Monday, April 30, 2018

the scammers work on fear

The scammers work on fear
They will come in cars howling your name
You have a case better come out and pay”
They even know your name and home address

The innocent people will fall for it
They think it is the real thing!
They will come out and settle
With the bogus civil servants

Once the innocent people pay
The scammers will disappear
When you go court to find out
There is no case in your name

It is best to hold your horse
Don't let fear bolt you out of your comfort zone
You know you have not committed any offences
Call the police everything will be much clearer

the painted skins

The painted skins
Everyone wants a share
Who doesn't want it?
The young on the outside

But life has its flow
The beginning, the body and age
Once it hits the line
The machine will age and die

There are no spare parts
The age will take its way
Though plastic surgery stops for a while
Inside the machine grinding to a stop

That's life
It can't be painted for long
The time is fixed
The moment will knock the door

no graces for the crooks

The Bamboo River sings its blue
The gate opens waiting for the gangs
Walking in chains to its steel doors
Close it let them sing their own regrets

The garland of stones around necks
Telling them life isn't a rosy ride
There will be the marks on the faces
The mirrors of their regrets

The high and mighty will fall
The selling of souls for monies and positions
The way of quick profits in life riches
The light will shine them all

Once the graces discountinue
The sound of Bamboo River rings
The gate will open wide
The chained crooks will walk in shame

the country needs a change

The Bee Anne linked newspapers and televisions
The writers will dish out the good old upbeats
They will report of all the good deeds accomplished
They will not say about the bad in their minds

They will say they need to earn a living
They can't say about Bee Anne
By the might of their pens or PCs
They hope to turn the tide to stay on

But Bee Anne has broken sails
Out in the open sea the Captain knows it
It will be a slow sailing back to port
Facing the natural elements the might of the people

The crush will happen
Like the stock market
Of the bull and the bear
The season of change

When the cycle has completed
No professional writers will help
No cash is king will grease the palms
It has to happen it will happen!

The city and town folks
They know the situations at hand
The rural folks aren't the fools now
They know what will happen

The country needs a change
A face lift will not help her causes
Let Pakatan Harapan take the seat
Let us write our history in our pages

the flags everywhere

The flags everywhere
The workers or volunteers go
Round the areas putting up flags
Flapping with the wind

Even on the bridge
The workers will put up banners
Displaying the parties
Let the people watch and remember

Are all these flags necessary?
In the internet world we should have stopped it
Flash it on the internet
The flags only put up on the service centers

Even the giant posters too
Put it on the road pavement areas
Are these posters necessary?
It causes distraction on the road

The flags everywhere
Time to put a stop to it
If the parties really want
Put up Malaysia flags

Sunday, April 29, 2018

the stage is set

Now the stage is set
The actors will come on to show
They have rehearsed it so well
The good and bad actors there will be

The audience can judge the show
They will be the good and bad critics
It depends on which fence one is sitting
There will be the fun for juicy titbits

The blues gang will hit the race card
They will say it all over again
It is over 60 years yet it never fades away
The blues gang will keep at it!

It says of the other races
As if they are the enemies
They are all on the same page
Living in the same country

The next group comes in
They sing of marching forward
As a unit to face the world
Lead by a 93 years old

The audience applause
The loud ringing in the air
Now show it on the ballot papers
The change for the nation

listen to the old songs

Listen to the old songs
Ringing in my ears
Remembering the good times
Of the only concert I attended

Now I am trying to play catch up
Listening to those songs I miss
On growing up I didn't have many choices
Only the radio for company

Time moves on
The changes arrived
Age caught up
The major dreams realized

But life is still good
So I am searching the years I miss
The songs of my times
Bringing me back in my mind

learn self defence

To learn self defence
A person mustn't stick to one style
It will become easy to hit the defence
Once the weakness is expose

Many martial arts instructors
When they face the MMA fighters
They don't stand a chance to win
Watch the real fight videos

Most of them don't have sparring experience
They lack the killer's punch to finish the job
The MMA guys can move with agility throwing punches
They will find the weak points and rain on it

Even the action stars learn it
These actors will learn a few styles
So they become a better fighters
In movies or in the rings

MMA fighers are considered
The all round fighting machines
They are trained to finish the opponents
In the quickest possible time

Most of the people learn
For self defence and physical well-being
They aren't going to the rings or fights
They want to stay calm in their lives

this is the change

The blue bad karma
It has arrived to hit it big
The party isn't going
Its leaders will cry

The light has hit the darkness
The exposures will be the event
The blue gangs can't avoid it
The bad karma stays on

The crosses on the ballot papers
The choise the voters have to make
There is the change; make no mistake
The blues gang better run

The cycle of change
We don't need the old partronage system
It makes us the losers in our times
We must be brave to change

We are the people who make the government
It isn't the other way round to make us look bad
The blue bad karma comes home to roost
The blues gang better run

Saturday, April 28, 2018

the house of cards

The house of cards
The day it will fall
Now the underground stirs
Up the wind is blowing

Once the rain falls heavily
The rushing of water will be its time
The underground will crack up
The wind will lash it severely

The house of cards
The inhabitants will feel the fear
The swaying around in fever
It's the time it will crack

There is no denying
Once a divine intervention pursues
No man can escape his fate
The falling from grace

the beaches of life

The beaches of life
The ringing waves rushing in
Kissing the shores wave it high
Leaving its footprints behind

The foreign tourists arrive
Bring with them their habits
Semi-naked sunbathing light
A sight the local guys smile

There will be no enforcement
It is the tourist monies to boost the economy
It is the foreign tourists not the locals
The tolerance will be granted

The nation needs foreign tourists
They will boost the trade for many
Though we have to tolerate their habits
The locals shouldn't follow blindly

The beaches of life
Sip cocktails listening the waves
The long rushing sound waving in
It makes a relaxing episode of time

the heat is on

The heat is on
The morning rush
The candidates line up
With documentations and supporters

Marching to the nomination centers
This is GE14 to decide
Our fate for the nation
Will we see the light?

The blue gangs win one state seat
There is no contest in it!
Tian Chua is disqualified
It seems on a case in 2013

PKR has no back up plan
Now it involves Bee Anne, Pas and Independent
Maybe PKR has to rush in to High Court
File a case fight to the last call

Maybe it has to happen
Jump up the gears for the change
One setback isn't the fall
The fight is still on!

the short men want to walk tall

The short men want to walk tall
It will be hard to come along
Without support of many
Nothing can be achieved

The short men want to play
Running with the big boys
They have to run many times over
On the field they will face the truth

Instead they should form a block
With the same focus to bring down an enemy
Working alone to fight in the battle field
The losses will be heavy the tears will be plenty

The short men want to walk tall
Don't get fooled by the tall mirrors
It makes you believe in fairy tales
On the field you will fall

Friday, April 27, 2018

the dragon fly

The dragon fly
Wings in the sky
The freedom it senses
Until gravity pulls it down

The age of its time
Flying in cheerful mood
The dragon fly forgets
When the time has come

It falls to the ground
The eyes can't see
The pulling effect arrives
There is no way to escape

Drop on the ground
It breathes slowly finally dies
The age of time
The cycle completes

The dragon fly
Wings in the sky
The age of time
It breathes slowly finally dies

the sins on the mountain

The dark clouds over the mountain
It floats slowly with the lazy wind
Letting the sky take in slowly
The patterns on the sky

The sins on the mountain
The hidden secrets hiding in the soil
It is covered by the leaves and branches
Burying it deep afraid to get expose

The day will come
When heavy rain will wash it out
Pushing everything on its way
Leaving no stones behind

The wind will wake up
Open its eyes and blow away
The dark clouds over the mountain
Let the sun rays shoot its light

The sins of the mountain
It will be finally expose
The hunters will go out to find
The clues to open up the lies

a better tomorrow or decay?

The lords and the clowns
The running dogs and hangers on
The full attires on display
Flags and bearers shouting

The colorful characters
Behind the minds hard to say
What's going on in there?
The saliva of fear or power flow?

Now it is the game
The people have to take
They have the power to decide
A better tomorrow or a decay?

Tomorrow is the day
The candidates will file nomination papers
Who will be in who will be knock out?
The winners take it all

Thursday, April 26, 2018

the tug of war

The tug of war
The big fat man
Pulling the rope
As the anchor man

The tough pull
The yell of the strong
Pulling in the straight line
Trying to hit the spot

The bets are place
The bargains are made
The trading of pacts
All behind the scene

But the going stops
The big fat man falls
The white shirt men run in
The scene of chaos

The siren of ambulance
The tug of war is gone
The lies fall into sleep
The truth stands tall

happy birthday nigel

Happy Birthday Nigel
May the church hold you high
May the Lord embrace you
Giving you His grace in His smile

May your day bring cheers
Across ocean you stay now
Learn as you get along
Another age another new sight

Learn your books
It will bring to your dreams
Age will come
Like the wind and times

May the day bring you joy
On the land of beaches and sea
May you have high hope
Plan it and get moving

let the bees live

Let the bees live
The food chains need the bees
They bring us crops pollination
Together with the wind

Now the bees are dying
Cause by the chemical in the air
The pesticides causing it
It should be banned before it is too late

In Europe the people are demanding it
Stop the pesticides from use in the farms
The big companies are trying to block
Don't let monies destroy the world's food chain

Don't let the bees die
The food chains will be affected
Our lives will be in the balance
When we don't take positive steps

the wild headaches

The wild headaches
The rumors and gossips
The past time of the minds
Any time of the day

The poison pen letters
The Brutus to drop leaders
In all political parties do
There is no rule to say no

The crying of being dropped
The perks and cash will be gone
A time to look for another job
When one job is done

Nothing is permanent
In the political job
It can be gone in quick seconds
It is a political life

Some may want to go solo
They believe they still have the support
It is best they stayed around in the party
The party may need them in later years

But political life
It can change fortune
Like every job in the work
It can be gone in seconds

let us write our new history of change

The trading horses
The hush meeting to strike deals
When all said and done
The people must decide

The direction for the nation
Secular or Islamic country?
This is the draw on the card
Do the people realize it?

The Constitution says
Our nation is Secular
But there are leaders
Wanting to change

The nation is crying
The nuts are removed
We mustn't allow it to happen
It is freedom in our Constitution

Do not let a bad leader run
He will make a mess of everything
The history of our nation
It is cultivated in peace and harmony

Now vote for Pakatan Harapan
These leaders will uphold our Constitution
It is the way forward for us and nation
Let us write our new history of change

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

the seeking of fame

The seeking of fame
It makes many slip and fall
Into the dreams of have been
Laying waste their lives

Though some will say
They pave the way
Let others come
Look it easy

The seeking of fame
It takes efforts and monies
Once it reaches there
There may have nothing

It will be a lonely place
High up the top branding a face
There is power flowing in the flame
The seeking of fame

Don't hang around too long
It will be gone
It will not last a life time
It's a halfway house to stay a while

don't stay your welcome

There will be the sour grapes
There will be the home wreckers
There will be the Brutus in shadows
There will be the smiling gossipers

In any part of any organization
In any structure of a political party
Not everyone will be satisfied
They want the 5 minutes of fame

By the click gone
Who will remember?
The bad will be easily forgotten
They will be consigned to the hole

Some will shout
Some will throw tantrums
It gives them no sense
They will be canned

Do a good deed
Leave it when it is time
Do not stay your welcome
It will smell bad in the end

every job is a duration

Every job is a duration
Once you have served
Time may have changed
Ideals change too
Time to move on
Let others to take over
This is the normal way
Nothing personal to boot
Time to take a bow
And seek elsewhere
Do a different take
Still stay relevant to it
But no bashing out in anger
It shows lack of decorum
It shows lack of leadership qualities
In every job nothing is permanent
Even life has no permanency
When time to go
Leave it behind
Tomorrow has another day
This has to be taken

don't give up your vote

Don't give up your vote
You make the other party cries
One vote less will make a huge difference
In the democracy of rights

Learn the history
Where people died for votes
The right they seek to defend
And you want to give it up?

Participate in the voting
The right nobody can take away
It is yours to give or destroy
But go in and exercise your right

What you choose
It will shape the future
If you refuse to vote
The future will shape it for you

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

the ball is kicked

The ball is kicked
Now on the field of contestants
The grudges and ill wind
There will be plenty to hear

The opposition should stay focus
Read the ball where it will roll
It will decide the score of a hit
Once you forget you don't get to see

Surely you recognize
The faces of your opponents
They want to squash you to the wall
Let you fall like a ten pins bowling

The blue gangs will stay confident
Through the years they had it easy
Now they will face the ultimate test
They are afraid they will lose

The cycle has ended
It has completed its full circle
Time the people get a new cycle
A new page to write a new dawn to see

Don't be afraid
A history will be said
When we make the choice
For the future of our generations