers and their vote is perhaps less than 1/20 of the rural vote.

For example, Putrajaya has fewer than 7,000 registered voters but Kit Siang’s constituency of Ipoh Timor has more than 76,000 while Kapar in Selangor has 112,000. And yet you proclaim together with Umno that our elections are free and fair.

The MCA supported Umno in suspending local council elections in the 1960s when an emergency was declared. Urban Chinese Malaysian dwellers are deprived of their constitutional right to elect their local government representatives.

An MCA goon is on record as having said that local council elections cannot be held because rural people cannot participate! The 1957 constitution provided for a 2:1 Malay/non-Malay ratio in the civil service.

The MCA supported Umno in amending that constitutional provision, thus creating an almost ethnic Malay domination of the civil service.

The MCA supported Mahathir, a real half-past six PM, when the constitution was amended to set up Syariah courts. This half-past six leader was later to say that he was lucky to get away with that amendment.

The MCA cabinet ministers behaved once again like political eunuchs. Look at the problems this has created for non-Muslims in conversion cases.

Soi Lek, have you heard of the Lina Joy case? Now some religious lunatics are claiming that the civil courts are subordinate to the Syariah courts! Why have you not had the courage to condemn such claims? Where in the world is the federal constitution subordinate to state enactments as in Malaysia?

The MCA supported the NEP, which was successfully hijacked by the Umnoputras. Through Ali-Baba businesses, as argued by many scholars, Malaysian companies, GLCs and many others have caused a horrendous capital outflow at the expense of people’s welfare and a just distribution of economic wealth to the rakyat.

Umno has assigned you a job – to attack hudud law and frighten Chinese Malaysians into believing that hudud law would be implemented if Pakatan Rakyat came into power and that there would be a Pas PM in such an eventuality. Your statements on hudud law are indeed sacrilegious but it is okay with Umno!

You often talk about power-sharing in the government. If it were so, what was the necessity for MCA cabinet ministers, together with other non-Malay ministers, to send a memorandum to Abdullah Badawi?

When Umno took offence, MCA ministers ran for cover and then went on bended knee, apologising profusely and begging for forgiveness! So much for power-sharing in BN.

Lim Keng Yaik once said that “the coalition partners were beggars”. This is the truth. So, Soi Lek, do not kid yourself.

Very often, important government policy decisions have been announced at Umno Supreme Council meetings. Isn’t it true that what the Umno Supreme Council decides, the Cabinet approves and Parliament rubber stamps?

You claim to fight for ‘Chinese rights’. Very often, you say that the government must build more Chinese schools and train more Chinese teachers. This is ridiculous!

What is the Chinese Malaysian representation in the civil service, the police, the army, navy and air force, the diplomatic corps, and the judiciary? You have settled for tokenism in all areas of national life.

The deputy minister of education is from the MCA. I consider him as dead as a dodo in his job. What was he doing when the Islamo-fascists wrote the school history text books which contain so many irregularities?

The Education Ministry is the most racist ministry of all. There are no non-Malay directors in any of its various divisions. There are no non-Malay chief education officers in any state.

There are 20 public universities and all VC’s are Malays. There are four deputy VCs in each university. Out of 80 deputy VCs, one may find one or two non-Malays.

Within each university, most of the deans are Malays. For example, at USM, the ‘apex university’, there are 27 schools and only one dean is a non-Malay.

So, Soi Lek, your claim that if Chinese Malaysians vote for the MCA, their position in the government will be strengthened is a black lie. For almost 50 long years, Chinese Malaysians had blindly given their vote to the MCA. With their support, the Alliance/BN maintained its two thirds majority in Parliament.

This majority has been misused to destroy the Constitution and all independent institutions and literally set up a police state. Even Mahathir has said so.

You have called upon the DAP to emulate the MCA. Of course, the DAP will not set up a multi-purpose company or deposit-taking institutions to cheat poor Chinese Malaysians of millions of their hard-earned money.

When Lim Guan Eng set an example of a RM100 award in appreciation of senior citizens, he began a trend that was emulated by MCA and other component parties. Good that the MCA is emulating DAP!

With regard to your forthcoming debate with LGE, you have already adopted a defeatist attitude by saying that he is young, strong and a better debater.

You took a cheap shot in calling him a street fighter. Guan Eng has too much finesse and is too classy to disrespect you, given your track record.

When Shabery Cheek debated Anwar, the mainstream media hailed him as a great orator, but he was frothing at the mouth and appeared to have forgotten his handkerchief. I would advise you to bring a towel to the debate.

Good luck, Soi Lek.

TOTA is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to Thinking Allowed Online, submitted by Aliran.
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