Saturday, September 30, 2023

the rocket


The Rocket

Stay quiet the blame

Stay in light the punching bag

In or out still get the hitting stick

Why the blame?

The ills in politics

As if it is the Rocket fault

One race particularly hitting it

At one time the wolves

Treating the Rocket for their failures

Punching bag the Rocket would swing

Until the wolves in Unity government

Now it is the moos and crocodiles

They were partners once in relationship

Today these leaders still blame the Rocket

The ills in politics

They don't see their behaviour

The one track road to nowhere

Using lies to blame the Rocket

They forgot what they had done

The Rocket

In or out the blame game

The ills in politics

One race afraid to sacrifice

For the good of the nation

The flag of unity should flow

Let the light shine for all

The nation needs it so are we

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