Saturday, December 16, 2023

the amanah party


The Amanah party*

Small in its drive

Pulling no punches

The leaders want to stay

Relevancy in today's politics

It is formed by the moderate Malays

They broke away from the crocodiles

It's current president is former deputy of the crocodiles

They are fighting to get a foothold in the Malay constituencies

Though in election the party didn't break through

They received the rejection

The last GE they will learn the lessons

Rejection is the teacher

It lets the leaders think harder and fight for the win

Thinking of better ways to win the rural folks

Rejection is a pain

There is no gain

Though they can try again

Giving a hope a chance to win

In the next battle on the ballot boxes

The Amanah party

In time the Malays will accept it

Going to the extreme benefit nobody

The party leaders will gain the foot-hold

As its moderate stand will benefit the nation

* partner in PH and in UG government

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