Tuesday, June 30, 2015

the truth so hard to explain

The truth so hard to explain
The politicians running the show
They will go about the round the way
Even that we don't hear the right approach

They sink in more potholes
When the rainfall we will see the dirt
We just want the truth
The truth so hard to explain

Now they want to sue
The opponents who keep chasing them
Some got legal notices
The people glad waiting for the court to begin

As we know the runners
Last minute the failure to show
Asking court for exemption on the main players
But the truth should come from these people!

the two tigers

The two tigers on the mountain
They don't bring harmony in the area
One has to leave to find his own colony
He should forget once he lived there

The waxing of muscles
Roaring high with their followers
Muscling to make the cut
They will fall fighting down the slope

When give and take is forgotten
When honesty and service above self downplayed
The two tigers will roam the jungle
Biting too much they can't chew

The harmony they can't share
The downhill spiral will be seen
The smoke of stones and pebbles
Tumbling down from the mountain

The greed of power
Servicing to the communities come second best
The chest beating and roaring high on the mountain
The two tigers come tumbling down

sebby's birthday

The small Jurassic arena
Toys all hang up to snoop
Casting shadows under the light
The birthday boy standing bright

Belinda and Martin
The busy bee parents
Gathering friends' children
The balloons of party mood

Sebby, the birthday boy
In his birthday dress smiling ear to ear
Looking at his friends
On his birthday they come to play

The sound of laughter
Party mood party eyes
They enjoy some freedom
Watch them mingle watch them smile

The birthday boy, Sebby
Blow his candles cut his cake
The party with his friends
They eat the cakes wishing more

Happy birthday Sebby
The toys will stay with you
Across the oceans
We wish you the best of the day

babies never wanted to be born

A week old baby
Abandoned at the door of a mosque
Left there by her mother
She couldn't care for her

She took courage
Once the unprotected sex done
No family planning
The baby came along

The father of the child
Maybe renounced his rights
Maybe too young to understand
Bringing a child to this world

The costs aren't cheap
Bringing up a child
Sex play must come with responsibility
Knowledge of sex of life

We hear too many cases
Babies are born and abandoned
The religious officials must explain
What little they know about it

Babies never wanted to be born
When they do the responsibility must be shared
It isn't a way ticket after sex is done
It is beyond the shared bodies and lives

Monday, June 29, 2015

in the cars locked the doors

Death in the car
The victim throat was slashed
What was the motive?
A man in his 30s left his world

His car was left on the road
So far nothing to reveal
A gang attack or business rivalry?
The police kept a tight lip

A woman too found dead
In the night her relatives found her car
She was slumped in the driver's seat
With slashed wounds on her neck and back

Again nothing to reveal
Is it a random killing?
To create a climate of fear?
The police will not say

The rest of us
Always lock the car doors
Once we are in the cars
Precaution is better than felt sorry

sebby going to preschool

All dressed up
With a hat on his head
With his shoes stringed it
With his hands saying
I have nothing!”

With his bag on his back
The creatures of Jurassic park
Living in his mind as he turned
Listening to the bell
It's time to go”

Hiking the route
Learning the living words
The letters ABC
With new faces and friends
Mingling around...

The dragon boy is ready
Learning the rudiments of ABC
With his creatures for company
Sebby can face his pre-school days
Hiking up to get his early education

the weak will return

You think you are strong
You think you can bully
The weak will bow to you
But do you know what's in his mind?
When you show your arrogance?

They will think ahead
The day they will seek
The redemption for their souls
On a time when the weak
Will become strong together

But do the strong remember?
The root of the beginning
It is always through the weak
They learn and become strong
Some turn evil to contaminate the souls

The strong think they rule
With numbers to pull the string
Hitting the weak with subtle messages
But the weak will live to fight another
When the opportunity will come

the sins will make us fall

Python eats porcupine
It dies later...
Too many thorn
It swallowed it whole

The porcupine revenge
The spikes of its last poke
The python doesn't get free
It suffered pain before it died

Too much greed and corruption
It never gives us free
We will have sleepless nights
The spikes keep hitting in our minds

We think nobody knows
We hide it secretly
Erase our tracks of evil gains
But we forget God is watching

The spikes keep hitting
We can't sleep well at night
We are afraid of our secrets
Once it is open the cap will never close

the hot and dry and haze

The hot and dry
And haze
It befalls the nation
As like the politicians

The after-shocks in Sabah
Now 100 and counting
Nature has warned
Don't be a fixed deposit

The return is low
The promises taken away
The party leaders in Sabah
They want their perks

Across the sea
The 1MDB twists and turns
The fall of Amno baru
The signs are there to watch

The little napoleons
They make so much blues
Instead of doing service to the people
They create problems in our lives

Imagine we pay them to do
Give us the best service all the times
But they want to Islamization to others
By right they should stick to their own

The signs are telling
The way out is imminent
The cracks of the ruling elites
It is time they say goodbye

The hot and dry
And haze
We get all hot up
In our daily lives

Sunday, June 28, 2015

don't think

Don't think
Life is full of short cuts
If only you remember
It isn't the way to go

Don't think
You can find it
Get the loot hide away
It isn't the way to go

The hounds will sniff it
Going all the way to find
Don't think you can hide away
On the wrong side of the law

It is better to work on honesty
Leaving no shadows to put on marks
Walk with dignity sleep soundly
When today comes you say you do it right

the quick draw

They come out quick
With bullets flying
Even the truth hasn't been explained
They want the quick draw

The silencing of opponents
There is still a long to go
As long as truth is unexplained
The concerned parties will rise

Fear will not keep for long
The power one wishes to draw
It is the people who will decide
Though the black dogs will bark

On the side road
They show their teeth
White, sharp and threatening
Intimidation is a game to create fear

The people have learned
They are wiser through the years
Quick responses in the web

It makes the light shine better

the blackmail or email?

The Thai talked about blackmail
Of a man who was caught living in Thailand
Here we have our ministers jumping like crazy
They branded as the tampered email

The 1MDB episode
The chapter 2 enfolds in Thailand
WSJ, The Edge and Sarawak Report expose
We heard the twist and lies

The gist on 1MDB
It is about the monies borrowed and spent
Why paid exorbitant price for sinking assets?
Why paid high commissions?
Why pay high interest rates?

The ministers shouldn't say
Threats and sue as if they are right
The opposition will see it comes out in open court
The 1MDB will bring down the ruling elites

Can't they differentiate blackmail and email?
Sarawak Report will still hold the truth in its expose
So will WSJ and The Edge
The people will keep watch with high pitched ears

Saturday, June 27, 2015

the sweet talkers

How many times did we hear?
The newspapers write the stories
The police always give advice
It seems some still fall for it

Sex and monies
It is all that matters
In the life of the sweet talkers
When they have it they will disappear

A woman committed suicide
When she lost her saving of $75,000
To a man she never meet at all
Why must she be so stupid?!

Lost your money don't lose your soul
Money can be earned in time
When soul is lost nothing will be gone
Why fall just to hide your face?

This is another victim
The dust claimed her soul
She left behind grieving family
What she did she didn't think through

we should swallow our pride

Yesterday we were free
Religious tolerance and acceptance
Even our dress codes nobody said
We mixed well sharing our jokes and likes

We were proud of our heritage
We spoke good English with high spirits
We knew we were somebody
When we mastered the language

In 70s we were sliding
When new policy came
The Malay supremacy and its language
Coined by the government to suit the party purposes

In the decades gone
We fell behind other emerging countries
Even China wanted her people to learn English
We were left far behind economically

The ruling elites
They send their children to overseas schools
They want them to learn English get degrees
And the commercial masses are put in circle

Now the toll hits us back
We should swallow our pride and redo our roads
English must be the forefront to emerge economically
We are sliding into backward waters

the twists and lies

The twists and lies
We hear it all the times
Ringing out in the air
They will say 'misquoted”

The leaders of the nation
You make us the laughing stock
You think you can fool the people
It's only in your circle

We aren't living in the stone age
Once you could tamper with the news
Using your tools to effectively controlled
The television news and newspapers

Now the world of networking
The borderless world comes into being
What you say will be recorded and shared
There is nothing to say “misquoted”

The twists and lies
In our daily news we hear
The straight faces of our leaders
The people will keep watching

Do you hear the sound?
The drum beats rolling in
The twists and lies
They will be put to the cage

the food lovers at night

The midnight food
The food lovers at night
They will get no high
When withdrawal symptoms arrive

Driving through the night
In the cool weather looking for cheap stalls
What they will see are the emptiness
Once the vibrant echo of the lost time

The ministers have nothing to do
Planning the bad vibes for the food lovers at night
If the plan gets through the food outlets close at midnight
The Cinderella has to bolt home before she can start

The social ills in the mind
Nothing to do with food and drinks at night
The ministers should think of how to clean up the mess
In the leakages, greed and corruption and kickbacks

But no they want to divert attention
They can't explain what they have done
The people aren't fools
They will kick out next time around

the broken road

The broken road
It lies there hit by the quake
The light sings its sorrow
Spraying all around
Let the passersby know
Don't walk in blindly
When darkness fall
Know there's the broken road

Yet we all know
There are fools going blindly
Using handphones without looking
They will fall into the dark hole
Screaming their lives..not the broken road!
The darkness smile of company
Sharing the cold of physicality
And there is the broken road

The emotion clouded judgements
As the people go about their daily lives
Some learn; some forget; and some refuse
On the broken road they better think
There is no bridge to cross over
There is the big hole waiting to swallow
Every one who doesn't listen
The broken road put a brake
Is that the way to learn?

The broken road
The eyes should see
The mind should know
Going to paradise
It isn't through lies and greed
It is through truth and compassion


The sleuths in the country
Get it on to clean up the mess
It happens so every day

The lies so evil
It takes the daylight out it
The flying billions going away
So wanted the supersleuths

The kickbacks of lots of millions
The faces of denial seem the day
The back road seems so free
So wanted the supersleuths

The people to open eyes
Listen carefully what is going on
The nation will have nothing

Don't let leaders keep talking lies
It is time they are told to get lost
So wanted the supersleuths
To clean up the mess

The people to open eyes
The faces of denial seem the day
The back road seems so free

Friday, June 26, 2015

the big sharks always go free

The big sharks always go free
In the seas we have seen
They can bite with red wine flowing
The champagne in posh mansions

The can smile in cameras
They can talk big as the drum
They will say the law obeying
When they pour red wine to the seas

Kickbacks in many forms
Crafted into the legal documents
On the face value it seems under the law
The culprits swim free to the banks

The big sharks always go free
The small fishes will get caught in the net
Struggling to get free but failed
In jail they sit and pray for redemption

They dare not spill beans
They are afraid of their families
The big sharks have the muscles
For the law never catches them

social ills

Social ills
It isn't related to food
It isn't related to midnight stalls
It is the mind of the people

When the foundation is weak
Every stand will collapse
You don't blame God for it
You blame yourself

Social ills
The people who interact
When the base is low
You don't expect good things

It is the teaching in schools
It is through parents showing the way
Poor role models what do we expect?
The glittering diamonds?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

once you try

Once you try
You will not run away
You will live to go in
You will know how good it is

Once you try
How easy it can be
Nobody will say
It is all in legal way

Once you try
You know you can't let go
The sweetness brings joy
In the darkness you smile

Once you try
You forget about your religious standing
You think you have the rights
Taking it all through merry-go-round

Once you try
Don't play greedy or play innocent
It will return to hook you up

In the darkness there will be a fall

we get the dizzy stars

We get the dizzy stars
It comes one after another
it rings so true every day
Kota Kinabalu strikes not enough
We have to get into the dizzy heads

Oh the kickbacks
In legal contracts to fool the authorities
It is there but they will say
They don't know
They only get the dizzy stars

It is alive every day
It is the taxpayers monies
They don't care
They act as if they owned it
They will say they don't know

They will say they don't know
it isn't in the contract they signed
They will play the dizzy stars
They will act like the lords
Living in posh mansions
With servants and cars parking at the front porch
And we get the dizzy stars listening to the lies

once he was a man

Once he was a man
Knocking out the women
And he felt so good
He even got married

He made children
All grown up and gone
Leaving him alone once more
Alone to fight his demon

He got divorce
He wanted to be a woman
He forgot about the knock out
He gave to his exploits

When age got up with him
He finally turned himself in
The years he wanted to be a woman
Now he got into his altered ego

With his way he is
The children lost their father
Welcome a mother they never had
But the old man lived it up

As the new woman
Came out from the closet
The world wait for her
She will get the knock about

don't give too many praises

Too many praises
It never works in long term
The bar is put too low
The easy targets reachable

The minimum efforts
The rewards piling in
Staying long hours
Sometimes to hide

All must start low
When the confidence is built
The bar should be put higher
The attempt must be made

Failure to jump higher
It doesn't mean it is a gone case
It is to study; learn and try again
Learn new way to scale the height

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

the dark and light

The dark and light
The constant fight
In the mind
No inch given
No winner to choose

The corrupted officials
They make contracts look legal
A willing buyer and seller
Is the law in black and white
What's wrong with that?

But it never says
The padding up involved
The minds only know
The eyes look at the payment
Transferring into the accounts

The watch dogs
They only sniff the illegals
They don't find it
In black and white
They don't see

When third party exposes it
The watch dogs never bark
They keep quiet in the home
Watching television hearing the news
They have their meat why rock the boat?

The dark and light
A new party to see it through
The old dogs can't sniff it out
The loaded meat they can't take it away
It reminds them of what they are
The bought and trained on the puppet strings

the hot weather

Image result for DAP flag burning penang
themalaymailonline.com/amno baru members

The hot weather
The dry spells ahead
Some get hot
Some run for safety

But Penang Amno baru
The leaders raising temperature
Burning DAP flags
In broad daylight

They think they rule the state
They demand their rights
Breaching laws and regulations
The thugs in Amno baru

Now the police
The officers should arrest them
Show them the rule of law
We don't need trouble makers

The people are watching
Recording the antics of Amno baru
The regime will fall to its knees
Come GE14 the change will happen

The hot weather
We feel the heat rising
We keep our cool
And the frogs hide away