Monday, December 25, 2023

the tales of pontianak


The tales of Pontianak

It is always to scare our wits

Walking back in the night

Those olden days of an era

Growing up in kampongs

The elders would tell us tales

About the beautiful women

Smiling faces turning evil

The nights of candles flickering

The shadows seemed to grow larger

As the story teller caught on his tale

The surprise sound jumped back at us

The eerie wind whirring

The tales of Pontianak grew

As the night dimmed by the candles light

The heartbeats kept on beating

As the young walked back home

Every shadow seemed like real

The Pontianak in the minds

The heart beating pounding faster

Though it was a story

The Pontianak of a different kind live

The corrupt people who steal the nation's wealth

Nobody dares to run after them

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