Sunday, October 30, 2005

flame of fury 6

I will empathise with the people who have suffered in the hands of the police. I know for a fact police uses brutality in prison; some do it indirectly without inflicting wounds on the outside but inside. The older generation then used to advice to buy the chinese herbal medicines to cleanse the internal wounds in one's body. I have friends and relatives who had been in prison for gambling or gangsterism or at the wrong place on the wrong time..The treatment metered out was inhuman...(I only wish there is a hidden camera to record these 'treatment' done by the police officers) I had asked a senior officer was it true? It was in the affirmative. My own brother couldnt lie to me. He was not treated well in police lock up even his own brother in law too had acknowledged it. ( He is a senior police officer) My nephew was detained on the flimsy excuse that his urine test showed some drug subtstances. He never takes drug. He never drinks beer or wine or liqueur. He was in the club to enjoy some drinks with his friends. At that time he was on medication for his fever or cold...My sister had to inform her husband to pull string to release him. Eventually he was released without any charge on him. I believe it could have uneasy impact on him. When I was young I was nearly arrested for talking in a group of 3 persons in front of my house. The police took my hand saying it was an illegal assembly. I protested and he pulled me along in full view of the kampong folks...and mind you this policeman was staying in the same area! My mother came and told him to release me. What for talking with friends in my own compound with 3 or more persons an offence? I couldnt believe it! Finally the older policeman released me when my mother asked me to apologise to him. For what I didnt know...It was this time I recognize the man in uniform misused his authority. Later in my line of work in later years I used to make friends with the police officers right up to CPO..

A story of corruption and police abuse A Better Malaysia Oct 15, 05 1:27pm

What started out as a regular night for a friend, whom I shall call Jack, and I, turned into something ugly. We and two dozen others were detained, handcuffed, jailed, degraded, stripped, extorted and shamed. This is a story of corruption and police abuse. It was a drug bust at a famous night club in Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. An incident that all of us, later proved innocent by hospital chemical tests, will never forget. The entry (Sept 24 - 10.30pm) It was a great day, in fact, a great week, I was looking forward to this weekend. Nothing special, just a night out for a glass of wine and to Soda, a popular club in the area. Nothing could have forewarned me of the humiliation that awaited. Soda (12pm) After the wine, we made our way to Soda. Some other friends were already there. We had a few more drinks, enjoyed the music and the company. The raid (2am) Came out from the washroom and there was a policeman on the microphone. It was a drug bust, he announced and nobody could leave until urine samples were taken and tested. Fine I thought. No problem, just quickly take my urine and get it tested so I could go out and grab something to eat. Problem is, there were a few hundred of us in the club and they did the test 10 at a time. From the time of the raid, it would end up taking them more than two hours to check all of us. My turn came and I did as instructed, urinated into the plastic container and handed it over for the ‘on-the-spot’ test. They dropped the container in the instant tester, left it in for about a minute. The result showed that I had tested positive for five of the six drugs on the list. I knew this was a mistake so naturally I remained calm. I was then herded into a cordoned off area and had to wait till 7am for the police truck to pick us up. While waiting, we requested for a re-test but this was denied. We were told that our urine samples were to be taken to a hospital laboratory for conclusive tests. The pick up (7am) After a long wait, the truck finally arrived at 7am. We were not told anything, we did not know what was going to happen. And when they did tell us, the policemen came out with different answers. We got into the truck. It was degrading because we were law abiding citizens who had never done anything wrong, except probably speeding on the highway. And here we were, being herded into a police truck used for rounding up bad hats. We were taken to the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters and made to sit on the floor until 11am. We were treated rudely, one policeman had even threatened to beat a fellow detainee. Mind you, we were all proved innocent in the end and these policemen in the narcotics department treated us like convicts and did not entertain any questions. We did not know our rights, we were not informed of our rights and the police took advantage of that.
We were later told to sign a document. When I tried to read the document, I was told off by a policeman. “No need to read the document,” he said. “Just sign!” Still in disbelief over what was happening but confident that it will be settled by the afternoon, I signed. Till this day, I do not know what I signed. At 11am we were again herded back into the blue truck. I did not know where they were taking us. Pudu Jail (11am) The truck took us to Pudu jail, the disused facility, which once housed murderers, rapists and drug dealers. This building was not built to house people like us. Think of your saddest moment, where your heart sinks and your spirit dies, and you would be able to relate to how we felt. Most of us were still in denial. We still thought that everything will be fine and that we will be out soon. We were placed in the prison yard and made to sit in rows of three. We had not eaten or drank since last night, but we were not hungry. Then a policeman showed up, a good ‘samaritan’. He offered us some bread and water and proceeded to collect RM10 from all of us. That would mean RM200 plus. A few hours later we were put in handcuffs. Imagine being in a handcuff, chained together with all the others and led out into the street. We were herded once again into a truck and brought before a magistrate. The magistrate (1pm or so) The magistrate was at the Cheras police station, we were told there that there was no chance for bail because it was a Sunday and the court was not open. I voiced my objection and requested for a re-test for obvious reasons. We were told that the magistrate was powerless to act on anything. All they did was read to us that we were suspected drug addicts and that we will be remanded for 12 days until a court date or bail was set. This was Monday at the earliest. The entire proceeding was held while we were still in handcuffs and chained together. I was later told that when I left the room the lady magistrate had remarked, “All these rich kids, they are all like that”. Even the magistrate was blissfully ignorant of what was happening and had decided on our guilt before a trial. The proceeding was over within an hour and we were once again herded into the blue police truck. Back to jail (2pm - till the next day) We are back in jail. Shortly after, we were called to sit on the prison pavement again to wait for our prison clothes. Names were called out individually. Each person was called into a room to collect our prison clothes. It was a simple process yet took a long time. I did not know why until some of the accused came out of the room. While in the room, the police offered a cigarette in apparent goodwill. So some of them took the offer. With such frayed nerves, anything was welcomed to help take the pain away. After the accused took the cigarette, RM10 was taken out of their wallets. A robbery had taken place, and the robbers were the policemen, and they were walking free… in jail. They couldn’t steal from me though. Simply because I had no cash. I had passed them to Jack’s mother when she came earlier. So naturally they did not offer me a cigarette. Prison clothes consisted of only a pair of track pants. Just a single piece. No shirt, no underwear and no shoes. We were to stay in prison with nothing else but a pair of pants. When we made our way through the walkway into the main prison compound, we were in shock. All the prisons you have seen on TV were nothing compared to the horrid conditions of Pudu jail. Everybody in prison was frail thin and bony. The only fat people were the policemen. We were told to put our belongings into a cell and leave them there, we were then made to strip naked and squat in front of the other inmates. I had never done anything wrong in my life, why was I being treated this way?!! It was degrading. It angered me. After that was out of the way, we were put six to a cell, measuring 2m by 3m. There were no beds, no toilet and no ventilation. Just concrete walls and a concrete platform. If you wanted to urinate, you had to do it in a bottle inside the cell. It was now almost 6pm and all we had for three-quarter’s of a day was a small piece of bread and a small bottle of mineral water. Food finally came. It was indescribable. A pack of rice with a salted fish head measuring no more than 4cm and two pieces of vegetable no larger than a 50 sen coin. It was just meant to keep you alive. Just barely alive. We just sat there for the rest of our stay, being let out only to bathe and defecate three times a day for 10 minutes. Some took the situation harder than me. Somehow, the anger had numbed me. So I joked and we talked, just to diffuse the situation and to allow ourselves to forget this experience. Then there was more daylight robbery and corruption. We were told that our relatives could visit and that they could bring food and other condiments and supplies to us... for a price! Yes… they were asking for money even in jail. RM150 must be paid to them so the items could be brought in. However, that does not guarantee that the items will reach us. I had friends whose relatives paid the police for the food to be brought in. A whole bucket of fried chicken was reduced to three pieces and a burger. Not only were the police corrupt, but they were sadistic and sick enough to eat the prisoners’ food. Why they were all fat was no longer a mystery. Not only did we have to bribe them for food, but a single phone call cost RM150, which must be paid by the visiting relative or friend. Jack got away with RM50, supposedly credited to the policeman’s pre-paid line by his mother. Somehow the policeman missed it and even dared to SMS Jack’s mother after we got out, asking ‘where’s the money’. Not only was it daylight robbery, it was daring and I guess he must have felt invincible while wearing the police badge. Take note that none of our parents or relatives were informed that we were being held. We had to personally call them. We spent the night in prison, sleeping on our bare backs on the cold damp concrete floor. The air was stale, there were other inmates yelling ‘tolong..tolong’ ( It was a dreadful and excruciatingly slow night. All we had was each other. The courthouse (Sept 26 – 8am) Morning came and a large group of our parents, relatives and friends were waiting at the court house to bail us out. Most of them reached there early and were informed that the bail documents would be out first thing in the morning. The bail documents only came out at 11am. And everybody was told that they had to open a bank account, deposit the bail money and make it back to the court house with all the paperwork in order by 12pm. That was exactly one hour. Everyone rushed to the bank, one single bank with only a few operational lines. The queue was long and processing took forever. According to my loved ones, it was the most stressing time of their lives. Because if they did not make it back to the court house by 12, then I would have to stay another night in jail. A few ended up having to stay another night. Keep in mind that 22 of us were proven to be innocent by clinical tests. Yet some of these wrongly accused people had to spend three days and two nights in prison. We put on our civilian clothes and were once again handcuffed. Once again, my heart died and my soul withered. We were brought to the court and I was sickened once again by the antics of the policemen. We were in the van going by the heart of Kuala Lumpur when these two escorting policemen slid open the window and started whistling at a woman walking down the street. These were our policemen. I was sickened to the bone. We all reached the courthouse and were led through the street still in handcuffs and in full view of the public and our loved ones. We were told by the court that we will be set free on bail. We were given some documents informing us where and when to collect the results of the hospital tests for our urine and when to show up in court again. We were told to collect our blood tests results from the Brickfields police station on Oct 2. The recovery I got out on Sept 26. I was driving past the Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers that night and I felt that it did not mean anything anymore. I used to be proud to be Malaysian, the twin towers used to be a source of pride. But now, all my nationalistic pride was gone, I had just been treated like a criminal by my own country. A country which I loved… used to love. I used to think that this country was beautiful. But now all I see is a country so currupted and dirty. No amount of washing will clean away this feeling. The verdict (Oct 2) It was time to collect our results. We showed up at the Brickfields police station where 22 of us were pronounced clean and had to make our way to the court house. I asked for documentation to state that we were clean. But the policemen said there was no documentation and that they would call the court house to inform them. No documentation in an advanced economy like ours, this was unacceptable. Nevertheless, we all made our way to the court house and there, we were proclaimed innocent and free to go. Again, I asked for documentation to state that we were cleared of all charges and that we were free to go. But there was no documentation. No black and white. So technically, we had to trust the word of this court official, whose name or rank we did not know. The anger (now till justice is served) The 22 of us will never be the same again. Malaysia will never be the same again. I was once a fun loving jovial person. Food no longer taste good, the sky seems perpetually cloudy and everybody I meet looks different. My girlfriend had asked if this experience had changed me. I replied ‘maybe’... and she cried.
The writer, who preferred to remain anonymous, is a working professional in Kuala Lumpur.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

flames of fury 5

UM dropped to 169 in the world ranking by employers in 2005 compared to last year 89. Something is not right brewing in our universities. I know for a fact many graduates couldnt grasp the fundamentals of how to present themselves for job interview. The minister of higher education would surely come out with his bag of excuses. Talking about vision 2020......I have my reservations that we could achieve it. Currently the UMNO politicians are talking about one race leaving the other races out of the main stream of sharing the goods. It is pity really! We are all from the same country yet the policies are beneficial to one race. UMNO politicians are playing the racial card to cite racial slurs in the country. I wonder whether these politicians would be charged under the Seditious Act...or because they are elite ones no laws can touch them? Time these people wake up! The world is not waiting for us to cope with our policies. The world is moving ahead. Only the slow ones will be left behind for good. By that time my country will not be mentioned for a long time

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

other crazy thoughts 17

Now religious festivals have gone to the businessmen. Every opportunity to make money it will be commercialised. So religious festivals are no exception. Look at the christmas festival is one of them. Although I have said many times, Jesus wasnt born on 25 December yet many Christians still celebrate this pagan festival believing that Jesus was born on that day. So how good these people become? Sin and forgiveness? For every year these people do, every year they commit the same sin again and again. The Holy Lord must be getting annoyed with them. Yet it is money to be made so people jump on the wagon. I don't see any different with Deepavali and Hari Raya nowadays. It is business to make money. It is not about religion. It is about people going out to make money on these religious festivals. We have sunk very low in our thoughts and actions in which many pitfalls have fallen on us. I am not saying I a saint. I have my sins and forgetfulness. Religious calling should be shared in service to the Lord. Nothing of showing off what one can do or how much one makes. It is the thought of sharing, praying and helping..

Monday, October 24, 2005

flames of fury 4

Public toilets in bad and filty shape. Some rundown and broken pipes. Though in major shopping malls you pay $0.30-0.50 per entry. Yet when you walk in these public toilets you have to hold your nose. It is terrible. No doubt some public toilets in the malls are maintained well. There are many which are not running to the mark of cleanliness. The highway toilets are kept well by Plus people and Jusco, Giant and cinemas but what about the rest of the public toilets such as at petrol stations? The eateries cafes and restaurants yet these places are doing a striving businesses. Is it the way to promote tourism? Now the uncleanliness has affected the toilets in Parliament House. So who is to blame? Who is not doing his job? This is the culture in my country. Money first do later. It is measured by how much a person gets then the job can be done. Get less work less.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

flames of fury 3

The poor people. The homeless people. The day to day people. The lovers. The prostitutes. The conmen. The robbers, the thieves and murderers. The liars. What they have in common? A life!
We are suppose to live peacefully and sharing amongst all men and women including children..yet death comes in so many forms that tears will fall..

Everything I see and imagine have gone up. The social structure too has widened the gap. Nothing is the same anymore. Look around. Death in the rivers. Death in the dumpsites. Death in complexes. Death in prison. Tell me what has gone wrong in our lives? The people!

We have changed. We have forgotten the basic living. We have ourselves nothing for others. The long divide has gone so far takes a miracle to make it happen again. Love thy neighbor....ahhhh it has gone down to the waste dump!

Policies and rules. The long winding words in law. For who? The confusion and sadness. Fear of the uncertain future. Fear of diseases. Fear of the injustices. The barometer of life each has its own dreams and fear....

Why dont make it easy for everyone? is the dividing rule made it worst.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

polygamy and assets distribution 1

Polygamy: Courts must ensure estates divided fairly Arbibi Ashoy Oct 21, 05 6:01pm

I refer to the letter Polygamy, children and poverty by Dr Mana. Definitely there is an urgent need to look at the laws governing distribution of wealth relating to interactions between man and woman.
Most of the time, women are the victims of unfair family laws whether in the civil or Syariah courts. Of course, polygamy is one of the ‘monkey wrenches’ thrown which can disrupts the harmony and balance of the family. Other ‘monkey wrenches’ include adoptions, prostitution and mistresses. All these factors damage the family unit and cause problems related to the sharing of wealth between family members. "Alimony" is defined as monies paid to the spouse when the couple is separated but still married. "Maintenance" is monies paid when the couple has divorced or are not legally married such as maintenance paid to ex-wives and mistresses. Things go smoothly while the husband is still alive but chaos ensues when he dies and his philandering lifestyle comes to the surface. Without precise laws governing inheritance, polygamy is a source of uncertainty. Should the first wife get more because she has been longer with him or should the younger wife get more because she has bigger responsibilities what with toddlers and primary schoolchildren? This is a headache. The second problem relating to inheritance are adoptions. Is it fair that adopted children have no recourse to the property of the deceased? Are adopted children less loved by their adopted parents as compared to blood offspring? The biggest problem of all are mistresses. They are paid monthly "maintenance" fees for their upkeep. Many mistresses have children whether by the present man in their lives or previous men. However, when the man whom she has loved and been dependant on dies, she experiences a great loss. In reality, she served as a wife but legally she is not despite the full consummation of their relationship. The problems relating to marriage, divorce, inheritance and infidelity is one big headache. It is a challenge to the elected lawmakers in Parliament. It is time to get our heads together to come up with a comprehensive formula on how to divide wealth when the patriarch of the family passes away. All of his wives, mistresses and children, both adopted and natural, relied on him and should be entitled to his estate. The question is - who should get how much? In Malaysia where few write wills and wills can easily be contested, the onus falls on the judge to decide. But his decision must be fair and no one side must be excluded.

flames of fury 2

People die. On the roads. Suicides. Murdered. On fire. On pills. On drugs. Why it happen? It is the work of the demons. The susurrus of the wrongdoings encouraging the weaklings to go for it. On the slogan "No venture no gain" And see what got to these people? Death! The long goodnight waiting for resurrection. Will it happen? Many people go for the easy way out leaving a trail of misery and sadness for the loved ones and relatives and friends. Every trial is a set of challenges for the people to try. Once you fail, it doesnt mean you fail miserably. You learn through it which will make you a wiser person next round comes. Every mistake one has to go through. We learn through our mistakes and gain experience by it. Death is the way out. A failure. Period.

Diseases come in our midst. It is our own doing and our silly mistake. Yet we have to face it and suffer for it. Suicide is a curse of losing one's soul to the demons. The evil is always hanging around us. It plays its tune to win more votes. What we get is what we do. Ask for help it will be given. Ask for death it will come. Ask for a cure it will happen. But the demons make it so easy that we forget the light. A few days ago I read about a woman committed suicide by cutting her wrists in Alor Star. She suffered from cancer for quite a long time yet she took her life. She gave a final scream and her 84 years old mother couldnt do a thing. She saw her daughter died that day. To me it was the realization that she was tricked by the demons by shouting her last call. She could be saved yet her mother was hopeless looking at her own daughter slipped away.

And we have the conmen on the prowl. They get on the greed of the people. It applies to all people - every level of intelligence. Doctors, lawyers, businessperson, housewives, clerks, labourers, lecturers........all because of money!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

i am out 60

The nation mourns the passing away of Datin Seri Endon Mahmood, wife of the prime minister, today at 7.55am. I heard it over the radio while driving on the road. The nation lost a champion. May Allah blesses her soul.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

i am out 59

Who will protect us from the police? Scared Oct 18, 05 3:59pm

I refer to the article A story of corruption and police abuse. It scares me to read of numerous incidents such as this, and this is not the first time I have heard of police abuse of power. Not only have I heard about corrupt practices but also of physical abuse and in extreme cases death in custody. Problem is, where do we go? How do we approach them and who is going to protect us? This is the police force under the powerful Internal Affairs Ministry, run by the prime minister himself. How do we, the public, take on the abuse of power by them? Who is going to speak up for us? Will we be safe in trying to combat it? We voted our government into power so why aren’t they doing their job in protecting us? Why did we vote for them? Will they stand up for us?

I should say it is true. During my kampung days I had seen police detectives kicked and punched the kampung hoodlums and then put them on the trucks or 'black maria' pick up vans They came with aggression and showing no sympathy for those they seek to find. The humility of the force had gone. It was why the kampung hoodlums never changed. They wanted to do more robberies or fighting just to draw attention of the police. They got hurt before now what to loose? They continue their criminal activities until age catch up with them. The kampung elders do advice these hoodlums to change. Yet the angry emotion on the police forces never change.

Monday, October 17, 2005

flames of fury 1

Many fires have burned. Across the mountains, hills and oceans. The battlefield is bathe with many sorrows. The red line of fury burns away. Look around ourselves. Time is running away from us. And we think we have many years, thousand of years perhaps?, on mother earth. Stop you fool!!! Think for a second will you? We are our own worst enemies! We destroy ourselves. What is the point to have a superior brain when we are slowly killing ourselves?

The natural disasters become the appetite on our plates. The tsunamis where it can hit us anywhere anytime. Earthquakes. The opening of hell yet we forget. The ozone holes - the direct flame-melting our skins yet we all sleep through with it. And the wind brings the viruses in the air. The bird flu. Millions will die if it is mutated to the humans. So far only the birds pigs and cows...The haze from the neighboring country...Only one word I can say. GREED! GREED! GREED!

It will come from the African continents reaching its force to USA and then spread it to the other countries.

We have been warned many times yet we never learned.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

i am out 58

The bell rings. So life pops out again. See the sunshine and the glorious light. Imagine. Success and failure come to meet. People live. People die. Life is shared; life is lonely; life is gaiety; life is heavens and hell. So pick your choice. I pick mine. Relax myself. No more running around thinking for others what they must do and advice them how to get it done. Now it is for me. alone to satisfy what I need to do. I have my material needs. I have my own homes. I have my own cars. I get my own money for life so I dont have to worry about money. I have my partner to share - the good and the bad...Only the spiritual goals I need to indulge in. No...I am not going to be a fanatic. Just study to enrich my life experiences. I know I have many grounds to cover. Still I have to start somewhere otherwise I will get stagnant knowing no where. Think about it. People still need help. I look around it is really true. Maybe it is another religious route..Help others to help yourself. All I need is to filter out....right now it is my poetry writing and my guitar lessons which I find I need many to acquire this skill...Well...I enrich myself along the way....not bad for a kampong guy

Friday, October 14, 2005

i am out 57

Impending windfall for video pirates Artemis Tower Oct 13, 05 2:24pm

I refer to your report entitled Levy on imported films to support local market, in which Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Rais Yatim proposed to impose a levy on foreign films. It is not exactly very cheap to go to the cinemas to see foreign films at the moment, even without any levy on the said films. With the increase in cost for seeing a foreign film, along with increase in prices of fuel, food and other goods, I can safely conclude that Malaysian consumers are going to react as follow:
For those who only see foreign films: See less films in cinema, increase purchase of illegal DVDs.
For those who do see some local movies at the cinema: Cut down existing budget for local films to nil and channel them to budget for foreign films. Then purchase illegal DVDs of local films.
Looks like the illegal DVD industry is looking at an impending windfall.

Most of the laws are made to protect something or some organizations. Only the public is always made to pay. The films business is no exception. When the government had done with the piracy, the cost of each DVD is not reduced. In fact it remains the same or goes up. Now the manufacturers can hike up the prices since the consumers can't say much about it. At one time the government did say to cap the ceiling price but when the minister changed portfolio nothing is heard of again. The manufacturers won the case. The public lost the battle for cheaper cost of goods. The piracy of these products come to play again. It thumbs up at the greedy companies I still believe the original DVDs can be sold at around $15 each and still make profit. For example Jac's album costs about $45 each made and produced locally. Something is not right in the price factor. When the public doesnt want to buy, the industry loses in the end. Now I heard the cost of future film shows will hike up again....and the consumers have to pay

Thursday, October 13, 2005

property 5

If you think buying a new house is so easy. Sit and think again. After you sign for your S & P, you will see the stress gearing up. Sales talk then execution is a nightmare. When you get a lousy developer your life saving maybe gone for good. Even a well known developer will not guarantee you the peace of mind you so desire. In fact buying a house is a life long journey of say 20-30 years of a person working life. So what's left after the payment paid in full? Old age and medical bills. That's the general idea of wanting to acquire a property.

I just got my second property yesterday. A double storey corner unit with a garden and a patio to sip my tea. I had paid in full. No owing to banks. Feeling good for myself. Now I have to think of renovation to the new house. So many plans but none is conclusive yet. Target to shift in by end of the year which is for the allowance of the renovation works. This is another stressful assignment But I am not complaining. In fact this is the only 'job' for me to do.

Basically I want the developer to rectify certain defects to the house which I had complained since June 05 and many visits and letters and yet the job is not done. You think the lawyer will help you? Think again. I paid my quit rent to the developer in November 2004 and the developer paid to the lawyer's firm..You know what? When I went to pay for the current quit rent the land office told me that I haven't paid for 2004. I had to pay for 2004 and 2005 including fine for late payment and interest charged for 2004 quit rent. I really got me mad again! How could a lawyer keep the money for so long? Now must write a letter of complaint and carbon copies to the relevant department.

Buy a house...think hard on it

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

i am out 56

I got a glimpse of the Honda City in Ipoh show room while I took a corner heading towards Jusco. I hadnt got a good view since I wasnt in a hurry to book one. A few days ago I went to admire the smart car which got my attention with the colors on the car. It cost something like RM120,000.00 on the road. Sure this car could get the attention when one cruises with it. But will it worth the cost just to display it on the road? Nowadays car thieves are looking for expensive cars to steal and ship out to Thailand and African continents sometimes Vietnam. No doubt I can buy the car if I want to. I am thinking of the more practical aspect of doing things. It must have value in the long run. Cars always a depreciated assets. It has value only when it is an antique car. Right now I just admire all those beautiful cars. Houses are a different category in my book. To me it is an investment and a roof over my head. This is different story...

I dont miss my home town in the Klang Valley. Actually I am out of the equation for so many years now that I hardly can remember all the old haunts of mine. Maybe it has long gone to somewhere in heavens. In a way I dont feel sad or lonely about missing all the good sights. Maybe I will return one day to my home state....City life always makes one seeing stars and dream of many yet the knocking of losses too crying loud and clear. It is just a matter of direction and location. Now I haven't decided yet though my mother wants me to be around more often than staying out of Klang Valley. Think about is my life now

Dengue fever grips the country. Penang, another state I stayed for several years before, got the statistics growing Every one now wants to destroy the aedes mosquitoes. Fogging won't kill it anymore. The mosquitoes are immune to fogging. This is for show only. After awhile the mosquitoes come flying back. Just what Holiday Villa Langkawi is doing. Every evening around 6.30-650pm the staff started fogging around the compound. It is this time that people would be having dinner or drinks along the beach. And the hotel starts fogging everyday around this time
Eventually the mosquitoes keep flying in without fear or favour. The GM and his staff just never understands at all!

Don't do it for yourself; share it and make everyone enjoys it. Allah blesses us all without question. Salam!

local council 4

Taxpayers at the mercy of bulldozing authorities Dr Chris Anthony Oct 11, 05 4:52pm

I refer to the article USJ Flyover: Residents launch signature campaign.
It was rather distressing to read that the USJ residents have to organise a signature campaign to stop the building of a flyover linking Batu 3 to USJ 3.
Such measures - which are futile in most cases - are fashionable these days. Morever they are the only means available to simple peace-loving citizens. When problems arise, we are left alone to take on the might of the authorities. Where are our ‘wakil rakyat’? The USJ residents' fear of heavy traffic resulting in jams and fatal accidents are real and genuine. This is especially so when the roads are abused by bullies and heavy vehicles who ultimately take control of the roads and highways. Nowadays, drivers of heavy vehicles even bring home their lorries and trailers to be parked in residential areas which I understand are out of bounds to heavy motor vehicles. The average citizen in Malaysia has to work hard for many years to finally own a house in an area which the developer claims to be the best in the world. He settles down with his loved ones and calls it his home. He manages to build a community and learns to live in harmony with his neighbours. Suddenly, one day he realises that the authorities have decided to build a highway or flyover passing just adjacent to his home. How and who approved the construction remains a mystery. What can a poor taxpayer do? If we take the issue up with the local authorities, there is nobody who will listen. When we protest publicly, the minister in charge angrily tells us: "If you all do not want roads and highways then travel by bullock cart". Instead of reassuring and trying to solve the problem in a mature and amicable manner, the authorities bulldoze through their plans with force. It is sad that the rights of innocent, peace-loving citizens are blatantly abused. Until our wakil rakyat and public servants realise that they are there by us and for us, we as ordinary citizens can only keep on making noise which will only fall on deaf ears.

Monday, October 10, 2005

i am out 55

In the world of materialistic wants these are the three mostly wanted by all. Money, sex and love. It is not in any particular order yet it could be the way the general people behave. The basic foundation I think is money. It is where many wants and desires happening. Just think about it. For a while. Let it immerse in the mind. See how it does with it. You get the warm glow. Money and money then the monkey business comes in. When the money flows in abundance, the easy feeling flow. You get the pump moving. For the guys sex come to play. They feel good with money. So they are game for it. On the road where there are women for the taking...well they too want money for sex. This is the cycle then love set in. Things that they can do with lots and lots of money

Rich women, same like men, sex triggers the messages. They too want to join the wagon many guys on the prowl for money on sex. Then love makes them realize to stop the good run. Yet the easy living draws them to flaunt themselves without a blink of what people say. Life must be enjoyed to the fullest while one still can.

Will love survive without money? Money is still the corner stone of a relationship stability. Every couple still argues about money. So money still plays a dominant role in a relationship. It is part of the loving relationship. If you dont have money, you think women will come? You think guys will pop in? Hardly!

As they used to say "Got money got talk; no money no talk!"

Saturday, October 08, 2005

local council 3

Kayveas is right about councils Michael Ng Oct 7, 05 2:49pm

I read with interest the statement by the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department M Kayveas that he will apologise if the public says he's wrong over his recent statement that some local authorities operate like secret societies. First and foremost, there is nothing the deputy minister need to apologise for because the statements made by him were fair comment. Every ratepayer is aware that some of our councillors are either sleeping on the job or simply incompetent in carrying out the duties entrusted upon them. This is the result of having appointed councillors instead of elected ones who are answerable to the people. These appointees are only good at attending meetings and agreeing to whatever that is on the agenda. So to say they are mere rubber stamps is not far from the truth. When the president of the Malaysian Association of Local Authorities said that all council meeting are open to the public and anyone can attend and follow the proceedings, I wonder which local authority he was referring to. As far as I know, the media and members of the public are not welcomed at such council meetings though they have every right to be there. Sometimes I wonder why the secrecy? Could it be that they were debating 'serious matters' like when and who should be going for the next 'lawatan sambil belajar' trips overseas on taxpayers' expense? To say Kayveas' statement will de-motivate council employees who will feel their efforts are not being appreciated is utter nonsense. When proper services are rendered, members of the public will definitely appreciate it. However, if the council constantly cites the excuse of lacking in manpower for its own inadequacies, then the people have every right to be angry. More so, when certain local councils go round replacing street lamps when the previous ones were only installed not too long ago. They should put a stop to frivolous expenditure, so that it will have sufficient funds to engage more staff to get the job done. Further, the local council rarely shows that it is responsible for the well-being of residents who are affected by its decisions. If at all they are required to demonstrate their compassionate side, it will organise dialogue sessions to hear grouses but at the end of the day, the decision of the council normally stands despite valid reasons given by the affected parties. Lastly, I would urge Kayveas not to let up in his pursuit. Many Malaysians agree with you and they cannot be wrong.

i am out 54

Cheating husbands? Cheating wives? Cheating girlfriends? Cheating boyfriends? And Cheating gays? The society never changes throughout history. So what is new today? I get it. Sex never changes. It is how good a person on bed that would decide. The men always blame sex for their discretions. 'The women never respond! They are deadwood! They don't try new ways!' But the guys dont blame themselves. They are the macho men. They can't be wrong. They believe they are the the queen and mistresses to satisfy them. The trauma exits. It is true. Yet through the ages the women take a blind eye on what their spouses are up to. Believing that as long as their spouses always come home everything should be alright. But heavens know how they cry in the dark corner of the night!

As a business deal, it creates jobs for others to get hot and peep into their private lives. All becauses they want to find out the truth nothing but the truth. Still the story will be told many times with many different couples. Has it change in our society? Hardly! Life should be enjoyed and get it to the fullest pole. Yet we have people who never understand it. The old villagers in my kampung days said that every hole is the same except the players are different. In this case get a good script and the spot light remains forever!

Nowadays too we have cheating wives on the weak husbands or workaholic husbands. The game is sex and sex and more sex! Anything new? never! I had seen how a woman cheated on her husband. I did talk to her. She was sweet and womanly and kind too yet her life was a lonely hell. Husband came home and said goodbye and few hours later boyfriend came to make her life complete....I could see her smile when I crossed her part...that was a long story somewhere in the hill

When you are single make the best of it. Learn it, cultivate it, implant it, enjoy it and when the day comes to make a break for it do it to spring a life of joy and contentment!

Friday, October 07, 2005

local council 2

Local govt elections ban - where was Parliament? Democritus Oct 7, 05 3:28pm

I have two points to raise. I seem to remember reading somewhere that these local council elections were first suspended in 1965 due to some irregularities. Subsequently, a Royal Commission of Inquiry under Senator Athi Nahappan travelled around the country, getting views. Such a commission would have had to be set up by the government and require and receive the royal assent. Yet were the findings of the commission ever laid before Parliament? I also read that the ‘final’ decision about the report was made by the then Prime Minister’s Department which decided that ‘we had a sufficient level of democracy’ and that local government elections were ‘unnecessary’. That decision was made in 1970 or 1971 - perhaps the close proximity to the May 13 affair rattled the government then. Can anyone elaborate on this? It does seem strange (if true) that a decision of this magnitude, effectively disenfranchising the people from the exercise of a significant part of their democratic rights, could have been made without any debate in Parliament. And isn't it incredible that we lay supine while that administrative fiat robbing us of our democratic rights was not rescinded for 35 years! Even worse, we hapless Malaysians returned the same ruling coalition back into power every year since 1957, for the last 48 years - they now sometimes act and think as if they had a divine right to rule. There is possibly only one other entity that has had such a long untrammelled grip on power - the Communist Party of China. What does that say about us as a people? What of Local Initiative 21 which is being pursued by the Housing and Local Government Ministry together with the United Nations? We would look like fools if we try to comply and modernise our various municipal administrations when a fundamental part of that international initiative - elected local government - is absent. Can you be proud to be Malaysian over this? My next point concerns the recent flurry of letters here about the 5% bumi housing discount. The various sides of the issue have been fairly well-stated on all sides. However, we Malaysians have a kind of ‘simplistic genius’ when it comes to resolving issues. By that I mean an ‘easy’ solution is quickly taken to resolve issues. As former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad put it: ‘If everyone is unhappy, then it must be a good solution’. Really? Perhaps that is why the present administration is no closer to unravelling various pressing issues, the number one being that Malaysia is slowly turning into Korrupsia. Anyway, the arithmetic shows that giving bumis a 5% discount hardly does them any favours - the effect on the down payment (usually the biggest obstacle) and the monthly loan installments, is also 5%. So, for a RM300k house, if you cannot raise the 10% downpayment of RM30k, then how will the RM28.5k (after 5% discount) suddenly become ‘within reach’? The point of the 5% discount seems to me twofold - to lessen the possible envy and resentment of the less well-off Malays when they see non-bumis owning nice houses; to create a ‘feel-good’ feeling among the Malays. But this creates resentment from the non-bumis who have to pay more while it really does not make it all that more affordable to the Malays. The second purpose is to achieve racially integrated neighbourhoods . But does it really? What studies have been done and where are the results? Aren't there better ways? Let’s get away from racialising every darn thing. If we don't, we shall one day be the outstanding example in the world of a racially-defined society, just as polarised then as we are now, with the same ruling coalition.

local council

Local council staff too busy with meetings Aphem Oct 6, 05 3:08pm

When it comes to local councils, the issue is not race but transparency and accountability. Also, one must distinguish between councils that perform better than others. Nevertheless, the fact remains that the performance at our local councils remains much to be desired. The more interior you go, the worse it is. I can attest to this fact because often I leave at 7am to reach a local council office by 8.30am. But they have no discipline about coming to work. When they do so, the next 45 minutes is spent in the canteen. Only a skeletal staff remains. When you ask for the officer concerned, you are told that he is out for breakfast. One waits for His Highness to return. Then, you will be talked down to before the matter is attended to and information gathered. On other occasions, when you have to meet lesser officials, then one is told that they are out banking. So many of the staff attend to their personal matters during office hours. The rot is not in the staff but in the leaders because they do not set an example. They themselves are always out at meetings! These days it is even worse. They work haphazardly from Monday to Thursday. Friday is literally a half-day as most of them go for meetings after prayers. Just call any government office and you will hear of people at meetings. Thus our productivity drops and we expect to challenge other nations by our quality of service. But unless discipline is maintained, nothing is going to change.

These people never change. Even with 5 day week the productivity is slow. True every excuse is given why such a person is not around to entertain the people. They are paid through taxpayers' money to work for the people. Yet we are the customers they are the bosses! In Sept 27, 2005 I sent a letter ( hand delivered) to inform them about a road with two street names. This council has all the data in the office and the officers could make a blunder with two street names. So far I haven't received any acknowledgement from this local council. Much has been said about efficiency and accountability yet the council officers are dragging their feet....until we go to our graves! I don't think it will improve inspite of receiving bonuses from the government. It is time the government asked what they have done to service the people. Too many complaints no bonus to the civil servant...We can shout and raves about it nothing will happen

Thursday, October 06, 2005

i am out 53

The heart of the people hardly change. When you have the money you tend to show off. Even those who claim to be pious and religious too forget the teaching that they learn. When they are out from the church or temple or mosque, they forget about what religion tells them to do.

The churches have been swarmed by the devil bees. The moles have been set. Now it is waiting for the clarion call. It is happening now as revealed in the scriptures of the bible. The Muslim fanatics have gone on the Jihad trail, believing that to get killed for a religious cause will bring them to paradise. Islam is the way of peace not the way of destruction of lives and properties.

Religion is a powerful tool to annihilate the civilization of our world. When one knows how to manipulate it, it is there for the taking. The young adults indoctrinated in the false hope will endanger themselves and their own world. It is sad really to see well educated and highly qualified people got tangled in the mind wasp of their own doings. It is true as false hope grown in our midst. Like gay marriages and jihad on the wrong causes.

In the month of fasting I hope to see some improvements in our sick sick world!