Sunday, March 31, 2013

the sunset lovers

The sunset lovers
On the streets walking
Sometimes at a secluded spots
Waiting for somebody anybody

The city folks know
They just let them have their days
The sunset lovers
The authorities sometimes go after them

They live in a life
They know the ills they will get
It is a risk they will take
In a society where rules impede

The sunset lovers
They dare to challenge
Parading on the streets
We are the children of God”

The test of faith
Every one has to go through
Understand the dilemma
The society we live in

the barking dogs must be neutered

Am Ci A
Only brags what it has done
Giving lectures to the villagers
Without Bee Anne there will be no funding

Only the fools will believe
The public funds for all to share
It has never been done equally
Am Ci A has to beg for it

Is this called sharing?
It is only in name's sake
Am Ci A has no clout
Though its leaders try

Putting up a front
Later its leaders all quiet down
With tails between the legs
They wait for the crumbs

The main issues
Greed, corruption, accountability
Transparency, fair distribution of wealth
Treat every one equally by the law

It is sad Am Ci A flops
Its leaders have no balls
They are caged within the walls
Sometimes they are released to bark up issues

The day of recognition
Of the fall from grace
GE13 will be the time
The people want change

afraid to eat eggs?

Am Ci A
Afraid to eat eggs?
You don't really serve
The Chinese community

The leaders just take
Whatever crumbs they get
Selling out the Chinese
The running dogs they become

Am Ci A
The servant of Amno
You don't have a face?
You forget how to fight?

The Chinese community
GE13 they will bury you
Way down the slippery rope
You will sit there learning 1,2,3

our rights in the constitution

There is no reason
To hold on to the past
The mismanagement of wealth
The divide and rule regime

Bee Anne throwing monies
The understanding to stay on to power
They punish the people
Voting for the opposition

It is our country
It is our wealth creation
Nobody should disrespect us
Our tax monies should be shared equally

With Bee Anne
There is no such thing
The sour grapes they become
Losing its control they cry

Bee Anne leaders never learn
They speak arrogantly all the times
They think they are the masters
We are the slaves in their eyes

GE13 our rights to restore
The balance of our power
Let nobody take it away
The rights enshrined in the Constitution

bee anne packed your bags

The wishful thinking
Bee Anne leaders do
The 2/3 majority?
They better pack their bags

It is the time to go
The events of the years
The divide and rule and fear tactics
Bee Anne just wants to rule forever!

The expiry date postponed
They are afraid to declare
The dissolution of Parliament
The people will decide their fate

The sleeping beauty
He woke up years ago
He lost his way
Now he talks in history

Putrajaya will have a new tenant
It is time the country experience a new regime
Let us make it happen in our history
For better or worst we have nothing to fear

Saturday, March 30, 2013

waves to the beach

andaman langkawi

Do hear the waves calling?
In your sleep deep into the floating ship?
Maybe you will as you live through with it
The islands of beach, fun and joy

Walking on the fine sandy white sand
The years seem like today.......
You wake up and you remember
The island once you stayed

The windy breezes
It never comes every day
It depends on the weather
When it rains in the evening

The ripples water catching eyes
At the beach the calling waves
Splashing its white hungry laces
The painted lines white of purity

Do you hear the calling waves?
In the faraway island once you stayed
Maybe you will as you live through with it
Listening to the wind brushing through the air

get dirty your hands

Get dirty your hands
You will learn through experience
Small things to bigger ones
The experience will stay

You can feel the innings
You will learn how it is done
Even small things will teach
How to plan and get things moving

Don't be a whining dog
Barking with no fixed time
It can't differentiate the day and night
It just barks to get notice

So dig your fingers
Into the pot of flour
Feel the texture of its life
The scoring forms in your hands

the souls fly away

The souls fly away
Into the realm of invincibility
Leaving the bodies to decay
The elements of time and place

The dreams of living
Many will not see it coming
They swallow what they can find
Believing there is no way to go

Until greed takes control
These people will miss the opportunity
The garden of Eden
It lies there waiting

The bodies turning to ashes
Returning to the root of its soil
Letting Mother Earth takes it back
The souls fly away

The living of paradise
It is always there waiting
Until we learn to stay good
The world we know is just tempting spree

the internet cheats

The internet cheats
The guys plan it
The women fall
The lonely feels alone

Whisper words of love
The promising of a life
In the net the guys hit
It's the money promising a deal

When the money banked in
The lovers on the internet
They just disappear quickly
Leaving the women bewildered

The days come along
Nothing to wrap their souls
The women finally wise up
They have been duped

The crying will not help
The bitter lessons learned
The life saving gone to the cheats
Don't fall for the handsome guys

When the women never meet
How a fool become a target
Blame it on the loneliness
Blame on themselves....

Friday, March 29, 2013

if you are made of lemon grass

The demons work
In the night to make the day
Once they get you
You will not get away

They find your weaknesses
In the mind they will come
The nights whispering
The wind makes the sound

You will listen
You will push along
If you are made of lemon grass
You will not fall easily

You may swing with the wind
In every direction it wants to take
You will stay true to your belief
The day you forget the day you will fall

If you are made of lemon grass
The pleasant fragrance flowing in the air
The smell of goodness around the surrounding
The demons work will be a washed out

jealousy has no boundary

Jealousy has no boundary
It comes as greed takes over
A need to satisfy or a need to take it all
It rears its ugly head sometimes unexpectedly

Like a case of a mother in law
She flew into a rage of jealousy
When her daughter got a hand-phone
From her son in law

She flew into rage unexpectedly
She took a knife and slashed him
The son in law suffered cuts
The mother in law has to spend in jail

Don't let jealous takes control
In the mind it breeds the web of greed
It never satisfies a need
It wants it all for itself

ah loong cai

Ah Loong Cai
The face of happiness
Eyes glow into the camera
The moment he never forgets

The bright eyes
The new things he sees
He wants to say
The exciting face

The camera clicks
The capturing of his face
The eyes holding
Slowly the smile

Ah Loong Cai
The stream of fans
He wriggles his fingers
The smiling face glows

you can't delay it

You can't delay it
You know in your mind
You have to face the truth
The final curtain has to fall

You can keep hiding
You can keep denying it
The baggage you carry
The elegant silence

You can say
You haven't got the inspiration
You only have to look in the mirror
The wastage of your times
The legal crooks smiling

You are afraid
The disappearing power
The greedy tail you keep
You know you can't sleep easily

Thursday, March 28, 2013

there will be a time

There will be a time
When the end is coming
A person's life or party's heyday
It can't be going forever

Bee Anne days are numbered
It is already foretold decades ago
The end of its prophecy
It is written many moons

Even in our lives
Our expiry dates are fixed
Every child is born
The date is set

Bee Anne has faltered
In many ways for the people to see
The running dogs are barking in dark corners
The shadows to listen to its own news

Like the crooks in prisons
Nobody will hear their pleas
They pay for their crimes
They pay for their prison times

The prophecy has run it course
GE13 will be the day of recognition
The people need it to change
The future is in our hands

the call of home

Whereever you go
Home is where beginning and ending
It is the natural; it is the root of life
Where people will try

The migration of the birds
Flying for days to seek its food
When it is done they will fly back
To the place they know so well

It's the season of a life
The migration to seek fortunes
Some get lost in the pursuits
Some make it so they will return

Even the migration of the birds
Some fall preys to the predators
Some get lost in the wilderness
Some settled down into the new

In the years many will think
The root of where they came
The hungry of the returning
The pursuit of happiness

it's time to go

The 4 reasons
The 4 of death
It is the way
The ending of a prophecy

Some may want to argue
Telling that it is just a phrase
The ruling elites will run
Isn't its time to go?

Bee Anne has enough
Too long on the seat
It is time a new party
The way forward for the country

The transparency and truth
The country needs badly to progress
Bee Anne has its times
Now we have to bury it for good

jobs opportunities

Looking for another job?
You shouldn't go empty handed
You should have some bargaining power
Facing the interviewer

If you are employed
You stand a better chance
You have the confidence
Telling the interviewer

When you are at a zero
The self confidence is weak
It is always shown on your face
And the body language

If you have nothing
You have to build your confidence
Speak and ask the world you know
It makes the difference

When the market is scarce
Hold on to the job before you resign
When sourcing for new market to ride
Don't let it go before you get a new page

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

admit you don't know nothing at all

Don't live in make believe world
When you find you are inadequate
You shouldn't lie to yourself
Pretend you know it all

The first rule to live
Admit you know nothing at all
You don't have to feel inferior
It is better to know the truth

Nobody can know everything
You are only good at what you do
It grows into you in the years gone
The new things you may relearn

Don't try to behave
You know it all
Don't try to tell you own everything
When you know you aren't the winner

Learn to live
The humblest way of life
It is better to lose now
Then to lose it all in paradise

the family ties

The family ties
The years can be gone
When they meet
The voices bring

The decades gone
In the minds stay
There is no change
It's the family ties

The stories of the times
The anecdotes they know
The soft wind of laughter
The eyes glow of warm flow

The words and laughter
The shared memories flow
The lights keep shining
It's the family ties

don't tell too many lies

ancient mysterious and alternative

Don't tell too many lies
It never brings anywhere
It stays as it is
Only in the mind it floats

The digging holes
The marks lay open
The liar doesn't see it
The belief in its own lies

The raining sand
The fall it can't be stopped
The words of lies
It can't be sieved away

Don't walk like a proud peacock
Opening its wings of colour leathers
The outsiders will think how great it is
The truth will not fade away

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the summer light

The summer light
It dims in the sky
The soft breezes whirring
The ripples on the water

Izzy lazes around
Eyes see the shadows
Casting down with the wind
The small world she dreams

She looks ahead
There is her little brother
Trying to swim in his imagination
With the waves of wind whirring

Martin the honey bear
Guarding the gate with his smile
Spreading his shadow of protection
The last summer light..

the summer boy

The summer light
The new baby boy rocks
Near the square bricks wall
With his big black specs

The world he sees
He wants to wow the crowd
At the entrance of the church
Every eye turns to look

As the people walk by
He flashes his “V” sign
With his happy smile
Sebastien enjoys his time

The summer shadows
The small baby boy smiles
He knows he has his time
The handsome boy every one wants


The bridging of gaps
It seems at one point
The beautiful children

Even older folks
When I was growing up
They talked about intermarriages
It was the beautiful faces

Other religions have no fear
The couples decide which one to follow
Only in Islamic faith which pulls back
About intermarriages of different faiths

In the circle of my own relatives
Some married to different faiths and race
It is a better bridge to make it
A truly Nation of One Race

But then politics
In religion and norms
It plays havoc in lovers glow
It will take a while to get a firm footing

the web of pulling

You go crazy for a man
You are afraid to let him go
You think he is the one
Leaving you breathless

He never plays his role
He takes what he can get
He makes you cringe all the times
You keep calling him to know

He never waits for you
He takes you for granted
Through the years you share
He never pulls his weight

He is just a web pulling in
He never wants to play his role
He sucks you dry and low
Even you don't know

You are blinded or you are crazy
You let your life suffering in your way
The fountain of beers and the lazy bones
You pick it up as if nothing getting your day

You keep calling to say
He takes you for granted in his way
You hardly realize what is happening to you
In life it has to share not one way ticket

Monday, March 25, 2013

for crumbs don't fall

He will rain money
Through the programmes
Believing people will give back
The power he wishes

He forgets it isn't his money
It belongs to the people
He is just appointed to put in better use
Not indulging to pursue his personal glory

Now his advisors
Each comes with a subtle message
They don't say about themselves
They whack Anwar as if he is the devil

Every wrong Anwar is to be dragged in
There is no reason not to mention his name
The shadow of a former deputy
The current and past leaders feeling the heat

Now the country in huge debts
There will be a backlash
The people better wake up
For crumbs you better don't fall