Thursday, October 31, 2013

get the priority

Amno leaders
The sight is narrow field
They want to compare
Other countries and or regions

The bag of taxes
The consumption tax is wide a field
The rich will smile
The rest will be hard hit

Amno leaders don't tell
The income disparity of other countries
These countries have achieved development status
We are so far backwards in income

The weak management and procedures
The leakages in the public procurements
Bee Anne government hasn't done to rectify it
Every year AG will sing the same record playing

Bee Anne leaders should stop the wastage
The leakages run into hundreds of millions
Stop pandering to the inflated civil servants
The majority doesn't do a better job

The bag of taxes
The soft blow of one off payment
The truth is why dished it out
It should be used for a better purpose

the elderly man

The elderly man
He cycles to old town
He used to order fried mee
At the nearby stall

One day he totally didn't come
He changed his diet or something else
He still cycles to old town
Feeling free all his time

For a while I hardly notice him
Yesterday I saw him in old town
He has slimmed down a lot
He looked haggard in his appearance

It reminds me of drastic slimming pills
No doubt it brings unwanted pounds away
The drastic action causing a person to look too old
The unhealthy sign on the face

It is better to slim down naturally
Proper exercise and proper food and fruits
Drink a lot of water every day
It will gradually brings down weight

the sexual engagement

A young boy and a girl
In lower secondary school
They were caught in the toilet
When a teacher heard so much noise

The sexual engagement
They thought they were free
Out of preying eyes...
The hormones charged responsibility faded

The young teenagers
They don't need poking books
The natural progression
It is time sex education introduced

Don't blame yellow cultures
It is a natural progression
Monkeys see monkeys do
Action behind windows and doors

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the greed the fall for many

The greed the fall for many
It doesn't draw line of rich or poor
Once you forget the basic principles
You have to work hard for your money

Live in the honest way
The bounties will come one day
You may think you have waited for so long
You don't see the fruit of your labour

So you jump into the rich making schemes
You forget the basic rules of life
You think you can make it
Falling for the money making games

An Indian woman driver
She was conned of her saving
Borrowed monies from relatives
Now she can't pay back...

Dreaming of the good life
A house to stay for the rest of her days
Now she is in bad shape
Greed has strike its victim again

There is no end to greed
Once you are in it
The sorrow will come
The fall for many

nightmare on easy loan

The loan sharks
Will the police really act?
Many reports in the press
The borrowers and relatives
Feel the fear and pain
Of defaults and boomerang
It's a crying shame
The police take a slow pace

The police should launch an operation
Really hitting the loan sharks and its agents
There shouldn't be any compromise on it
The loan sharks must be totally wiped out
The loan sharks flourish
On the banks tight lending procedures
Too many documentations to fill
Too many questions to answer

The borrowers should understand
Banks have to protect its interests
When one's credit worthiness is questioned
One has to put forward one's worth of credit
No doubt loan sharks are easy
They don't ask many questions
Once you are lured into it
The biting teeth come a calling

The police can find them
It is advertised on public buildings
Set up a task force to tackle this issue
The loan sharks must be trapped put away
It has become an easy money machine for the underground crooks

The police must now before it becomes a public problem

kampung tengah was a memory

The young boys of the past
In the history of the village long in memory
The village boys playing in various physical activities
In the village open space

There were seasons for the activities
The boys would decide the duration
Kite flying, marbles playing, baseball games
Fighting fish, fighting spiders and killing lizards

The seasons came and gone so quickly
The village boys learned and exposed
The greed and fighting spirit...
Of the games played in the evening

To the tail end of the village
The young boys grew wealth became and issue
The structure of rich and poor came into focus
The friendship couldn't last the test of time

The gangs in the village
The young lads never joined
They saw the police detectives
They saw the gangs caught

The old people would say
Don't join them
If you know what is good to you
Stay away from these gangs”

Developments came
The village disappeared
Kampung Tengah was a memory

Once it was the village in the town

what utusan wants?

The uneven roads
We see it all in our minds
What Utusan wants?
It wants to paint red eyes

Utusan never learns lessons
The company thinks it is owned by Umno
It has every right to stir up racial tones
Knowing it will not be reprimanded

Court cases, compensation and apology
Utusan keeps paying without a shame
The newspapers still prints racial division
What Utusan wants?

The company thinks
The country is of one race
Better wake up from the coconut shell
Before the hammer comes thrashing down

What Utusan wants?
It seems the law diverts its claw
Utusan seems immune to the law

Umno baru's paper spinning tale of shadows

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the date of birthday

The date of birthday
You can't forget
It is the day you were born
The world you see today

You never knew
What tomorrow would bring
When growing up years
You thought life was easy

The years gone quickly
You made progress on your own
You made life looked good
The birthday moment to reflect

Live the time
Reflections on yesterday gone
Best wishes for the year ahead
The bounties and many sweet moments

the moon gate


The Moon Gate
Near the Botanical Garden
Once you lived in Penang
You would go up there

I used to run up
During my days of free
I never thought of anything else
It was a cool bright day

I could see others
Climbing up or running along
I remembered there was a stop and rest
It served free drinks and snacks

Sometimes I tracked down the hill slope
The long winding descent to the ground
I had to go zigzag along the tarred road
Nobody wanted to injure the kneecaps

It is a good climb and walk
In the camouflage of green leaves
You could feel good in it
The Nature feeling theenergy flow

a marriage can last if...

A marriage can last
With mutual respect and honour
Of the unwritten codes of a journey
There are many resting posts to recharge batteries

When one party doesn't take the role
The marriage will sink into a deep black hole
As the days run into months and then years
The signs have been there to see

There is no use pretending
The emotional turmoil will begin
The honey coated words will not last
The ants will pay a visit...

The case of an ex-convict
He was released a few days ago
He got drunk in the pub
Returning home he stabbed his wife

Many times until his wife bled to death
Now he is charged with murder
He never learned his lesson in prison
He though he is the king in the house

Drinking to get drunk
The time of hell will tell
There is no hope without change
The dark alley painted in the mind

the arrows fly

The arrows fly
Into the air of no target
Hitting on the empty boards
The sheriff feels good

Telling his audience
This is the dream
It takes us away
Our addiction is them!”

The fools gathered
Applause loudly
Behind his back
He's the greater fool!”

We have our benefits
The boards work hard for us
We can enjoy our luxuries
The sheriff is a green eye monster!”

The arrows keep flying
Where is the enemy?
The soldiers hardly see
Are we the fools?”

The painted pictures
In the minds the sheriff says
This is our addiction
We can't do a better job”

Monday, October 28, 2013

the rubbish on the river

borrowed star

Along the parallel road
The long stretch of the river flows
The motorists who drive by
Nobody pays much surveying

On normal days
The sunny weather the clear water
Flowing through on a clean passage
Hardly giving fear of overflowing

The people who stay around
The old Wah Loong residents
Some will throw rubbish in the river
Old habits die hard within the minds

Along the bank of the river
Near the housing estates blending old and new
The enterprising individuals planting agricultural produce
Using the river water as its source of water supply

Lately a few old trees were chopped off
The small contractor wants to park his lorries
The shady trees gave him shade he didn't realize
Nature's way he forgot about it

When heavy downpour
The orange muddy water rushing to the river
Most likely up from Joo Loong area
The top of the hill residents of good view

The river cries every time
Blinding its eyes of orange muddy water
Nature will hit back one day
When the residents forget that's it

there is no sugar honey

There is no sugar honey
The time has gone its way
It has become an expensive taste
Once it is easy on the pocket

The domino effects will drop in
The stake of cards will have to change
Drinks, pastries, food and medicines
The costs will be borned by the consumers

There is no sugar honey
You don't have to make monkey faces
The truth never runs away
We have to cut down on sweet things

Will there be saving for future needs?
The subsidy withdrawn the money put aside?
For Bee Anne leaders aren't wise in accounting
There will be leakages...there is no sugar honey

the affordable homes

Will the housing prices come down?
With RPGT increased from 15% to 30%?
The property market will not retract
As it is still a buyer's market

Affordable homes
Most working adults find it tough
Finding one within the circle
Of places of work...

The dream house far away
The speculators have other options
Finding an outlet to invest
They know where to find

The housing woes for the buyers
The developers will sing in marketing ploy
The buyers can't afford to put down signatures
The expected decline isn't happening

the bitter taste

The tax man comes
The people have to pay
Like the ancient times
Until the people revolt

The burden of excesses
Bee Anne leaders toll in
The eyes of the wagons
The rolling cry on the coveyor belts

Outside the people gathered
In stalls, coffee shops, lounges and restaurants
The favourite topic of tax
The people have to pay

The debts by Bee Anne
The leaders never want to stop
The line of wealth web the minds
Until the country falls to the ground

Bee Anne leaders give a few sweets
The people should feel grateful for it
In the back alleys the tax burden claws in

There is no sweetness but bitter taste

Sunday, October 27, 2013

the web of our lives

The rain falling
In the evening day
The rattling sound on the roof
Like the drumbeats of angels

Hello people!
You have your fun
You have your time
Don't forget to remember
The clean life to share”

The raindrops falling
Flowing into drains and gardens
The life it will bring
The nature's way

Hello people!
Take the share
In this world you live
Don't mess it up”

The echo of the falling rain
Listen to the calling of angels
Stay indoors and watch
The web of our lives

the bag of taxes

The sugar and GST
One to get you high
One to get you down
When it is spilled

Across the board
Many items on GST
The sugar is gone
There is no sweetness

The people pay
There is no lie on it
Waived 16% tax
GST all the way home

Bee Anne government
The leaders never learn to manage
There are no answers to our debts
The leaders think of sex

The sugar and GST
There is no way to hide
The debts piling high

The people hold the bag of taxes

the trishaw man

The trishaw man
Sleeping near the river bank
Under the shade of trees
Other vehicles can pass by

The road across the river
The traffic moving along
The trishaw man pays no notice
He is in the Neverland

The legs stretched out
The head leaning on the head rest
The trishaw man pays no heed
The day of the light

When the body needs a rest
Eyes can't open to watch the delight
It is time to take a break
Any place with a shade to hide

The trishaw man
Alone sleeping in Neverland
The shades keep him cool
The wind may breeze it along

don't invite pain and misery

The loan sharks never forgive
The money borrowed must be returned
The easy money the nightmares begin
The people who borrowed thinking it so easy

The loan sharks don't ask many details
Show your IC and place of stay
Once you default the nightmares in your eyes
They are the land sharks offering no sympathy

The victims of borrowers
They are left to fend themselves
The borrowers hide away
Leaving for the family members to pay

The brutal intimidation
The red paint on the walls
The shame tactics on display
The constant intimidating calls

When you are in financial distress
It is better to stay with nothing
Borrowing from loan sharks
You are at their mercy

Don't invite pain and misery
Nothing comes easy when you are down
Don't expect loan sharks to show mercy
They are the crooks living on your distress

the old faces

The old faces
Wrinkled on the skin
The passage of time
The old age arrives

Some can't take it
They are so afraid
The writing on the skin
The lines of wisdom and old age

This is the cycle
Birth living decaying
Once it is done
It isn't over yet

Some want to delay
The outcome of their lives
The plastic surgery wanting to stay young
The pain they bear it greed the game

In the end the inevitable of life
We have a fixed time to stay here
Once it is time we have to pack and go
The journey begins again

What we see
The bodies return to the soil
Cremation of ashes to ashes

The old shells gone new ones begin

Saturday, October 26, 2013

the life in babylon

The life in Babylon
The ruler and soldiers
Watching in full gears
A semblance of quietness

The taxes heavy to hold
The people reeling with it
The crying of empty pockets
The rich enriches more

The struggling workers
They don't get the benefits
The ruler and soldiers
Watching in full gears

The token subsidies
The friction to reduce anger
It can't work this way
The fat has to go

The hyenas run
The projects on the roll
The whisper of the wealth
The cronies benefit it all

The ruler and soldiers
Close the gate drop the curtains
The life in Babylon

The cracks for the fall

there is a time and place

There is a time and place
Of a religious faith and practices
If only we are made to understand
The understanding of each faith

Of late we heard
The intolerance of practices
The sensitivity of the a rite
It should be mindful of others as well

The scriptures of a religion
It tells us to be tolerant and kind
Yet we see today
The ignorance comes to play

Where is the beginning and end?
We shouldn't forget we are here for a reason
Learn the sharing of the good deeds
Heavens can wait but we can't in our lives

the long hair woman

The long hair woman
She comes to my life
The day she came
The life story begins

In the city of neon lights
Of crooks, liars and muggers
The day she came
It is the gift of life

The city moves
The people share
The life in the city
The smog and dark angels

The unity of living
The shared values
The city of neon lights
The shadows smile

The long hair woman
She changes everything in my life
The life gets a better footing
The day she came the story of different take

It is honey coated living
It has no pain or sorrow
The day she came
The lights keep shining