Sunday, December 31, 2023

the white


The white

It should flow

A sign of purity

The nation needs it

Don't let the walls of divide

Standing tall and dividing into classes

The sign of bad vibrations

The nation can't live with it

It has been decades

The time of the Old Man

The wrong way it was

Blooming into 2R agenda

AI should be a leader

Of all the seasons in his mind

He mustn't try to play the 2R game

He will fail the nation badly

As it stands today

He tries to deflect the issues

As the leader he should stand firm

Follow the Constitution to the letter

Let purity guide the flow

Be the leader the nation needs

Don't try to please a race

The nation will stand poorly

The white

The purity in the mind

The nation needs her leaders

Stand tall don't think of self benefits

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