Tuesday, March 31, 2020

C19 in full swing

Novel corona virus disease
It isn't stopping or hiding
It comes in the open
In its full swallowing spin
Testing every one resolves

C19 attacks young and old
It doesn't have a preference
Not even with religions
Every one who is in contact
With an infected person will get it

The people should stay calm
They shouldn't go panic buying
They have to look at the clearer picture
It is test to stay and fight together
It shouldn't be figure pointing

C19 has landed
It doesn't want to go away so soon
It has a smooth battle
Knowing we don't have vaccine
We are fighting a devilish enemy

So far we need to wash our hands
With soap and water for 20 seconds
Wearing masks don't stop the virus
It still can spread through the eyes
The virus is a smart cookie

No vaccine
We should try the natural remedy
*Sodium bicarbonate with honey in a glass of water
Drink it twice a day to wash out the virus
Drink lots of water in the day to cleanse the body

* 1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon of honey

a curfew must impose at night

Too many easy hours
Letting the people freely go
Within a town or village
As if nothing has happened

The nature of people
They intend to go out
They can't stay coop up
Without letting go their frustration

Many will go
The daily shopping to buy
The groceries and fruits
Why can't they buy for a week?

Because they can go out
Even limit to a person in a car
Food delivery is still questionable
On the spread of C19

Sanitization on the hands and surfaces
It is still the initial best way to stop the virus
Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water too
Leave out packages in the hot sun to kill C19

Put a curfew at night
It has to be done to stop the spread of C19
The uniform personnel need a rest
C19 is testing on every one resolves

A policy must apply to all
There shouldn't be a double standard
There are still the donkey people
Who careless of what's happening

the OA people

*OA people
The jungle is their home
A place they can survive
Living it up with nature

They will know how to live
Even with the poorest condition
As long as they live in jungle
They will survive

It is the modern people
The good intention to help
They bring unintentionally unwelcome guests
It breeds into the OA people

It is best to leave it to their own people
The elders who will know what to do
They have many living in the modern society
Seek them out and let them help their own

C19 kills
There is no vaccine
Let the virus stay behind
Let the elders get the job done

* orang asli

Monday, March 30, 2020

the Taiko cat at the back lane

No cats coming in
The male cats too
The female cats moved house
The tenants shifted away

The Taiko cat
He moves to the back lane
He can't find the ready female cats
He has to settle for less

At the back lane he stares
The older female cats running loose
He has no choice but to stick around
Hoping to get into the game

Even at the back lane
He has to fight for his place
There are other male cats
Protecting their turf

don't fall for the cash in help

In time of crisis
The robbers will strike
It may sound foolish
But it is a game robbers play

Though police say crimes are low
The crime rates shot down statistically
We mustn't sound relief hearing it
Wait for the hungry call to hit

We must stay alert
On the bd government efforts
The $250 billion packages
Parliament hasn't approved

These leaders never say
Where are the sources of funds?
How are they going to deliver it?
It isn't money grab from the sky

Announcing it was easy
Tell us how the monies come from?
The methods of delivery and records
Somehow the taxpayers will pay dearly

They better relook at it again
Somehow it doesn't sound good in depth
A certain sections aren't getting it
The civil servants shouldn't be in it

Macc chief should wake up
Smell the multi-billions packages
Study the leakages and direct contracts
The white collar robbers are hatching plans

One major crime it will need
The nation will sink to the lowest deep
Don't fall for the cash in help
We will pay dearly in generations to come

in the restricted zone

There is no sunshine
The mind is clouded
It stays in the restricted zone
Afraid of the silent killer

It can attack in many formations
It isn't through human to human contacts
It can be through packages, things and food
It can be through the daily newspapers too

Nobody wants the silent killer
It disrupts the daily routines and business
Every one feels the losses
The silent killer holds its power

It can bring the economic activities down
Where losses will be shooting the board
The lock down will have economic impact
It has to be adopted to save lives

The people should stay in the loop
Return from shopping take a shower
It has to be from head to toes
It is better to play safe than sorry

Carry a small bottle of sanitizer with you
Before entering and leaving spray on the hands
It will help to cushion the first contact
The silent killer attacks quietly

The silent killer
One of the worst killers to us
The corona-virus attacks at its pleasure
We have to increase our immune system

when the going get tough

When the going get tough
Staying calm to have cool heads
It doesn't need to heat it up
There is no need to be afraid

When the going get tough
It doesn't need to pour out cash
It is just to soothe headaches
But the problem isn't going away

When the going get tough
It doesn't need to fall into debts
It needs to bite the bullets
Change some ways to stay afloat

When the going get tough
Losses are found to fall in
It doesn't say it is the end
It says one has forgotten to plan

When the going get tough
Many will cry struggling to get up
They forget to plan for rainy days
They live in the roulette way

Sunday, March 29, 2020

racism can't get ignored

Racism can't get ignored
It will stay with us like it or not
No matter how we try to coin a word
We will face the devil in his grin

We have to accept racism exits
It will not go away any time soon
We will have to live through
The benefits for a race and all in it

The devil tree has grown
Thick and fat and proud
It doesn't take criticisms kindly
The radical groups will start to swing

We can change the perception
Until we overhaul the Constitution
Without the amendments nothing will change
Racism will keep staring at us day and night

I read some time ago
Somebody says the Constitution is Racist
It gives more benefits to a race
Then to all as Malaysians

The next battle is to change politicians
We have to elect those who subscribe to universal values
Otherwise we shouldn't vote these candidates
For Malaysia to survive we need to stay united

the donkey people

The donkey people
They think they can break the rules
The lock down for our own good
We have to fight C19 to win

EMCO doesn't work
When the many food outlets open
C19 needs a loophole to spread
The lining up of people the way

Standing 4-6 feet ahead
It may help to stop the infection
But the carriers in many forms
The infection needs to be controlled

The donkey people
Spare some thoughts for others
They want to defy the rules
Send them to work in hospitals

The donkey people
Buy your goods for a week
The essentials to stay living
Reduce the walking and buying

the short term solutions long term pain

The short term measures
The long time blues
When the nation has no funds
Prudent measures the way

Owing a huge debt
The nation can't possibly pay
The taxpayers will have to foot the bills
Through generations to come

Borrowing funds have to pay
Giving out remedial measures
For how long it will take?
It has to bite the bullets

On the economic impact
The losses will be there
Unemployment rate will be high
Closures will be many

This is a huge learning curve
Every one needs to prepare
The good times forget to plan
Now the raining season of debts

The bd government shouldn't commit
Morally it doesn't have the rights to do
Don't spend when there are no funds
Why create a huge debt?

Every one will be affected
The C19 will not give special preferences
Every one will be in it
Gains and losses will be the score

But don't create a huge debt
This is a long haul crisis
A short term solution sinks us
The payment in generations to come

Saturday, March 28, 2020

the hardship on the flow

The hardship on the flow
The world of Covid19
Nobody will be spared
That's a fact of life

Covid19 disrupts everything
It doesn't give a reprieve
The fight is a full scale
Stay at home but how long?

The infection keeps spiking
The people can't follow simple rules
Every one seems to have the same DNA
Blind to Covid19 impact on daily living

It looks like a great depression coming
Everything works on a small scale
Covid19 doesn't make it easier
The economy will be badly affected

At this time
We should stay calm
Don't let Covid19 spread
Stay at home the best

the bad smell

The bad smell
It will not go away
Even sprinkling perfume
It will stay after a while

It is best they go
Leave the stage
Get a new
Cleanse their souls

But power corrupts
The mind can't see right
It becomes hungry
It wants all of it

Don't inflate figures
It doesn't make the grade
Every expert will find it
Then the bad smell

the road isn't made of gold

The road isn't made of gold
There is no glittering for the eyes
Though the mind can make the tricks
Believing something good to see

This is to make a belief
The nation doesn't have the monies
The sources of funds must be made known
The nation doesn't have $250 billion

PH had to borrow from Japan
Under the Samurai bonds
What does the back door government find?
Open sesame code?

The sacrifices must be given
The nation can't afford to go deep in debts
The 1MDB hasn't settled yet
The nation has to be prudent on her wealth

the song of covid19

The song of Covid19
It is still top the chart
It isn't about record sales
It is about lives at stake

The people still don't get it
They still think it is a normal thing
A virus which circulates around us
Making us sick once a blue

The ring of death
It makes us to see
This isn't a child playing game
We better stay at home

The song of Covid19
The death tolls now 26
Increase the immune system
Don't consume fried food

The song of Covid19
We better stay at home
Value our lives value our times
We have to bring it down collectively

Friday, March 27, 2020

the bad mark in history

The bad mark will not disappear
It will be written in history
The back door government came
Without a clear cut mission

Moo and his gang
They will face the exit
By the back door
When C19 knocks them flat

Instead of finding ways to stop C19
Instead of finding ways on economy
They go and play politics
They want to gain support

Moo and his gang
Leave politics aside
The nation is in crisis
With C19 playing “catch me if you can”

How to trust back door leaders?
They entered by the wrong door
No matter how much perfume apply
It will smell bad in high heaven

The bad mark will stay
They may stay for a short term
They aren't the people's mandate
They will face their exit

we have to change

We have to change
Our daily habits must evolve
We can't live like before
We can't say we can't do it

Our attitude too
It needs to realize the crisis
C19 makes us see the truth
We can't live denying it

We have to change
Live by the rules
Adapt the changing routines
As long as C19 still catching souls

We have to change
Nothing will remain the same
The economy will go flat
The suffering and pain is real

We have to change
We mustn't turn blind
C19 makes it real
Our lives are at stake!

don't be a liar

Don't be a liar
It will bring no benefits
It will bring shame
It will bring no credibility

Don't be a liar
It doesn't make a person good
In the eyes of many it is bad
Wasted time even for the drain

Don't be a liar
Praying will not help
When it will keep repeating
The sin will keep marking it

Don't be a liar
Say one thing do another way
It will bring no benefits
It will bring shame

don't let C19 win its game

One week into MCO
The C19 still jumps high
The virus still going on
As the people still don't get it

The road closures
The police and army on check-points
Yet the people still want to go out
Giving all sort of excuses

Some are caught and fined
Disobeying the MCO orders
They should send to prison
Stay a day or two to feel it

It's time to slow down
The hectic life should tone low
C19 will wreck havoc in economy
It will bear down on us

The people should follow advice
The authorities shouldn't give leeway
C19 isn't slowing down
Now it stands at 2,031 cases

Curfew the nation
Let nobody going at night
Let the enforcement officers have rest time
Recharge their bodies and minds

Time to take drastic action
The world has seen over 3 billion people in lock-down
The people must abide by the rules
Don't let C19 win its game

Thursday, March 26, 2020

the dark shade

The dark shade
The mind shake
Taking the pills shaking head
Don't worry about pandemic

The night dancers
They can't stay back
They need to dance
On the streets

They celebrate the darkness
They don't care about tomorrow
The night they want to dance
Defiance the way to shake-down

The dark shade
The dancers on the streets
They live defiantly
Don't worry about pandemic

curfew the nation

Curfew the nation
Let the night be free
No soul should walk or drive
This is the domain of the police

The donkey people don't learn
They still ignore MCO
These people should send to hospital
Let them assist in C19

Maybe on the spot they will learn
It isn't a child playing game
It is life or death situation
It will open their eyes and minds

Curfew the nation
Starting from 8.00 pm to 7.00 am
This will restrict every one
It will be easy for the police

We can't let C19 win
We can't have deaths every day
We can't have infected persons rising
Curfew will solve part of the problems

judas iscariot

Judas Iscariot
You know the reasons
The back-door way
It will come at a price

You wanted the 11 pieces of gold
Now it becomes too heavy to hold
You try to hide the ills
Yet the story never ends

Lucifer wants more souls
He can't sit home and count
He has to go out and take
Carrying his bag of souls

Judas Iscariot
The price you have to pay
It doesn't worth it in your life
A short power a life time of misery

Going by the bad way
You forfeit a life of good
Lucifer will not give away
He's smiling counting the days

the curfew must impose

The curfew must impose
This is the critical time to do
The people mustn't be allowed to move
Within the time frame under curfew

C19 isn't coming down
It keeps roaring up the numbers
The days ahead aren't encouraging
The lock down time must be introduced

The days ahead for us
The hospital beds may not be enough
The experts predicted a jump to 6,300
By the middle of April

Bearing in mind there is still no vaccine
What hope for those under ICU?
We must strictly follow orders
C19 isn't a child playing game

C19 causes the inflammation of the lungs
Causing difficulty in breathing hence in ventilators
The people should look for natural fruits and fishes
It will help to bring down the inflammation

Berries, cherries, extra virgin olive oil, broccoli,
Fat fishes, peppers, green tea, grapes, mushrooms,
avocadoes, turmeric, dark chocolates and tomatoes
These are anti-inflammatory food

We can also try 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 teaspoon honey
Mix it with a glass of water drink in empty stomach
In the morning and before going to bed
Since there is no vaccine to cure C19 yet

We can't let C19 win
We can't let more people die
Fight we must to push it down
Giving up isn't our game