Monday, October 18, 2021

rocking rona gives us a lesson


Rocking Rona gives us a lesson

We have to stay united to fight the common enemy

Disunited in our efforts will throw us out of gears

We will be the easy prey in its eyes

The ministers must stay humble

The authorities must show fairness in prosecution

There mustn't be one sided implementation

Because C19 doesn't pick and choose

The 18 months had gone by quickly

The high infection rate and deaths toll

Because the people didn't listen

Because the authority gave leeway

Now the authority has lifted the restrictions

Though the infection is still high in thousands

Impatience will be the cause of hiking infection

Because fully vaccinated aren't immune to C19

Bearing in mind the world has seen

The mutations to Delta plus, lambda and Mu variants

These mutations haven't crossed our borders

The authority mustn't open up too quickly

The people in unity

The politicians play their roles well

We can control the spread of the virus

Stay within the rules and SOP

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