Friday, September 22, 2023

falling to pieces


Falling to pieces

Once in love or lose power

Losing wealth and respect

The light seems going into shadow

It can happen to anyone

When it is gone life on the down hill

No listening to advice mind in crying

Falling to pieces scattered dreams

Life seems unfair they will say

Why falling to pieces getting them?

They don't get it in their minds

They are the cause of their own

Falling to pieces

Learn the failures

Get on with life

Let history be a guiding light

the Rolling Stones


The Rolling Stones

The aging stars on stage

Still showing the rock and roll

As if time has no control

They put many to shame

Retiring and be forgotten

Not the Rolling Stones

Until each falls on his own

The lessons to learn

Age is a number

Nothing about performance

Stay focus and rule the time

Life has many gifts

Enjoy it to the full

Don't worry about age

Soak up the life

The Rolling Stones

The aging stars

Put many to shame

As if time has no control

action not committee


Costs of living

Climbing up the chart

Many will get angry

Knowing pockets will be empty

UG set up a committee

Studying the causes of it

Yet nothing has come out

Because costs of living jump

UG leaders must find ways

They can't just talk and perform publicity stunts

It will not work with the empty pockets

They have to tackle the root causes

Control the price no subsidies

Let the enterprising ones flourish

The greedy ones should be punished

We can't have freedom of supply and demand

Costs of living

The people suffer

UG leaders must plan

What they can do now

Thursday, September 21, 2023

the reforms needed


The Renaissance Man

Better get his gears

The reforms needed

No need to study it

In the seat of power

He can achieve his goals

If he really wants to make it

He mustn't delay his reforms

The little napoleons

They must be reprimanded

There mustn't be any back door

The reforms mustn't be forgotten

Now he talks too much

Actions are needed

The reforms must be known

Don't wait till the moon is gone

the dark shadow's captives


Welcome to Hotel California

Once you check in there is no check out

You will stay with full facilities

Living and mixing with the same kind

The world view is narrow cocoon

It is all around the glass of walls

You can't see your own reflection

Nothing from the outside

You can hear all the promises

It's the way of dreams and falls

When you want to go out to see

There are no doors to exit

The neon light will tell you

Hotel California once in stay forever

Only the dark shadow laughs softly

In his pent-house counting his captives

No use crying

Fall for lies or fake promises

It is falling to the deep

Even the judges can't sweep away

the old man in SG4


The Old Man

Fly in to SG4

Advising how to run

The states economy

Still using a race

Trying to say he failed before

Running the whole country

He should stay quiet

The SG4 can't fly

Look to Kelantan

For decades in crying

Economy isn't rising

The people in SC4

They will feel the result

How the economy will turn

The Old Man's bakery closed shop

members of parliament


Members of Parliament

The bad behaviour bad news

They don't see it that way

It's the childish tantrum

They must face disciplinary action

They can't walk out without reason

The House Speaker mustn't stay mute

These bad hats must be asked to pay

They represent the people

They must stay in Parliament

Do their work for the people and nation

Not for their self worth to please

The House Speaker mustn't ignore it

If there is no rule make one instead

We need members to behave

Else they send the wrong signal

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

life is opportunity


It takes hard work

To stay relevant in focus

When you seem falling apart

Leaving you in a poor outlook

Like falling out of love

The mind will go crazy

The nights will be a long haunting flow

The mind will keep playing the number games

Losing confidence the mind can't see

Falling out of love should get over quickly

Bring the mind back to focus

Life has many offers in each day

Losing money

It isn't the end

It can be earned back

There is life; there is opportunity

To stay relevance

It takes confidence

Willing to play a fool

To become the master

MUDA lost the plot


MUDA leader

Has gone to the bottom

His tirade on UG

The wrong way

Now he has nothing

He wants to attract attention

He forgets friends who helped him

What he is today

Siding with the opposition

He takes up as its mouth piece

Painting colours bringing him low

As a political artist to get traction

He still hasn't learned

His court case will turn on him

What will he say then?

He may spend years in prison

MUDA leader

Time to roll over

He makes his party bad

A 3rd force it can't happen

wait a minute


Wait a minute

Tomorrow will knock in

There will be a chance

Get the change for the better

On the side road

The opponents still shouting

Crying for a change of government

They can't stand without funds

Wait a minute

The opponents hardly talk on economy

They keep harping on 3R issues

Still salivating for the power they lost

Wait a minute

Anwar still takes his slow walk

Does he think he read the ground right?

He better works on his skills to get it done

will Anwar do the changes?


The mind feelers

Change or stay

In the politics of race

It isn't good for the nation

The bad pillars

Laid down decades ago

It needs to change

The nation needs it

Will Anwar do it?

He was too involved

In his heydays in the wolves

The policies in education

Now he is the prime minister

In PH and its unity government

We expect changes to happen

But he takes his own slow time


Time isn't on his side

He better walks faster

The changes in his time

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

let it go


Let it go

Too much bad

Life will face

The uphill tasks


Life a short span

Don't live in regrets

Don't look back

Let it go

Failure is to learn

It isn't the end

Don't live in self pity

Don't dream big

It will make life impossible

Do what you can

Get the confidence back

Let it go

Too much bad

Failure is to learn

It isn't the end

the crocodiles don't see the colours


The crocodiles

The bites it makes

Letting the people know

They don't want to forget

They know they can't walk straight

They will try witch-craft of words

Using religion as a tool to gain

A foothold on the swampy land

They don't see the colours

The rainbow in the sky

It isn't one colour at all

But the crocodiles don't understand

The mind of one track

They can't walk straight

They don't see the dual way

They will say it is for their own

The crocodiles

The poison in their minds

The hunters will keep watching

Waiting for a reason to put them away

the stray dog


The stray dog

A small size

Running along the road

In the afternoon rise

Smelling of food

In the rubbish bins

Digging up the food

Tear it open on the road

The contents spreading along

The stray dog has his food

Digging up to his delight

In front of the houses

The stray dog walks away

Leaving its contents and shredded plastics

Laying on the road

The house-owners will get angry

The stray dog doesn't care

It isn't his business to keep clean

He doesn't stay in the houses

It's his business to annoy the house-owners

the changes need to rise



Things can change

It takes a while

PH mustn't wait

The dark shadow

Never want to give up

The lies will keep hissing

The amok people will not see

The bad vibrations ringing

In their minds never change

They think they can have paradise

Only the amok people will fall blindly


A hope will shine

Even without lights

The changes need to rise

Monday, September 18, 2023

MUDA leader end of his line


Sometimes staying silence

It is good for the mind and soul

It doesn't ring up the cortisol

Let patience bring the light

MUDA leader end of his line

Slamming bad vibrations at will

He has become the opposition

It will not do him good in politics

The promises need schedule

It can't happen immediately

It will take at least 24 months

Certain laws will be changed

Now he has shown his true colour

The young man has no patience

He takes his way following the Old Man

MUDA leader end of his line

housing for the people


Housing for the people

It is through political will

Control the affordable price

The majority can afford

In the cities and towns

The flow of economy runs

The housing needs will be high

Don't let profit driven companies hold

Don't let demand breaks supply

It will surely hike the selling price

Housing for the people

Profit shouldn't be sole consideration

It is the government duty

Housing for the people

Forget about Brim yearly

Using the billions for housing

don't play the bad song


The Renaissance man

Will he be on fire like in his early years?

The year he was out in the cold

In prison and black eye

Now he is the prime minister

He holds the power to change

His supporters don't want him to forget

The promises must come a calling

Don't play the bad song

It will not bring a good cheer

Don't play the wrong chords

Don't bring us the empty promises

So much hope

The Renaissance man

Don't play the bad song

He holds the power to change

get no satisfaction


The cheating husbands

The wives affairs

What's the common ground?

Get no satisfaction

It sounds easy

The early years

Learning from the streets

The playground in the mind

Yet the real issue

The art of intimacy fails

Get no satisfaction

The mind on fire elsewhere

The art needs to learn

The techniques and last longer on the run

Without it satisfaction will fall deep

It isn't bang, shoot and sleep

The broken intimacy

The fall-out are many

The common ground of losing it

Get no satisfaction

Sunday, September 17, 2023

afraid of Anwar


The Old Man final runs

His personal dislikes of Anwar

Planning ways to pull him down

He even playing with 3R game

Every word seems bad

Reflection on his toxic mind

He doesn't want Anwar to do better

He wants to see him fall badly

Joining up with his old time foe

The Old Man has lost his credibility

Even in his last election he lost his deposit

But did he learn of his loss?

Time isn't on his side

At 98 years old he should stay quiet

But he can't because he can't forget

Afraid Anwar will do better than him

meet you


Meet you

On a hill

A day of sunny shine

You step out

A pretty face

And smile

The Bond bus driver

He likes what he sees

He isn't in the league

It is for the singles

So he will say

I stop by to help

In the cool windy sunshine

Every guy look at me

And you

Near the post office

A woman

A pretty face on the hill

The guys want to hit her dddFRon

I get her for my own

As I stop by first

Meet you

On the hill

I stop by to help

Every guy look at me

The knowing look and smile

the shattered dream


The shattered dream

The nation will feel

When unity falls

The hard work goes to waste

The Old Man on his way out

His toxic way isn't helping

Though he gets a boost

When crocodiles bend to play his game

The AG must charge these toxic politicians

They shouldn't be allowed to get away

The nation needs a steady growth and harmony

The bad elements must be put away

The police have done the investigation

The AG mustn't sit on it in his office

He has to get back his credibility back

For the slack in his AGC chambers

The shattered dream

Don't let the nation cry

The bad politicians must be put away

They have no values to the nation

dig in the economy


Dig in the economy

Leave politics aside

It has its moments

Now for the real issues

The costs of living

Rising to the chart

It makes the ordinary folks

Feeling the heat in pockets

UG leaders stop hiding

Deliver the promises

This needs to be done

There is still hope

Get the economy on the road

It will make the people gearing up

They don't have to feel the needles and pain

Poking in their minds for no reason at all

Dig in the economy

Let the stars shine

There is always a hope

Leave politics aside now

it's AG decision


DNAA on the strings

Still some opponents don't agree

They will say its interference

By the prime minister

It is AG decision

Calling for the DNAA

It doesn't mean the cases are over

It needs to investigate new evidence

AG explained his decision

It is within his right to do so legally

Though we will expect the cases

To be continued less than a year

AG has to file back the cases

Though the opponents will say

It is to help the UG government

The postponement until further notice

DNAA on the strings

It may ring bad for UG

It is AG decision

Let us wait

Saturday, September 16, 2023

the changes like the wind?


The changes

Will it keep going?

Will it be like the wind?

Blowing the dust and disappear?

The changes

The political leaders forget

For months they haven't done

The wind of familiar aroma

PH leaders should listen

Go to the ground

They will hear the grouses

Where are we going?

The changes

Let it be known

Play it to the top chart

Let no dust by the wind

the nation of people


The unity in our lives

It shouldn't be taken for granted

It is a fragile frame on the wall

We need care and compassion

Down through history

Unity seems a lost cause

Some will try to run amok

Claiming of supremacy

Every race has his own abilities

Nothing is for self and keep in storage

Hoarding of unity will be a loss

If every race learns through history

The nation of people

Learn to live with tolerance

Share and learn our differences

Because no race is superior

the time isn't on his play


The Old Man

Still gearing to go

Going to the high

As the crocodiles try

The 3R maestro

Living out in his mind

The one way road

He fools many in his time

Now the crocodiles

Roping him to be

The defacto leader

In PN flow

Hitting back at Moo

The Old Man will swallow his pride

He doesn't want to forget

The crocodiles know how to butter it

But will he survive?

The time he may not have

He is on the decline

The last hurrah?

listen to the ground


The heat is rising

The complaints arising

Touching every soul

The costs of living

The Renaissance man

Listen to the ground

You are suppose to know

The years spent in opposition

Now he holds the post

Don't let the voters down

Don't give empty promises

You will not look good

We don't expect you

The miracles for the nation

We will expect the promises

Fulfill in your term

The heat is rising

The costs of living everyday

The Renaissance man

Listen to the ground

MUDA leader


MUDA leader

A young man has no patience

Running here and there

Only smoke with no face

He wants to be a champion

He can't write his own song

He tells of bad things

But he himself has a court case

What values he brings?

Only thinking of his own values

Claiming to be in the 3rd force

But without foundation?

MUDA leader

Settles his case in court

Don't brag too much

Do the groundwork well

A house without suport

It will be quiet and hollow

Only the wind will blow

Letting dust settle low