Wednesday, September 30, 2015

the political race

There is a cry
In our minds
Of a time
It has gone by

The unity of races
It seems to break away
What the politicians like to say
Using the race card to sustain the base

The truth on the ground
The races can't believe the politicians
They try to stir up race discrimination
We aren't the fools they think we are

In time of troubles
The races will come to each other aids
There is no such thing as race discrimination
We come together to make whole living

In our minds
The politicians will try
The game of race
It will never work this time

There are trouble makers
No doubt they will come
Pay them money to stir up troubles
In the nation of peace loving majority

Lucky for us
The men in blue watch closely
On the trouble makers in our society
Leave them to the police

it's the last sail

It's the last sail
The storm gathers force
The wind sing loudly
The waves dance with glee

The punctured holes on the body
The groaning in sadly eyes
The sails tear into holes
Frayed, tear and lifeless in the wind

The once mighty ship
Now battered in many ways
Looking into the roar of the waves
Knowing the end is inevitable

The sea water
Call the debt to pay
It can seep through
When arrogance forgets

Now the ship whining
The broken spirits on board
Waving the white flags
The wind says it is too late

The high tides hit
The ship cracks thundering cry
Into the deep shaft of agony
Sinking into the deep sea

the untouchables

The untouchables
We put them there
Yet they shoot down us
Thinking we are fools

The day will come
We have our pen
Putting into the boxes
Cast the demons out

The laws should be blind
It has no face or eyes
It is also colour blind
But with the untouchables..

The laws seem to have eyes
Picking and choosing as it likes
It is the little napoleons
They carry the wrong balls

The untouchables
The day will come
They will pay
One has gone to jail

who want slow internet?

Who want slow internet speed?
Nobody in the right frame of mind
Here we have a minister
Dishing out irrelevant answer

How many millions curse?
Every time the internet service is slow?
Even you pay for a higher speed
You will get half of it

It is a monopoly market
The GLC controls it
As it is saying 'take it or leave it”
It's time the minister wakes up

Sleeping in the land of the wind
He should have listened to the sound
Traveling so fast he can feel the speed
Internet speed should be like the wind

Quiet, fast and efficient
Sometimes rock the houses
That's should be the internet speed
Nobody will pay for slow internet

We can't be a developed nation
By the time the year arrives 2020
Even with our broad band speed
We haven't caught up with our neighbours

when the axe falls

When the axe falls
The good life will be gone
It's no use giving excuses
Fool yourself but not others

Every day look in the mirror
What secrets you hide will not disappear
Somehow days or years it will return
What excuses you want to say?

Nothing matters much
Power is just a test of faith
How one conduct it will tell later
The wrong deeds will be expose

When the axe falls
Crying make no difference
Behind bars to pay for failures
Power is just a test of faith

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

they know heaven is waiting

Me and You
And the rabid dogs
Running on the streets
Some cry some argue

Me and You
And the animal lovers
Which side we are in?
When rabies run wild

Me and You
Think of it
The rabid dogs have to go
They know heaven is waiting

We see what a disease can do
There is no way to argue about it
Let the rabid dogs leave this world
They know heaven is waiting

Me and You
And the rabid dogs
They know heaven is waiting
We better let the rabid dogs go

in time of assistance

A few days ago
2 Chinese college students
Stopped me to ask for help
To start their stalled car

It was at the Tesco car park
I couldn't help them to get going
I didn't have the start up cables
But tried to contact my usual mechanic

A Malay family stopped by
He knew what would happen
As earlier he saw the lights were on
While the college students went shopping

He drove around a while
Hopping to see the college students
He knew what had happened
He took out his start up cables

Within minutes the car came alive
It was a sign of relief for all of us
The college students drove away
The Malay man took his family home

On the ground I could see
We still live as one family
In time of troubles help will come
No colour no race no religion

you want to make police report?

You make police report
Of something you have seen
Of something you have heard
You want the police to investigate

If you think it holds some truth
If you think it affects the nation as a whole
You know you can't play “I don't know”
And let it pass but it still hurts your mind

The sad truth
The police will come after you
What you report affects somebody's turf
You will haul up and interrogate

The one you make a police report
He walks free no police action
Like Khairuddin now sits in police jail
Use Sosma to hold him in chain

It tells a sad story
When police play politics
Instead of staying neutral
They forget who pay?

So Sosma is misused
Khairuddin isn't a terrorist
He just wants answer to 1MDB
And maybe the $2.6 billion in private accounts

You want to make police report?
Better think twice to get involved
Don't touch on the “Brahmin”
They will think you are a nuisance

the rabid dogs 3

The rabid dogs
Came to haunt the nation
The people are upset
The people are worried

We have enough bad publicity
The nation doesn't need another
Yet this is what we got
The mass culling upset some

The rabid dogs must be culled
We can't cry and demand to stop
The watch dogs fail to see it coming
Once it spreads everyone start shouting

Talk of vaccinations
The supply runs out of stock
But the rapid dogs will not stay quiet
They will bite and spread the disease

Monday, September 28, 2015

don't be lazy

Work hard for the money
Don't be lazy waiting for crumbs
A man will never progress
He will get stuck on his woes

When he wakes up
He blames the sky
He sings bad songs
He hates his life

The money drugs get into him
So easy to get without output
He thinks he gets a good bargain
He wastes his life on the lower end

Work hard for the money
Don't be lazy waiting for crumbs
The money drugs get into him
He wastes his life on the lower end

He has to unchain himself
Let go of the feeding handouts
Work hard for the money
The progress he will see

Work hard for the money
Don't talk of rights and benefits
It will come into the picture
With the honest living

know when to fight and retreat

Stick to principles
Know the rules of the game
Honesty is good to cultivate
Don't be a hero sink in the head

When the stakes are high
Know when to retreat and recoup
There is no shame to give way
As long as there is a reason

It is better to fight for another day
Then be dead with unfinished business
Stick to principles
Know the rules of the game

In a war the rules keep changing
When you are at a losing end
Assess the outcome don't be dead
With it the end is over

Honesty is good for our living
Standing up for a principle
But know the drawbacks
The dead can't fight anymore

the clear sky in the afternoon

In the afternoon
The wind keep blowing
Within minutes I see the sky
Slowly changing to clear white blue

The mountain slopes see
The shining of the afternoon rays
It brings the mountain range beauty
After days of haze

But there are idiots here
They don't understand of haze
They keep open burning
Like habit no jail time

The enforcement officers
They don't go rounding the neighbourhoods
They rather stay in office
Blame it on the Indonesians

The sun rays shining now
Though the minute particles will stay
The air quality will take some changing
But the mountain range the green sight

Sunday, September 27, 2015

sebby piggy rides

Martin sits on the floor
With round tub of water to play
The magic hands stirring
The bubbles of invincible ripples

He enjoys his quiet time
The joy of clothing moving quickly
Humming softly to himself
He never sees Sebby coming from behind

With a yell and a tackle
Sebby catches his father's neck
Holding it steady as he leans on him
Smell his father keep in his mind

Do you surrender, Daddy?
Buy me an ice-cream”
Martin pretends not to hear
Sebby playing on his back

The moments like this
Father and son in playing mood
The memories will stay
When seeing these photos again

anina 3

Don't waste your time
Amno baru has forsaken you
The racist party every one knows

You tried your best
The Langkawi glow
The party leaders didn't see
They thought you were a traitor

The party leaders whipped white cream
Stirring it up with a tasty touch
They know where the gravy train is
Sadly for you there was nothing

You say you fight for your party and nation
What have the party done in those years?
Giving out handouts screaming at other races
Where is the backbone to stand on?

No doubt you have the guts to do
While the millions other members sleep
The magic of money sometimes make wonders
While other division leaders stay so quiet?

I pray you get your fight in the ring
But don't get your hope so high yet
Don't dream of going back to Amno baru
You are practically fighting on your own

the illegal speed racers

The illegal speed racers
In the middle of the night
When traffic becomes slow moving
The dare devils revving in full swing

The sound of the machines
Revving up in the night of doom
Don't they see the devil smiling?
Welcoming to my world!”

I am afraid they don't see
The uneven road of death awaits
The speed races and companions
Racing on the highway

What have they learned?
Growing up from small?
They don't have 9 lives
They have only one to live and die

But the speed racers
Wrong in their heads and minds
What they see is no paradise
When the machines fall....

They can't say goodbye
They can't say prayers
Once in the grip of the devil
Nothing will help in the end

haze at the door

Haze at the door
The morning see it worst
The thick white blanket on the mountain
It never breathes healthy

Out of the door
The smell of thick smoke
Floating in the air
What's there to say?

Why don't we rally it?
Advice Indonesians enough of the haze
Why not we take up class action?
Enough of silly excuses

But our leaders will let it go
The brothers nation should forgive
No need to play the game
Singapore think otherwise

We are suffering Bee Anne government
We don't need haze to add to our pains
The Cabinet members aren't doing it properly
Even trying to distort pictures on its website

The smell of haze
It isn't good for our health
The long term effects
We can't wait and cry

our lives are many stops

There are many stops
In our lives as we breathe
The sun, the moon, the stars
The dreams, the memories, the desires

One destination to pursue
On this Earth we will live and die
Along the way there are stops
We will learn and enrich our lives

Nothing stays permanent
Even religion one will keep changing
The scriptures to suit the times
While others may stay where they are

Thinking permanency will bring benefits
But life has its own ways to pursue
There are varieties in one's life
If only we see it in its proper gifts

We are put here to learn
How a small paradise will work
To bring the whole into perspective
Of why sometimes one person moves the whole

Don't live on a rigid routine
It will never brings benefits
Look at the brances of a tree
The many ways to make a statement

Each of us will have our stops
Learn it, wise it up, relearn it, and move on
Live the memories, learn to forgive, learn to smile
Once destination arrives; new one will begin

Saturday, September 26, 2015

haze of sickness

Woke up in the morning
I saw the mountain range
Clear in the sky
Maybe I thought it was to be never happened
Within an hour the haze came
Counting the hours of the day
By afternoon no sign of the mountain

The air quality is bad
The visibility is still bearable
The nation can't do much
The Cabinet ministers talk

Tea-breaks and sharing notes
In Indonesia trying to put blame
Offering help from Singapore
Indonesia turned it down

In Malaysia talking of MOUs
Through the years what happened?
I guess nothing much in the bag
Since 1997 when haze laughing at us

Coughing and sore throat
Medicines or home remedies
But with the haze growing thick
Indonesia will pay for her sins

the rally marching on

I see
The red light
I see
The yellow blink

I see
The red flags
I see
The yellow tees

I see
The ruling elites
Running around
Who to support?

Don't go out to join
The red flags
The yellow tees
The prison gates wait

The people who go
Listening to the reasons
The yellow balloons fly
The ruling elites cry

Don't go out to play
The blues are waiting
In the end who listen?
The rally marching on

the blues took a long while

The blues took a long while
When the threats said and done
Placards displayed touting began
The racism roared its ugly head
The blues never took charge
The racist rally goers went overboard
What dignity had they lost?
It looked like their minds are poisoned
Of the false claims and falsehoods
Displaying the one way street attitude
They wanted to say they own this land
They should have gone back to school
Learn it well and understand it
We are all basically migrated here
The land of many colours shining bright

The blues finally acted on it
After 10 days of the last event
One of the ring leaders under police investigations
Maybe it is just for show to appease the public?
Maybe this ring leader finally realized
He isn't above the law at all

He claimed he was the middle man
The blues should find out who is the organiser
Though one Amno baru leader claimed he wasn't the one
Now who paid for all the expenses for the last rally?
Will this man charge under Sosma?

The show will go on
The perception of the blues
It's way down the line
There will be a long way to shine
Until we change this government

fish head rotten

The fish head rotten
It smells here and overseas
Every connected person
Some stay quiet others raise alarm

It stinks everyday
Every one has to hide
Leaving the blank spaces
Outsiders easy to sneak in

A true gentleman
He will know his time
Too many bad publicity
He has no choice but to resign

But the fish head rotten
It never wants to die
It makes the water so smelly
Other fishes have to escape

The fish breeder finally arrives
Take his net scoop up the fish head rotten
He throws in the pail alone it stays
Till the moment it will die

Friday, September 25, 2015

the bad thugs

The bad thugs
Knocking on the way
Raising alarm in Petaling Street
As if they own it all

Raising red flags
Promoting communism?
The bad thing
Shouting loud and clear

Pay the demonstrators
Creating chaos in the minds
These wild creatures
Better put them in crusade

The bad thugs
They have nothing to do
Get money to play noise
Creating chaos in the minds

The bad thugs
Knocking on the way
Raising alarm in Petaling Street
Crowing loudly as if they run the country

no way up if no change

The deja vue
The way of the current issues
The past history knocking doors
The playing of race card again

The deviation of issues
The party members of Amno baru
The top leaders in government
They keep their elegant silence

Even the twitter top cop
He seems to hear no evil
Maybe Isis keeps him busy
In the open one Amno leader raises alarm

He is threatening the nation
Of the consequences of not following his demands
It is already seditious yet no word hit him back
He seems to be above the law

The men in blue
They hardly come to investigate
They take their own sweet time
If opposition leader, it is immediate action!

The Malay Muslims should jihad themselves
They shouldn't put blame on other races
Amno baru has failed them to progress
They should stand up for change