Saturday, September 30, 2023

the busy body lucy


Lucy of the North

Harbouring a desire

To contest the top post

He thinks he is popular

Now he can't

The party rules no contest

The top 5 positions

Leaving him as a local hero

Still he continues

A busy body in other states

The political campaigns

In his backyard he forgets about flood

In Langkawi he doesn't respond quickly

By the time he comes around to say

The bad publicity has done him no good

The bad impact on Langkawi Islands

The crocodiles run states

The people have to save now

The states economy may not rise

Kelantan is the show case

speech must be in MMA


Speech with no power

It will not carry the weight

It will be a waste of time

Saying it out loud

The politicians like it

Standing on stage

Giving an opportunity

To shine to the world

In the end it is

Nothing to pull

The leaders have their fame

The bad vibrations still frame

It is better to stay silence

Or just to say thank you and leave

Speech must be in MMA

Else it is a waste of time and energy

life is a list of forgotten memories


The sad song

You hear it

The ringing brings

No lights in the mind

You try to get it over

The day seems free

With activities to strum it

The sad song will not tune in

Only when the lonely spaces

You will find the sad song

Ringing it softly in the mind

The dream slowly fades away

Bringing you

No reason to be in it

As you try to understand

Life is a list of forgotten memories

the rocket


The Rocket

Stay quiet the blame

Stay in light the punching bag

In or out still get the hitting stick

Why the blame?

The ills in politics

As if it is the Rocket fault

One race particularly hitting it

At one time the wolves

Treating the Rocket for their failures

Punching bag the Rocket would swing

Until the wolves in Unity government

Now it is the moos and crocodiles

They were partners once in relationship

Today these leaders still blame the Rocket

The ills in politics

They don't see their behaviour

The one track road to nowhere

Using lies to blame the Rocket

They forgot what they had done

The Rocket

In or out the blame game

The ills in politics

One race afraid to sacrifice

For the good of the nation

The flag of unity should flow

Let the light shine for all

The nation needs it so are we

Friday, September 29, 2023

the Cabinet reshuffle?


The Cabinet reshuffle

Maybe nothing will happen

Let it run its course until next year

Anwar should plan for it

The current vacancy

One vacant post to fill

Let a suitable candidate select

Let him bring cheers to the crowd

But will the reshuffle happen?

Some ministers can't perform well

As criticisms shoot high and low

Anwar should study his ministers

The Cabinet reshuffle

It may not happen now

But Anwar should think it over

By next year to push for reforms

the copy cat-the crocodiles


The crocodiles

The top leaders should go

They shouldn't stay uncontested

Are they afraid to lose?

When the wolves did it

The crocodiles shot the idea

Now they do on the top 5 positions

It shows they can't be trusted

They dream of an Islamic state

Until they can win 2/3 majority

Maybe they can try to amend laws

As it is they couldn't go

The crocodiles

Play your game

Nobody can chase

Karma will lock in

the costs rising


The costs rising

Nothing much we can do

It is a cycle to live by

Higher wages higher costs

Low in exchange rate

Costing imports to escalate

The consumers have to face it

The costs of living will not stay stagnant

The unnecessary costs increase

The Finance Ministry should study it

It can't be controlled by the business people

The government should have statistics to implement

Even QR code banks want to charge the merchants

The banks already make insane profits

Yet Bank Negara still in its watching episode

It will increase the cost to the consumers

Control the price

No merchants can raise as they like

Put these greedy ones in jail

It will stop the prices hike

The costs rising

The effect of supply and demand

Along the way the greedy merchants

Jump on the wagons and smile

the lover on the hill


The lover on the hill

Long ago she came alone

I met her by chance

We walked and talked

About her life

A bit of love episodes

And her piano music

The students she had

All the way she said

Waiting for her lover

Been days she waited patiently

I was there listening to her stories

One day her lover came

She literally ran to him

She was so happy he came

I could see her radiant face

2 days later

She returned with her lover

She wasn't the only one I met

There were others I saw one to one

The lover on the hill

Made the time easy gone

The hill would hear the gossips

Life would not be mundane anymore

Thursday, September 28, 2023

moral police in langkawi


Langkawi Islands

The decades to promote

The destination for locals and tourists

The economy boom the smile on faces

What will happen now?

The crocodiles manage the state

Langkawi affected as well

The Islamic rules seem to rule

Tourists complaints

The moral ruling on NM

It shouldn't apply

The minister sees red faces

Maybe Mahsuri curse final run?

The islands will decline

Because of moral police

No NM want to go holidaying

In time NM will close shops

Leave the islands until a new regime

Instilling the free choices

Until then it will be 5 years of waiting

the wolves licking wounds


The wolves

No moon rising

They can't call the shot

They have no fangs to bite

They need a place to hide

Mingle with the largest crowd

Let them find the breathing sky

Recuperating from the bad run

The wolves know it

They must cling to survive

No moon rising

No chance to transform

Now in UG government

They still can stand tall

Though bad whispering still occurs

The wolves will stay on course

mmh trio


MMH trio

The echo in hollow

Nothing good in words

The ringing of bad vibration

The last pin throw

There is nothing to show

The writing on the wall

Knock out cold”

The health issue

The warning signal rings

MMH trio still stay mute

Afraid to hear the down beats

MMH trio

They bring no value

The many colours they turn blind

The unity the hall mark of success

the monsters in our lives


The monsters in our lives

They will not go away

Even if we try

The story will not end

They are like the wolves

Living among the sheeps

Waiting for opportunity

When the time is right

In prison cells

There are stories to tell

The monsters in human forms

The bad deeds never go away

Whatever centuries we are in

The monsters in our lives

They will keep running after us

If we forget to stand guard

hippie joe still walks free


Hippie Joe

Still nowhere to know

Still living his luxurious life

Even Interpol can't find

The years down history

Hippie Joe still runs free

IGP will say he knows

Yet physical presence can't find

The trial of former prime minister

Still telling tales in court

The years of justice still no end in sight

And Hippie Joe still can smile

Sources say hiding in China

Yet no confirmation to say

Hippie Joe has his own god father

He isn't afraid to walk around

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

old is gold


Old is gold

Stay healthy and glow

Don't get down in hopelessness

Listening to wrong advice

Look at the Okinawa men

They are still strong

Enjoying their lives in full

Even playing intimacy games

They will not say

They are old and down

They still have the punches

To get their lives moving

Old is gold

Live it with the glow

Life is meant to enjoy

Until the day it is gone

how can we tell?


How can we tell

The promises will be kept?

Day in day out

The laws still stay mute

The changes still in the drawers

Hoping the light will shine through

Wake up the ministers to see

The promises for change must be fulfilled

The draconian laws

Time it is out of the closet

Take it out by the garbage men

We can forget it ever exist

How can we tell

The game will change?

Day in day out

Don't let the promises fly away

barking in unity


The poodle in the car

Cruising by in the late evening

She will bark in joy

Then chorus begins

The dogs from other houses

The dogs on the streets

They too join in the chorus

Barking along when the car drives by

It kind of saying

Hey look at me!

I am in the car

Want to come along?”

The whole chorus ringing

The poodle in the car

Putting her head out

Barking out loudly

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

dream on crocodiles


Dream on crocodiles

They can trick the fools

Living in their cocoon shelves

Never want to see or listen

What others say

Religion can't play in politics

It will not bring good vibration

But do the crocodiles listen?

They are dreaming of power

Once they did through the back door

Now they still harping on it

Using religion for their own sins

Dream on crocodiles

The lake of fire is calling

Unless they realize their sins

Change the course and stay clean

get moving


Get out

The clutches holding it

Break free to grow

Paradise wait for no one

Get moving

Time wait for nobody

Opportunities too

Once missing, the time is gone

Don't let religion holding it back

In this world is to learn the good and bad

It is better to let religion stay at home

In politics it is a world of sinful routine

Get out

If the place is too hot

It will swallow up the whole

Don't dream of paradise; never learn in life

don't wait for handout


Any race

Stand out alone and shine

The opportunities wide

Don't wait for handout

Stand to fight

The flow of opportunities

Circulating all around

Don't wait for handout

Share the cake

Every one has a stake

The economic activities

The progress will unite all

Any race

Stand out alone and shine

Every one has a stake

Don't wait for handout

mmh trio


MMH trio

Trying hard to stay

Playing a game

Divide and rule

MMH trio

Self praise has no go

Still under police investigation

Yet they don't feel the wrong

The police should speed it up

AG has to take it to court

Don't delay the case

MMH trio should be in prison

A long time ago

Sedition charges file

Yet MMH trio still flow

The police should act fast

Monday, September 25, 2023

every winner


Every winner

There is a losing to learn

It doesn't happen right away

It needs hard work to achieve it

Many will think

Winning is easy

It needs planning right

Else it will lose

Telling lies will not make it

The worrying haunting of the past

It will make it a circle

As it will likely happen

Every winner

It can't happen on the spot

It doesn't happen right away

It needs planning right

MUDA will have nothing


MUDA leaders

Patience is the key

Without it what you want to say?

Attacking PH once they helped you?

Without a back-bone

You have nothing to show

Still crying like a spoiled child

Throwing tantrums don't help

You broke the bridge

Nothing you will gain

Joining the opposition

You shout you have nothing

MUDA leaders

You aren't the only ones

You will have nothing

Come GE16

the season is gone Old Man


The Old Man

Hungry to be on stage

Afraid to lose it all

Pawn his credibility

To try his luck

Seriously he should see

The stage is gone

He had his season

Age isn't on his side

Still trying to say

His race is better

But afraid to cut support

Afraid to stand in MMA

Advisor to SG4

Even Kelantan living poor

The years under opposition

What can the Old Man do?

It is politics

To garner support

Without economy nothing helps

The Old Man should understand

the dual citizenship


The dual citizenship

It will be good for the nation

It will stop the brain drain

As these top professionals

Still contribute to the country

As both countries can share

The knowledge and contributions

Without sacrificing the nation

As our leaders like to pick comparison

They should ask UK, USA or Australia

How they deal with the process

It needs political will to get it going

As one race may feel out of league

We are with borderless world

It will a good scheme to study

The political will must be open

It is always better to stay at par level

We can't be losing our bright people

Helping the other side progress

It is always to view in positive mind

The dual citizenship for the people

It is better to think like the champion

We can pursue progress both ways

Sunday, September 24, 2023

police should take in Lucy


Lucy of the North

Still thinking he is above the law

Many times police investigated him

Yet the charges haven't seen the light

Last we heard

AG has the investigation report

Lucy of the North

A taste of prison will suit him well

The police should put him in lock-up

Ordinary folks or gangsters will get in

Why can't the police do it?

I know the police can do within the law

The police mustn't show favouritism

The crocodiles will hit them with their tails

It's time to impose the full weight of the law

Let the wayward politicians feel the heat

good habits better way


Pretend to be a fool

Learning all the way

The cultivation of good vibrations

It will help in later years

Initial years facing the backlashes

Pretend to be a fool

It takes discipline and hard work

Weaving up to the rank

Don't be like the hardcore fools

They don't change; they don't listen well

They are willing to follow blindly

Let the opportunities slip them by

Pretend to be a fool

Don't show the real intention

Let the days float nicely

Be a master one day

another by election


Another by election

Another day of bad lies

The opponents will cry

Only hardcore fools will smile

Maybe it is time

Put a cap on age

All candidates medical check up

To show they are healty to run

The voters are tired

Listening to the old song

The opponents don't bring progress

To share with the people

UG leaders don't let it slip

The opponents toxic statements

The 3R shouldn't be used in campaigns

The Constitution has safe-guarded it

Another by election

Another day of bad lies

UG leaders better rake it up

Else the hard-core fools will smile

Saturday, September 23, 2023

selling lies


The 3R

It will not forget

The opponents only think

This is the way

The country can progress

They will keep harping on it

In every election or by-election

They don't see the bad way

They only care for themselves

They will squeeze every juice out

Even selling lies

To win for their own benefits

The people can fend for their own

Even crying near the gate of paradise

The opponents dare look at them

They are going to the lake of fire

The 3R

No need to bring it up

It is already in the Constitution

The opponents just want to spook

Their own kind who don't see the truth

changing cabinet members


Changing Cabinet members

It's time to change ministers

Maybe swapping of ministries

The ministers may want to do better

Currently the reforms are slow

The voters want it on the promises

Otherwise the little napoleons rule

As one school in Selangor did

Anwar has to put right candidates

On the important ministries

The battle ground must be set

Drill the groundwork for GE16

It shouldn't be wholesale change

It mustn't shake the UG formation

It shouldn't change for the sake of it

It should be for the better good

the little napoleons


The little napoleons

Know the rules and regulations

They will try not to remember

As they want to impose their way

They don't care the consequences

They want to impose their likes

The result will be bad

The government will be mad

Not running in amok

Feeling out of control

The government of the day

A long way to make history

The little napoleons

Sack them for good instead

The government of the day

Don't be afraid to spook them