Thursday, February 21, 2019

the bamboo river calling their names

The crooks will try
Every mean to avoid going to Bamboo River
They will use monies to paint their good deeds
They don’t want to see their names in history

The charges aren’t going away
The Judiciary isn’t in their favour
Since the day of the hot affidavit
Every eye and hear on the judges

Once these crooks could handle the judges
Arguing in courts for the shadow plays
Now the judiciary rowdiness came to light
The Bamboo River inching closer to their lives

The Chief Justice isn’t keeping quiet
He has a tough job to clean up his Judiciary
The bad apples must be monitored or wiped out
They can’t be allowed to shame the Judiciary

While the crooks have attacked
Sowing discords in politics
They still can’t get the charges wiped away
The Bamboo River still calling their names

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