Saturday, February 16, 2019

Bersatu going to Sabah

Bersatu going to Sabah
The promise is broken
Though it is said to help Warisan
To administer the land below the wind

No doubt there is no concrete agreement
It is the mutual understanding to throw out Bee Anne
Now the target has achieved
There is no stopping Bersatu venturing to Sabah

The Old Man still likes to do his way
Maybe he is thinking of the bigger picture
With his decades in politics he smells of opportunity
Harvesting the Ronin before they join other groups

The samurai soldiers need a master
Bersatu seems the likely gateway to grow
The Ronin in Sabah will appreciate the opportunity
The Old Man will likely build his base in Sabah too

Though Bersatu has to discuss with Warisan
Let there be friendly parties for the common good
It is to serve the nation and her people
It isn’t for personal gain or power

If you are in politics
You will know how the game will be played
Too much in one hand will spell troubles
So, it is better to divide the mandate to rule

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