Thursday, February 28, 2019

nobody can forget his first love

Nobody can forget his first love
It will stay in his mind through time
He will not forget the good and bad times
When the relationship goes in broken line

He will still say he loves the first love
Though he has moved on with his life
Years may have gone memories may fade
But the name will imprint in his memory

So, the Old Man speaks his mind
He can’t forget the Amno baru he established
He will remember how it happened decades ago
The old died the new one took flight

Though he had left Amno baru
In his own way he knew the party was doomed
It wasn’t the party he built to carry on
The current form evolved into a bad face

The Old Man will remember
The Amno baru he established and led
Now he has his memories of the good times
Now Amno baru has gone astray

Nobody can forget his first love
The memories may fade but the name stays
In the life as the years moving on
The memories will linger on in the mind

the married people

The married men
The married women
If they want to play the field
They should stay singles

Why want to create social problems?
They know the consequences going out
With other men or women in social night life
In today’s delivery it is going very fast in the net

They go out in the sly
Living a life with double standard
Thinking nobody will find out
Unless you are not a prominent person

Telling too many lies
It will give way to suspicion
There the mistrust will begin
The downhill of the relationship

The married men
The married women
Stay in your married lives
Don’t bring extra headaches

the cat in the box

The cat in the box
Staring out in the open
Eyes looking of bewilderment
In a new place to stay and run

The boxes lying around
There is no time to unpacked
The euphoria of a new place
A shout in silence in the mind

While the cat of beauty
Fluffy hair mixture of colours
Smell the air of the new surrounding
The cat needs to quickly feel at home

The boxes squat on the floor
Feeling tired of the long drive
The cat of Persian breed
The free space to roam and climb

don't go telling lies

Don’t go telling lies
It makes leaders look so untrustworthy
Wearing fake facades trying to stay nice
In the hollowness the truth will fly

Why pick on race?
We all are immigrants
Like it or not this is a fact
Why want so spread lies?

Come united to move forward
Our nation needs it so we can progress
The prolong issue of race and religion
It benefits nobody in the circle of truth

We should accept we are Malaysians
A race of origin is secondary in our lives
We must pick the best to lead the nation
Untrustworthy leaders shouldn’t helm the nation

Yet we hear and read the lies
It never seems to stop at every junction
We should step back for a while
Look to the future read from the past

United we stand to face our future
Disarray in thoughts and deeds
We will screw up our nation and lives
Don’t blame others when we are economically colonized

So, stop spreading untruth tales
Let us cherish our brand of colours
United we will be a force to scale the world
Don’t speak lies it will make us unwise

every day in love

Every day in love
Life will swing so high
Soaring up in the sky
You will sing your own songs

It makes living so easy
Every step there is a melody
The ringing in the mind
The bliss of dreams and imagination

Every day in love
The paradise in the eyes
The flow of positive feeling
It makes the day seems bright

You don’t want to step on the wrong
Every word will sound just the right tonic
You can let the setbacks sleep away
Now the time to enjoy the life benefits

Every day in love
Life will swing so high
You don’t have to wait for the right time
Every moment seems so right

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

the Ronin

The Ronin on the run
They want to find a master
They can’t find one
They make their own ruling
They don’t see the consequences
They just want to make a stand
On issues they think they have a chance

Some called them the loose cannons
They have a short fuse; they explode easily
The unwanted faces nobody wants
So, they make noises hoping to get notice
Of their lives emerging with no guardians

The Ronin on the run
Looking for ways to land a home
Everyday they will make their own judgement
It will rattle up the society at large
What can they say?
“We have no master to stay”

The Ronin in the political maze
They intend to milk to their advantage
They don’t think of their actions
They want to advance their own associations
But they will always fall
Without a power base to stay and fight
They are the Ronin they are the loose cannons

the unfavourable laws

The unfavourable laws
Let it be gone the quickest time
It doesn’t have sit on our shoulders
We don’t elect representatives to burden us

The laws passed before
Curtailed our movements and speeches
Either in words or forms or spoken
It was Bee Anne wanted to stay in power

Don’t mind the Old Man
He has his second chance to change it
It is his opportunity to correct his mistakes
He shouldn’t delay or sitting on it

PH leaders speak a lot
During their times in the opposition
Now the ball is on their feet
They shouldn’t pretend they don’t know

Democracy must remove the gates
Open it up for the easy flow of traffic
Let the traffic police direct the flow
In case of bottlenecks they need to show

PH leaders we are watching you
Do not fall on the trap of power causing the downfall
You have the contract to serve the people and nation
We will assess you in the next general election

Am Ci A save your face

Am Ci A
Why still stay?
You wanted to quit long ago
Even your last AGM members voted it

Why the holding back?
Afraid to lose all the perks?
Afraid to venture out to see?
Now you have given orders to march

But will you Am Ci A?
Nazri is a loose cannon
He is the Ronin without a master
His lordship had left him years ago

Now you wanted him sack?
It is better for you to leave and go
Have a dignity in your head
Leave Bee Anne and close your history

Look at Gerakan
The party quit Bee Anne
No need to cry or fanfare
Even MyPPP too

Am Ci A
You are out of the loop for the Chinese
You are on your own to face your future
It is best to quit and leave the scene

the diseases in our lives

The diseases in our lives
The small, the big and the worst
We can’t escape it
We have to face our mortality

We get our lives
We live with our diseases
There is no escape for us
It is always there in our systems

Once the immune systems break down
We will face our dilemma of our lives
The small, the big and the worst
We will dance into its tune

Though there are natural methods to cure
Healing our bodies to get in pink of health
But we opt for the short-cut of modern medicines
It will heal us but it also brings its side effects on us

The diseases in our lives
It is God ways to send us home
No matter how we escape
There is always a door to pull us in

the big fact china man

The big fat China man
He plans his move; he makes his wealth
Moving out to the world
He doesn’t care afterwards

He leaves behind his hot spicy pot
Let the people smell and yell
It will never bring him back
He hides to enjoy his wealth

He lets his partners behind
Let them hold the plot of spices
It makes them think of the world
The spices where it all arrive

The smell of spices
It makes the partners stay around
Not knowing the way to get out
They are doomed in their minds

The big fat China man
He lights his candle play with his crystal balls
He lives in luxury or so thinks he will
Until he hears the loud voice shake him out of his mind

So, the ferry wheels turn
Dragging up the dirt
The spices of dust and leaves
The angry voices and the pound of flesh

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

the monkeys

The monkeys on the trees
Once they are allowed free to roam
They don’t appreciate the freedom
They become a nuisance

They come down secretly
Find things to steal and disappear
They don’t care what we say
They live on their own

Once they are caught put in cages
The animal activists will scream
They are fed daily protecting from harm
But they don’t have a choice

The monkeys on the trees
They run here and there
Showing their antics and skills
Once they are caught, they realize it is gone

They don’t have the freedom
They will live by clock work
They will drool of the time
They can run within 4 walls

don't stain your hands or mind

Don’t play God
When you can’t bring dead back to life
Whatever belong to Caesar is his
He can decide what is the best

We can’t give life
We can’t take life
It never works in our lives
Look what have happened?

A law of death
It’s to serve who is afraid
The power may disappear
When harsh laws aren’t introduced

It is better for death
On its natural cause
Don’t stain your hands or mind
It isn’t worth it in time

Whatever belongs to God
It is His right to impose
God gives us living souls
It’s His right to take it away

Here we live
The compassion to score
Taking lives shouldn’t be in it
Forgive a life saves our souls

change can't happen overnight

The changes can’t be had in a year
PH leaders will take time to solve it
Many are new in era of change
What they learned they lacked the skills

The voters should stay patience
Running wild with accusations will not work
The old pages are still hanging around
Even the little napoleons whistling in the air

The race and religion
It will not go away any time soon
The race has lived for over 6 decades
Turn cold turkey the race feels afraid

Like the drug addicts
They want to turn new into society
But the peddlers keep giving them free
Until they are buried deep in misery

The changes will come
The PH will get it done
We will see it happening
On the 3rd year of its rule

Monday, February 25, 2019

open up the toll contracts

Why need to negotiate with toll companies?
Open up the previous contracts signed
Let the public scrutinized it
Let the public see the one -sided agreements

The toll companies amassed huge profits
The people have coughed it out everyday
Let us be fair; let us read the contracts
As one reader puts it tax the toll companies 95%

Maybe pass a nationalization law on essential services
Forcibly takes over the services for the people
The Old Man previous ways costing us problems
Now he has to give us back in his second stint as PM

Many believe Bee Anne gave out the honey contracts
This is the time to plug the loopholes and find ways to get it done
As one COA judge filed in his affidavit it holds the truth of the past
PH leaders must get it done within the 5 years term

PH leaders get your mojo in
Bee Anne leaders can shout, lies or show tantrums
But PH leaders are well tuned to it
So, don’t give way to the opportunity now

the red and white

The red and white
The long road to wealth is gone
There is nothing it could do
It can slowly disappear

The hangouts still hope
The party once a giant
It had been slaughtered by an old man
Now it lays breathing hard to survive

The red and white
Stop spreading falsehood
There is no tempting to win the voters
PH leaders flow with the manifesto

The red and white
You offered goodies in your time
You played your tempted cards
Now you cry with sarcastic remarks

The red and white
Better watch your back alley
Satan is keeping to bring in the bad
Once he pulls the plug the sinking to the deep

the pied piper

The Pied Piper
The melody is gone
On the lonely hill
There he stands to cry

He can shout out loud
Blasting out his anger
There is nothing he could do
The roots have chained his legs

He can cry to show his misery
He can still say he has done nothing wrong
The heavy load of his baggage
He has to drag along with him

The Pied Piper stands
On the lonely hill
He still says he wants to play
The power and wealth he can’t forget

But the sound of the dragging chains
He is afraid to say to himself
He will be hooked on the lonely hill
There he can swallow his bitter pill

Sunday, February 24, 2019

the virus of sin

The virus of sin
It never wants to hide
It will seek out the bad souls
Infected them to run the show

It will tap into the souls
It will whisper all the good signs
Let the greedy and corrupted fall
In the dark pit of the maze

The virus of sin
In the maze it will have its day
The bad souls will finally realize
They are the fools to fall for the bait

There are still many bad souls
Running with bad intentions in the flow
Many are still addicted to the sins of life
They say “money makes the soul”

The virus of sin
Don’t get trap and in chain
It will be the hardest fall
In the lake of fire of screaming souls

lives in chain

In the darkness
The Evil walks
Look for preys and followers
There are many to find

The dark Angel will smile
Walking on the lights of nights
He can smell the aroma of sin
He can easily take them in

His door is always open
Whispering by the wind
Once the wayward step in
They are hooked for life

The lives in chains
They will be told to do his way
There is no escape in his claws
Once in chain there is no freedom

In the darkness
The Evil walks
He smells the air of sin
There are many he can pick

the hill of echo

The hill of echo
It still sounds familiar
The bad ringing still in the air
The civil servants still can’t get it right

It is hard to change
Living with it for 61 years
With the party of Bee Anne
The civil servants need a quick response

PH leaders are in a hurry
They get the reforms they need to change
Everything seems in the bottle-neck
The little napoleons drag with the show

The ordinary folks screaming
They want the reforms quick and now
They forget it will take some time
The reforms can’t get it done in a year or two

PH leaders will get there
On the 3rd years we will see the reforms
Now let the Old Man hammers in his way
He has to clean up the mess in his time

the political hot gossip

The political hot gossip
It never fails to attract the flow
Everyone will start to talk
Everyone seems to have a stake in it

The everyday folks will wonder
When will the gossip stop meddling?
They need to have a bearing to stay focus
The unwanted distraction will delay their dreams

The green moon starts the race
Letting the public know about it
On the no confidence vote in Parliament
On the Old Man of politics

Now the Brutus in the political parties
They start to drum up the beats
The ordinary folks will see it through
The green moon can’t explain its $90 million gossip

So, it starts the rumour wagon
On PH leaders want to topple the Old Man
It sounds ridiculous isn’t it?
PH leaders are in the government

The green moon and red and white leaders
They will try to make the instability runs
They can’t face the task of no power
They have become ordinary and going down hill