Hi Everyone,
My sister, Michelle have been missing since Friday around 5 pm and she has not contacted any of us since then. We have reported to the police station and also to the MCA service centre in cheras and also posted her missing news all over her blog and also email all the friends email that we have.

We need your help to send out as many emails to everyone possible. If anyone of you seen her, please kindly call me at 6012-3080 670 (Kelvin Tai), or my father 017-8835 118.
Please help as we are all very worried about her.
Her handphone was found near a bus stop in Cheras near Leisure Mall around 5 - 6 pm and she was said to be wearing pink top and dark bottoms pants/skirt, not sure. Below are some pictures of her.

Really appreciate all your help.

Kelvin Tai 13/6/07

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