Thursday, October 14, 2021

a barter trade in politics


The Turtle man

Trying his best to stay

Giving a short candy

It makes him look great

PKR leader should recognize it

A barter trade in politics

The wider picture he mustn't forget

The good government must come in

There are still the race supremacy

The Turtle man is known for his Low Yat 2

He wasted tax-payers monies unnecessary

Just to show he could show his race but failed

Now he sits on the power chair

His party has no majority members

He has to please his coalition partners

It will be a porous arrangement

Now he can try to stay longer

He may not get his second chance

In his party he isn't the head or deputy

He is there at the right moment

Still PKR leader should stay afloat

Don't get carried away by the sweet candy

Because the Turtle man wants to stay longer

He doesn't want to be the shortest pm in history

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