Saturday, December 31, 2011

the last day

The last day of the year
The break of the night
The wishes of many
The new page for the country

What will it bring?
The new page in tomorrow?
Will we be living the same old story?
Will we make the change?

The rabid dogs have their say
For a long while they get it away
The leaders have the backing
So they don't have to worry

The villagers got the tricks
Will they wake up to hit it back?
Will they have the guts to change?
The new page for the country

We have to change
We can't let the country
Losing her creditability
The bankruptcy of losing face

the fall guys

The fall guys
The diverting of ways
On the main target
The authorities giving away

A chance to form strategies
Of how to play the game
The handiworks will make the move
The diversion of the main issues

The watch dogs put its down its ears
There is no barking on the streets
The issues becoming sticky
The answers will be kept in tight lips

The fall guys
They just smile
On the front pages
They like that feeling

the small girl's game

The hide and seek
The small girl plays
Alone in the blanket
She thinks nobody finding her

She lies flat
On the bed
She just imagines
Nobody will see

Inside the darkness
She feels she hides it well
It's only pretending for the adults
As the small girl keeps quiet

The light touches on the blanket
The small girl doesn't make a sound
In her little world of hide and seek
She is alone in her little world

the toys just listen

The play toys in the box
It stays there for quite a while
Before the small girl arrives
Then the noises and voices

She sits alone
Arranging her toys
All the while she talks
The toys just listen

The fan fannning
The small girl doesn't bother
She is playing with her toys
The conversations she has with herself

Sometimes she sings
The toys just listen
She just plays and talks
Alone in her small world

the river of lies

The river of lies
It never stops happening
The villagers should wake up
Don't swallow your pride

It's to change
The outlook for yourself
In it the country as a whole
You shouldn't sell your vote

The river of lies
It starts to begin again
The agencies all hooked up
The play the blame game

The villagers learn from the city folks
They know what's happening here
The ills they have seen and watched
They can't let the affairs go unpunished

The river of lies
It starts to begin again
In the minds they will try
The villagers wake up before it is too late

the small girl

The small girl
Sits alone watching TV
The cartoons keeping her occupied
As she tosses with her blanket

At times she imagines
The characters she wants
On the cartoon shows
Jumping high and smile

The adventures they go
She stops to watch
In her own mind
She listens playing with her blanket

When time to go
She will pick a fight
She will cry like children do
The small girl watching cartoons

the river of filth

The river of filth
When the heavy rain fall
You will see the tons of it
Floating right in your eyes

The roads get flooded
The rivers over flow
The drains get clogged
The rising water go

You still don't get it
The filth you have seen
You still want to go blind?
The present government alleged lies?

The river of filth
It is time you get it right
You can't go on smelling the bad aroma
It will not make you better

speak and hate

Speak and hate
Back stabbing to gain
The political riders do
It's personal intrigues

In the back alleys
They will go to seek
The agents of change
Speak and hate

Money exchanges
Though they will deny
Until the cows run away
The political riders do

The soft whisper
The poison pen letters
Speak and hate
It's personal intrigues

do you hear the cows coming home?

Do you hear the cows coming home?
The dollar signs printed on its skins
The hidden agenda the cows hide away
It will be a while before it is known

The slow coach to the South
The cows go there for the scene
The high rise building clean in the city
There is no green when the cows found out

The cows get stranded
The herd leader trying to calm nerves
“Don't worry friends
We shouln't get panic!”

Do you hear the cows coming home?
The dollar signs printed on its skins
The cows get stranded in the city
The booing hear it loud and clear

The cowherds enjoy life
Living the rich and famous
The cow's milk of richness
They get it so easily

the political intrigues

The political intrigues
The Brutus in the camps
Poison pen letters
The hiding truth behind pages

The targeted subjects
They shouldn't respond
They should investigate quietly
The Brutus behind the leaders

The country doesn't need Brutus
They sell their souls for money
Whoever can afford them
They will attack without emotion

The good politicians
The Brutus want to destroy
They are afraid of their rice bowls
They will be out begging on the streets

the small worms

The small worms
They can't stay in the heat
The hitting drumbeats
They crawl out to see

The greed of wealth
It burns the worms
Though they hide for so long
Now the tide rising

The rocking can
The small worms can't stay long
They have to come out
“What happening to us?”

The hounds sniff
The trails of the greed
The sources of funding
It leads to the power that be

In the web of intrigues
The stories write in pages
The small worms in the can
They want to smell the good life

Friday, December 30, 2011

high up in the building

High up in the building
Feel the wind crossing along
The smell of breezy cool wind
It makes you stay indoors

Looking out from the windows
The rows of cars on the roads
And the dust and the smoke
In the village life feeling much better

Then earning a living
The richness the city offers
Many flock into it
Many feel the lost ways

It isn't green all the way
Some fall into pits; some fall into preys
Some make it to the top
They never stay long

The noisy vehicles
The buzzing sound of searching wealth
In the city never sleeps
Where nights abundance of wealth

Up in the high rise building
The listening voices of the wind
“You can't fly my friend
You can only dream”

calling her miss maggie Q

At Sri Damai
The bungalow house stands
There lives a small slim girl
Calling her Miss Maggie Q

She loves taking her pictures
The pose she learns to capture
The camera clicks the images taken
She will be if she never forgets

Every opportunity she will
The camera will be kept busy
She isn't shy to get her pictures
For she knows it will be her resume

In the years as she grows
The age old photographs will know
How she will be as she stands tall
The smiling faces and the crafted poses

in the room of pink

The blue house
Not far from the beach it sits
The cool breeze in the nights
In the neighbourhood it shines

Down the road
The blue house glow
It makes the moments
For Izzy is the flow

She stays there
In her room of pink
Of small Disney land
She talks of her toys

She dreams
The colourful peacock
Hiding in her cupboard
As she talks about her toys

In the night she dreams
“No bus stop! No bus stop!”
She can't leave her toys behind
In the blue house in room of pink

copy write I.LOO 30/12/11 10.45am
body12-1-spices life

At Sri Damai
The bungalow house stands
There lives a small slim girl
Calling her Miss Maggie Q

She loves taking her pictures
The pose she learns to capture
The camera clicks the images taken
She will be if she never forgets

Every opportunity she will
The camera will be kept busy
She isn't shy to get her pictures
For she knows it will be her resume

In the years as she grows
The age old photographs will know
How she will be as she stands tall
The smiling faces and the crafted poses

the cousins

Easy easy Izzy
She takes out her toys to play
Alone near the Christmas tree
She is busy talking

Easy easy Izzy
The cook she wants to be
Dishing her special menu
Of roasted chicken leg of lamb

Then the door bell rings
The cousins hop in to play
Caly and Nigel make the team
The toys becoming busy

The children's voices ring
The toys work hard to please
The cousins handiworks
The plated food on the table

Easy easy Izzy
She gets cross with Nigel
He runs away with tears
What happen only the children know

Izzy and Caly play
Leaving out Nigel to cool his tears
For a while they concentrate
The toys keep working busy

Nigel comes to join
What happen they forget
With the ring of voices
The cousins play the toys again

Thursday, December 29, 2011

the raging waves

The waves reaching the shore
It never stays away when wind is strong
The surfers smile watching the waves
Rising high before plunging deep into the water

The watchers keep a close watch
Of the strong waves running to the line
Of surfers and swimmers the glee in their eyes
Of dangers they just forget in a moment

The water-sports moving around
The revving of engines splashing waves
The on-lookers watch of their display
Of the hidden waves raging high

The shout of danger
The watchers wave to keep it clear
The on-lookers shout to warn of danger
It is too late the waves splashing in

Once it was a beautiful shore
Of white sandy beach and nearby rocks
Now it is turning into chaos.....
Of the raging ugly waves

the warlords have to go soon

The warlords know
The magic has gone
Into the new world
People are smarter

The spin of lies
The years gone can't be heard
It lies buried in the pit of darkness
The warlords find it hard to go

The runners run around
Putting up signs advertising styles
They work days and nights
The rice bowls they want to live by

The agents of self interests
They will go talking half truths
Beneath their facades they know
The warlords have to go soon

The time is ticking away
The warlords are trying to make
The last effort to be relevant
They have served their time today

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the cows booing

The cows booing
On the field hot in the day
The colors on their skins
The painted masks to hide away

The woman cowboy
She rides in a her new toy
Watching by the fence
The cows booing

She brings out her rifle
She takes aim at the cows
“You think I like that!
You must be crazy!”

She fires her bullet
A quick nippy fingers
The cows stop booing
They turn around to stare

Within seconds they charge
“You think we are afraid of you?
You trick us to come here to this awful field
Where are the greens you promise us?”

The cow woman runs
Into her new toy she disappears
The cows booing at the shadow
“You will meet an accident I tell you!”

life in the city

In the city
The early morning rise
The meeting out of traffic jams
You don't want to be late

You aren't alone
The sharing of similar taste
Many get up in the morning
Beat the traffic jams

The whole day
In the office of lights
You run errands
You work the time

When the bell rings
Like in the old school routines
The rushing to get out
The night makes the day

By the time you reach home
You are tired and don't want to go
Open can of food and a coke
You settle in watch television

Relationships will come and go
You can't keep up the paces
The life in the city
It swallows you completely

don't jump into any wagon

Looking for love
It isn't easy
In this life you live
You must learn

Beware of the sweet words
The honey taste before the fall
Of lovers you may meet
In your life

Don't go in blindly
There is no such thing
“Love is blind”
Don't get fooled with it

The romantic people
They love to spin tales
In dreaming world
The white knight coming to help

In reality you watch
The bites are deeper
The wounds long time to heal
Yet life must go on

Looking for love
Don't jump into any wagon
Take your time
It's better to wait

the cats at the back alley

The cats at the back alley
The mating season begins
The loud meowing at no fixed time
It sounds as if the cats are fighting

The cats will run and chase
The physical interaction on the run
Into the bushes into compounds
The black dogs just staring at the cats

The glowing fur
The tails rising high
The aggressive meowing
Eyes glow waiting for the push

The motorcycles passing by
The mating cats run in separate ways
In the distance there is the calling
“Are you ready for me?”

the falling weather

The cloudy weather
Time angels come to sing
The web of intrigues
The time you wish it stays

The vehicles on the roads
Drivers speed along
What will happen of flash floods?
They only think of getting home

The dark of light
The white fishes swimming in the dark green pond
Of the days that had gone by
The bubbles ripple along

The siren of the cars
Near the high rise building
The wind keep whirring
You know there is going to rain

falling in and out of love

Falling in and out of love
It all happens every moment
Today you think you do
Tomorrow you find you are alone

Some get married
Not because of love alone
They get into the web
Of the wealth and prestige

Some get married
Through marriage go between
They think they will fall in love
With children screaming at the back

Some get married
Love comes in second
Age has captured the moments
Give a try and see what happens

Falling in and out of love
By marriage they think they do
Along the way the web of spins
The dark clouds in the sky; angels cry

Yet lovers do
The challenges they want to handle
The sins they want to avoid
The void they want to web it in

the searching for kittens

The cat meowing
The whole night
Even in the morning
Crying for her kittens

I guess somebody threw it away
Leaving the mother cat searching
The little kittens just can't be found
The cat walking in circle

I watch the mother cat
Meowing distress in the open
Where are the kittens?
Maybe in the market

The lost kittens
The person shouldn't throw away too early
The caring and feeding for them
I guess it is just born a few weeks old

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

good molly jolly dog

Good Molly jolly dog
She wags her tail
Eyes glow with anticipation
Of the ride in her bag

She thinks she is going
For walks in the park
She doesn't know she will visit vet
The day she over eats

She licks from the floor
The crumbs accidentally fall
So quick she is with her sniffing
By long she keeps quiet

Good Molly wagging tail
She thinks she will get her share
In the bag she sits quietly
She forgets she is visiting the vet

the howling in the night

The silent of the night
High up in the building
The echoes of the moving vehicles
The whirring wind calling

The late morning of dawn
The short bright light loom
The sound of loud howling
It wakes up the night

The sleepy eyes wake
The disorientation of the mind
The sound of the dreaming howling
It wakes up the night

The waving fan sings
The sound comes again
The howling of a dreamy night
High up in the building

don't forget where you came

Don't forget where you came
When you race your life to get the speed
Along the way you may make it
Along the way you may fail

There is no short cut to get there
You may hear stories some may have made it
You only hear the good part of the stories
You don't see the after when things go wrong

You may to try to catch the footsteps
When motivation rules seem to apply
Watch the successful people you know
Learn how they make it to the top

Along the way don't you forget
The place where you came....
You can't forget your foundation
It makes what you are today

When things go wrong
You have to remember the place
The soothing dreams of the past
It lies in the place you came

Monday, December 26, 2011

bless the faithfuls

Merry Merry Christmas
The songs and bells ring
The faithfuls gather to sing
The day of the moment

On this day to remember
The joys and cheers bring
Of the prayers of the year
It all comes to rejoice

Friends and relatives
Near and far we will bless
Sing the praises to The Lord
Let the year be kind to all us all

The bounties in our lives
We share prayers to gather harvests
For the beginning of the New Year
Bless The Lord who makes it happens

smoke behind the herd

The political back stabs
The leaders unload the baggages
The truce of the party
It finally forgets

It can be from any party
The same old story repeats
The learned leaders forget
When power absolutely corrupts

The body and mind of a person
The reasoning flies away
It becomes the you and me
The party will be left behind

The smoke behind the herd
The leaders never see in their mind
What they want are the power in hand
No other should come to interfere

the small girl from ozy

The errings dangling
By the day of the time
The small girl doesn't mind
The pain for vanity

She's happy walking
Taking out her toys to play
Every now and then she says
“Look at my errings aren't it pretty?”

The small girl from Ozy
She makes the time goes quickly
Digging up her toys
She pretends she is the Chef

The sound of small talk
The small girl from Ozy
She carries her toys
The busy bee in the morning

The errings dangling
By the day of the time
The small girl doesn't mind
The pain for vanity

She's happy walking
Taking out her toys to play
Every now and then she says
“Look at my errings aren't it pretty?”

The small girl from Ozy
She makes the time goes quickly
Digging up her toys
She pretends she is the Chef

The sound of small talk
The small girl from Ozy
She carries her toys
The busy bee in the morning

the spirits of giving and receiving

In the silence of the night
The Christmas tree lights
By the sliding doors
The night wind blowing

When the night is long gone
The shadowy lights from the sky
The whirring sound of outside influences
A dream shout in the quiet night

Maybe Santa Claus arrives
With his bags full of presents
Of the dreams of believing
Of life wishes every one hopes

Only the small girl
She waits for her Santa
In the world of her mind
She lives with the story

By the morning of Christmas Day
The sharing of presents exchange
The spirits of giving and receiving
It comes alive in this moment

Sunday, December 25, 2011

the double standard

The slap on the wrist
The Toyol had it easy
He could smile when the verdict done
He knew he would get it free

A shop lifter caught
He was sent to 2 years in prison
It was for a miserable sum of $50.00
For he was desperate without job

The Toyol involved in millions
He was fould guilty and sent to prison for a year!
The crime of double standards in the poor and the rich
What happen to the judge who presides in the case?

The public feels the unfair treatment
Don't the judges read about case history?
It is sad for the country and her people
It's time we take back our country

izzy from ozy

The small girl has grown
A year ago last I saw
Now she can speak well
For her age of 4 years old

She loves the Christmas tree
The decorations she has a hand in it
The toys she will not forget....
The girl knows about her Christmas gifts

The songs of Christmas
She will sing along with it
Sometimes she will dance
She makes the scene....

In the Empire shopping mall
She dances on the small stage
She has no phobia of doing in public
She dances with the  music

On the chair sits Santa
She goes to sit on his lap
The memory will keep her occupy
The days ahead as she waits for Christmas

People gather to see
Who's that girl on the stage?
"In case you don't know me
I am Izzy from Ozy"

the toyol caught

The Toyol finally caught
In the many reports secured
The authorities took years
Finally the Toyol took the fall

Of the many reports
This one was the easy to prosecute
The court ruling will be challenged
The script will be rewritten perhaps

The Toyol was calm
When he received his sentence
Now he hasn't gone to prison
Though he lost his face and property

The darkness meet the light
The glory is for those in right
You can't get away dealing in back door
The circle will return to haunt you away

the security measures at boulevard

The new rule in Subang Jaya Boulevard
The security measures to detect break-ins
The residents found out of robberies
In the neighbourhood within the blocks

Now there is CCTV
It's the live coverage

The visitors and residents
You are live TV!

The glass doors erected
A security guard stationed at it

You need to have a pass card
High fly the signal before you enter

For visitors they need to be recorded
The owners must apply for clearance

The security at Boulevard
The security measures to protect owners

The many break-ins in the year
This prompted the review of security systems

the christmas tree

The Christmas tree
Standing tall by the window
The morning light shining on it
The glow of the lighting ornaments

The dreams of the time
The beginning of the day
The worshippers pray
The day of the light

The songs of Christmas
It brings joy to those who  believe
The day of enlightenment
The day life will be free

The Christmas tree
It shades the moments
The cool places to see
The moments of the day

Friday, December 23, 2011

change the scene

The hundreds of billions gone
Out of the country
We never knew
It was disclosed overseas

How true was the report?
The Bee Anne leaders kept quiet
No one dared to stand at the firing range
One did but he was basically didn't know

The hired hand couldn't understand
He just said what he was told to say
The country wealth sailed overseas
Through of port calls finally out of reach

Are we still sleeping?
Do we want to face bankruptcy?
People better wake up and know
We are facing our nightmares

Change the scene
We want to know the truth
It's lies with changing government
Void the laws that hide the breaches

the magic of our lives

The magic of our lives
We wish it so often
We sometimes cry
When it doesn't arrive

The head on collision
We think we can do
Working hard to make it works
We never realize there are others at play

We are just small puppets
Stringing it up on a string
The puppeteer starts his moves
We wish we are free

The bigger ones dance
On a better stage to show
Living the world they think it is
They are just another toys

The world we live in
All stringing it up around
We can't get it free
We still have to earn our keeps

God says there is heaven and hell
Do the right moves the gate will open
The mystery gift of way of life
God hold the puppet strings

Thursday, December 22, 2011

the season of gifts

Xmas Gifts
Xmas Gifts

The season of gifts
The way it has been
The caroling to bring cheers
Of lives and hope

The Christmas trees
Standing tall with decorations
The faithfuls will follow
The light of hope they know

We shouldn't forget
God and planet Earth
The poor and homeless
They are test of faith

It renews the strength
Of the year ahead
The changing star
We hope it rings cheerful bell

the right of our votes

The lies, the lies and more lies
The season of flipping comes alive
The worms slowly crawling out
The flooding may have caused it

The Angels tears from the sky
The crying is never done we know why
The billions running away
The lies of committees binding time

“God move in mysterious ways”
Long ago it is always said
The leaders on the take will not say
The cronies will smile no words play

It's the season to be jolly
The lies, the lies and more lies
The people have to wake up
The sleeping time is long gone!

Do you want to know the truth?
Vote in a new team to handle affairs
In this way we will know............
The right of our votes

change our ways

The cloudy sky
In the early morning rain
The sound of the fall
Soothing the mind

Then the fall
It seems other parts do
The rising tide of water
The rivers flow into

The unwanted guest arrives
The water raise the sadness in its flow
“I don't want to cause troubles
Yet here I am intruding your happy hour”

The wet day on the rise
The uncaring attitude will pay
Every time it rains heavily
The clogged rains scolding the humans

The angels tears
The water level catches on
The people try to run higher
The laughing echo on our misery

We have to learn
There are lessons here
The changing star
The world we live in

the power of the people

Winnable candidates winnable seats
The Net Froze thinks it can
The years of feeding the familiar feeds
The same wave length they cherish

The Net Froze talks of transformation
The time has changed it forgot
The familiar dishes keep appearing
Race, religion and royalty

Behind the doors
The people want to know
The dishes the people hear so much
It can give the poor a leg up

Yet it never happens frequently
The Net Froze leaders give with huge publicity
There are conditions in subtle connotations
“Give us your vote we will give you more!”

Winnable candidates winnable seats
The Net Froze thinks it rules the pit
The time has changed;the web of the world
Information can flow easily knowledge increase

It's the change the people want
They had tasted it so they would know
No propaganda machines can beat that
The power of the people they know they rule!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

God never ask for runners

You have the right to choose
Which religion you want to believe
Let nobody imposes restrictions
God never ask for runners

God has appointed prophets
They had come and gone
The scriptures in the Holy Books
Pick the truth as you go along

Some will raise issues
They call themselves the religious experts
They have learned the whole religion texts
They aren't the appointed ones

The growth of religions
It is the free reign for people to embrace
There is no compulsion to carry the torch
You are answerable when the time arrives

Yet we find we have restrictions
The will of the political warlords...
They think they have the rights
They forget God never sanction them

the political warlords

The political warlords
They are plenty in any party
They want control
They never want to go away

They can say
They want new blood into the party
They smile and laugh behind their facades
It will be fight by proxy

In public appearances
The political warlords will behave
In the inner circle the heat flow
The knives sharpen the tongues wagging

The political runners
They are just tools in the whole scheme
Of politics and grand standing
The political warlords will not go away

the falling tears

The green on the roll
The burning smoke rising
The people stop to watch
What will be the outcome?

The gladiators clash
In the arena of divergent views
The way each try to promote
The belief of its ways

Religions and politics
It isn't to easy to bridge
There is foundation but of different style
The greed of champions bring its fall

Once we saw the Rocket
Misfired half way through its mission
The astronauts forget their objectives
The Rocket sways in outer space

The Red Lantern upheavals
The news black out to the public
They paint the wall red
People think it's graffiti

We see the Blues Gang
Strumming their guitars on the boardwalks
Harping their views and donating some
They think they can sell albums...

And the priceless frogs
Dancing and croaking with the rain
The Angels cry they ignore
They want their pond of glittering snow

The comets fly across the dark sky
The writings of propaganda flow
The long white lines of performance now
It's only the slogans bewitching the minds

The fire crackers blast the sky
The emergence of colorful lights
The sound of dark whispering
The marches of change.........

The hats and balloons
The walkers march in pursuit
Of freedom to live freely
Without the shackle of laws

The people know
Total democracy is a fallacy
On banners in their minds
They can accept certain restrictions

The NGOs of opposite values
They clash of words on their plates
They forget to fight for the country
They fight for their own interests

On the wall the naked truth
The no backbones of the pillars of protection
The tax payers public funding goes to waste
For the crooked will enrich it quickly

The debts of the nation
It has multiplied too quickly
The bankruptcy facing the wall
If the people don't change now....

We will be the modern slavery
Owing debts we can't pay as a whole
The country will be shackled by economic warlords
We aren't better with these divergent pathways

love affairs

Love affairs
It's nothing new
It happens all the time
In our lives

You will hear
Relatives and friends
Rich or poor
It really doesn't matter

Love affairs
The hunting whisper
The deer hunters flow
Into the secret alley

The falling tears
The blame game
It's the emotional weaknesses
For falling into traps

Love affairs
It never goes away
As long as we live
Of human relationships

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

live life

Live life
There's only one
You can't have many
You can't waste it for nothing

Life the light and dark
It is within the scope to live
Recognize it; open up the mind
You can't run away

There is no short cut
Don't ever dream to try
Once you do you lose the plot
The meaning you were born

You want to inherit paradise
Living the life of bliss all year round
You have to learn and experience
The way of life right on this planet

So live life
The best you can try
Don't try to lose it
Hard labor a reason

the frogs croaking

Do you hear the frogs croaking?
Along the green lawns and the drains?
Maybe you have maybe you hear stories
It never ends in human's greed

The power of green
It always makes the way
How long can you push it?
When the glow keeps floating in your eyes?

Maybe you think you can
If you are rich and have means to survive
What about those who are just running along?
Will there stay away or will stay succumb?

We have our weaknesses
Only how strong our religious faith bring
It will decide the direction we go
When money rules in the economy

Do you hear the frogs croaking?
The rain fall the water raise
On the surface it looks a straight road
Underneath we never know of pot holes

the 3rd force generation

It's too late now
The National Front coalition leaders
You are sleeping through your roles
Until you are left so far behind

Maybe you thought you have
Playing roles you carve for yourself
Harping all the noises cronies lending hands
Going all out to make your stay

When green lantern lights up
You see the shadow of the green
You don't see your own shadow
Running towards your own needs

You know you get the crumbs
You don't care as long as you get it
To live in luxury standing tall in society
Yet you know you are nobody

Do you listen to the ground?
The drum beats of change
The 3rd force of the new voters
There are the generation hard to lie

walk the straight road

can of worms

can of worms

The can of worms
Slowly it will crawl out to the world
Nobody can hide for long
Money is king; it will finally fall

Why we have auditors?
It is to check for malpractices
At any form rearing it somewhere
Camouflages as a legal entity

In life we have religions
It will help to brake your disgrace
If your repent through prayers
There is still hope to walk into grace

In politics there are many lies
Some are good; some make you believe
Behind close doors they laugh at the people
Yet the people hold the key to their power

The can of worms
In the hot plate warming up to burst the lid
In time it will explode for all to see
It is better to walk the straight road

Monday, December 19, 2011

it's the season

It's the season
The frogs will jump
Out of the pond
For the year end celebrations

The lure of bright lights
The green lanterns glow
The frogs can't stay still
One try to get into the crowd

The funds engineered
The long circuits to hide
The frogs hear much of the stories
Now the time to try

The big fat dogs
They can't run
They just want to sleep
Let the world sink

The frogs can't keep quiet
They want to jump to get into the wagon
“Don't you know it is set for life?
The lure of the green lanterns”

don't swear in God's name

God fearing people
They don't swear to prove a point
They will let time judge them
They will not pray in vain

You think you swear
In church, in temple or mosque
Your sins are forgiven
You tell the congregation you are innocent

You shouldn't use God's name
God's scriptures have said it all
Unless you are a sinner
You will carry with it

You think what to lose
You are already a sinner
What weight to carry?
There is no change

Don't carry burden
Into the next world you are going
It will be hard for you to carry
You are on your own through the journey

dont get hooked

Farmers in Kampar
Decades through generations
Toiling the land without titles
Those decades ago no party wanted to help

Even if they did
It was just during the general elections
Maybe just lip services and records
Then it was back to normal

It was in 2008 election
When people voted for change
Only then Bee Anne woke up
By then it was too late

In Perak it was through the back door
Every agency was involved to push back
The government elected by the people
Even the courts had no backbone to defend the Constitution

Now the leaders of Bee Anne
They came to find ways to win back the people
The people should take it but don't be fools
The farmers should vote for change

Don't think of the short term
The Bee Anne leaders knew it
For they know they have no choice
They are staring at defeat

The farmers of 430
You toil the land so hard for generations
It was 2008 general election
You better learn your lessons

life pages to write

Life a repetition
Wake up, work, running errands
Stay late at night, eat then sleep
Tomorrow the same story begins

Life pages to write
Yet many record the familiar routines
Falling in love, broken heart, crying in vain
Tomorrow a new page begins

Life routines
The time just flies easily
Turning left or turning right
The same traffic lights

Life enjoy it
Learn to live with the constraints
Of what you can achieve
Of what you can't in your pursuits

Life learn the good and bad
It will enrich your experiences
As you write in your pages
The routines you will adapt

Sunday, December 18, 2011

it lies with the people for change

Anwar in jail or out free
It doesn't matter to the people on the street
They just want change quickly
They can't face the prospect of nation's bankruptcy

2 years the laughing stock on the case
The years just got us into the wrong record
The pillars of our Constitution
Raped at will without a backward glance

The court of justice
It isn't the port of call
It has become a haggling trade
Selling souls damned the world

The piracy of the minds
It is imprinted with logo and dime
In the world we know as such
The Devil takes the greedy for rides

The economy of the nation
On the poor lift off than one man's trial
Anwar is just the impetus for change
It lays bare the ugly truth of fork tongue

The road to redemption
It doesn't lie with the ruling government
It lies with the people who make the change
It isn't Anwar; he's only there to push for it