Thursday, August 31, 2017

democracy a choice not a cage

The bad will try
Make every corner its flag
Let it fly high
Let nobody's stake a claim

It has been going on
For decades the bad high
Leaving the good fighting in shadows
Afraid to meet head on challenges

The decades of hiding
It has come to pass
The years of highlighting the bad
It has made the people realize

There is always a light
Out of the tunnel to see
The new horizon in the eyes
Once the mind sees the good of it

The good leaders will gather
Fight for a cause they believe in
Democracy a choice not a cage
It has to be free to progress

pkr stop begging

PKR stop begging from Pas
The green moon has red and white
Its leaders have sniffed of money
They can live in paradise

Confidence breeds leadership skills
Don't be afraid of 3 cornered fights
Let the voters decide the scale of needs
It's the change that we need

PKR time to remember
The Trojan horses stabbing backs
Now don't say you don't remember
Don't go begging from Pas

Let Pas go
Its leaders are sleeping with red and white
They have tasted the fruit of sin
They can't see the light

PKR wakes up now
Build up your strength to fight
The battle to a new horizon
The march of Pakatan Harapan!

we can change Malaysia

If we want to change
We can't live overseas
And pray it will help us
Realize our dreams
For a better Malaysia
But staying across oceans
You help the other countries advance
Where Malaysia will cry
The soil of our birth
We mustn't forget her
Time to get the push
Fight the injustice
Free us from the racial politics
It takes a small drop of justice
It will eventually engulf the whole
When the right ones fight for change
Malaysia will rise to her scale
On top of our minds waving our flags
Malaysia will change by us
Not by running to overseas countries

the cat runs

The cat runs
On the porch to patio
At times he hides between flower pots
He doesn't want to be treated

I will go after him
With my spray orange liquid bottle
When he senses it he will not stay
He will move around the garden

I use to shoot and miss the target
The biting wounds on his body
Maybe it is his natural way to cure
It can be dust mite causing him to lick and bite

The areas I managed to shoot on it
The cat will not bite or lick
So I may get it to heal
But it will be a long while

Maybe when he gets angry with me
He may move house to stay
This isn't my cat to worry
I am trying to ease his licks and bites

60 years in memory

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borrowed the

The 60 years in memory
The decades we saw and heard
One party still holds the purse
It hasn't changed since 1957

The bad still haunts us
The race relations strained
The religious intolerance exits
Only sports seem to hold it together

It is the policy of one party rules
It makes the road uneven in unity
Once the celebration is over
The ugly faces will rise up again

The bad still hits us
It is time to change our mindset
The nation can't stomach it anymore
With the half truths and lies in political play

As we celebrate our 60 years of Independence
We must also study ourselves in pursuit of national growth
The unity must be our corner stone to progress
It is the time to change for a new party to rule

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

get up to get justice done

The wrong of the nation
It will take a time to change
The bad roots have set in
We have seen the bad judgements

If the people don't wake up seriously
We will face the bad ways of our times
As it is now we have high debts to pay
It will take generations to get it cleared

The bad judgements will not help us
It only shows us the compromising way
How the truth has been broken backwards
The nation will see the bad waves

The wrong of the nation
The bad leaders make it worst
We have to open our eyes and ears

Get up to get justice done!

the domestic cats

The house across the street
Once there lived a Malay family
They owned 3 domestic cats
A different breed

One day months ago
The wife left in a hurry
The neighbor said in late of night
She moved all her belongings

It seems her husband has another woman
Causing his marriage to break down
Once his wife left the rented house
The domestic cats were left alone

Months came the domestic cats roamed
One day one of the cats came to my home
Maybe he smell I feed the stray cats
So he jumped in and never wanted to live

He stayed here for nearly a month
He seems to get used to living in a new
Every morning he will wait at the door
Waiting to get fed for his first meal

The other stray cats stay clear of him
They sense he is a different breed
He seems to be the Taikor around the house
The cats will walk slowly pass

But he has the habit of biting
I spray anti-bacterial and fungus orange lotion
He will put up a sour face
He really doesn't like it

His mistress of the house
I doubt she will return to look for her cats
I don't see the other 2 domestic animals
Maybe somebody has taken them in

The Malay man moved house a few days ago
He isn't interested in his wife's cats
The cats had gone before he moved house
Until today I don't see the other 2 cats

car broke down

Car broke down
Along the trunk road
It stopped suddenly
Right on the traffic light

Many cars and lorries
Waved them away
Switched on hazard lights
Let the incoming motorists aware

Nobody stopped to ask
Every driver drove along
But luck on my side
My mechanic friend passed by

He saw my car stranded on the road
He called his staff to come to my aid
I was surprise since I didn't call him
I always believe a good deed always get one returned

Now the car in his workshop
His staff couldn't do it immediately
Likely I will get back my car by Saturday
He sent me home as he was on his way back

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

the political power games

Politics is a game of survival
On the power craze in the mind
Once a person tastes it
It will grow into the head

The political power games
The person who welds it know
It is the power to hold in the hands
It will glow in the eyes and the mind
    This is the reason why
The politicians will sell their souls
For the power sticks into their heads
They can't live without it

They will do what they need
The trading of place of political game
Even it is crumb they would take
It is better than nothing

The political discipline far and few
These people will fight for the people and nation
To the extent they have to sacrifice their time and energy
Without any rewards or appreciations

But the majority are power crazy
They will have their own entourage to play
The game of intimidation and fear
We have to know the bad politicians and cast them away

the trojan horses

The Trojan horses
They will hide in silence
They will keep a low profile
Until the damages are done

By then they will speak
In a forked tongue to sway
The party they are involved
Implosion inside the cocoon

By then we all know
The Trojan horses are every where
It isn't something new in our lives
Even in family circles we find them

When the time seems economically hard
We may see the Trojan horses galloping around
They want to survive in the changing game

They can't live in exile!

imprisoned the bad we will be free

The fruits of our work
Lies in the capturing of the bad
Once these bad hats are in prison
For the crimes committed

There will be a lot of work
The compromising positions every door
There will be the paid body guards
Don't forget the lap dogs too

Every bad will be reversed
The lap dogs will sing praises
They will get the crumbs
For themselves to live a bitch life

We shouldn't allow it to go on
It is time to wake up and realize it
The bad hats do not want to go
They have too much at stake

It is within our authority
Imprisoned the bad we will be free
Change the draconian laws
It doesn't suit in a democracy

it isn't worth the pledges

Catch the small ones
Make so much publicity
It isn't what the public wanted
It is the fat sharks in the seas

So much pledges to fight corruption
When the real ones are still free
The head of the unit should ask himself
Will he dare to trawl in the big sharks?

If he can't do it
The pledges will not worth its cause
When the truth is still hurting
Afraid to net the big sharks

Go and read the Auditor General's Report
The causes of it afraid to be published
Now it has been printed in the net
What else to say but go to fish!

Don't wait for people to file reports
It is your job to stay proactive on the go
Sniff out the corrupted ones
You have the knowledge and expertise

Monday, August 28, 2017

when the night turns its way

When the night turns its way
The coffin will open the undead arise
Smell the hot air of the hot blood
They smile for the night to fly

In the day these pests stay quiet
They are afraid to get nailed in
They will not raise issues
They will play dead

It is when the night turns into play
The dark shadows will appear hungry eyes
They will seek infusion of blood
To keep them going and in need

But the nights are numbered
The people are getting together
Fighting the curse of the night
They will hammer them into hell

The lap dogs are running
They can't stay on forever
They have sense their usefulness
They better escape before it is too late

When the night turns its way
The dark shadows think they can play
They forget the people are getting together
They will hammer them to hell

the public servants

The public servants
They shouldn't stand arrogant
They are employed to give the best services
To the general public

In this context they should accept criticisms
Sometimes it is harsh to the listening ears
They shouldn't issue ultimatum
If they can't handle it they should work elsewhere

The public servants
The people wishes come first
These are the people who paid you
To do your public duty to your best

Lately we have seen
The men in blue running down the people
They think they can lord over the taxpayers
They should see in their mirrors

Work for the people
Work for the nation
It isn't for self interests
They better see in their mirrors

pkr wakes up

PKR has no shame
It was stabbed in the back
During the Kajang move
And still wanting to woo
The green moon
PKR has no shame
In the political move to stay
Let the green moon go
It never wants to listen
There is a better deal
The green moon has red and white
What else PKR doesn't understand?
The green moon has declared
It wants to contest all the seats
In Selangor thinking it can win!
Though there is no harm in dreaming
With the support of the red and white
But PKR still can't see
It is time to walk away
Don't be an obstinate party
Get on with the life in Pakatan Harapan
Let the green moon dance in the darkness
The people will assign it to the dust bin
So PKR wakes up and stop dreaming!
Better build up your strength to compete
In the hardest battle to win GE14

the battle of the village folks

The battle of the village folks
They may decide the outcome of change
Unless these people want to live in addiction
Forever they can't stand on their own feet

They will live in fear
Thinking they will not get the benefits
What will happen when they want a change?
Will it benefit them?

The Old Man has a lot to do
He is the man to right the wrong
Those were the decades he helmed it
Now he has to make them see the light

Change can be done
Benefits will be enjoyed by all
It shouldn't be for a race
The nation wants to progress

Once the stigma is removed
The village folks will see the light
The Old Man will make his call
His old party leaders living in fear!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

let us rise and paint it right

The bullying has to stop
A dominant party can't carry on
The decades we have seen
On supremacy at others expense

The political landscape must change
Embrace the multi-racial and religious people
These are the colors waving in our minds
It shouldn't be for a race

The fruits of the nation
She wants it to be shared
Everyone has put in their best efforts
No one race should take credit for it

Now it's the time
Put a stop to the political bullying
Let us rise and paint it right
The nation we want to progress

it is still the mind

The fathers rape daughters
Destroying the girls future
By laying their dicks in different holes
They have become monsters in the homes

This is the lust
It doesn't involve with erotic films
It doesn't involve in pornography
It is in the mind of sex

In rural areas
Where access is denied
It is the way one behaves
In the company of women

It is the evil mind works
It doesn't need materials to get a push
Though learned professionals will try to say
The erotic materials can be the cause of it

We can study the Western countries
Of their liberal view on erotic materials
Too much of it will result in low libido
The sex experts will tell it so

It is still the mind
Once the darkness fall
A person will never get free
The life of darkness ruin it all

Don't do it
The prison term will be long
The caning will cause pain
It isn't worth the moment 

don't live in addiction

Don't live in addiction
It will destroy your life
Learn to live free
Away from the lies

Learn to stay on your feet
Learn to stand and fight your own
Learn the mistakes along the way
Learn the values of each mistake

Don't fall for the traps
A certain party will try to do
Telling its sweet song
But pulling it into the darkness

Wake up now
Send a clear message
Let the party of lies
Get buried in the mud

try a little kindness

Try a little kindness
It will carry us a long way
Without religion or creed comes to play
Help others to see the light of day

In this present context we live in
The phobia of something happening
The fear in our minds to see
The good human spirits in us

Though we live in the knowledge world
We have our prejudices and experiences
The strangers offering assistance
We think they may try to rob us

Try a little kindness
We can stop our cars for others to walk
We can help others in distress by staying around
We can learn our ears to listen

Try a little kindness
It will make our world a better place
We have enough bad circling in our heads
We don't need to make it worst in our living

Saturday, August 26, 2017

of different breed

The cats of different breeds
It will show the difference
While observing them feeding
Its brand will come to focus

The Ronin cats
They live on the streets
They drink on the drains
They sleep near the drainage areas

Sometimes in shades of trees
In and around bushes avoiding the heat
They will snooze anywhere
But always stays alert of dogs

While they feed they tend to swallow
No chewing of food just take it in
The stray cats don't have manners
Some will make noise while they feed

While the good breed cats
They will eat slowly biting the food
They will take their time to feed
They aren't in a hurry

It reminds us ourselves
How is our table manners?
Next time look around in cafes or restaurants
Observe the diners eating habits

the fence of a law

The law sits on the fence
Watching which side to pounce
Let it be seen it is fearless
Showing no fear or favor

It is the human factors
Causing the break down of a law
The nobility of rule of no favors
It is the human's take

The media groups will publish
The minor scoops involving any party
But the major ones are left untouched
Walking free in every direction of a law

The opposition groups have no chance
Even a smell of a break down the stake will come
Push them to the ground with all the charges framed
Though it is known it can't stick it through

But the real crooks are let untouched
The laws seem to hide in the minds
Leaving the gates wide open
No guards to screen or block

This is what we have seen
The real laws are used selectively
Involving the opposition the action immediately
Involving the ruling elites and partners the slow train