Sunday, December 10, 2023

if you don't want children


If you don't want children

Don't try to have them in your life

They will not make you happy

You will not welcome them too

You will feel you can't enjoy your life

You will feel you are trapped inside

So it is better don't have them around

Let the life you want float in your mind

A couple left behind 4 children

At the bus stop in public

They had enough of them

They just abandoned their children

Police managed to locate the couple

Brought them to the police station

They will be charged for abandoning their children

It is a sad story to hear their tales

In married life

Is with 2 people willing to share

Their lives journey together

Children are the bonuses

If you don't want children

Don't ever bring them in

It is better stay alone and enjoy

The sunset of life without regrets

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