Saturday, December 23, 2023

Macc must run on


The Malay elites

The benefits they have

Linking to politics

The gravy train runs

Macc has to investigate

The past transactions and now

Let no stones be ignored

The corrupt elites must be caught

Macc pose questions

Under investigation a person must answer

Refusing to comply will say of guilt

Macc can move in without notice

One former finance minister

Macc moved in to seize his assets

He refuses to submit his list of holding

Owned by him or his families

Macc has to move ahead

Before the no talking nonsense King sits on his throne

His Majesty already sounded his displeasure

It will be a good drama to witness it

The Malay elites

They should prepare their assets list

How they get their wealth and holding

What kickbacks were involved?

Macc will run on

The agency officials mustn't stop

This is the time to whip up a storm

The Malay elites will tremble for once

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