Friday, December 08, 2023

the compassionate way


The compassionate way

It seems only in words

When reality bites into it

The police swing into action

A mother and her son

Calling the Malays are lazy

The police caught them

Remanded them in lockup

It is free speech

They aren't the first

The Old Man called the Malays lazy twice

While he was the prime minister

Even in history Munshi Abdullah said it too

The British Resident Swettenhem followed suit

It was an opinion during those years

Even today we listen to the echo of the past

Why take the wrong approach?

Zaid Ibrahim said it correctly

The compassionate government on paper

In reality the old ways still running

Anwar Ibrahim

Wake up to face the ground

Unless he thinks he will stay a term

But his party will be crying

Walk the talk

Be compassionate in policies and laws

Let the people know the truth

Will the promises be kept?

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