Tuesday, February 12, 2019

lucky the old man stays calm

Malu apa, bo55ku?
What to feel ashamed?
Yet Najib dares not go to court
He finds way to delay his trial

Najib is treated well
The Old Man doesn’t throw him in jail
Under the law Najib enacted Sosma
Because it is the rule of law

Malu apa, bo55 ku?
He hides his balls
He is afraid to find the truth
Though he has known it long ago

He still can spin his tales
The addicted followers still asleep
It will take a while for them to sink in
The Pied Piper has blown his last melody

Malu apa, bo55 ku?
The Bamboo River sings your tune
The cellar stocks with bright colours
You will not be alone

Now be brave to face the court
You don’t have to put in any stunt
Delaying it will not help your case
Takut ke, bo55 ku?

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