Friday, September 15, 2023

when we die we go with nothing


The wealth distribution

It mustn't have a long delay

Fighting for the inheritance

The family values get thorn apart

It can happen with civil cases

It can happen in syariah family laws

It all boils down to greed

The properties and monies involved

Nobody wants to give away

The distribution rights for all

It is all in the family matters

Yet many cases can't be solved

Tan Sri JJ case

8 years the family fought

Still his case of his assets and cash

Nothing seems to be concluded

It started in 2015

Till today the family still fighting

About his wealth for distribution

JJ died in a helicopter crash that year

His wealth involves billions

The family still can't find ways

To settle the issues of entitlement

Greed causing the rift in the family

The wealth distribution

There must be fair and right

Don't be greedy

When we die we go with nothing

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