Friday, December 22, 2023

nation needs her economy to grow


Renaissance man

What changes he try?

Israel has nothing to do with us

We have no diplomatic relations

Yet he tries to show his move

The way he acts show us he is wrong

Trade is a two way traffic

Stopping it show his low understanding

The locals will lose business

Hamas causing the political problem

He shouldn't have to go overboard

The trading through indirect should go on

The nation needs her economy

Renaissance man should know it

Our people need it to survive

We don't need his way for personal glory

The 2R should be on low burner

It doesn't need to sit on the economy

Renaissance man should evaluate his move

The nation needs her economy to flourish

His move will affect PH

As it stands today many grouses in the air

Many promises have not fulfilled

And he forgets charity begins at home

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