Monday, October 30, 2006

the little war lords

The little war lords rule the country. My letter to the council about a road with two names delivered personally received no response for over a year. Likewise what with Zakaria dubbed the King of Pandamaran disobeying laws of the state. From a low position to rise to be state assembly man he has forgotten his humble beginnings. It is always said that power always corrupt no matter where one is. So it is true for Zakaria. I met him when he was following Anwar Ibrahim decades ago. At that time he was friendly and jovial man because he hadnt tasted power yet. After that time I read about him. He had achieved his status but he had forgotten his roots. Allah always finds ways to punish his subjects in mysterious ways.....Now he feels the heat is cornering him and so with his family. The only honest way for him to do is forget about his position, resign and let go of his politics. To me he is finished because he wills it to himself. So he has to pay for his sins many times over. Zakaria letakkan jawatan untuk kebaikkan diri sendiri

Now the UMNO has to deal with this public outcry regarding its own leaders. I hope UMNO prsident will not practice double standards. When China Press editors wrongly excuse a person in the video tape, the editors had to resign as ordered by the PM. To me the PM has lost its credibility long time ago. He hasnt answered in full his son's businesses and son in law playing behind the scene in his administration. I only wish the people who were ask to make way or ask to do something should come forward. Don't be a lap dog.....And his involvement in oil for food scheme before he becomes the PM. Now I read his son has 180 ships.....this is only one business what about others not mentioned at all? Dont hide it that 180,000 went for your open far as I knew Malaysians love to go for free food, that you are loved by the people....think about it we have over 26 million people....Now Kedah UMNO youth want Dr M to be punished for his criticisms. To me these leaders are bankrupt of leadership skills. Dr M is their former president and founder of the present UMNO and former Prime Minister. Because now Dr M has no power these young leaders become arrogant and forget their manners towards its own founder...

people dont fall for government tricks

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The NEP should stop when it is achieved at 30%. This is the promise compromised after 1969 incident by Tun Abdul Razak. It should have stopped long ago because every 30% given should not be sold; and when it is sold, the Malays (those in the elite groups or cronies) shouldnt shout and claim it has not achieved it. It is the easy way for these people. Gains alot and ask for more yet the government of the day still says it has not achieved it. It is a lie to me. The government should published its statistics of all the 30% stakes given and how many sold it later for profits and then ask or say it has not achieved the target. A Malay minister has rant and raves in TV3 saying arrogantly whether it is achieved at 30% or 45% or 60% the NEP must continue but the lame excuse that the Malays wealth has not increased (it reads the cronies and family members or companies linked to them) So it defeats the purpose of the coalition partners. By now the coalition partners in BN should wake up and realize what UMNO is cooking in its sleeves. If they are the gentlemen, they should protest loudly and make it a point that NEP should be abolished when the target is achieved. Sad to me till today the government has not come out its version of how the EPU got its calculation of 18.9% equity stake for the Malays. The elegant silence of the PM is showing his weakness and lost of his administration. A good leader must respond wisely and not running here and there showing how busy he is when at home he needs to explain what is going on with his administration. UMNO youth has become arrogant and pushing the patience of the people. When Dr M was the PM and UMNO president these leaders were afraid to say. They hide so much that people wonder where had the leaders gone....Now they have wings to fly and they begin to attack their former president and PM. I feel Dr M has his own weaknesses during his administration but I have to agree he is sharp and solid to his point. Of course he had to do many his ways because he has the vision of where he wanted the country to go. NOw we have AAB giving his free market techniques where every minister can say here and there and nobody should question each other. This isnt democracy. This is greed to the fullest. Will AAB see it? He will go visiting countries.......

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Poor services

Today went to a restaurant to order food. The waitress took the orders and disappeared. Later she came out to serve drinks. She went to attend other customers. Find with me. Then later customers got their food and I had to wait.....for a long time. I was beginning to feel annoyed. She was busy cleaning plates and cleaning tables. Nothing was said of my food orders. I went to look and found the cooks relax no more cooking and I asked where are my food...The waitress told the cook she gave the orders.....but nothing came out of it. I told them to forget it and walked out. I popped into the hawkers' stalls thinking I could get it easy. But I was wrong. When I ordered my kueh teow soup and showed him where I would be sitting.....My order didnt arrive. I saw the guy took a chair talking to his group of friends....One day twice happening to my orders....this was too much!!!!!!!!! I ordered chee cheong fun for my dinner....Am I invincible suddenly???? are wearing yellow T-shirt.....people see so many yellow colors for the 9th God wonder people ignored you...........

The Tourism Minister goes to promote the country....and we have over zealous religious officials knocking at an American couple for Langkawi.What were the officials doing? Don't they know they are Americans on holidays? MB wanted report. He should suspend the raiding officials. I dont think he will do it. Report and report then it slowly dies off. This outrage has bombed the image of the country. The government shouldnt spend money to promote tourism. What for? Use the money to help the poor people in our own backyard.

Dr M continued his upbeat criticisms of AAB. The current PM should know his former boss ways of conducting affairs. He should come out with his facts and figures. He shouldnt keep quiet and prolong the criticisms. Now he has the power he forgets where he was before. I for one will not vote for BN. No Cabinet minister says something different. Look at AAB, as if he is a saint (Dr M pointed it out) Of course the main newspapers will sing glory of AAB. Nak cari makan...

Case in point...Zakaria dared to defy the Sultan of Selangor. He claimed he was sick but was holidaying in Malacca. His mansion should pull down without following proper documentations. The poor satay man had his stall taken down immediately so what will happen to Zakaria's mansion? He will be fine. But his mansion stays. When I look at the scene, the authorities never take swift action on the political heavy weight of the ruling party....What AAB is doing? He passes the buck to MB to handle it..

Saturday, October 28, 2006

rape, kidnap, i dont know

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Rape, kidnap or what....In Ipoh a Tar college student gone missing. MCA joined the crowd by offering $10,000/- for the location of the college student. Callers said she was in Cameron Highlands or Air Hitam in Penang. In Kampar a form 2 student was lured away by a woman. Now her parents tried to get her home but failed. Again in Kampar a restaurant owner raped his Indonesian maid. He is out on bail.What has gone wrong?

Lust and money. Poor parental guidance. Glamour and night life. Think of pretty girls or women. Men eyes roam, heart of gold, mind of evil, hands of initiation, holes of death.....Normally I think it is towards improving a life style. Many want short cut to richness. They forget it can't happen unless they sell their souls. Pity many go for the easy way out....Now the misery and headache...sometimes death occur or for the women night of flesh trade controlled by a syndicate....their only hope the customers turn good samaritans...

And Dr M continues to blast the AAB administration. As usual the blind support of the Cabinet and UMNO party leaders. I haven't seen the party leaders say something negative to concur with the former PM. It makes Dr M said that AAB is a SAINT! Nobody can invite Dr M to functions or meetings. The silent treatment initiated by the UMNO leaders. The lay people like me dont see it happening. I can move around here and there, enjoying my freedom, have a cup of ice milo or horlicks and let the world pass me by...but if you are in Dr M or Anwar position, then you can realize the subtle intimidation by the ruling elite. AAB has lost ground though he thinks he controls his party. If he truly believes that, he should call a snap election to find out...

Malaysia ......makes the light shine brightly

Thursday, October 26, 2006

VIPs absent in Dr M open house

Courtesy of AP Associated Press

VIPs absent in Dr M open house. Leaders dare not meet their former boss who had retired. Maybe because Dr M had criticised the current administration. Even when he met AAB he continued to pile on his criticisms. Basically, AAB should say something what he needs to do. I dont subscribe to silence is golden thing. It never helps in any situation. AAB should make up his mind of what to do with his administration. He shouldnt listen to advisors or those UMNO leaders who just want to curry favors. Dr M is passionate about his country and UMNO ( he founded the New UMNO) so he would continue to hit arrows at AAB. Because he wants AAB to do something good for the country and party. Mind you AAB is going to lose votes if he calls election now.....I know Dr M has his faults during his term in office. But I should give him credit for making waves in the world. People now really know Malaysia....Puteru UMNO should stay out of their advice. They shouldnt tell Dr M to stop criticising the administration. They should study why Dr M did it and what AAB is doing or conducting his affairs for the country. They are just girls' they arent women yet.....unles when the join Wanita UMNO then perhaps they may have the right to say something. About 180,000 people went to AAB open house. Numbers dont count support. Malaysian culture is free food everybody wanted to go.....Once I went for the MB open house but I reached there nothing was left....From then on I dont want to go to open houses of political leaders...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What now PM?

Is Dr M satisfied with his meeting with AAB? He got his messages to the Prime Minister. But his former deputy could only write down notes. I believe he didnt get want he want because AAB needed time to ponder on it. The situation is difficult for AAB to comment much. It is like a student facing his teacher again though the student could be a Phd holder now. A man on his own order yet he will still feel humble in his teacher company. Maybe like a gangster talking big and loud yet he feels like a pussy cat when his arresting officer visits him or when he sees the police officer he quickly makes his disappearance. My brother in law told me once about those gangsters he arrested in put in jail. These people still scared of him when they saw him around...Likewise I think AAB felt uncomfortable in his former presence listening to him telling him what's wrong with his administration....He has to wake up quickly. AAB can't let the ship sails aimlessly.......a cool guy must know where to make some noises and fast. He must own himself up and read what's happening in the country and what people talk and the reaction of business community. FDI comes in slow which will hurt the economy. I hope he thinks about it during the raya breaks and perhaps change his cabinet and ask his son in law to step down from his position which will salvage part of his credits...Pssst you think he will do it? Politics is like the wind.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

selamat hari raya aidilfitri

PM's Hari Raya message: Share your joyPM's Hari Raya message: Share your joy

Use the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration to foster ties with other races, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi tells Muslims in the country. Loving one another and respecting neighbours and friends irrespective of their religion is in line with Islamic teachings, says the Prime Minister. Courtesy The Star

Selamt Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Forgive my nonsense

Smile at my slips up

In this season it's time to be merry

Show your graciousness

Show your forgiveness

Sometimes it is hard to let go

Yet it has to be done

It makes life easy in the run

Monday, October 23, 2006

town councillors 2

Now the Sultan of Selangor wants to know about the mansions without approval. Sultan of Selangor knows what he wants....Now I hope there is something good to come out from Sultan Of Selangor. I dont know when this charade of the state government will end. Every time something comes out involving an UMNO leader, the leaders try quickly to cover it up. I think UMNO has grown too has become clumsy and fat too. It means its span of control has missed its target. Management gurus say it has to break it up into smaller grids for easy control and monitoring - appoint trusty and honest people to manage it - one who fears God/Allah in all the times and manage it according to God/Allah rules which I think then it will be fine.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

the town councillors

Mazlynoor Abdul Latiff’s mansion at Kampung Raja Uda along Jalan Lengkungan (left pic) is about 80% completed and resembles the controversial four-storey mansion built by Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros. Courtesy The Star

The town councillors build houses without planning approvals. In Selangor two cases were highlighted by the newspapers. Now one claims he isnt the only one who did it. The UMNO disciplinary committee should sit and mete out appropriate punishments for its own members. I think UMNO should study the whole situation in other states too. This disease must be spreading.....The councillors are in the business to help the state managing the local councils but in this case it is used to enrich these two councillors. The Selangor state UMNO should appoint new faces in the local councils. They should get those who can help the people which they are appointed to do. Better still hold local council elections to rope in the qualified people to manage the town councils. Currently it is political appointment which I feel must be stopped. Will the government do it? I doubt very much. When the head rots every tail rots too. political appointment!!!! But will you do it?

greed destroys your mind

Scam down southScam down south

EXCLUSIVE: While most Malaysians regard Singapore as a land of opportunity, landing a job there has turned into a nightmare for some. Unskilled or semi-skilled workers have fallen victims to unscrupulous recruitment agents who lure them with promises of good pay without giving them a true picture.

courtesy The Star

Greed makes the evil fly People still dont understand. Money corrupts the mind. When one promises of many returns, one should have found the weary smile. When money shines in the eyes, oh my! the people run blindly. Only to find themselves working like slaves!! Scam brings no returns. It is only to the evil doer who forgot about trust and compassion. This is the demonic mind. Dont trust advertisement promises you lucractive returns. You do it you sell your soul. Greed spins you like crazy. You dont know what hit you then.

Friday, October 20, 2006

every one wants to live easy

Every one wants to live easy
No hardship no sweat or tearful cry
Wake up in the morning touch the morning sky
Let it shines bright so warm and tenderly light
In real life nothing comes this way
One has to go through it all
Nothing is free nothing will be given
You can dream through the ages
If you dont know your limitations
You can't find your own pot of gold
The rich or the poor
The educated and the illiterate
Know the circle of influence
The limitations you are made
You can't run as fast as you like
Not every one makes out the same
Likewise not every one can be a CEO
Some will have to be followers
Desires in descending orders
Take it as it comes along
The little walk of flame
It makes it good one day
So take a little you can handle
Feel the flow which influence the taste
When you are worth your calling
It comes like fairy angel of fame

the light rules the dark

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The light always rules over the dark So it is said many time before. Yet we walk through our lives so blind that we get ourselves entangled into so many forms of troubles. Every one thinks he/she has many appointments - social or business or lecture. This is man made which could be changed. We never want to change it. We want to feel how important it is to our lives. "His/her life is full of engagements" Until there is no time to sit and talk to defuse tensions in any given situation. Every rule man desires it can be amended or deleted. One can't let it holds it like a shackle until one can't shift or move at all. When a situation arises conflicting the whole administration, it is better to take the necessary action quickly. Once it is done, the damage could be easily repaired. Dont wait and wait and playing damage control. It never helps in the long run.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

haze and drought the devil smile

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Haze here drought in Australia; double edge sword words from the self gratificating politicians-they are right we are wrong and the government brewing gag orders classifying this and that as sensitive, no opening for debate or discuss or try to understand each other better; we are the naughty children never know the truths and the lies, we are the group of ungrateful people...but the haze and drought will come...whose fault is that?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

back to basic

Are we going for Ala Taliban? Suddenly I find some fanatics issuing statements contrary to Islamic teachings. I say go back to basic Islam - understand what Islam is all a way to peace I sleep wonderfully with this thought in mind..

asli Vs EPU

SOURCE: Malaysiakini
One argues about ownership of shares; the other on the wealth of shares. NEP is creating wealth and ownership in equity shares. As I commented earlier every public company must reserve 30% equity shares for the bumi/bumi held companies on the prescribed regulations so that it is seen the bumiputras/companies held a stake in the ownership/wealth of the country or business. EPU uses par value which I think it is flawed. You can't say a wealth of $1 will not increase in value after 35 years? Public bank shares of $1,000/- after 40 years had increased to $1.2 million!(Reported in The Star of Public Bank 40 years of its founding). I believe the government(reads UMNO) wants to hold the cake and eat it all. By right as most people agreed that the government should be proud that the NEP has been achieved and the leaders should welcome it with open sincerity than the critical exclamations of "rubbish" or "damage done" without offering hard data to proof its statements! And now we have our AAB asking the people not to question the government. I think he should preach what he speaks and do it too and not turn around and tell the people you can't tell me what to do. The voters elected him to office and as such he should listen to the people grievances especially on transparency and accountability and professionalism too. He shouldnt have said to shut off the people's minds or arguments. We are not talking about race; we are talking about the achievement of NEP which the government(reads UMNO) should take cognizance of the fact that it has achieved it. Why the reluctance to accept the good work I wonder?

Monday, October 16, 2006

lines never change

Today I told off two girls who were playing volleyball on the side road near to my house. I was watching them playing it without due consideration of their own safety on the road. I had observed car drivers turned through without seeing the traffic flow. I had seen two accidents though nothing much damages occurred. After awhile when the ball hit the fence wall, I decided to tell the girls to go play at the field nearby in Malay. They went off reluctantly. But I hope they dont repeat it again....One never knows what traffic accident may occur. On another matter AAB asked people dont question the what he is trying to say? That the people have no say in the government and what the government dishes out the people have to accept it? The people are the ones who decide who make the government and not the government elected by the people decide what the people must do and not to do. I guess he has lost his own Islam Hadhari...We are not living seperti katak dibawah tempurong. We are competing in the globalized world. AAB should focus on it and not on the communal politics benefitting a race. He should understand his post is to take care of all races in the country. At the rate he is still doing for his own race. He must show he is fair to all people not on race or communal base politics. Will he ever makes up his mind? I dont know.

equity share

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The government will release its findings on how to arrive at 18.9% of bumi equity share I am one of those eagerly waiting for it. Because of what the leaders say (UMNO) I dont buy it in toto. So far I dont agree that Petronas should be excluded in the equity share by sweeping statement that it is for all Malaysians yet the government doesnt published its earnings or how the fund goes to helping all Malaysians. My perception is towards one race. Look at the staff employed in the organization. It is filled byone race on any level of the organization. It is nearly 100% of a race. I can't accept the view then. When the government opens a can, it has to open another can and so on. I dont know whether the government(reads UMNO) will go for it. On the ground level every non-bumi will know that the NEP has achieved its target of 30% equity share in the economy. If they dont achieve it as claimed by UMNO, I dont know what UMNO is really doing in 35 years of the NEP. Maybe they are taking care of themselves and their associates. During my kampung days, masuklah politik kau akan jadi kaya sekelip mata saja. Look at our politicians on before and after scenes then draw the conclusion.

Malaysia.....let there be equal and fair view of the playing economic fields

Saturday, October 14, 2006

dont sweep under the carpet

AAB said that the Dr M criticisms irrelevant. So I dont know what he meant by "Come walk with me" in his election campaign. Because he had got over 91% of the popular votes that he could say what he wants. At least h,e should remember Dr M was his former boss and he was in his cabinet. He should give much thought to it. I know Dr M has his faults in his premiership but he is outside the government AAB should recognize his contributions of what he wants to say. He can't just brush aside as if nothing is happening. As I said before he is the weak PM for the country. Basically he can't recognize what he wants to do leaving the economy floating by itself- meaning I can't find absolute direction of where the country economy will be heading. Every little napoleon is doing his own thing.....yet he never reprimands those people who incite racial feelings in the country because they are his own party members? He dares not call a snap election because I truly believe his popularity will be cut in half. Too much keeping elegant quiet because I suspect he doesnt know what to say and too much dragging his feet to answer criticisms level at his administration. He is grounded well in Islam yet he doesnt know how to use it to his advantage. He let the a small hole becomes a bigger hole. Sad really.......he just can go visit Dr is not that far from his own PM office. But he didnt. Like Hussein Onn he held it for a term and quit. So I guess he should make the same exit.....let somebody has a crack at it who is decivise, aggressive, tolerant and harmonise the people and economy......

lucifer directing traffic

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Traffic police is out in full force on 17 Oct 06. The death toll should reduce compare to last year. By right it should have zero deaths in any festive season. Why can't motorists drive carefully? I doubt it will make much difference with the police in full force manning the traffic flows. The traffic offences will keep piling up. The motorists will challenge the police "Come catch me as you can" Lucifer will make his magic and claim ignorant about deaths. The straight roads become crooked roads. The tiring eyes will see something different. Stop at the markers. Take a rest and recharge then continue. Yet many motorist will try to rush from one point to another without realising the consequences of what will happen. Craaaaaaaaaaash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today the mamak stall guy narrated an incident along Simpang Pulai to Gopeng Road. He saw 3 motorcyclists beat the red traffic light on the intersection and sped away at about 12.30am. When he crossed the traffic light, he saw one of them was pinned under the tourist bus. Apparently he felt the motorcyclists were racing amongst themselves and one of them could have lost control of his bike and went underneath the bus. He was quite seriously injured. The passengers of the bus and drivers came out to help. The ambulance didnt turn up after 45 minutes. A Malay couple tried to help the victim but he couldnt talk because he was in shock (?) Later one of the driver took a motorbike with the victim's ID and sped to the police station maybe like 3km away to file his report. The Malay motorist could be fromTaiping base on his ID or one of the kampongs nearby Kamunting. His two other friends couldnt be seen. I guess they fled the scene. Why in a rush? Remember "slow and steady win the race"

I enjoy my freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom with nothing much to worry.............!!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Drove to Jusco for shopping. Many items on discount. Many goods for sell. But the prices are quite expensive compared to other stores. But one gets free parking and shopping in one roof which I think balance off on the stiff prices. Anyway Jusco is offering discounts for Deepavali and Hari Raya. Bought electric kettle to blend the decor of the new house, ice cream (one of my favourites indulgence), a set of reversible screwdriver and accessories, yoghurt and detergent. On the way back forgot to buy another 2 rattan chairs for the patio. This rattan shop is situated along the main trunk road. Stopped by at the pottery shop purchased some potteries. I will go back there to buy white stones for my imagine rock garden. Also went to look see another new house at Bandar Sri Botani. I peeped inside and looked at the facade. It is 90% completed only now needed some paint touch up otherwise it is done. Now it is only tarring the roads. The field facing this house is in progress. I think it will be a nice playground with grass and trees. Lamp posts erected but no cables yet. Likewise the house too hasnt got electric wire connected and water meter hasnt installed yet though deposit had been paid. This house I dont think I want to do much on it. It is basically a holiday retreat for a day or two.....Well....enjoy life and my freedom hehehe

holiday wishes and economics

Image Preview

Now we have someone saying dont wish "Happy Deepavali" to the Malaysian Indians. What this person is saying? Even a company shouldnt issue memo to the effect. This is scandalous which shouldnt be rearing its ugly head in the first place. Likewise it will fall for the "Kong Xi Fa Cai" and "Happy Christmas" We should hold our own traditions wishing each other goodwill and prosperity not be a narrow minded individual. So LKY or Harry Lee the former PM of Singapore observations is correct. It blinds the ruling elite because the money sign shines on them and they forget how to help the poor Malaysians. The hottest debate or argument is on the Asli report on the bumi equity share. Yet the government never publishes its methods or terminology used to arrive at its 18.9% equity share. You can't take wealth at the beginning of par value $1 when it is worth in the market of say $20. If that is the case, I want to buy the shares. Then I can become a millionaire!!!!! I must feel good but then government dares not sell its shares at par value.Pssst...what????///// You got jalan?? Now DPM said to accept government methods that it is 18.9%. He thinks the Malaysian public is stupid and ignorant. He should tell the whole truth otherwise he shouldnt be the waiting PM. And our PM is sleeping.....I think the people have spoken so much that he is he escapes to Mecca with his family after which there will be some what he did while holidaying in Australia. I still say he is our weak PM......he has to think on his own two feet

Now will the government sell its share at par value to me when the share in the market is $20?
And the "rubbish" minister care to help me? And the "damage done" person be my broker?
Interesting, dont you think? Now Dr M says the economy is losing its direction.....our PM is in Mecca. I think he wont hold the post for his second term.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

where is the margin of sharing?

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I always think that all government projects or services should be tendered out to stamp out corruption. This is the usual way to award contract. Yet yesterday Perak government issued orders to its departments to order goods or services from bumiputra companies. As a government in a state, this policy shouldnt be raised at all. It happens. DAP makes complaint but I dont see the other component parties cry foul in the state government policy. This is tantamount to marginalise the business communities. It is time that the component parties review the partnership in the coalition. UMNO seems to ride with immunity without a feeling for the other communities. It is time to relook into the partnership otherwise BN will lose its control. Has AAB in control? He never knows what is happening in his doors. He mustnt listen to his advisors too much. He must go down to the ground and listen to the people grouses. Right now then ever he should make himself everywhere. It is no use to have so many Cabinet Ministers when they dont have power to control the state cabinet. Each state makes its own rules and regulations and policies. It is time that the federal government made its presence felt in the state governments. Look to me the state government can do as it pleases.....Now it looks like Harry Lee views are correct for an outsider looking into the country...UMNO shouldnt raise its objections. The truth UMNO leaders twisted Asli to its views until the President of Asli has to retract its own report prepared by its own directors. Sad but true.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

has Lucifer conned humans? 2

Why God sent many prophets to remind His people? One after another came to tell stories that there is one God. Yet before God sent His prophets, there were other people living on Earth. Different waves of people different design and different upbringing. They talked differently. They did what they thought was right then. Then these people disappeared from Earth! Why it happened then? Because God didnt like what He made. So He created another wave of humans to populate the Earth. The ancient stories came to retell in Torah(Old Testament Jew), Holy Bible (New Testament Jesus) and Islam (combination of Old and New Testaments - Muhammad) What was written for this world is no different for what was recorded in ancient history - Mayas or Aztecs or American Red Indian. These people too had similar stories narratted in the Holy Books. Has Lucifer played his cards here? He makes things look believable and he knows humans weaknesses though he is banished deep in the Earth crust but he has followers and he could pass his influence to the surface. Of course Lucifer can't rise to the surface. God chained him there until God decides what to do with him. Now from the same lineage one sees different interpretations of it. The old Testatment and New Testament have been corrupted because it has changed text many times so warned in the text of the Holy Quran. It is said the Holy Quran is the final book of instructions from Allah/God. The Jews and Christians by right should have followed the final chapter of the books but they went on their own ways. Thus going against the principle of what Allah/God wants..."There is Only One God and His name is Allah" Christians claimed Jesus didnt die. He rose and went up to heaven whereas Muhammad died in his early 60s and buried. Why the divide and scoring points? Because Lucifer is the mastermind in his game. He is the master of disguises although he is on chained. He can use his mind to make tales and build lies to trick humans. So now we see the wars in our midst.....

asli report 2

Is UMNO afraid that it has no goods to deliver when the 30% achieved? UMNO should be transparent and accountable of its actions. Likewise the government led by UMNO should be open. Dont hide behind OSA. Dr M used it in his time. Now AAB and his UMNO cabinet ministers are using it. Because it can hide many. That's why!! Asli director Dr Lim resigned his post. When the truth comes home, UMNO leaders cry foul. It will be the downfall for the Malays if NEP aka Never Ending Policy never stops. It has been going on for the last 35 years. Don't tell me during these 35 years the 30% equity share has not achieved? If that is so, UMNO has failed in its mission. The leaders should come clean and tell it like a gentleman. No more saying "rubbish" or "hidden agendas" You see it takes a fool to call another a fool. So far the government never sticks up with its statistics. AAB "come walk with me" becomes a hollow sound in the end. He will be remembered for me as the weak PM for my country. If you are good in Islamic principles, it doesn't equate you to be a good leader. The situation calls for immediate action not wait and see and wait again and finally dies in limbo. When election comes, it wakes up the ghost again. Then all protocol lapse. He should submit his findings why he claimed the Malays equity shares is 18.9%...


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Haze makes people sick in the heads. No outdoor activity. Stay indoors. But it is really warm in the house too. Air Con! Air Con!TNB must be making lots of profits

asli report

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Is it 30 -19-45% owned by the bumiputras? The government policy required that 30% equity must be given to the bumiputras. In this way the government hopes that the equity of richness can be shared amongst the races but the government gives a leg up to the Malays. Every wealth distribution the government spoonfeed the bumiputras until it has become a norm. When Asli report came out, the government(read UMNO) dismissed it as "rubbish" or "wrong facts wrong conclusion" The government should tabulate its own statistics to challenge the report in Asli. It is no use saying something when there is no hard data to support an argument or call the other party bluffing. If I look at the policy itself, it means the bumiputras share is always at 30% or more. When the bumiputras sell their shares, the government or UMNO cannot say the equity share has not been achieved yet. If the Malays want to sell their shares, they should sell it to the Malays. In this way the equity stake will remain as 30%. Like the wakaf land, it can be sold to the Malays or a company majority holds by bumiputras. The government says it is 18.9%. Why it happens? Another the government says it doesnt include GLCs which it claims is meant for all Malaysians. But look at the Board, managers, workers all are majority Malays so what is meant for all Malaysians? These GLCs will deal with bumiputra companies by government policies. So I believe the Asli report. As I always say truth hurts. Dont hide behind a lie. Policy says 30%, government says 19% Asli report says 45% In this case 21% equity shares sold for profits by the Malays or bumiputra companies.

Malaysia.....mana ais milo????????????

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

did Lucifer con the human race?

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Did Lucifer con the human race? God according to the Holy Bible allowed Lucifer a free hand to influence the humans. God is not unduly worried that his godlike images would fall to Lucifer. God believes he has created the best fit of himself. Afterall he created Lucifer-the angel of light. What is the best way to fool the humans? Religion!!!!!!!!!! Lucifer goes about influencing humans to accept it blindly...So in this world we find so many religions claiming it is from God. Bearing in mind Lucifer too has the power to play magic on the unwary humans. Lucifer adds some facts, some lies, some illusions, some magic, some drugs of paradise......humans fall for him. The clutches hold on the humans as a link chain dragging along stepping on roads of fire..........God watches and see what Lucifer is up to his tricks and humans are the pawn for them to play their chess games.. I am dreaming.............

Monday, October 09, 2006

PM you lost your direction

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PM of Malaysia has lost his directionS. What he wants for the country he doesn't even know. Declared his vision of 9th Malaysia Plan and other plans in Johore and the North Economic Corridor. But where is the action plan? He shouldnt listen to his many advisors and what not in his circle. He should put his ideas forward and say this should be done. As it is he is indecisive which will be bad on him. He will be recorded as a weak PM who can't control his own vision and destiny. He lets others do it for him. As Dr M said somebody is controlling his administration. The Police ignored the IPCMC which is good for the force. The deputy internal security minister is curtailing press freedom...he as the security internal minister never said a word. Corruptions will not go away. He hasnt done as much as he promised. Out of steam or out of energy to catch the culprits...perhaps a compromise for economic developments in the country or marketing Malaysia on the world map through economic projects...Own son in law he didnt reprimand for meddling into Sinpagore's affairs or preaching on racial tones in his speeches. When Singapore ex-premier said something of the Chinese being marginalised in the country, he quickly sent a protest letter asking for an apology. But Mr PM what about your own son in law?
And other UMNO leaders said something on the racial lines? You didnt say anything. This is why people feel you aren't in control...You give the perception that somebody is controlling your administration. MCA, Gerakan and MIC are living in the shadows of UMNO. They can't see what is in front of them. What UMNO says they just follow blindly. Coalition partners turn into one way street.

Malaysia is my home and I hope you treat every one with respect and trust and grace of attitude and perception. Do not divide the country into race for this race for that; this is for you; this is for me; this you keep; this I keep and eventually we will be under the power of the global players, colonalised again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UMNO says Asli report isnt true

As usual UMNO says the Asli report isnt true. The government statistics is correct that the bumiputra equity share stood at 18.9% of its target of 30%. If the UMNO wants to debunk it, show the people its statistics and dont just quote figures without supporting datas to back it up. Currently, it is said that the Asli report has a hidden agenda which I always view what UMNO will say. The simple truth is they wanted it to be there forever as a winning baton to win elections every time. Tan Sri Khalid said it would be the downfall of the Malays if every Malay is spoonfed by the government through policies benefitting them. LKY knew what is happening in the country. Outsider looking in will have a better grasp of scenes than we staying in. The government never goes out to help the poor. All the red tapes involved to get financial aids. But the government is quick to monopolise resources to help countries in need say Indonesia but drags its feet when dealing with its own people. A few weeks ago I read about a social welfare department has no money to dispense to the poor. I don't know what the officers in the department doing......I think they are sleeping on their jobs....the poor people have to suffer on their account and they had to talk to the press to highlight their woes. It is ridiculous that the government agency has no money while the IRB says it can collect about $60 billion in taxes from the companies and tax payers. Why must the Malays need the 30%? Why must they need 5-7% discount on properties? If they think they can't afford, they are other races too who face the same problems. If they can't build their wealth through sweat and tears, they arent good to face the challenges of the globalized world. The government(reads UMNO) will fail in its duty to honey oiled the road of richness. During my kampung days, the older Malays always advice that wealth should come through hardworking with our hands and brains no short cut to richness. Like the saying "easy come easy goes" In Islam it never teaches to discount a faith. It teaches one to say the truth and do the honest way. When you are poor, you dont steal or rob or lie. You ask for help....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Police force

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Police the streets.....this is what the police should do. Let only a skeleton staff manned the police station and the rest on the streets -CID, traffic, crime prevention, etc. Of police report let the civilians in the department multi-tasks their work. In this way, crimes of many faces can be controlled effectively. The police force is in the 21st century where modern gadgets can easily assist them to combat the various crimes committed in the country. Currrently the police is assisted by Rakan Cop programme and Rela to combat crimes in the neighborhood. It is a right direction. The force can't keep increasing police personnel to satisfy the egoistic charting person(s). The span of control will be less effective. Here lies the root of the problem. No effective supervision therefore corruption bounds to rear its ugly head. Believe me you watch how it works. Police put up roadblocks at dark places or coffee or cafe outlets for under the table talk. Honestly nobody wants to be charged or go to jail. Of course serious crimes will be prosecuted till conviction; it is the small crimes that hog the eyes. (No seat belt, crash helmet, expire disc, no licence, talking on cell phone or beat traffic lights) Pay too must be increase to give the job a nice touch. The government has no intention to increase pay so I suggest put them under Socso which will aptly protect them.Qualifications without knowledge won't work. Skills without PR will erode the confidence of the public to the force. Projection of image without solid marketing skills it fails too. The police should think like a business unit. Mission, objectives, budget, actions and follow ups. In this way the top brass will know how to move the police to its highest degree all the times everyday.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

moon cake festival

Yesterday was the moon cake festival or mid Autumn celebration. The Chinese went for the weddings. In Penang it was organised as a show to promote (them) or (Penang?) Marriages I believe should be a private affair. Why must one advertise to the world? The pilot proposed to his girlfriend on a flight to Langkawi; lucky for him his woman accepted his proposal. If not, he would feel emotionally cheated. Perhaps one could read the wrong message....At my place there was the celebration for the children and a band playing and singing Chinese songs on the basketball court. I didnt realize it then. But I found out when I drove by after 11.30pm. always attract crowd to gather around. I drove on to my own destination.

payment for work done

J.Lo sued for not settling her jet bills. A millionaire superstar yet fails to pay her bill for services rendered.Now in the country PM AAB directed all bills must be paid within 3 weeks by all ministries, agencies, state governments and departments. I like that. It is a good move which I think it could ease the financial burden of the contractors handling government projects. But there is the complacency rule that might derailed his direct order. The government officers or the state governments may not heed his order. Few days ago Samy said that the contractors must submit bills in proper documentations before payment can be executed. No checking by his officers on the work done? Before payment is executed, his officers and that applied to the other ministries, to certify that the work is done according to specifications. The engineers must go down to the ground. They shouldnt sit in the offices waiting for the contractors. I had dealing with state governments or agencies during the course of my employment. Local orders sent with proper documentations yet it took them ages to settle bills. I believe it happens to many companies dealing with the federal and state governments. So I hope this directive would make it a norm that payment is done accordingly.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Bukit Mertajam UMNO Youth chief warned PCCC not to stir up the hornet's nest on Malay rights. Why must he feel threatened at all? In the first place his forefathers came from India and so what right has he got to do with it? I think he meant UMNO not the other bumiputras...We are still harping on racial line which I think we never grow up at all. We have leaders who are sick in the mind. I think the country shouldnt have these leaders running around. Next year we are 50 years old and still we are talking about "you Cina, saya Melayu, dan kau India" Sad, isnt it? When are these leaders going to grow up? We are going to be colonised again by the global economy if these trends keep repeating every time. We have to think as one race one mind one country.....Wake up people...........Malaysia is meant for all races.Period. Habis. Tutup.


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Yesterday gone to a land clearing looking for wild plants. Dug up a few wild ferns and money plants. It was free picking so I didnt have to complain. I didnt dig the bamboo shoots because it is sitting on a slope. I could climb up there but decided against it because it was turning dark. Never thought about snakes thinking it is sandwiched with houses and high rise buildings so it should be safe to dig around. I dont know what this open space will be built. There is no sign board to announce. The next few days must go to check. New things crop up I dont know...

Malaysia green your house......

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Today went to Maybank to check on the house policy. The officer couldnt find the policy at all. It was more than 2 months. She called back her colleagues in KL nothing was in the record! Money had banked direct in this branch since July 06 and no record! So when a bank has grown becomes clumsy! Like a big fat can imagine how he walks. I thought the bank officers always do their daily reconciliations to balance their books of accounts. I had my banking slip to show otherwise I might just lost my money on the house policy. Now I have to wait for another two weeks..........The HQ should allow the branch manager to endorse it. After all every thing is already printed and scale of fees had been agreed with some discounts leeway to win customers. Now it is issued in HQ but the branch has no control though the officers are encouraged to sell the policy in the branch. The span of control should lie in the branch manager's responsibility.

the markers

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Haze everywhere
I can't do a thing
I sit and watch
The white sky
Smog gets in my eyes

The government meets
Dialogues and meetings
Every one agrees
No more haze

Every year haze returns
Across the straits blinds us
The government never says
Nothing much we can do
Inconsiderate neighbor
Profits motives health hazards
Nobody sees it that way
The companies in Indonesia

Visibility very poor
Air quality hazardous
Wearing masks for protection
In time we will disappear

What will happen?
The humans will be gone
The things we do to ourselves
This is the warning
We shouldnt forget

Think about it
Many markers to let us know
AIDS, birds flu, diseases
Floods, forest fires, mental illness

Yet we go on living
Ozone keeps widening its hole
Never think about poor Mother Earth
We let ourselves believe she is forever

What happened to dinosaurs?
It can happen to us!!!!!!!!!!
Believe me it can happen
When we never try to help
Every small part we can

what's up Malaysia 15?

I say to myself Lee Kuan Yew won't apologise on his remarks on the Chinese marginalised in the country. His letter said it clear that he felt sorry for 'causing discomfort to the Prime Minister' I believe he said the truth only the BN component parties are in denial. Sharing of power in the ruling government, the component parties had allowed the dominant partner to take all the goods leaving them with crumbs to share amongst themselves. In all the public statements reported in the newspapers, if it was the truth, I believe the country would have reached its zenith a long time ago. It is the backroom stabbing that derailed between the statements and implementation. For example New Economic Policy is crafted to benefit all the people but it is pushed to benefit one race only. The loans for SMEs the banks say only for bumiputras but you ask why....the public statement would read 'It is for all SME companies' but the non-bumi businessmen knew it is the reverse policy. Hence the deputy finance minister requested these businessmen to tell her which banks................It looks ridiculous to me. The banks I am sure have to file in reports and tabulate the granting of SME loans. The picture is in the statistics tabulation which she can call up from Bank Negara Governor to get the details. The ordinary Chinese and Indians and other races know that they are marginalised except those parties representing them deny it. Ong Tee Keat from MCA, a party vice-president was chastised on his remarks on the funds on two Chinese schools. Now the truth is known that he was right the leaders from the ruling elite never apologise to him. Why it is so difficult to apologise when the truth is known? Even Khairy never apologises for his Chinese remark which I am sure he should be charged but because he is the son-in-law of the Prime Minister, nobody dares except MCA and Gerakan to say anything. It is a seditious remark in the country but the police never takes any action. His own party supports him. There lies the problem sharing in the coalition government. Say one thing doing another. If the BN government is really sincere in helping all Malaysians, they should preach and do it. Don't say one thing plan another....

Malaysia...........we all are Malaysians!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the green paradise

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My pearl grass turned brownish. I watered the grass every evening and morning yet it doesnt help. I went to see the nursery guy who sold me the pearl grass. Perhaps I used too much organic fertilizer tablets on the pearl grass. It scorched by the heat. He told me to use it every week. I did. Now I had patches of dried grass cropping up and at its tips the pearl grass turned brownish. Today he is going to deliver some plants and pots and I hope he can tell me something about the pearl grass...................I am creating green plants and fountain flow in my garden. Yesterday I bought two rattan chairs (I needed 4 but the car could go in 2) and put it on the patio. Imagine sitting there listening to the fountain falling and the misty mountain ahead (the main range) life is paradise......only when one knows how to make it in the mind which I think one can bring it along anywhere anytime.............

Malaysia.............the green paradise

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

what's up Malaysia 14?

Now the UMNO members in Kubang Pasu lodged complaints in HQ about money politics in the recent division election. The Mentri Besar was furious that these members didnt complain to the State UMNO. I doubt these 5 members wanted to. He and the division chief had said there was no money politics involved in the election. Now there is something cooking in the cauldron. Not many people believe that Dr Mahathir could lose in his own division where he had served as its chief and MP for many terms and not forgetting he was the former PM of the country. I dont believe the members could easily forget him a former PM from the division. It smells something fishy going on in the election. Now I wait and see what will come out from the investigation.

Mat Rempit gathered and arrested in the city. During fasting month, they should rest. No.........they wanted to get the high on revving the machines and feeling the rushing soft wind caressing their souls and perhaps their lives roll on the roads. Maybe the government should ban selling motorbikes completely. It has to bite the bullet although it could be an unpopular decision. Something needs to be done quickly. But as usual it will take ages to come out clean. Meantime, there will be new generation of Mat Rempit stroking the empty roads

The new hand phones dont show it off. If you buy one to be the trendy class, you dont display for all to see. The snatch thieves now target these group of people. Proud to display the new gadget then fall victim to snatch thief. I use handphone for calling and receiving forget about the other features....honestly do every one uses it? It is really boiling down to marketing to make a customer changing for something better and better but hardly using the features...I stick to my old James Bond Nokia......

Monday, October 02, 2006

mat rempit - forget lives

Mat Rempit.....a group of young adults daring to make a living. They go out to break the laws. They go out to break their lives. In between the winner gets a young woman as a prize. They should allow them to use the Sepang circuit. In it there are proper safety measures to reduce accidents and lives. Charge them a small fee say $10/- where the amount collected can be used to help the poor. I dont think the authority can beat them. Generations after them will come and add the fun. Like the cartoon I saw yesterday. A young child is imitating the Mat Rempit moves. When the excitement keeps piling up, the young adults will not run away. Money and women are the two most potent drugs to keep them coming back for more fun and adventure. Mind you these young adults aren't stupid or lack of education. When I was staying on an island, these Mat Rempit were active too. On Saturday night, these group of young cowboys would show off their skills in the wee morning of the night. During those weekends, many young women came to the island. Some of them became the prizes for the winners. I once saw the police rounded a group of illegal racers. I was in the middle of it. It so happened I drove right into it. The police condoned both entries yet a few of them drove to the padi fields or side roads into the bushes and disappeared. The police didnt give chase. I knew for a fact these Mat Rempit used drugs too. A friend of mine who knew the investigating officer sometimes brought sample for me to see. Once I saw a white colorless liquid which was used to sexually aroused the women. It is very effective. The women, according to my friend, would need to have sex. They would craze for it. At that time it was smuggled in from Thailand before it hit the streets in the city. I can't become Mat Rempit. I am out the league. My time then was hanging around the roundabout disturbing girls passing by especially female students. During those living in the kampung, it was the activty I engaged in. It was a phrase after which when I grew up life had changed. Places disappeared. Friends gone too. Even the whole kampung disappeared. Modern developments changed the landscape. I only remembered it in my dreams.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

people talk about my house

Psst..........people are staring at my house. Yesterday I found an old car parked near my house looking at it for quite awhile. This house it seemed many people talked about it. I dont know why. I haven't done anything to attract attention. I only do differently from other houses. Even my regular and not so regular stall owners seem to know it though I haven't stay in permanently yet. Today there was another car driver parked to look at it. It seemed people know me but I dont know them. I am considered new to this town. I was from the Klang Valley and I moved in other states so my face isn't familiar in this town yet people seem to recognize me..