Monday, April 30, 2012

we aren't born to live and die

Clean our hearts
Clear our conscious
Be very afraid of after life
Of things, deeds or events we do

We are here to learn
The good values of our lives
We aren't born to make bad things
We aren't born to live and die

Yet we do
It isn't the end
Clean our hearts
Clear our conscious

The venue of our lives
It's just the beginning
When we all departed
There we will know

Will we be the lords?
Live the life of the immortals
Will we be reborn?
Once again to learn?

a chance we shouldn't forget

The day we were born
The day Death will stalk us
Every step of our way
He never wants to forget

It's his job to do
Bringing back home the escapees
To the land where we have to process
Going to be free living like the lords

The bad people of all kinds
They will face the music and turned over
When they have repented of their sins
They are sent to reborn and lived again

On this land we call home
It is to learn the good over the bad
For a better living is awaiting us
A chance we shouldn't forget

when the canaries sing

Now the canaries sing
Of a different tune in political speak
The ruling elites and the bagpipers
They played their songs

What a mess”
I was alone I was scared”
The police officer didn't tell why
The “You tube” streaming videos something else

The political divides
Blaming each other of the rowdy few
It could be planted agents to unsettled Bersih
A company wanted to sue for loss of businesses

It was a well organized march
The crowd was controlled and behaved
Only at the end of the tour
When police started to fire tear gas and water cannons

It was a mess
As protestors ran for cover
With the men in blue chasing
When it was over dispersing the streets

Whatever it is
The ruling elites should know
Time for them is running out
Change has to come

a simple way

A simple way
The authorities forgot
Bersih wanted to sit in
Why all the fuss and hiccups?

The authorities wanted to show
Who was the boss?”
We heard it so often
They forgot about the people

The people put them there
In one stroke these leaders forgot
Clean and fair they couldn't be bothered
They exclaimed “Who was the boss?”

The unfairness had been seen
Like the Spartan era of 300
They fought for their believe
In it history was made

Bersih 300,000 people
All walks of lives colours and religions
What did they tell the Bee Anne?
The Malaysian Walls have to go

Sunday, April 29, 2012

stay focus

Be Like An Eagle &Fly Like One, Stay Focus.

Don't think big
When the small you haven't tried
You should get your confidence
Before you go handling major loads

You learn by processes
Learn the rope watch the action
Learn through your eyes
Be helpful you get your dues

Be humble work your best
Don't watch the clock
Learn the way to get on top
It's hard work but try your best

Nothing is impossible
Only don't get cowed down
Don't think big
When you know you can't get it

Measure the parts you can play
Learn it from there and stay focus
Along the way you will accumulate inside tips
It will assist you in climbing up the ladder

go live in peace

In the distance
A loud barking
The little dog runs
With tails behind its legs

The black dog snarls
You don't come to my area
And do as you like”
The little dog hides behind doors

The black dog runs along
That teaching you small dog
You shouldn't act as if you own it”
The little dog barks back

The black dog turns around
Sniffing his way to the door
The owner throws water
The black dog turns and runs

You aren't big anymore
Now go away let me live in peace!”
The black dog stops and listens
Yeah..little dog!”

the shadows they felt fear

barbed wire

The barbed wire
And the men in blue
It wasn't a hit and run show
What ills the government?

The shadows they felt fear
Imagine the ones who talked so big
Najib talked about transformation
All the while trying to get us fooled

Bersih 2.0
Stadium Merdeka wasn't allowed
He didn't say that
Now in Sarawak he ridiculed Bersih 3.0

Kasih stadium mereka tak mahu”
He didn't say why gave the order so late
When all the while Bersih 3.0
Dataran Merdeka on 28/4/12

The barbed wire
Telling us the rule of intimidation
It couldn't work when enough is enough
Now Najib is worried calling GE 13!

People you have the chance
When GE13 comes a knocking
Will you decide for a change?
Or you let fear make you weak?

The ills of Bee Anne
The leaders don't tell
The cops gate, cows gate, scandals gate
They just hope we forget

We have to remember
Treat the people with barbed wire
What are we?
We are citizens of Malaysia!

the black dog runs

The black dog runs along
On the streets guarding his turf
Let's no other dogs come to play
He doesn't like it

The black dog goes to the alley
Sniffing his way trying to know
Is there an illegal dog around?
He looks up smell the air

He wags his short tail
He runs along quickly at the back
The little dog pet runs away
When big brother comes on his patrol

The little dog barks at the door entrance
The black dog just ignores and runs along
It's the minor irritant of his day......
In the morning sun he sniffs his way

Saturday, April 28, 2012

water cannons acid rain

borrowed from Bersih rally in KL
on 28/4/12 Saturday

Water cannons acid rain
We don't have to cry in vain
As long as the issues are raised
The street protests done

The ruling elites can say
What ever spins they try
When issues raised they ignore
They are afraid to lose

Now the alleged cheats and collusion
For the sake of power and wealth
Only for their line of allegiance
Nothing for the others

The marathon run never ends
There will be more raising flags
It is the change for the better
It isn't about transformation

Water cannons acid rain
The blues in red trucks sway
The people get paint ball wet
For a simple sit in with yellow

it's time for a new party

You can't stop people asking for change
No law no police or army can deter them
It's the people who make it happens
The life of the country

The court order and men in blue
Bersih 3.0 will work it out
They want to tell the authorities
You can play your game so can they

Bee Anne leaders spinning tales
The singing of anomalies instead of fraud
In the election list of dubious names
EC just doesn't want to do anything

EC only gives excuses
Even printed documents to show
How the electoral list is tainted
EC just doesn't want to know

You think the ruling elites want reforms?
Look at their antics on Bersih 3.0
It tells us it is just for show
Beware of the back door

Now we know why we need change
We have given them to0 long to play their games
Enough for us enough for the ruling elites
It's time we seek new party to play

look for blood

Look for blood
The advertisements and banners
You find it hanging or pasted on trees and walls
You want quick money here's the phone numbers

The out of luck people
They will try to sign and get it over
Look for blood
The runners come to you

The banks don't entertain
These working low struggling people
Without a fixed income banks will refuse
So the loan sharks calling

Once you signed
The nightmares will begin
Miss your payment
The hooligans and red paint

Some may die
Unable to pay the debts
It skyrocketing higher and higher
There is no stopping for look for blood

The police know
They just don't take firm action
So the loan sharks flex its muscles
The banks can't approve

The low wage earners
The desperate people looking for quick cash
The banks can't reach these people
So the loan sharks take them

Once you signed
The loan sharks haunt you
You better keep the payments
Else the nightmares begin

Friday, April 27, 2012

when the crying done

When the crying done
You know the score will be
You don't listen and read
What news you heard

You can't blame the media
You can't blame the internet
You blame yourself to be a fool
What all said and done

You don't read history
You ignore it thinking what's the use?
When what you see and hear
It is what happened long ago

You know the circle
It will come to meet again
Only when you are blind
You don't see it happen

when are we going home?

When are we going home?
The place we called our own?
We seem to be drifting away
Every corner it is said

You stand around
You will hear the voices say
The divide and rule policies
The unfavorable rights

When are we going home?
The place we called our own?
We listen to the barking dogs
What are they thinking?

We live in multiracial religious society
We should learn to support each other likes
Our religions say it so true
Why are we blind in the same house?

the signs are there

The signs are there
Nobody can hide
The spring of our lives
It has to change

Laws by Man
In time it will be changed
For it is a fact
When new leaders coming in

When it is time to go
Don't try to spin long tales
Every one has chances
When it is up, don't try to spin

This is why people protest
Laws by man will be changed
It is the truth in time
When we pick new leaders to right the wrong

the tolls we have to pay

The bell will be ringing
For the sins our leaders commit
For the tolls we have to pay
When will we be free?

Our minds still clogged
With the tales of deceits
Corruption and greed
The greasing palms can't go away

The traffic junctions
So many flowing around
In our minds we have to find
The sins our leaders commit

We have read in newspapers and internet
The copgate, cowgate, and porngate
The government never wants to investigate
It is just leaving behind hoping we forget

The bell will be ringing
For the sins our leaders commit
The stories will not be forgotten
We have to change for the good

dataran merdeka


The roads leading to Dataran Merdeka closed
Dataran Merdeka is out of bound!
Why are the elites so afraid?
It is just a sit in protest!

Bersih 3.0
The word seems to frightened them
The people of many colors will arrive
For a common belief for a better country
The elites have failed the people so

Now the government is planning to unleash
The blue to punish the yellow on that day
So the leaders flip flopped again
The sinking ship surely is!

The angels in the sky
They will be there to give a hand
For history is going to be made
The change of guard for the country

Thursday, April 26, 2012

the valley of the woods


In the valley of the woods
The full moon shining bright
Bathing the darkness to light
Only it never chases the evil away

The driveway of pebbles
Lining it along the uneven road
The silence of the night
It's eerie; eyes burned darkly

The naked night of truth
The shadow floats in the moonlit sky
Eyes full of color the smile of sharp teeth
Before dawn makes them go away

In the moonlit glow
The smiling face promising youth
The deep desire of immortality
Many will fall before the night turns into day

the mannequins

It's true
Peeping through life
The mannequins on display
The still life rags of nothing

Some have no heads
What a pity really!
Looking at the mannequins
Time may have changed

It imitates life somewhere
Of religious conflicts
Of power corrupts the soul
Of compassion lacking in mind

Sometimes watching the mannequins
Of the sales people tastefull putting on show
The mannequins look pretty standing tall
But no heads to smile on passersby

why don't be number 1?

 5XH5EKYUPO muslim woman

Muslim women
Why don't be number 1?
You have your skills and assets
Yet you feel inferior with it?

You are willing to settle
The second or third or fourth wife
Why make yourself so low?
You say it is love?

You have to find
There are many single men around
Don't they give you love and security?
Tell yourself don't short changed your life

There are many lonely guys
They too want to find women to live by
Why don't be number 1?
Are you afraid to walk the path?

the money tree 4

The money tree
You wake up and sleep on it
It never makes you free
You know it

Days and nights
The talk of the mind
The joy of it
The curse without

Yes...the money tree
You work hard for it
You see others get easy
You feel jealous

You don't know the way
The money tree waits
You go the wrong
You miss the opportunities

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

it's the time for the people

The black knight stood at the window
Looking out to the sea of darkness
What he was thinking on his plans?
It was only his words

He stood at the world audience
He told about his transformation programs
He was impressive with his elements
Sadly back home he double crossed his plans

He couldn't get it done
One after another he changed
The real truth he couldn't say
He was afraid of losing his power base

The ghosts of his past
They never went away
They were waiting to grab him
So he was afraid....

Even laws changed
By shifting the goal posts
He thought he could fool the people
He was wrong

It's time for the people
They should ponder what the country will be
Without change we all will be sucked into nothing
Lead by a rope we will never know..

the chords for change

Bersih 3.0
The chords for guitars
We jam into it
We sing the beautiful melody

The gathering of painted canvass
The colors of the rainbow
We ink ourselves into freedom
Let no obstacles come our way

Bersih 3.0
The songs we will sing
The lyrics of clean government
The lyrics of accountability

We hear the sound
Strumming the chords to be free
The clean electoral list
No ghost voters sneaking in

Bersih 3.0
We must make history
The dawn of change
The chords for guitars play

the barricades at freedom square

Freedom Square
It isn't right now
The barricades putting up
We know why

The taxi drivers crying
They think only of their own
For just one day on a Saturday
The taxi drivers talking of losing monies

Likewise with the shops
The owners will sing the blue
They forget about the people
Without them where's the business?

Somehow it is expected
These groups only see the short stick
They don't see beyond where the country is heading
They just count the money losing

Bersih 3.0
The people will still go there
Dataran Merdeka for the people
They may sit watch the sunset

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

time to make history

The frogs jump for joy
It's the season to make the sound
Jumping out shouting to be heard
The water rising high

Across the street
It's fellow mates running free
Barking on the way
Tails wagging with glee

It's the season
It's the time of show
The actors will stage
The sweet honey flow

The bankrupt of ideas
The foolish acts to promote
Nothing new in the horizon
Only the need to stay relevant

The majority wait
The calling of change
They are gathering in whisper
For the time to make history!

the sky is dark

The sky is dark
It never clears away
The humid wind blowing
The temperature rising

The fan has no impact
The whirring wind generating hot air
It makes the heat circulating
Even open windows the hot message

It never wants to go away
The sky is dark it never rains
It makes the day hot and sweat
Even the birds don't tweet

The sky is dark
Close up windows
The hot silent breezes
It brings hot air