Monday, October 31, 2011

learn to be humble

You can blow your trumpet
The ego trip some will say
Why you want to tell?
Deeds will do the talking

Staying quiet some can't
They still want to tell
The good deeds they have done
In a society looking them up

Learn to be humble
It isn't wrong to take it
It makes you a better person
In a society marks of sin

Helping others are good deeds
They will spread your good intentions
Angels will record in their books
The 4 winds will spread your news

life is a circle


In the village
You see the hardship
The people live
Through the day

They don't have the luxuries
They live what they can afford
Tilling the land scrapping to stay alive
Some collecting shells to sell

They think of ways
To sustain their living
Praying for deliverance
One day they hope

Life can be hard
Sometimes no money to buy
In a shack crowded family
Wishing they can find wealth

Time move on
The struggles flow
Into decades they learn
Others forget where they came

Life is a circle
It all depends where you are
Along the way be kind to others
You will walk back the same road again

nature wrath

Nature wrath
On the sea
It's the time
We will see

People know
The Nature cry
Reaching shore
The sea of flooding

The natural resources
It is carried away
Instead of easing the problems
It stays year in year out

People know
Don't make the silly mistake
The change is now
Dump the ruling elites

why so afraid of change?

What so chaotic studying languages?
In science and mathematics what's the fear?
The Bee Anne government has no intention
Let the students live in the coconut shell

The world will not wait
It is for those who are willing to take risks
Spoon feeding will not help the young
Languages the more you know the better you will be

So what so afraid to learn?
The national rhetoric will not help us grow
It is Bee Anne intention to keep the power
They forget the people will decide

Mok Hawk Din lame excuses
It is better he leaves the scene
He benefits from English language
He forgets what a change it can be

Now people you know the drill
It is time we look for change
We can't be living like this
The world will not wait for us

the stray cat in the house

The stray cat in the house
You don't get one anywhere else
The best of everything
In this living world to live

You may have to honor
The way life come to interplay
Nothing is for free but maybe some
Sleep will come but the world will move on

The stray cat in the house
The mix breed the Irish blood
The King's Scout in time of legend
The life pages spring into tales

The stray cat in the house
The silence keeps at bay
The whirring sound of washing machine
It's free but maybe some

Sunday, October 30, 2011

let the pied piper sleeps

The goodies on the flow
The people will benefit
The political elites put up shows
It isn't their money

They even conduct free business courses
For the aliens to vote them in..............
Giving them citizenship selling the country
Of course they deny the insinuations

The sinking ship will do anything
The ship can't change they can repaint
You can fool people some of the time
You can't fool them every lie

Now they go
Giving out aids and hand outs
People stay focus
Change for your own and future generations

So many covered in hidden closets
Only by changing the government
We will see the light for the nation
It is our duty to correct the mistake

the cycle of change

The cycle of change
Don't let a party runs too long
It will breed bad intentions
In pursuit of hidden goals

The bank managers
They don't stay long in one place
They will be transferred to another location
New faces new cultivation new business plan

In a way to stop the inherent business friendship
It becomes a hidden block to the banks
So the bank managers will keep changing chairs
The business friendship will be kept at a distance

Likewise in political management
The party stays too long bad for the country
Invariably the people will lose the harvest
The political leaders keep you in coconut shell

The political leaders will bleed the country
They help their own and cronies
Words mean nothing to them
It's the wealth they want it

Don't let any political party
Staying too long in one place
It will bring bad intentions
The country and people have to bear

it's time for a new book


Don't be afraid to change
You may have lived in the same street
Lived in the same neighborhood
There is room to make a difference

The bad reports
The worst attitude
The poor financial management
The country losing out billions

The way forward
Change the goalie
We need a new broom
To get us out of the bad

Too much lies
Too much losses
Too much hidden agendas
Nothing much to improve our lots

So don't be afraid to change
Put out the bad let the new begins
Clean out the clutters in the closets
It's time for a new book

the markers have arrived

The suckers in the dark corridors
The shadows of their sins betraying the nation
Smiling with hidden agendas
As they take you for short rides

They speak with words
Marrying it into their own deeds
Along the way it is the gold
The glitter sucking them bad

The remote villagers
They never been told the truth
The handouts they receive
If only they know where it came

The city folks are savvy
The suckers can't fool all of them
They know about the dark corridors
They watch them with notes and pens

The suckers in the dark corridors
The markers have arrived time to draw
The new routes and chapters
For the true blood of the nation

old people who live alone

Old people who live alone
Widows and widowers
Life should be lived to the full
Walk a new path see the sunset

No doubt love of old
It will stay in memory
Of the past love and sharing
It shouldn't hold you back

Old people who live alone
Widows and widowers
Don't let society sink your life
Go out and enjoy what's love

Let there be a new beginning
A new chapter to marry the last journey
Into it live the best of your life
Old people who live alone

the power thieves

The power thieves
On the rise from the consumers
The charging high leakages run
The monopoly the market wide

Now TNB got the power
It's using high tech to catch the thieves
On the initial runs the finding reveals
Many steal to look good on profits

Where will it end?
For a while the culprits will lie low
Knowing and waiting for a new gadget
For power thieves they have their reasons

It boils down to politics
The milking from the public
On its incompetency to manage
Instead of doing service to the consumers

The power thieves
It isn't the end of their stories
As long as TNB can't manage properly
Using its monopoly to pull in profits

do you want a change?

Do you want a change?
Do you want the country go to the drain?
You better decide now
The country needs you to make the right choice

There are enough reports
Of the leakages of public funding
It runs into billions
And the public ministers fail to answer

They blame the civil servants
They don't blame for their in-competencies
They allow the wastage of funds
Under their watch they fail to take charge

You mustn't allow it to go on
The change of government must be had
There is no excuse for not wanting to change
Your dignity and self worth depend on it!

and you believe all will go away?

Close your eyes
And you believe all will go away?
The adversity of life
It is the test of faith

You can't find all the answers
You have to believe that it is so
It is no use cracking your head
Let others have a go at it

You have to believe
We aren't born the same
We have our uses
We have our limitations

All of us will have something good
It is written in our stars in heavens
The rest of the flow is made up of our efforts
You have to believe that it is so

Close your eyes
And you believe all will go away?
No my friend you have to go and make the change
It is the test of faith

Saturday, October 29, 2011

the marks of sin

The floods on the rise
The storm and rain will light
The misery of our feeling
The forgetfulness of accountability

The grasses withering
It turns into darkness of death
The greens want to survive
It's only the misery of our feeling

The floods on the rise
The watery deaths for our forgetfulness
The shallow water in our midst
We never think of why it happens

The marks of our forgetfulness
The marks of our irresponsibility
The sins of waywardness
Nature come to teach us lessons

the pied piper for pension fund

The aged old pension fund
The EPF has become the toy boy
For the Bee Anne to take for rides
What else they keep quiet?

Imagine the financial ruin
EPF has no guarantee lending loans
To a tune of over $55 billions
No security to back up for it

EPF isn't a finance institution
It is set up to take care of the workers
For their old age to enjoy their twilight years
The BOD should have resigned for failures

Now they invest overseas
The properties to generate income
Do management and Bod study the impact?
What if the properties bubble?

Back home it is ameeno piggy rides
The financial funding to support their life styles
The Auditor General's report never mentioned companies
It is believed it is the GLCs

Even members want to withdraw
To settle their financial loans and obligations
They get negative responses
But with $55 billions so easy to let go!

what else is new in AG's report?

The leakages in AG's report
Year in year out the same crusades
The ministers don't play the game
They harvest what they planted

The alleged corruptions
The over billing and payments
What else is new in AG's report?
It is just an exercise in futility

The public funding always gone
Into the cronies and companies flow
The cats and rats race in the dark corridors
What else is new in AG's report?

Bee Anne talks of transformation
It is just a spin to belie its true intentions
People better wake up now
Change the government for our survival!

the balance of life

The narrow window
The cat can't move in
Though it tries with its head
Nudging it to clear

The gap is small
The cat can't crawl through
The blades of light
The shadow playing

In the distance darkness
The eyes red of a rat
Squeaking in fear of its life
The cat can put its paw

Filling the gap
The rat moves away
A distance from the cat
Whiskers paging fear

The puppy dog runs along
Growling at the cat to move away
It has occupied its place
The cat meows and runs

The little rat sighs of relief
In the hole of the narrow window
The puppy dog falls asleep
The rat quickly makes its exist

the old devil

The old devil
He never retires
He clings to his power
He can't let it go

The old devil
The claws he grips
The corridor of power
He never leaves the building

The old devil
He loves the familiarity
The marks he dreams
The secrets he knew

The old devil
He smiles warmly
As he walks away
Closing the door behind him

sweet dreams

sweet dream's

Sweet dreams
Of opportunities flying away
In the dreams it seems real
The flow of life

Though it seems
Sweet dreams fly
You catch the moments
Feeling good for a while

In the world of the mind
The tricks it makes to feel the flow
You get it watching it goes
Into something out of ordinarily

Sweet dreams
The moments of a while
In the realm of the mind
Of life opportunities floating by

open houses

Open houses
The festivals bring
The people go
The free food and handshakes

The spinning lies
The politicians say
The crowd go there
It isn't about politics

The crony newspapers
The publishing reports
The alleged support
The turn around episodes

Open houses
They want the free food
Rubbing shoulders with ministers
A day in their lives

the floods on holiday

The floods on holidays
The weather bad and storm
It's time to teach the humans
They have to learn

The signs of our lives
The times we spend on this land
We must learn to walk the talk
For Nature will bring her punishments

The strong wind blowing
The dark clouds in the sky
The heavy downpour
The floods on holidays

The marks of floods
The damages causing billions
As it takes its way
The humans have to escape

The areas on siege
The floods come to sing
The echoing water flow
Into the land they conquer

the fire crackers

The fire crackers
In the night of silence
It flares up in the open air
Disturbing the quiet night

The celebration of a festival
The neighborliness forget
The fire crackers flaring up
In the night sky

The sleep will find it hard
Listening to the flares of night
The fire crackers loudly burst
In the quiet time of the dark

The neighborliness forget
It isn't a weekend day
Most have to work
The sluggish performance

wake up before it is too late

The spinning lies
For the open roads
The ruling elites feeling worst
They have to give

So the newspapers print
The stories it is told
The way to curry favors
Of the good life

The gullible people
The cronies flock along
They blow trumpets of good fortunes
Of their lives but they don't tell the truth

The leakages of public funds
They milk it for contracts
The high quotations and jobs delayed
The public has to pay

The people mustn't be fooled
Better wake up before it is gone
Our debts have ballooned
It is time the government change

the sound of the rain

The sound of the rain
On roof tiles it sings its song
The slow beat and the slow breeze
You like it or you don't

The changing tune
The changing direction
With the strong wind
The thunder claps in the sky

The lightning flashes
The sparks in the sky
The sound of the rain
Some will feel afraid

The water rising
The rivers flow with it
The rushing to its destination
A holiday for the water flow

the stray cats in the market

The cats in the market
The strays they use to say
Running along scavenging for food
The cats look healthy most of all

The colors of the strays
They wait on tables quietly looking
Some use to rub its body on the customers
Hoping they throw some food

The stray cats sit nearby
The eyes of hunger yet no noise
They sit and wait for crumbs
It is hope there will be many

In the short distance away
The 4 kittens running along
Hiding under the tables
Learning to beg for food

The strays in the market
They live on a daily routine
Scavenging for food at nearby tables
For their lives of no master control

the floods coming

The floods coming
There is no way to hide
Live with it and hope the best
We don't feel the agony of it

The neighbor got it bad
The floods put its marks
In every place to say
“It's mine while it lasts”

We should be ready
Bracing the floods
It has to come
There is no way to hide

The sins of our times
This is a remainder to change
Of our ways living on this land
The floods coming no way to hide

the grey stripes cat

The kitten came
In the morning of bright sunshine
Looking for a place to hide
As the black dog came

The color of dark stripes grey
It jumped over the fence......
Then it ran out quickly
Afraid of seeing human beings

The black dog came
It ran back to the porch
It climbed up the wheel
It hid itself there

I caught the kitten
Stroking its head
Telling the kitten to go home
Where it came

It ran to the fence
It wanted to climb over it
Then it ran out through the main gate
Meowing as it ran along

Then it never came
No sound whatsoever
In the sun bright morning
Until late at night

Thursday, October 27, 2011

life can be good

Life can be good
If you only let it be
You just let it flow
You enjoy the rides

You have a place
In the sun of rays
You have a place
In the lights of the moon

You don't have to worry
The world will keep on spinning
When you fall asleep it never stops
You enjoy the rides

Dreams will make it
As long as you keep a try
You can't give it up
Without trying to see the results

Life can be good
You don't have to think so hard
The world will keep spinning
Even if you fall asleep

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the single mothers

Single mothers
Don't feel so sad
The world will not leave you behind
There are many opportunities wake up and try

Single mothers
Sometimes life will be hard
With bills and children to take care
You wish you were born another time

Life partners you choose
You think you get it right
Sometimes life can turn a cruel twist
You should remember tomorrow hard to tell

Don't hide in self pity
There are good people out there
Even you can join NGO
Learn to catch fishes you will survive

Monday, October 24, 2011

the lights for change

The lights over evil
Will it bring changes to all?
In this chaotic political games
The crocodile tears on stage

The playful words to the ears
The incitement of hidden goals
The audience will have to filter it
Don't get sway into blindness

Running along with half truths
Sometimes it is best to take a back seat
Watch the evils play their games
You will learn what the true intentions

The lights over evil
The lights up in our minds
The good over bad
In this chaotic political games

horror in sepang circuit

Sepang Circuit

Death in Sepang
On the thrills and spins
On the Sepang circuit
On the evening motorbikes race

The horror on circuit
In full view of the spectators
The 2nd lap of the race
The accident happened so quickly

One racer fell off his motorbike
Rolled over hit by the other machines
He succumbed to his injuries
Death in Sepang circuit

This is the high speed race
Every one will know the consequences
On the thrills and spins
When accidents happen on the circuit

teach the blue

Blue wave in Selangor
The alleged cheats going on again
Once it happened in Sabah
The illegals became citizens

Now the same trick
It is happening in Selangor
The alleged treason by Bee Anne
Selling the country to the illegals

They allegedly got citizenship
So easy for these illegals
They have to keep their promises
The blue wave in hidden closets

My home state Selangor
The Selangorians mustn't be fooled
This time kick these Bee Anne leaders
Let them learn the lessons of truth

Sunday, October 23, 2011

dogs and cats

Dogs and cats
They just don't care
The animals instinct
They do as they like

Unless you chain the dogs
Unless you cage the cats
Else the animals will roam
They put marks as they like

Dogs and cats
Sometimes you get mad
The marks of their businesses
In the garden for cats

Outside the porch
The dogs' pooh stare at you
Sometimes you walk on it
The owners don't bother to scoop

So dogs and cats
The animals instinct
The owners should take care
Don't let them stink!

how we still in conflict?

The messengers of God came and gone
Fake or con we never could know........
There is no way we can verify the truth
How we are still in conflict?

The religion should be free
Let no one try to control or suppress it
God's gift to all the children
Be joyful, happy and multiply

Yet we walk the steps of negative vibes
We live it through the swords and bullets cry
Fake or con we never could know
How we still in conflict?

Many pray and hope
In the houses of God they go
Yet the basics they forget
Out of God's houses the ugly faces

How we still in conflict?
The black, yellow and white skin
The traffic colors we have seen
Fake or cone we never could know...

the angry face of flood

Braced for flood
It's the year end rendezvous
On the coastal areas
The rising tides and rain

Bangkok turning into Venice
The people run for higher ground
Many camped at the airport
The floods causing havoc

Now we see
The floods becoming worst
Our dilemma will arrive
How severe this time?

Flash floods in the city
The city dwellers should plan
This time it may come
The angry face we never see before?

There is the warning
The signs have spoken
Braced for flood
The angry face we never see before?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

the crying for change

The country crying for change
There is no doubt about it
The leaders are running scared
Of the power seems to float away

The cronies will run wildly
They take actions raising the temperatures
The people become angry
They gather to demonstrate

The country crying for change
It's time the people realize
They have the power to do it
They can't allow the country to be sold

The country sending signals
The wealth of the nation pilfering on the roads
It's time we take our country seriously
Before she turns bad on us

once it was

The old houses
Once there were
Standing new and warm
Decades later old and unkempt

On the road of traffic flow
Those in the know will talk about it
Of those decades when businesses were good
Then the decay the traffic flow diverted

Slowly the businesses died
So the people migrated
Leaving the marks behind
In time it was an eyesore

The old houses
Once there were
Now it was pulled down
Leaving an empty space

don't call your own rats

Col. Muammar Gaddafi, Libya

Col. Muammar Gaddafi, Libya

Libyan dictator died
He pleaded for his life
Caught in the sewer
The freedom fighters held

He knew he would fall
Months when demonstrations erupted
Yet he didn't read the signs
The power absolutely blinded him

The power of fear
It can't work through the ages
The curve will hit back
The people will attack

Now he tasted his own death
In the hands of his own people
He had done the terrible
The cycle came to take him away

Leaders everywhere
Elected by the people or by force
Learn to earn respect
Learn to be compassionate

The engine of power
It rests on the people
Treat the people well
God will help

wife for sale

Wife for sale
A man offers to buy
The husband agrees
So the wife is free

Love or lust?
It is hard to tell
In the eyes lusting for another
Paying for her she's willing to go

Old flame makes a return
The plot begins to take a different twist
In their pursuits they are willing to do
The woman asks for her divorce

The husband gets paid
So he lets her go..........
Wife for sale
A man offers to buy

love and lust

love or lust?

love or lust?

Love and lust
The thin line
You can't even know it
Though you think you do

You want to marry
One you will say
In years you start to take
Many wives

Others will keep girlfriends
Initially telling them lies
“I will marry you
When I divorce my wife”

Love and lust
The rise and fall of many
Even the Cleopatra did it
The weapons of mind destruction

The emperor falls
The children cry
The warring parties
In court of law spinning tales

Friday, October 21, 2011

the human crocodiles

The human crocodiles
On the land they make their marks
On the gullible victims hunger for wealth
They will fall into their own greed

Every one wants to live easy
Every one wants to get it rich
Every one wants to get it the quickest time
Of tomorrow they don't want to know

The human crocodiles
They learn the groundwork
They pile on the greed
They promise many returns

Will the greedy people learn?
On the whole they never do
They think it will not happen to them
The human crocodiles will make them cry

the hunger of power


The hunger of power
It will be the fall of any one
Learn from history
It tells you the story

The power blinds
The mind needs its ingredients
The hungry meals of power
It absolutely takes away life

The power of persuasion
It will work for a while
The power of gold
The scavengers will come

The play of black minds
They plot to earn their rights
The hunger of power
The fall of many in history

the traffic lights of life

The old woman walks
Back straight in the morning
Walking at her leisurely pace
Keeping fit to watch the sunrise

The tricycle man
With his wares he pedals to town
Sometimes he brings his grand daughter
He sings a few melodies

The little girl will smile
On her grandfather's tricycle
Pedaling to the bus station
Selling his wares of old coins

Then there is the new daddy
Busy with his errands for his child
A child is born a father's joy
Running errands rest of his life

And the little kittens
In the cage to keep them running away
In the morning rise the sound of it
The dot on the quiet morning

In the far distance
The school morning assembly and talk
The teachers should ask themselves
Who will listen wasting time delivering it?

In school learn to read and write
Study hard memorizing texts
Outside world the ground zero
It is a different ball game

Yet life goes on
The stop for each one to go
What is written will be
As one's life takes shape

the regime will fall

The regime will fall
It has gone over its shelf life
The implosion has begun
In the way the party leaders run

They can't take criticisms
They can't take different views
In democracy they should play the game
They just know how to talk not the walk

God run supreme
In all matters of life and death
Anything dealing with our functions
The allowances for the critics

Likewise in democracy
The people have the rights
The different view and perception
The ruling regime wants power for life

To bring the people down
They forget who get them elected
The rights to manage the country
It's the people they forget

The regime will fall
The implosion has begun
The tell tale signs are done
Walking 13 the final run

don't stay your welcome

Dictators of any origin
They can't hold it on forever
There will come a time
It's time to let go

History has told the time
Where dictators would fall and die
By the sword they would fall
By the bullets they would bite the dust

The fear can last
Only at a certain time
When the underground movements swell
The fear will hit the regime back

Even prophets too
They would suffer the familiar fate
Using God words to instil one belief
In the end the crumbling walls

The foundation of love and compassion
It's the way to pave for the joy and happiness
The peaceful coexistence and joy of sharing
In this way life can sail smoothly.................

maids no coming

Maids no coming
The hassles on hold
The millions paid
No smile on the face

The would be employers
They want the exact change
They want what is the worth
The money expended on maids

Some do lending services
Houses to homes of in laws
In the food businesses too
Taking the children along

Why can't they look inwards?
The people from the hinterland
They are hundred thousands needing jobs
Why can so far and hassle for maids?

Maids no coming
So there is no parade
You don't treat them well
The country's image dented

God never ask you to do

The show of might
God never ask you to do
Read your scriptures
Know the road

Once you do
You roll the dice
A game of religion
God never ask you to do

The prophets came and gone
The job done the way marked
Now to read and understand
The chess game on the board

If it is easy
God will not send so many prophets
Many came to tell their stories
Now read your scriptures

God never ask you to do
The guardian of the Books
It is open to all....
Hear the scriptures do the good!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

in the midnight glow


In the midnight glow
On the quiet sky
The misty mountain range
The white misty clouds

There was orange brightness
It bloomed in the dark sky
It had happened a few times
The orange glow the rays of light

What could have caused it?
The change to come in this nation?
Nobody can tell until the time
The orange glow the warning sign?

Certain portion of brightness
The light glow beyond...........
It is something to witness at night
The angels' candles lights in the sky

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the taste of sharing


The frog wants to live
In its own shell forget others
Living by the sea feeling the rushing waves
The night whirring of the soft breezes

In that coconut shell
Nothing to see only darkness
It is bliss for once long ago
Nobody knows the frog hides there

The solitude of time
The frog feels great
Then the sound of ships anchor
The sound of footsteps

The voices it can't understand
The nights of soft breezes shared
The frog doesn't like it any more
It isn't king on its turf!

The nights of foreign sounds
It rattles its mind to sleepless nights
Open up its eyes it's like its own
Only the colors and religions diversify

Coexistence with the foreign voices
They look alike yet speak in different tongues
The world in the coconut shell
It has to evolve to suit the time

the polluted river

The river flows
The residents look
The low shallow water
There is no danger

When the heavy rain pour
The river of abundant water
Some residents never look
They throw rubbish and plastic bags

They believe it is their choice
The river will carry the rubbish away
They forget to see the clogged river
Causing bottlenecks and floods

The old people and the young
They don't use their brains
Causing ill effects to the river
They think they save money

The town council officers
They shouldn't sit in office
They should walk the talk
Catch the culprits fine and parade them

In this way the culprits will be shamed
Learn their lessons they never forget
They should be told to take care of river
Be a responsible people on Mother Earth

the gutter politics

The gutter politics
It has come to stay
There is no reason to stop it
This is the game of paid words assassins

They lend their skills
To discredit the enemies
They don't care what they have done
They want their money and positions

The gutter politics
The politicians and public figures
They aren't immune to the attacks
it is the agenda to bring down opponents

The gutter politics
It isn't for the weak heart
It is for those who know what's all about
It can be played both ways of a coin

life of fakes

Life of fakes
In the steps to get rich
The people will go
They think of consequences later

The drug mules
Don't they know it's dangerous?
Life can be on the line
When they are caught

The fake credit cards
Abundance in the markets
The stealing of wealth
It's life of fakes

The fake identities
Pay money to hide the real
In the crimes police has no clue
The culprits run to Caribbean

Life of fakes
Student visas to gain entries
In the country involving other activities
It's money the short cut to get rich

Life of fakes
It will not last long
The prison empty cells wait
For crimes have to pay