Friday, April 30, 2021




Howling mess

Way should be

Top of the game



Emptying wind

The divided wolves

Dare to criticize shout



Back door

Treated unequal positions

Members voiced low esteem



Moon shines

Counting the event

Wanting to return full


C19 is still hungry to play its game


Lives are at stake

If we don't follow SOP

C19 isn't slowing down

It is still hungry to play its game

Rocking Rona still rocks

Up the chart for all to see

A year of watching

Don't we ever learn?

Vaccines are prevention

We mustn't think we are protected

We still can be infected and spread

We still must follow SOP

We are living

But normal is a different sound

The fear is still in the open

We still must follow guide-lines

the gatherings


The gatherings

Forget about the fear

Now to live for a day

Tomorrow is hard to say

The gatherings

There is always the infection

Yet the people will go

Weddings, class unions, religious rites

Before long the new cluster will loom

C19 isn't hiding to hit its gloom

It will rear its ugly head

Let the fear carry its weight

Don't ignore the SOP

It will be a wall to contain C19

Stay clear of crowded places

The spread can be infectious

Thursday, April 29, 2021

the political sinners


The political sinners

They know the losses

When the day will come

They will have no answers

Why play the short games?

It will not benefit in the long term

The causes of payback not worth it

The lake of fire will not give concessions

The political sinners

Better wake up and realize

The payback will knock on doors

It isn't worth the short flame of power

They can pray everyday

The bad marks will stay

The political sinners

Wake up before it is too late

vote 18


Vote 18

Law passed

Back door refuses

Citing lack of knowledge


Vote 18

Young chances

Isn't a game

A formidable force flow



Frogs monkeys

In the desert

Can't stand the heat


Vote 18

A factor

Back door knows

Delaying to stop marching


the open bag


The open bag

Sitting by the corridor

Hoping to fill in the bad

There are many to be had

The bad ways

It can't be hidden

Even by praying

Because it has been written

The records by the angels

The marks on the pages

The bad may not see it

It can't be gone

Even by praying

Forgiveness to change

If the residue still burning

The open bag still waits

Royalty, rich and poor

All will be equal when they return

The angels will narrate their stories

The Maker will decide where to put them

So listen

Show your humility all the times

Don't get chained when the day arrived

The open bag will close up; you can't escape

the weak can't manage


The weak government

Always afraid of shadows

Always can't take criticisms

Always can't debate

Use the laws to intimidate

Use the police to punish

The critics of its rule

Freedom isn't its cup of tea

The weak government

It can't work in cohesive manner

There will be hiccups and flip-flops

Even caricatures it feels afraid

The weak government

It shouldn't stay

It shows its weaknesses

Better return to the drawing board

only the memories stay awake


Dead and gone

The sins too go along

Forgiveness or worrying

Nobody can tell

Only the dead will know

They will not return to gossip

There is nothing not even an echo

Only the memories stay awake

Dead and gone

A time born; a time to go

Learn the craft learn the way

A legacy here nothing for the soul

Time of good; time of bad

There is nothing not even an echo

Dead and gone

Only the memories stay awake

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

the bananas


The bananas

Hanging all in a row

By the road-side

Let every one see passing by

The greens, the yellows and the black spots

The aging of the bananas by the days

The sweetness will not be guaranteed

Because plucked down too early

The stall owners will say

It is sweet every one of the bananas

They will not say anything differently

The bananas hanging all in a row

The old, the haggard, and the sweet

Every one will see passing by

The bananas all hanging in a row

The stall owners standing feeling proud

say gratitude


The morning rise

The first to remember

Thanks to the Lord God

The Maker of our needs and desires

The guidance God shares

The bad ways some of us do

Thinking we can escape

But it is always in the records

It is always best to read

The words written for us to motivate

The highest level each of us need to attain

In the life time we have to pursue it

Though some of us may fail

As long as one tries to achieve it

There will be credits for our efforts

Because God will be fair and compassionate

Motivate to a level we can achieve

Don't go overboard and tumble over

It makes no sense to do knowing it will fail

Though we learn but we lose the time

the weak horses


Weak horses

Worrying eyes on the field

Galloping can't go with speed

The energy isn't in the minds

Weak horses

The back door regime

Hiding in the stable

Afraid to show

Planning for war chest

Building up to fund in politics

Feeding for success

The weak horses of the back door

Weak horses

Flying to Saudi

Beg for hays

The war chest of a game

Weak horses

Retire them for good

They don't bring good news

Good only hiding in the stable

freedom can't lock in



Say write

Encroaching of law

Stifle flow of minds



Of laws

Bring critics down

The draconian laws puff



Forbidden key

The blues gang

Blue waves running in



People rise

Rights to say

Freedom can't lock in


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Anwar will make the police alert


Any police report

Can be made by any person

But the police must filter it out

Do not just run after it

But when a police report is made

And Anwar happens to be in it

The police will act quickly

Though it can be nothing serious

In fact the lastest on the taped phone recording

There is nothing wrong with his conversation

If the voice can be proofed authentic

Though Anwar has denied the conversation

Yet the police has called Anwar

Because his name will send the police

Combing for a reason to catch him again

By right the police should catch the recording culprit

It is just a waste of public funds and time

Why don't the police call Moo on his audio recording?

Even Macc never say anything about Moo

It is a clear case of corruption to entice to cross over

But it isn't Anwar

So nothing will come out of it

Even the case of Azzmin video recording

Nothing is said now

the Rocket


The Rocket

Blasting off to high

Yet there are members

Feeling bad to be left behind

Every generation will play a part

Some will progress while others stagnant

Every member must realize

Not every one can sit on high

Ronnie Liu and his gang

Feeling heat of the blast

They have their times

Now he and his gang seeing no where

Now they want to say something bad

The Rocket is in the sky of changes

A new generation will take up the drive

Ronnie Liu and his gang aren't in the loop

He should feel grateful

He still has his role to play

Still an assembly-man

He mustn't forget his root

the way of winning


The way of winning

It isn't waiting to hit it

It is through proper planning

Execute with a winning mentality

In politics a leader should realize

He mustn't give his opponents leeway

It will be his own downfall for his weaknesses

Because his opponents will plan a counter-attack

The wolves keep howling

For days or weeks without execution

In between the division of camps

It will not be a good way to attack

The opponents will offer better terms

By it the greedy ones will go into it

Leaving the attacks in limbo

Because the leader has to cover it back

The chief wolf should read his game

By holding the attack he has shown his weakness

He has given his opponents a chance to plan attacks

By then he may lose his advantage

Now the chief wolf should join other parties

To consolidate the mandate for democracy

Not necessary the wolves will run the show

Because he hasn't the advantage of numbers

when the crocodiles speak


When the crocodiles speak

Nothing good will ever come

They should return to the river

Soak in it enjoy the solidarity

When the crocodiles walk on land

They are in the unfamiliar ground

They will speak nonsense

Only for their own benefits

When the crocodiles stand on stage

They want to behave like humans

But the masks will not help them

They are found out anyway

When the crocodiles speak

The bad aroma will sink in

By the river to the land

It is best they return to the river

the wrong can't be right


The weed

Feeding from the back door

It wants to control the masses

Under its magical spell

The rain of sweet talking

It wants to sound good

The weed

It will take control of the minds

There is no exchange of needs

It doesn't need protests or arguments

It needs the people to be obedient

Do not question the wrong

The weed

Pop up in the eyes

It is wrong indeed

The back door just pushes in

Monday, April 26, 2021

a pillow full of dreams


A pillow full of dreams

The sleep floating in the air

Taking it to a far away place

Settling down for a short time

It doesn't show reality

It will never do in the dreams

Sometimes it will sound real

The screaming of the chase

A pillow full of dreams

Life like a river flow

The ringing water spell

The traps and releases

A pillow full of dreams

The sleep floating in the air

Sometimes it will sound real

The screaming of the chase

C19 climbs the chart


C19 climbs the chart

Bringing with it the deadly score

It doesn't want to die yet

Too many hosts reluctant to stick to SOP

The crowded places

The hot bed to spread C19

Yet the authority allows it

How to stop the virus?

The emergency decree isn't helping

Because C19 is flying high on the chart

It only serves the back door

To stay on power though it has lost

His Majesty should recall his decree

The back door isn't doing a good job

Spending more time to stay relevant

But it hasn't got the majority now

C19 has a new strain in the city

The front liners are really stressed out

The daring people should stop and think

Don't play with the virus at all

coldest summer


I turn a few pages

It gets me stuck to the story

It hooks me down to read through

The few pages let me sink in


But the story never ends

Sometimes love life is no beginning

It attracts then it disappears

For the lovers there’s always a tomorrow


Kira Jones Liam Darcy

The heated love romance

Building up wanting to explode

But it never breaks the ice


In the last chapter Malik shows his hand

Leaving Kira Jones wondering of her love life

But Sam may not forgive Kira Jones

Unwanted love always causing headaches

Sunday, April 25, 2021

the reality of politics


The reality in politics

There will be blending

Of the good and bad politicians

Nobody can deny it

It is how they present themselves

Flow with humility and graces

They may show their true selves

The colours of politicians

We mustn't be naive

The politicians want to get power

Together with benefits they can scoop

Then they will think of the nation and people

The voters have to pick and decide

Who are the politicians who can help?

Though some may get commissions

At least they will have their work ethics

The reality in politics

There will be good and bad politicians

The voters can't close their eyes and minds

Pick those who can help and have work ethics

the young leaders today


The young leaders today

Learn from history of good values

Learn from the good politicians

In politics temptations are many

Believe in good ways

It will bring success without headaches

Know what they can do to progress

Know the dark forces waiting at corners too

The young leaders today

Alone they can't climb up the ladder

They need to join forces to make success

Do not discard old politicians

In the voting patterns

The young and old will vote

Do not make mistake in judging

It will cost dearly in the polls




Good Bad

Love and design

The painted faces smile



Men knock

Don't waste time

Fishing rods no bite



Up Down

Traffic jam lights

Men get measured low



The swing

Merry go round

The testing words flow


the wolves still waiting


The wolves still waiting

As if they dare not strike it out

The innings of good benefits

For some holding the cards

Will they strike now?

They aren't decisive

Wanting to go but....?

Afraid to miss the power?

Every time the wolves stay inaction

Moo and crocodiles will be braver

They can do as they like with it

As long as the emergency stays

The wolves shouldn't wait till August

They will lose more than what it is

The majority in the back door

But they let a minority to run the show

Moo doesn't show respect to them

Maybe he seeks his revenge

Long time ago he was there

And he was dumped out through the door

Now the wolves should recognize the score

They shouldn't wait and giving months ahead

When the timing is hot it has to hit through

Else there will not be another round of chance

Saturday, April 24, 2021

don't cry


Don't cry

In the silence

The back door is a year old

Giving us the bad to smell

The wealth of the nation

It has gone by the back door

Don't tell us where it has gone

Because they don't have to account

By the emergency decree

Parliament is suspended

The free loading will run

Nobody can say

The Old Man says

A race has felt angry

The way emergency is used

As a former PM he could be right

The back door isn't popular

If it is as the survey shown

It never dares to recall Parliament

There will be all kind of excuses

Don't cry

It's the back door way

We will wait for our day

We will make them pay




The iconic work

The women will go

Earning for a living

Every nation will have them

By the law or by illegal means

By force from the gangs

By force from agents or pimps

The customers are men

They can't find satisfaction at homes

They want to have different tastes

Off they go looking for sex workers

It is a trade

Though with danger surrounding them

But the women have to go forth

Under the command of pimps or gangs

Though they will be free-lancers

They go by appointments and discreet

There will be no agents or middlemen

All conducted through the internet

Prostitution will never end

As long as there is a need for them

Through ages of times they provide

The intimate services for a price

Let them face their Maker

On the day they have to report

We can't judge these women

Because we aren't sinless as well

the spider's web


The spider's web

Connect deep to get the wealth

Find any assets worth in cash

The web of disposals come to clash

In the scheme of things

Say the half truth finally get the whole

When the whole game is to take it all

Leaving nothing when tomorrow comes

The spider's web connect

Every knot to stay relevant

Putting it up to trap the blind

Believing freedom a choice in life

The struggle for survival

Trap in the web of half truth

Connect deep to get the wealth

Leaving nothing for tomorrow

The spider's web

Hanging it up to dry

Every last drop in its net

Connect deep to get the wealth

the pale faces


The pale faces

Running free in the circle

There is no way to touch them

They have the seal to run

The people can show displeasures

Make bad jokes or ridicule in conversations

The pale faces don't care what transpire

They only care what they can draw for themselves

The day of dim lights

The pale faces want it that way

Running free in the circle

Let the grapevine joke bad about them

In their own circle

The pale faces smile and laugh

The way they get the seal

Now they can do as they like

don't believe too much about surveys


Don't believe much about surveys

It is always base on a small sample

To determine a cause of direction

The input may not be truthful or right

Just remember a knife has two sharp edges

It all depends how we look at surveys

Is it to make one look impressive?

Is it to make one feel good on popularity?

Moo is popular?

He is draining out the nation's funds

He has no idea how to put it back

He knows how to spend without thinking of tomorrow

The youth in survey may want Moo to feel it

Let the youth have MUDA registered and see

Maybe that is the message they sent out

We are the youth we supported Moo”

So popular yet afraid to call back Parliament

Moo is weakest leader in the back door

During decades in politics he hasn't done much

He has no good ways to prop him up

Now the bad ways coming up stream

These extremists aren't afraid to be in the open

They have leaders in the back door

The Taliban kind starting to crawl out

The surveys should start

From North to South; East and West

Circle in the samples of many

Maybe it will tell a better score