Thursday, December 07, 2023

the Brutus in wolf sacked


One supreme council member sacked

He didn't attend a few times of the party wolf meeting

Though he criticised a lot on the party leadership

Yet he refused to attend his meeting defying his party's chief

He is just wanted to be sacked

He can bring his badge in his mind

A kind of honour for attacking his own party

This type of character is rightfully removed

The party shouldn't stay quiet

Allowing Brutus to attack from within

Now he is kicked out from the party

He may talk openly discrediting his former party

The only thing he has to remember

He brings his own shame in his political career

He can join his other former wolf members

Keeping house in Moos or crocodiles

The party wolf leaders

They need to bring leaders who can help

The preparation should begin for GE16

Since they have to bring back supporters

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