Sunday, December 31, 2023

get a back-bone Renaissance man


Renaissance man

Get a back-bone

Start catching mice

A nuisance in politics

Don't let them run

Fill up the rat holes

Let them bathe in public

They will feel the shame

Plotting to over-throw a government

Is an act of treason to the King

The politicians involved should be charged

There is no two way about it

Renaissance man

Habit to take his time

He should be decisive

Don't offer reasons

Time of leniency is over

Rain law on the opposition

They need to be in locked up

Causing treason to the King

Dubai tango


Dubai tango

The opposition leaders hatched a plot

Still trying the back door

Though the key is missing

Report claimed on information

The tango of past prime ministers

The plot of MP in unity government

The party of the wolf could be suspect

Though opposition leader deny it

Nobody is going to tell the truth

The plot in Dubai tango

It was rumoured a month ago

Renaissance man should take action

Task the police and Macc to run on

Call up the plotters of Dubai tango

Get to the bottom of it

Dubai tango

The weak dance in beat

Yet the opposition still trying

Because Renaissance man slow in action

Dubai tango

The opposition afraid

The next King will not tolerate

The antics of the opposition

don't let own people lose their living


The drama queens

The boycott NGO singing

Thinking they do a good deed

Helping people a few thousand miles away

In their backyards

They don't sing

They don't walk like drama queens

They only think of their own publicity

The draw on their own people

Earning a living trying to be civil

The boycott NGO can't see

Punching holes into own race and companies

Is this how the boycott NGO work?

One sided show can't see the bigger picture

The suffering of their own people

They don't want to act as the drama queens

The act of boycott

Don't let own people lose their living

It will be a shame thinking narrowly

In their backyards they are blind as bats

the white


The white

It should flow

A sign of purity

The nation needs it

Don't let the walls of divide

Standing tall and dividing into classes

The sign of bad vibrations

The nation can't live with it

It has been decades

The time of the Old Man

The wrong way it was

Blooming into 2R agenda

AI should be a leader

Of all the seasons in his mind

He mustn't try to play the 2R game

He will fail the nation badly

As it stands today

He tries to deflect the issues

As the leader he should stand firm

Follow the Constitution to the letter

Let purity guide the flow

Be the leader the nation needs

Don't try to please a race

The nation will stand poorly

The white

The purity in the mind

The nation needs her leaders

Stand tall don't think of self benefits

NGO facing legal action on boycott


The boycott NGO

Time to take responsibility

Dare to boycott

Don't run away

When facing legal action

Better be prepared

Fighting for a political cause

Happening thousand miles away

It is also on selective boycott

The boycott NGO shouldn't deny

Face the truth of bad faith

They too used the products

Why don't this NGO help our poor?

Don't they walk at the back alleys?

There are many poor souls living

Why go shouting like drama queens?

Facing lawsuit

It is time to teach these NGOs

Nothing is done for free

There must a balance no double standards

Saturday, December 30, 2023

the back alley cats


The back alley

The roaming cats grow

A new breed coming of age

The old cats suddenly disappear

A few old cats walk in

Drawing out their territories

No other cats are welcome

There will be cat fights in the night

The female cats keep a close watch

Staring at the male cats of the old

Coming out from another territory

Wanting to spread the seeds of multiplying

The back alley

The fighting will be heard

As the male cats fighting for rights

The female cats just wait and watch

the rocket shouldn't stay soft


The Rocket shouldn't stay soft

It isn't the way the game to be played

The leaders should have the boldness

As they displayed while in opposition

Renaissance man is pandering to his race

He wants to shore up his base for himself

He will not back up his NM partners

He will give his excuses

So much hope the NM gave him

Yet Renaissance man fails in his delivery

He wants to sound popular to his race

He should have stood for all instead

The Rocket leaders

NM voices must be heard loud and clear

Many cases religious authority infringes the rights of NM

Because they used religion as their base to take action

They forget the nation is Secular

Governed by the Federal Constitution

No law should go over-board on the supreme law

Yet the religious authority will try to ignore

The Rocket

A time to say; a time to quiet

Infringes on the rights of NM

Its leaders shouldn't stay mute

the nation needs the bold and compassionate work-force


Have you ever tried?

The best to enter universities

The best to be employed in civil service

The future work-force for the nation

It will come down to the evaluation

As the future unfolds for the nation

She can't have half past 6 work force

It will give her more headaches

Have you ever tried?

All must sit for the entrance examination

All must sit in for the interview

Before they are recruited to study in universities?

The nation wants the best

The current recruitment will breed the weak

The backbone for the nation

She needs the bold and compassionate work-force

Friday, December 29, 2023

enticing a married partner


Enticing a married partner

The Federal Court agreed

It goes against the Constitution

A section in the Penal Code

This will take a weight off

Of those partners falling for the entrapment

Normally it can be for sexual reason

When sex isn't satisfied

It happens in the shadow

Nobody will know so much about it

Unless they are sighted by people who know

But who want to be busy-body?

But for the Muslim couples

They will face the syariah law

Will Civil law over-ride it?

No law should over-ride the Constitution

The affairs of lust

It is always going bust

As record will show it

Goodbye to the marriage

a race still feels afraid


A race still feels afraid

The shadow behind him

He can't see beyond

Blinking his eyes

If he sees differently

He wants it all for himself

Nothing to share with others

Always through his lens on race

Not through multi-lens

It will work better

For all who are involved

Sharing in unity

No need to look at shadows

They are copying us

Progress or backwards

It all depends

How we march on it

the bikers stunt 2


The bikers stunt

Why don't they learn?

Every new kid on the block

The old rule still returns

The police can catch

The rats out from the hole

Yet the bikers stunt continue

As if some unseen hands doing it

The decades of bikers stunt

The deaths and severe injuries

Don't they ever learn?

As if their lives don't worth living

The cheap thrills

Racing on the road or highway

Endanger to themselves or others

They are bold but yet stupid

The bikers stunt

The gasoline on fire

Burning rubbers and vroom

The cheap thrill to die

open a file on the Old Man


Many will agree

The Old Man should be called in

Macc should take up the challenge

Don't just listen and stay quiet

He likes to play his way

Knowing he can get away with it

But he forgets he isn't in power to direct

It is his one time protege calling the shot

Macc should start investigating

Start by reading the book on the Old Man

About US$100 billion gone astray”

It can be a starting point to find

He lives to grand Old Man of 98

There is a reason for him to see

Karma can't let him go yet

There are events in his past he needs to answer

Macc should run on

Take the challenge and start probing

Don't wait for order to pursue

It's the time to start cleaning up

Thursday, December 28, 2023

the bikers stunt


The bikers stunt

On the road or highway

They don't see the danger

They only see their thrills

They think they are the dare-devils

Bending rules to suit their taste

Pity their parents to bring them

Into the world which they care less

The bikers stunt

They don't think of others

They want to hog the traffic line

Do their tricks afraid of none

The police chasing the bikers

Don't give warning or stay in lock-up

Task them to do community work

Put them in hospitals or motor workshop

silly crocodiles


Silly crocodiles

Horned their skills

In the one track way

On the 2R ringing

In their eyes

They think they are god's children

Running in the wrong direction

They don't admit they are wrong

Silly crocodiles

Only their own race justified

Living in the many colours

The eyes just can't see

Even in local council election

Silly crocodiles worry the outcome

It is again on 2R issue again

The nation needs competent leaders to lead

Silly crocodiles

They will not learn

Even in decades on the ground

They should return to the swampy lake

money talk


Money talk

No need to hide or run

Give it the door will open

Nobody will ask questions

Money talk

In this world

The run on will flow

Nobody will argue

The greedy ones

They will dare to run

Money talk in their eyes

They don't think of tomorrow

The angels will say

Give it all back

Where we are going

It is always the good deeds

Money talk

It is the horizon

The colours in the eyes

Only the angels will cry

Macc should take the challenge


Macc run on

Take up the challenge

Open files on the titled persons

Possibly too the Malay elites

The corrupt persons mustn't allow to escape

This is the time to clean it up the cages

The decades of protection finally the gate is open

Macc should comb to get back the illegal wealth

A former finance minister refused to explain his wealth

Macc did the right move to seize his asset

It will send a fear signal Macc is on the move

There are many linked to the crony market

Macc run on

The green light is shining

The fear for those who have something to hide

They should prepare for Macc crack down

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

protesting in front of US embassy


Protesting in front of US embassy

Why should these people do it?

They have nothing in their minds?

Even politicians weigh it in

Wasting time shouting slogans

Trying to follow the trends in the world

Why keep blaming Israel?

It takes 2 to tango

These drama of queens

They should look at their back doors

The poor and vagabond need help

Why they don't give their voices and no slogans?

Because they will not get the publicity

They will not get recognize in TV and newspapers

Even streaming videos in the internet

Helping their own kind they turn blind!

Protesting in front of US embassy

It serves no purpose in the crusade

Why they don't blame Hamas?

They are the ones causing it

standing at the door


Standing at the door

The opposition will try

Praying something will come

A trick or two to break open

It will not happen

As the Anti-hoping law takes flight

The frogs will not soak in wealth

It is only the other way round

Walking in the front door

Support the ruling party to rule

The benefits will land on the constitutuencies

The opposition members hop in the programme

Declaring support for funds

The members will not shift party

They still stay true to their membership

The law will not touch them but the party will

It has been grooming around

The funds will be the carrot to call

The opposition members will run on

They will not lose for their voters

the weak foundation in faith


The weak foundation in a faith

It will not bring plentiful joy

Every time the eyes see the trends

The mind will start to get annoyed

Disturbing the normal routine

Afraid to get into the bad frame

The faith of weakness in the mind

It has to need an open faith

Instead of listening or reading it

A person faith starts to bring distraction

Blaming others for his dilemma

Causing friction in society of faith

Learn to live in compassion

Calling other names and or fear

It brings on the weak foundation

It will bring in no paradise in mind

run on


Run on

Only those who really focus

They will not take a back seat

They will push it forward

Let the worry stay behind

It is just a waste of energy

Thinking about it

Just run on with life

Run on

The whirring wind will craze

Telling its tales in the ears

As the bold will take it on

Obstacles are many

In life there is no ending

Run on with it

Let tomorrow wait

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

the season of fame


A fame comes and goes

It's like the music chart

Once a fame hits it

Every one wants a bit

The entourage will jump in

The heyday of the fame

Every magazine, newspaper or TV or internet

The popularity seems never end

It's the season

Enjoy the popularity and benefits

Until a next one breaks the chart

The last season winner will become history

So don't let fame blind the mind

Stay grounded know it has its time

Tomorrow is hard to say

Today flow with the celebrity

foreign labour


Foreign labour

Coming in droves to the country

The agents have a field day

Collecting commissions

Why must Home Ministry contract it out?

It is because of kickbacks?

Let the labour department do it

Why let the officers stay in office?

We have many illegals here too

Whose fault we want to know?

It is could be from immigration

Again under Home Ministry

Why need to import labour?

Can't we catch the illegals?

Give them jobs and controll them?

Because of no commission?

The labour import

It is time to overhaul the system

Inherited during the heyday of Old Man

Renaissance man should really change it

let the light shine


Let the light shine

Why worry about tomorrow?

Live the moment

Know darkness will stay

Don't get all hooked up

Worrying about tomorrow

It is now to live and free

Let tomorrow wait for its day

Worrying will cause distress

It will not augur well in living

Imagining of unkind cuts

Why waste time thinking on it?

Let the light shine

Bathe in its glory

Live in its glow

Let tomorrow wait its turn

run on Macc


The Old Man

Now he will feel it

The fear he used to inflict

On those politicians he disagreed

The wealth creation

The contention in book and grapevine

It told of tales the billions got away

Those years ACA hardly investigated

He could put a lid on it

Nobody dared to question him

As he sat on the throne

Eyes of fire hand of axe

Now he is old

The past events may fall him

As one of his long time associate

Under the comb of Macc

The investigation will spread far and wide

The elites of his time will be worried

As Macc will not keep quiet now

The officers will have to dig deeper into it

The next King will not tolerate

He explained his action plan to cut it

The elites will be worried now

Even the Old Man will not be spared

The Renaissance man

Rise to the mark and make it

This year he made a few bad calls

On Israel and Hamas conflict

Monday, December 25, 2023

the tales of pontianak


The tales of Pontianak

It is always to scare our wits

Walking back in the night

Those olden days of an era

Growing up in kampongs

The elders would tell us tales

About the beautiful women

Smiling faces turning evil

The nights of candles flickering

The shadows seemed to grow larger

As the story teller caught on his tale

The surprise sound jumped back at us

The eerie wind whirring

The tales of Pontianak grew

As the night dimmed by the candles light

The heartbeats kept on beating

As the young walked back home

Every shadow seemed like real

The Pontianak in the minds

The heart beating pounding faster

Though it was a story

The Pontianak of a different kind live

The corrupt people who steal the nation's wealth

Nobody dares to run after them

the Christmas greeting


The Christmas greeting

The like of crocodiles

It doesn't fool the many

It is just a political game

The crocodiles know

They can't make the government

They play this game

Fishing for themselves

Even words or crosses

The crocodiles can't see or read it loud

Even lottery games or beers

They will scream amok in their minds

The NM* will not fall in

They have known them inside out

They are the group of cave people

They can't see the dancing on the streets

*non-malays or non-muslims



Amanah should take flight

Into the lion share of the crocodiles

The leaders should know what to do

Since they were there before

These leaders should make the difference

As they were once part of the main body

The last 2 elections they couldn't cut it

Though they might have learned

The next election is 4 years away

Amanah leaders should plan it now

The last 2 GE elections will show

How they are going to fare in G16?

It's time Amanah leaders take flight

Get the rural folks to submit their votes

It will be good for the voters

Let a new set of leaders help them