Sunday, December 24, 2023

covid19 JN 1


Covid19 rises

The virus sleeps for months

Now it wakes up to knock noises

In our minds again

The new strain JN1

Hitting on our shore now

We must put on our masks

No need vaccination

It is only to make us weak

Stay in the sun-light in the morning

Our bodies will know what to do

We can take Vitamin D or D3

MOH has issued a warning

JN1 is easily transmitted and contagious

The older people should stay the distance

Wearing masks in public or enclosed places

The Tourism Minister shouldn't cry

Health and lives are critical in our living

Health is wealth; wealth isn't health

He shouldn't show his anger in public

Covid19 must be dealth with effectively

We had experience its deadly grip in our lives

We mustn't forget its deadly way of attack

We should wear masks again

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