Thursday, October 21, 2021

the old man never keeps his promises


The Old Man

By now he should keep quiet

It has shown he tends to pick and choose

About promises as he claims

The White Rock island

The International Court awarded to Singapore

There is nothing much Malaysia could do

Unless the government can show new supporting documents

Singapore leaders have a good rapport with Johore Sultan

Maybe Singapore can return the island to Johore

Through friendship and long term benefits in Johore

There is always a possibility

But the Old Man never keeps his promises

As we can recall he never keeps his promise to Anwar

That he has to pass the baton after 2 years

Instead he plot the downfall of PH government

He shared the PH manifesto for changes

When he was pm he went back to his old ways

He spoke bad on PH manifesto instead

He didn't want to change his way

The Old Man

He should mend his way

Nothing is too late

If he is willing to change

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