Monday, February 18, 2019

a degree doesn't make a good person

A degree doesn’t make a person good
It is the work on the ground
Showing the way inventing new ideas
It doesn’t need a degree but knowledge

The paper -chase in life
To give a better future to live
But is it true all the times?
When white collar crimes hit the news?

It is our society which graded our competence
Without it the society will frown on us
Especially those who are in the leadership roles
Can they lead us to the stage of needs and wealth?

Look at Mat Sabu in politics
He was kicked out from UITM
For his radical activities in campus
Now he is the president of Amanah and a Defence Minister

A degree doesn’t make you a better person
It is how you conduct your affairs determine your values
Look at MO1 involving in corruption and abuses of power
He is facing 42 charges in his name

You can have your degree
Out of the academic world
You still have to start from zero
Scouting for employment to make a name

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