Sunday, October 31, 2021

the many Sajat here


The many Sajat here

They shouldn't live in fear

They still have their votes

They still can make it count

All religions should have compassion

It is a religious rule to behave within its tenets

No officials should treat others differently

Because the same rule will be applied to them

Nobody wants to behave differently

The physical outlook and mental crying

These Sajat don't need rejection by society

They need compassion of support

It isn't easy to live it here

Where the officials aren't compassionate

They behave like they are sinless

They should study the scriptures well

It is compassion to save the souls

It is showing mercy to the unfortunate ones

The officials shouldn't rub salt to their wounds

Because the same rule will be applied to them

as the years go


As the years go

The chasing dreams

The ups and downs on life

Sitting on top of a hill

Looking down the valley

The cool wind blowing

The dreams in colours

As the years go

Time changes

The waves in life

Like the wind whirring

The birds soaring

But reality needs working

It can't be on dreams alone

It will be the blues

As the years go

Touch the ground

Success needs working

As the years go

Reality will bite

the crocodiles speak bring shame


Every time

The crocodiles speak

It never brings joy

It is always a single shot

It is best they stay in the river

Live in the swampy area

Nobody will care about them

They can do all the splashes they need

While they walk on land

They should learn how to adapt and change

They shouldn't talk in swampy lingo

It is always a single shot

Every time

The crocodiles speak

The nation feels the shame

She doesn't need that shameless fame

animals in the zoo 2


Animals in the zoo

Caged on parade

The living souls can't be free

Only dreaming about it

The smell of man-made jungle

The smell of natural way in memory

The animals in the zoo

They will do the game

When we visit the zoo

We have to remember

About freedom

They seek to be free

Animals in the zoo

They will not complain

They have their meals on time

They don't have to hunt or get hunted

But they will remember freedom

The footprints of hunting and roaring

In the wild jungle of care free wind

Animals in the zoo; they will accept their fate

when life brings you no cheer


When life brings you no cheer

You are kicked down to the bottom

What you see is all darkness in your mind

You just want to die

You have to find your reset button

It is in your mind to get it your way out

You have to stay calm for a while

Collect your thoughts and experiences

One thing you need to remember

Life is always ups and downs

Every step you have to learn and cultivate

It isn't given you on a silver platter

Living is a good battle to stay

Death is a darkness all the way down

Once you choose this way

Salvation will be hard for you

Living has its ups and downs

You can be rich or poor or vagabond

But don't choose the wrong way to go

You still have friends upstairs

Sabah frogs


Sabah frogs

I thought they have settled in

Since the last state election last year

Now another one jumped out from Warisan

Every frog will try to say

But it is always sound lame excuse

Why can't he say the truth?

It is for himself nothing to do with constituency

But frogs will try to say something grand

Projects for the people and wealth distribution

Really we have to listen to the garbage?

Frogs in general are for themselves

The coming frogs

Tell the truth

Do need to play shadow game

The voters will wave you goodbye

Saturday, October 30, 2021

can't cry


Can't cry

The deaths toll rise

What's there to say?

Forget rules and SOP

Wanting to be free

Forget about the pandemic

So eager to get in

The time of life

But is it worth it?

When in ICU?

Dragging lives for days or weeks

Not knowing hell or heaven?

Can't cry

Rocking Rona is catching

The forget me not souls

Game up in their play

Why can't they stay patience?

Why go out in the day or night?

Rocking Rona isn't sleeping

It has no budget to speak

Can't cry

The deaths toll rise

The forget me not souls

Why can't they stay patience?

all i can say


The rain tapping on my head

As I listen to its call from the sky

The tear drops of of good or bad

I am not in a position to tell

All I can say is

The nation needs to dig deep

Not on the superficial way

It will not bring to recover

All I can say is

Rocking Rona still catching us

We can play the hide and seek game

Who will win maybe in 3 years time?

The rain tapping on my head

The slow drizzling rain falling down

I still read about frogs croaking in the rain

In the land under the wind

All I can say is

Let the new breed of leaders take over

The old have too much baggage in tow

It will not bring progress but headaches

All I can say is

Changes must happen

Without a country we are no where

We are debts in the tune of billions

PH must win to show its way


The Malacca poll

PH must win to show its way

A fair and equal opportunity

Sharing for all the people

PKR, DAP and Amanah

The parties must bring glory

Not only to the state but the nation

When GE15 will be called in 2023

Now it is the Malacca poll

The voters may worry about Rocking Rona

Hovering high in the sky with its invincibility

The lessons in Sabah come to mind

Let the wolves, moos and crocodiles

Find their brand will be in the bin

When the dust has settled in time

A single race can't bring progress to a nation

The Malacca poll

Let the upright voters decide

Back to the cave mentality?

Move with the changing time?

Friday, October 29, 2021

the old habits of the wolves


The wolves

Don't care about rules and SOP

Organized gathering forget about rules

MOH fine the party

It should be all involved

A $10K fine is just peanut

Each party member should be charged

For the violation of C19 rules

As it is always the case

The double standards rule in their favour

But not for the opposition leaders

They were fine individually for marching to Parliament

By right it is their right to enter the August House

Only the police decided to bar them from entering!

The wolves will not learn

The fine of $10K is like a donation from the party

The leaders will still try to beat the rules and SOP

Unless MOH and police are serious about it

In Sabah yesterday it was reported

A birthday party caused the spike in cases

Maybe the party goers thought they were vaccinated

What was there to worry about?

They forgot vaccines are walls to defence

They still can be infected

The old habits return

The double standards

The people should wake up

Don't fall into the trap again

the matter of sleeping and hell or heaven


The poor sleeping habit

Train your mind to get to sleep

Fix a time to dream land

And keep it there

The mind will get the message

Eventually it will heed the clock

We have to change the mind set

The Editor in it has to be told

We can enjoy good movies

The kind we like and glue to it

It doesn't matter about time

Because our minds will stay active

Of course don't do every time

By it the Editor will change again

Changing the time to go to sleep

It is always with the mind

Hell or heaven?

The politicians are 2 timing it

The play the good and bad games

But all of us will be buried or cremated

Hell or heaven?

It is floating upwards

As near death people will describe it

So we leave it as that moment

the super spreaders


The super spreaders

MOH must draw up guide lines

It can become a huge problem

When we are facing it one day

The vaccinated 2 doses people

They aren't taking the risks seriously

They think now they can travel

Cross borders and dining in

They forget they aren't immune

Rocking Rona still can catch them

When the vaccines walls are broken

The virus can crawl in easily

In US doctors are warning it

The super spreaders will cause a spike

As C19 will mutate to stay stronger

The vaccines may not be able to contain it

We have a few cases causing us to wake up

We heard report of fully vaccinated caught the virus

Some may have suffered the consequences

Because they forgot to follow SOP and rules

The super spreaders

MOH should stay on top of the game

Do not allow it to happen here

SOP and rules must still be followed!

give me a woman


Give me a woman

I will not tell lies

I will sleep the whole day

I will forget the world for a while

Give me a woman

I will sink into a deep sleep

Dreaming about the world

Of all the pot holes

The bees are busy

Flying and glowing

In the sunlight of the day

It wants to grow and glory

Up the hill; down the hill

Every dew drops in the morning

It will quench the thirst

The long hard work out

Give me a woman

I will not tell lies

My mind will be in Venus

Close the door forget about grapevine

Give me a woman

I will not tell lies

Give me a woman

I will sleep well

Thursday, October 28, 2021

the wolves will be a side show


The wolves

Back to the old ways

They don't learn

They think they can still bite

The wolves

The hey day is gone

They lost once

It is enough to say goodbye

The old ways

The wolves try to get going

They can't live with the changes

They want back their old way

The wolves

The shine is gone

The leaders try to act arrogantly

Still they get fine

By their own members in government

The changes will come like it or not

The wolves day will be gone in time

Once they lost the invincibility is gone

2 timing woman


2 timing woman

Who wants to complain?

She has her needs

On the high scale

One man can't make her

She can't get her needs high

She wants to find her satisfaction

She becomes 2 timing woman

She is single

She isn't beholden to any person

She is on her right to play her game

She is 2 timing woman

One drives away

Another one will hop right in

The neighbours can watch and gossip

She isn't worried what they say

2 timing woman

The time is her right to play

Who wants to complain?

She isn't hurting anybody

start living


Start living

Let the fear be

Nobody can do a thing

Living is the way

Start living

Hiding it will not help

We will become cowards

Afraid to face our challenges

Take the bulls by the horns

Fight the pandemic

It can't rule our lives forever

The world has seen the bad vibrations

Praying will help

As long as we believe in it

The pandemic will become history

Next year it will be a good sunshine

Now start living

Let the fear be

Take the bulls by the horns

It can't rule our lives forever

the speed limit


The speed limit

On the highways; on the trunk roads

All drivers will have to observe

While driving on it

The speed limit

Rocking Rona has none in the air

It can fly freely without being seen

Vaccines has its walls of protection

The walls will crack

When the speed limit is reached

The vaccines will not play catch up

As Rocking Rona flies without limit

The drivers who forget

They may meet accidents or die

When the vaccines reach its speed limit

The super spreaders may light the fire

The speed limit

We must know its uses

Once we forget about it

We will pay big time

everyone needs to relearn and adapt


The old may have the wisdom

Of the years of experiences facing challenges

Learning the ropes through the years

The wisdom in their eyes and minds

The young may look them up

As idols or people of wise reasoning

Listening to every word or action

Following the foot steps to a better tomorrow

The old may too become stubborn

They may too become stuck in their old ways

They may not want to ride forward

They are afraid of the new challenges

They can't accept new ideas and challenges

They forget they have to relearn and relook

Everything they learned may become yesterday

Today they may have to learn from the young

The old may have to adapt the changes

They need to learn the new ways of living

They may have wisdom in their eyes and minds

But new fields they are at a loss of how to begin

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

the sitting duck


The sitting duck pm

Swimming in his pond

Cascading waterfall in his eyes

He has his days of good fortune

The court clusters

One by one seems to grow confidence

His party wolves seem running high

Passports can be returned temporary by the courts

The ordinary folks will not enjoy it

The courts will deny it out right

Maybe saying there are high risks of abscondment

But the high profile cases can easily get clearance

What's cooking in putrajaya?

Doesn't he see his former party chief is suing?

The former AG and government?

Better put this former leader in Bamboo River

MA63 is now put on hold

There is no immediate willingness

To make the right call

It shows he has no confidence to hold his court

The sitting duck pm

The bad vibrations still ringing

The new slogan still rings the same tune

It isn't benefitting the other colours

the drifters


The drifters

Let the time fly

In the dawn till midnight

Tomorrow the pages will stay

In the minds

The many will become

Let the time fly

They don't realize

The drifters

Act it in their minds

Let the opportunities go

They don't want to feel regret

Places and scenes

The drifters can recall

But they can't have a claim

In their minds

Yesterday gone

There is not much to remember

Today will come and be gone

Tomorrow the pages will stay

The drifters

Let the time fly

Today will come be gone

Tomorrow the pages will stay

beer, wine and or brandy


If they don't like

Beer, wine or brandy

They should keep it to themselves

They don't have to impose their demands

Everyone knows it is sinful

To indulge with it in much consumption

Drink a little will help the body

If you have sore throat you drink beer

If you want to be randy

Drink a little wine or brandy

You will get into the mood

Facing with confidence in your romance

It is too much will cause problems

Beer, wine or brandy

Nobody should impose his will on others

He will commit his own sin

Every book on religion

It will tell the same story

On beer, wine or brandy

Too much isn't good for the soul

Every religion will say

About faith in our everyday routines

Every negative flow of how we manage it

We don't need to impose our will to others

falling in love


Falling in love

You will see the needs

You will see the fear

You will see the shadows

You can ride high

All gears up to the sky

You can smile and laugh

You can think you are the one

Falling in love

It can bring you the downsides

If you aren't in control in your game

You will fall deeply in its clutches

By the time you realize it

You may fail; or you may get the ticket

As they say falling in love

There is still the fear

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

the Pandora papers


The Pandora papers

The probe has to begin

How a person can amass wealth

Parked it in off shore accounts

As the Old Man says

Legally it isn't wrong

As taxes will be paid

But morally it could be

Why want to set up off shore accounts?

Is it to hide assets or cash away from the authority?

To evade taxes to pay the country?

Why use nominee names to hold the wealth?

The Tax, Macc and police officials should probe it

They don't have to wait for police reports to start

The Pandora papers say $1.5 trillion gone from the nation

It listed the country as number 5 of monies transacted illegally

The Pandora papers

Answers need to be found

The systems need to be overhauled

Even with Bank Negara

the back door will play dumb


The rain will keep falling

We will get soaked wet

There are no umbrellas available

We are on our own

We can complain

We can shout

We can draw cartoons

The back door will play dumb

MA63 will not get its due

Now some ministers don't agree

It has to be put on hold

The Turtle man is afraid to fall

Nur Sajat is hunted like a serial criminal

The religious officials and police hunted her down

Until she had to hide in Thailand then to Australia

The freedom she needed to live by herself without hindrance

Cross dressing shouldn't be a sin

It is personal choice to behave in society

The religious officials shouldn't forget compassion

There are cases they have gone with their own sins

The rain will keep falling

There will be no umbrellas available

We can complain and shout

The back door will play dumb

postpone the Malacca poll


The Malacca poll

The political game of the wolves

They want to test their popularity

Now they have the driver's seat

The Malacca people will not benefit

In this political game of securing a race vote

The voters will be worried about Rocking Rona

They aren't going to get infected when they can't benefit

We still have the Sars-Covid virus Delta

The fully vaccinated shouldn't forget

They aren't free from infection

They still can cause the super spreader

It is better His Majesty called it off

Put an emergency law into effect

We need to protect our people on Rocking Rona

We have recorded over 28,000 deaths

The Pejuang chairman view is correct

There is no need to call for snap election

It is a waste of time and money

It may cause a spike of another deadly wave