Friday, August 31, 2018

all over again

All over again
Is this the way to go?
Leaving the new but the old?
Tell me it isn’t true

Don’t let a party decide
What is good for the people
There must be an agreement
By all the pact leaders

The people aren’t falling asleep
Do not expect them to run all over again
They have enough pain in their lives
Tell me it isn’t true

Do the right way
It will help the nation grow
She doesn’t need addicts
Clawing away her dignity and soul

All over again
The talking of a race
It’s already 61 years
They should be able to stand now

But they are afraid
The shadows stalking them
They dare not face their own demons
They cry afraid of their pain

All over again
Is this the way to go?
The comforts for a race?
They dare not face their own demons

a new page in a new book

There is no heaven
When the addicts in the dark hole
Wasting their times and efforts
Smoking pot in acid minds

There is no paradise
When a race still lives on clutches
Believing it is his rights
Indoctrinated the wrong way of living

He has to work hard for it
With his energy, efforts and belief
At the end of the road he can stand proud
The success he has by his hands

Don’t let bad leaders telling lies
They will win if the people fall asleep
Dreaming of heaven or paradise
Forgetting they have a duty to do

Treat all races equally
They have to shoulder the loads
Let no race have so much of many things
The nation will cry once again

We let in a new government
With some old faces running the show
We will not allow the old concepts to grow
It has to be a new page in a book

i just can't stay

I just can’t stay
There are so much to say
But there is someone staying back home
I have to go

Time is a good healer
It will take away the blues
When the day has come
I just can’t stay

The tears will not take it away
I have to go home
Someone staying back home for me
I have no way to leave her behind

You are a part of a time
A meet on the wrong day and wave
The sun never shines the correct way
I just can’t stay

I know it will be hard to say
The time on the back of our minds
It will stay as a moment of history
Time is a good healer

I just can’t stay
There are so much to say
There is someone back home
I have to go

now to fix the bad hats

PH can’t move on
With the mess of the Bee Anne
The road is littered of bad faith
It has to be cleared before it can move on

Don’t forget the greed and corruption
In ever aspect of the departments
It will take by the end of the year
Before any meaningful plans can be written

PH leaders have to sweep it clean
The floors are littered with bad karma
It has the evil look in every wall
It is best they cleaned up the dirty works

The former ministers shouldn’t complain
They were the part of the problems in management
How could they allow the mess to creep in?
They didn’t raise any alarm during their tenure

PH leaders will keep blaming
Along the way they will find solutions
It will be a while before the direction is corrected
Now to fix the bad hats

today we stand as a nation

A second chance
A day to remember
Nobody could predict
On the day of May 9
Even Bee Anne elites
They thought they could hold
The power once again
But the willed of the voters
They came from everywhere
They wanted to make history
They did in every possible way
In the united efforts to throw out
Bee Anne once and for all
The voters did it!
Bee Anne fell badly

Today we celebrate our Independence Day
With a mood to finally see the light in our eyes
Years of bad management and corruption
It finally got booted out with our wills
Today we have our second Independence
We let a new government take the reign
Onward we march to make ourselves heard again
In the world we say how democracy work
The transition of power smoothly handed over
Bee Anne will be history

Today we can fly our flags high
Let the wind flow freely in every direction
We salute the voters who make the change
We salute the losers to bow out gracefully
Today we see the colours of the people and nation
On our smiles and waves of change
We make history; we aren’t going to forget
Today we have a meaning to stand as a nation

Thursday, August 30, 2018

anwar has to wait his number called

PKR isn’t about Anwar
He may have a part in the early years
Shouting Reformation on his fall from grace
Fighting to right the wrong done to him

He might have planted the seeds
In the early years of his “Reformasi”
Many people hyped it up completely
On the persecution of a political leader

The glory of the night
It wasn’t PKR alone to achieve it
It is the coalition partners who made history
By kicking out Bee Anne for good

PKR leaders shouldn’t harp on Anwar alone
The prime ministership isn’t decided by PKR
It has to be decided by the majority of MPs
This is the democratic way

A leader must have patience
Without it he isn’t a good material to idolize
He will bring bad omen to the people
Fighting to gain a foot hole to the door

Anwar has to wait for his turn
It is destiny to decide will he become the prime minister
He shouldn’t rush into it as if it is his right
He has to wait for his number to be called

don't let silence breed

Don’t let the silence breed
On the corridor of power
It will never make the grade
When promises aren’t fulfilled
When good leaders stay quiet
Breathing in their new-found power
They forgot the time they spent on the street
Shouting slogans crying bad management

Don’t let the silence rule
It will not bring cheers to the people
It will make the nation begin to wonder
What has happened to the street leaders?
Are they so easily forgotten their ideals?
When they finally tasted power in their hands?
We hope not when they are learning the rope
How to manage a country to benefit all?

Don’t give excuses too early
The old dog can’t learn new tricks
It has to be reminded many times over
The mind can’t concentrate fully
And don’t try to justify an excuse
It isn’t in a class room now
It is on reality knowing what will become
So, stay true to your promises
Don’t side track issues

Don’t let the silence rule
It will make good leaders stay stupid
In the eyes of the people who put them there
They have no guts to show the way
It shouldn’t have happened on their watch
The time is doing the right way
Let the actions speak loud and clear

stick to your manifesto, PH

You can’t teach an old dog a new trick
He will ignore it and bark his way
Looking at you “Are you for real?”
He will run off and do his old habits

PH leaders must wake up
Plan your move to get your manifesto done
Do not pull a fast one on the voters
We don’t come here to get hooked for nothing

We have struggled for decades
Now we smell some roses and sunshine in our minds
We aren’t going to be locked out and forgotten
We can make and break a government

The Old Man is steering into his back lane
The book of guidelines must be in his hand
He must read often to remind himself
He is there for the promises in the manifesto

Tell the Old Man nicely
The draconian laws must be gone
We don’t need it in our lives
Let us stay true to the Constitution

why still let mo1 walk free?

Why still let MO1 walk free?
Let him stay in lockup to see
What it will be like to do wrong?
Living on his own

No doubt he was a former leader
Doing his bad ways to the nation
There shouldn’t be any special treatment
Let him taste the lockup blues

Now he keeps writing
Once he was a leader he refused to say
This time out of his job facing his charges
Of Amla, abusing his position and corruption

Imagine he has over $1.1 billion in cash and valuables
Spread over his properties instead in the banks
On the surface it tells of the greed and corruption
Now the spin of his tales

MO1 better atones for his sins
It is best he writes on his roles
The cases will not disappear
He has to face the court to explain

don't play the old rule OSA

We aren’t the children
We don’t need to control
What is right or wrong
Let us decide our lives

The nation will be defended
By all the loving people of the nation
It isn’t for a few to decide the direction
It isn’t for a few to say what’s right or wrong

We are the ones who make the nation
It is through our efforts and energy defending it
It is our right to read and debate the outcome
Let us decide our lives

Don’t play the old rule
Hide it under OSA
The rights of the people
It mustn’t fall again

Let us hear
The CEP report in summary
We need to know what is wrong
With the nation made by Bee Anne

Let us have a rough outline
The methods need to be done
The support of people is important
We play a part in the nation progress

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

the time has come

The time has come
The nation has to break free
The old regime and its bad laws
Let the new paint shine

There shouldn’t be hanging on
On race, religion, sometimes royalty
The nation isn’t for a race
She has many colours to feed

The time has come
Let it go the one- track mind
Let the two -way traffic flow
It will benefit everyone of us

Don’t let fear
Crippled the mind
It makes no gain
The nation will cry

No, the time has come
Let us walk in unity
Forge our differences
Share the wealth of the nation

macc should act

Macc should act
Find out all the former ministers
How they have their assets?
How they have amassed cash?

One late minister
He has assets worth $2.1 billion
It is unbelievable for him to have it
There must be something fishy in his time

Macc should investigate
Clear the air once and for all
Let it be known bad hats can’t enjoy wealth
Steal from projects and national coffers

Don’t wait for reports
You can observe the living styles
It will tell you what to do
Make it crimes do not pay

the smoke in the sky

The smoke in the sky
It will smoke us into it
We seem to get in its way
We can’t have clean air

Across the sea
The wind gladly blows our way
The wind needs its whoring experience
Let us feel the wrong of nature

There is no drastic measure
Get the culprits put them in jail
Even on home soil we will see
DOE sitting in the office

The open burning
Catch them culprits
Send them to prison
Let them and others learn the lessons

But no, there is inaction
The open burning keeps in the show
The smoke in the sky
It will smoke us into it

j. low on the run

J. Low
On the run
He can’t see the truth
He knows he is cooked

Somewhere in the world
Notably in China speculates
He hides there
Letting his lawyers and PR firm issue statements

He is nowhere to be found
The truth of his action
He shows his guilt flat out
He should return to make his stand

He is afraid
Knowing how he will fare
In Bamboo River for a long while
He can’t go in afraid of ill treatments

Now he lives on the run
Tasted the high- flying life
On the monies allegedly stolen
He will hide until he is caught

The Red Alert by Interpol
J. Low will find it hard to hide
The best for him to face his demons
Come back home to get it done with

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

the impatient man will lose the race

A prime minister
He isn’t decided by his party
It is to the voters will make it happen
Who will take the tough job?

Rafizi and his gang
Stop harping for the open support
It is better he knows his influence
A prime minister is by the voters

PKR always enjoys rocking the boat
Sail on the calm sea it can’t understand
The party leaders will want to stand out
Barking like crazy dogs chasing the bitches

Today PKR has the majority seats
It doesn’t confer the right to determine
Who will become the prime minister?
It is the coalition partners to decide

The prime ministership is by consensus
Formed and agreed in the coalition leaders’ meeting
It isn’t decided by a single party
The impatient man will lose the race

the heat is rising

The heat is rising
The running of flame
It never wants to see
Afraid of the consequences

It is better to say
“I don’t know”
Let the ball kick about
See who will carry it

MO1 still wants to play
He thinks he still rules the nation
Playing his game of “I don’t know”
He makes his former officers carry the blame

The police have called him
The matter of money laundering
MO1 can’t escape his demons
They will hold him to dry

we must have a basic plan to survive

The basic requirements in life
The time will punish us
When we grow old and die

Under the shady trees
With cups of coffee or tea
We can talk of the miss of time
When old age catches up behind

Even in the bar lounges
We can sip beverages and beers
Discussing of the time gone
Why it turns so fast in time?

When we don’t have a basic plan
We will lose our advantages in our times
Time is never standing still for us
It will punish us for failure to recognize it

Monday, August 27, 2018

brim mustn't stay

Brim mustn’t stay
It helps nobody at all
It makes a person feel addicted
Like a curse unwilling to learn

The old will say differently
They say they need the money to live
If they don’t plan while they were young
Whose fault it is in the end?

The cruelty of life
Don’t think we will stay young forever
The aging process will kick in
The day we were born to this world

We will suffer for our own failures
Even if our children kick us out of the house
Whose fault it is if we face our demons?
It is our own doing of our past history

No Brim mustn’t be given as of right
We aren’t a welfare nation
When we were young, we better plan well
Don’t blame time for not being kind to us

the blue ship finally sinks

The blue ship finally sinks
Submerged in the blue water
Only the flag can be seen
Once it was its heydays

Now the crew abandoned ship
Leaving it to the natural elements
Waiting for its natural death of rust
Sinking it deep into the water

People may talk about it
The heydays of the blue ship
When greed and arrogance rule
Nothing good will come out of it

The blue ship sailors row away
They take a last look with regret
The hitting waves told them the story
They hardly listened then

As they row away
They feel the regret flowing through
In their minds they recognize the fall
No more cash of its easy way

bad whisper

Bad whisper
In the news to read
Bragging of his rights
But nothing to show

The deep in debts
The run of a trillion ringgit
It never says it is good
The bad should be in cage

The nation loses her pride
Afraid to show her face
She can’t dance in tune
The heavy loads on her head

Bad whisper
Let the bad stay in the cage
There is no reason for him to be free
Let him taste how good in lock up

Once he checks in
Bad whisper will cry
In the grilled bars
At the end of the line

Sunday, August 26, 2018

the grass is blue

The grass is blue
When the crimes make the grade
You think you can escape
But the crimes will trip you over

You can hide initially
When the exposure is not known
Once it hits the news and internet
There is no face to hide but shame

You can put up a straight face
The close relatives and children will race
Finding places to hide and stay away
Afraid to get reminded of your crimes

You can say you have a trial
The court has to hear the finding of guilt
Once the narration is painted on the canvas
You will find it hard to argue or escape with lies

The grass is blue
When the crimes make the grade
You can say you have a trial
You will find it hard to argue or escape with lies