Saturday, March 25, 2023

the chief wolf


The chief wolf

He does it wrong

The party will stay different

As the losers are trooped in

The members may not like it

The winners are left in the cold

The losers in the chief wolf's cocktail

They enjoy the party benefits

How is he going to galvanize his party?

There will be a division within his division

He should get the winners to be in his team

The losers, some are bad, shouldn't be in it

Now he makes his call

The members will have their silent protest

The winners too will not feel happy

The friction will arise closing rank will be a dream

the nation doesn't need one ticket way leaders


Bawang is an expert

Diverting all to his benefits

He wants to stay on as the leader

As long as the time he has

The swampy land people

They don't have to support him

But the chains lock in their minds

From young to the day they die

If anything comes from the party leaders

They will want to sound good in Bawang ears

Like the communists way of thinking

It's the leader entitled to the benefits

Bawang as one of the back door leaders

He will not bring good vibrations to the nation

The nation doesn't need this type of leader

It is best he stays back in the swampy land

is that the way on police report?


The lies here

The lies there

They don't agree

They file police report

Is that the way?

The politicians play?

They can't debate

They want the easy way

They want to stay relevant

Letting the members know

Only the public getting annoyed

The games the politicians play

They don't think deeply

The economy of the nation

The people feeling the low grade

The bad vibrations in their heads

Yet the politicians play

The lies here the lies there

They don't agree eye to eye

They file police report the easy way

Friday, March 24, 2023

the political bush fires


The bush fires

Political tricks of the mind

Creeping slowly to the surface

Waiting to engulf the unbelievers!

The Old Man plays his game

His trick crafted in decades

He was a master of his game

He doesn't admit his mistakes

The past followers will light it up

The back door leaders run about

They are the fools engaging a bad move

Screaming their heads off on their race!

The country's image they forget

The economy will bring everyone ahead

The Old Man forgets his role

He sings his old tale all over again

let there be no death penalty


Malaysia shouldn't have death penalty

She has to do away with it for good

No country can control the drugs menace

Because some are legal others illegal

Stop the supply stop the distribution

As long as there is a demand

The police have to work hard on it

We don't give life so we don't have take one

Singapore is strict on drugs

Even death penalty will not reduce the distribution

As the cases in Singapore have shown

There are addicts in Singapore

Cigarettes or tobacco is a drug

Once a person smokes it for a time

He will get hooked and needs to buy

Forget about food or drink but smoking can't

The drugs menace will stay

So many drugs legal and illegal

Let the culprits stay in prison

No need to have death penalty

It will be a sin

Whoever executes it

We don't create life

We have no rights to take one

the prostitution


The prostitution

A lucrative business

Those who know how to work it out

They will live a good life

It is easy money to earn

Working on secretly or in the open

Advertising it in the internet world

Photographs and handphone numbers

The pictures can't be true

The prostitutes want to keep it unknown

Through handphones and meet

Like it and money exchange

Those who have corrupted minds

They can blackmail and get the cash

If the clients are well known

A night work will worth millions

The authorities will probe

Once a while to shake up the industry

Since it is the oldest profession in history

It will not disappear completely

the politics of the wild


The wild mind

It can't see the rules

It will want to test it

To the limit

The politics of the wild

It is to break all the rules

It doesn't want restrictions

Even it may cause havoc in it

The bush fires light in the mind

The glaring lights the smoky smell

The politics of the wild

It is the spoilt child

The controllers may feel angry

When the top refuses to see

The politics of the wild

The bush fires in the maze

the good and evil


The good and evil

Forever they will fight

Crossing swords or bullets fly

The injured or dead or paralyse

Everyone will think

It has nothing to do with me”

Because the good and evil

It doesn't knock on the door

This is the balance

The world find it hard to find

Every time somebody will cause

The bush fires in our minds

The politics we see and hear

It doesn't bring much cheers

There are elements of evil

In the hands of the corrupt

What about the good?

They will sit inside and wait

Afraid to meet the demands

To right the wrong in their eyes

The good and evil

On the balance of the weighing machine

How low can each go?

The good should make their stand

Thursday, March 23, 2023

the rain


The rain

Though not in heavy downpour

It still makes its presence

Cooling temperature or causing fear

The cities and towns people

They will welcome the cool weather

The rain will bring temperature down

In the night the soft breezes roaming free

The beach houses nearby

The villages in the lowlands

They will wake up to watch

Afraid of the rising tides

Though flash floods may happen

It will not cause severe damages

The people still can live within their homes

Wishing the rain will not pour like crazy

The rain

Good or bad is what we see or hear

Floods and flash tides are our own making

We forget to blend in with nature

let the crocodiles face the law


The crocodiles have no morality

Whatever they want to say

They think they are only holy

It is best they return to the swamp

Live within the compound

Do not need to walk on land

They want to walk straight

But they will fall instead

In court of law

They try to wriggle it out

They will make it worst

Without proof but their own morality

Let the crocodiles face the land law

They have no business to walk on land

Now that they do they have to face the reality

It isn't in the swamp where nobody cares

some changes will come


Some changes will come

Some will not change at all

In the unity government

There is always a compromise

It is for political survival

No leader wants to rock the boat

They want to sail on safely

Feeling the sea wind brushing their faces

As the unity government sails along

The leaders will remember the promises

Though they will try to implement it

Give and take should flow

Though the people may not agree

Expecting changes to come quickly

Anwar and his team of leaders

Don't compromise too much the people will get angry

Some changes will come

We expect it to happen

The draconian laws should go

Teoh Beng Hock must find his justice

the tales of lies


They live by their lies

They want to feel important

They can't stay without relevancy

By telling lies they hope to sustain it

The followers who listen

The outsiders who keep watch

They mustn't fall for the tricks

The desperate leaders will spin their tales

It has happened now

The tales keep repeating

For decades it hasn't died down

The people must filter out

The bad leaders lost

The battle of the votes

They saw their power gone

They saw they have nothing now

Only telling lies

They pretend all the times

Cooking up tales of lost receipe

But they smile behind the doors

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

the kelantan people


The Kelantan people

Wake up and go go

You don't need to be controlled

You have your freedom

Yet you can't allow to be free

The state enact laws

Curtailed your movements

Even the men can't wear shorts*

They will be hauled up and fined

Is this your world of paradise?

The Kelantan people

You have lived in decades

Under the crocodiles rule

You don't have your say

You have to follow blindly

The crocodiles live in joy

The luxury of life driving nice cars

The clever ones migrate out

Leaving the poor folks dreaming of paradise

Thinking they have no choice

In the next state election

The Kelantan people must wake up

Take back your freedom

Don't vote for the crocodiles

You did it before now do it again

*fine $1,000 each

Gerakan will sink deeper in its soul


Gerakan should close shop

The party isn't relevant now

Its heyday has gone in Penang

Now it has no bearing like a lost soul

Now the party joined Pee End

It hopes to get a life line

Sadly it jumps into the fire

Gerakan should forget its existence

The current crop of leaders

Picking a wrong choice to stand

They dont' have to field any candidate

The party will still lose

The party should have dignity

Even it is out of the loop

But to join a one race party

Gerakan will sink deeper in its soul

the pretty tall girls


The pretty tall girls

Most guys will run

They will always think

These girls are out of reach

If they don't approach

They will not know where they stand

The pretty tall girls

They are worried staying alone

Growing up in the village

The older folks would say

Don't marry pretty women

They will spend all your money!”

It is a false fallacy

There is no truth in it

The pretty tall girls

They do feel empty

The guys should use psychology

Bring the women down a notch

They will feel happy

They will make chase for it

life is like a darkness


The dark in the night

The flickering lights shine

The sheet of glow for the eyes

Walking slow eyes stay wide

The long shadows bloom

Tracing the outline with the lights

Every building or garbage tongs

The scavengers will wait to run

The poor or homeless

Living in a conditioned of darkness

In the dark they will try to look

Whatever they can find to survive

Sometimes they can find free food

The charitable bodies distribute

The poor and homeless in our midst

Struggling to live as normal as they can

But the politicians stay in the dark

The eyes can't see outside their offices

They can talk of many areas to handle

The poor and homeless nothing will come out of it

Life is like a darkness

Casting long shadows of sorrow

The sheet of lights shine

The poor and homeless can't borrow

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

the Old Man will learn in prison


Put the Old Man

Behind the prison wall

He will wake up and realize

The things he said and done

He doesn't want to apologize

He still harps on race and religion

Still saying lacking behind

He just wants to ghost the other races

Operation Lalang was his fear

Putting most of opposition in prison

Many are still alive to remember it

This Old Man should be inside the cage

It will help to seal his bad behaviour

It will help him to understand the causes and effects

Though he may try to pretend he has forgotten

In his age he should give advice but he doesn't

the walls


The walls

The extremists will try

They can't share

They want it all

They should learn

From Sabah and Sarawak

How they live and share

In harmony in different faith

The extremists can't understand

They learned an education under the tax-payers fund

Studying overseas yet returned with a narrow view

Thinking they owned this nation as well

The walls

The extremists will try

They can't see the shimmering light

They are so afraid of the stirring thoughts

the life styles we live


The life styles we live

Fasts food lack of sleep

What will become to many of us?

The doctors will smile happy

Even the drugs companies

They will rake in the profits

They will see the billions

Because of our spending habits

The toxic running in

We have to be pay carefully

There are so many in our everyday living

And yet we indulge without knowing

The terminal illness will rise

The unknown viruses attack

Whom do we blame it all?

It is ourselves to be the slaves

Anwar should swing into action


The Old Man sings his blue

The things he did decades ago

He must have forgotten

Now he wanted the same old again

Maybe now in his old aged of 98 years

He can't remember much even today

Still he doesn't feel sorry

Still he wants to rub salt in!

The Malay rally congress

It shouldn't be held at all

Still on race and religion bashing

The extremists want to rock the nation

Anwar should swing into action

It has nothing to do his revenge

It is for the sake of the nation

She has to recover from the economy

The Old Man and his ilk

They mustn't think they are above the law

They are just the ordinary citizens

Break the law face the music instead

the cat on the step


The cat on the step

Face of sadness fur dirty

Eyes looking tired

Staring out to the road

As if he woke up

In a different place

Lost his bearing

Where he was then?

He looked like a throw away cat

Maybe he got trapped roaming into somebody's house

A trap was laid with food

He thought he was lucky to be there

The cats are nuisance

Somehow they will behave badly

Roaming to other houses

Urinating and poo

So this cat on the step

He looked like one

Caught up with his crime

Now banished away from home

Monday, March 20, 2023

Anwar must walk the talk


The Old Man

He can't change

He still talks bad

Though he should apologize

He had his second chance

But he didn't use to change

He used on his old way

Causing problems for the nation

He hopped from one party to another

He wanted only his way or nothing else

The Old Man can't change his spots

Until God calls him home for good

Anwar must walk the talk

He mustn't show nice or proper

Enough warnings so let action begin

Nobody is above the law of the nation

don't let the extremists glow


Don't let the extremists glow

They will not bring a good cheer

They are the narrow minded group

They want to get their hands on the nation

What they say is for their own benefits

There is nothing beneficial in the country

The other colours have no say for them

They will treat them as second class

Don't let the extremists show

They want their cake and eat it too

The Madani leaders must recognize the threat

Take action before the bush fires spread

The police must take action

There are enough law in the Penal Code

The extremists mustn't be allowed to go freely

They need to respect the law of the nation

Don't let the extremists glow

The Madani leaders must recognize the threat

The police must take action

Before the bush fires spread

it's no use complaining


The bad administrators

Bringing low flame and bad image

Of the past the nation face it

The economy get the hit

It's no use complaining

It will not solve the issue

It is to be pro-active in it

Get it down to the ground

It doesn't need any new law

It is the change of policies

Throw out the bad ones

Get the new policies in place

The nation may in bad shape

Owing debts to a tune of $1.5 trillion

Take the bad administrators to the cleaners

Don't let them escape

Now Anwar and his team

They have to clean up quickly

Don't walk slowly but fast

The nation needs to be on the right track

Sunday, March 19, 2023

the bad image still holds true


The wolf party election over

All the President's men in control

The party will run through

The changes it needs to do

These are the leaders

Still holding the torch to MO1

He has the influence in the party

Though he is housing in prison

The wolf party needs to change

The way forward to stay relevant

No more playing the old game

Taking wealth in projects

Now the party in unity government

The outlook must be clean and good

The party needs to revamp to stay afloat

They got the bad beating in the last GE15

The bad image still holds true

The wolf leaders still have a lot to do

They can't go back to the old way

It will bring them astray again

talking hard has no action


Anwar Ibrahim

Action should be your way

Talking hard has no action

On the ground to feel the issues

Malays shouldn't felt unhappy

They shouldn't listen to the moos and crocodiles

Even with the wolves they should stay alert

These politicians are for themselves and families

No doubt Anwar wants to be known

Hitting hard on the corrupt

It is action by Macc and police

The nation needs to live in progress

Anwar Ibrahim

The economy is the battle ground

The Malays mustn't stay on support

They need to strike it out to be free

It can be done

The Renaissance Man has to make it happen

It will be his legacy to get it correct

Freedom and liberty without the addiction

the plotters behind the curtains


The plotters can't sleep

The minds hungry for the power

The road to the cage

They can't live with it

The digging of the past

On the monies gone

The plotters are worried

They will do all kind of distractions

The plotters behind the curtains

Planning how to make their return

Though they know it will be difficult

With Anti-hopping law in place

The plotters can't sleep

Afraid the police will knock their doors

Behind closed doors they will plan

Afraid to go to the cage

the habit with the handphones


The habit we see

The handphones do the talking

Everyone at the tables

The manners totally disappear

Even in a group

No wave of communication

Everyone is busy

Knocking the keyboards talking

Even in the young

The parents will buy them

The handphones to keep company

The sights and sound totally forget

The social interaction is gone

With the families; with friends

The handphones take the role

The waves with the keyboards