Tuesday, September 12, 2023

the immature politicians


The immature politicians

Better return to the drawing board

Learn the craft and art of playing a game

Talking for own agenda is a bad name

It doesn't matter young or old

It's the way conducting the game

Once the insecurity is revealed

The hidden plot is known

The immature politicians

Bad language poor body language

Though they have strings of degrees

It's what seen counts on the show

Shouting action without reasons

There will be no support from the public

If it is linked to the opponents

The bad vibrations will hit the wall

Even UG thinks of GST

The nation isn't in a developed status

The people are feeling the heat of costs

It's the immature thinking for own survival

The immature politicians

The young or old will act on it

Learn the craft and art of playing a game

Because the body language will tell on them

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