Sunday, December 24, 2023

the crimes in Klang


The crimes or bad events

Happening in Klang

It will spook the old town

The residents who lived in it

A singer stabbed to death

In Taman Eng Ann by a man

Who couldn't take no for an answer

If I can't have you, nobody will!”

Crossed to LRT3

A woman hung herself

The police couldn't say who she was

She could be a homeless woman

As Klang folks who knew

She was alone staying there

Sometimes begging for money

As life was unkind to her

Police drove to Pandamaran near Port Klang

A body was dumped in cement

The crime of murder or gang tiff

It used to happen decades ago of gangs

What's happening in Klang?

A place I grew up once I lived

Maybe the foot prints never disappear

It has it high points too

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