Thursday, December 14, 2023

ban smoking


Ban smoking

Though the addicts will cry

Running amok in their minds

We don't vote for you!”

Increase tax on tobacco and cigarrettes

It may not get the desired result

The smoking addicts will pay up

As addicts they need to light it

The cost of health bill

The endangering to secondary smokers

It isn't worth it to prolong this habit

Like drug addicts tough measures needed

The Bill of law passed

It isn't banning smoking for good

It is on enforcement and punishment

And restriction for no smoking allowed

The smokers will puff away

Knowing our enforcement officers are weak

There is no full enforcement everyday

The smokers can smoke up to the air

Ban smoking

It will be a long time coming

The smokers will say they can't quit

Like the drug addicts they need to fix

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