Monday, February 11, 2019

catch the crooks

In the forest of trees
The sun lights can't penetrate
The ground looks moist of carpet
The insects crisscross at will
There is no predator to chill it
So, stay on living in its world
The green of cold as the eyes can see
Floating along in their eyes
The nature surrounds their lives
Until they hear the roar
Of high pitched voices of vehicles
Trekking down into the forest of trees

The birds fly away
Flapping wings angry on the disturbances
The flock of birds fly in the sky
Looking down spreading their bird droppings
But the steel roar still keeps moving on
Once a nice habitat now turns into an empty field

The drivers stop to take a break
Maybe to look at their surrounding
Everyone walks down from the vehicle
Breathing the cool, fresh, crispy air

In the far deep of the forest
A loud roar ringing in their ears
It sends a death chill in their minds
As they stand to watch
The men in blue charging
Taking the men all down to their knees
Don't be corrupt
You have no way to run”

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